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on December 14, 2011
It was okay. I liked the general concept and the story line, as well as the characters. I do believe the characters needed more depth and for as well as I could "know" them, I sometimes found them acting against how they were developed.

Overall, I think this book could be very good if it had a good editor. It proves how essential that is, especially for an author that is published independent or by a smaller house. In this case, there were several large chunks of "info dump" which slowed the pace of the book considerably. This information could have been provided as an addendum at the end of the book, as several larger chunks of information were not essential to the storyline. Where the information was essential or quite helpful, I believe it could have been written as dialogue between characters or woven into more action-oriented scenes.

I also found at least once where the main female character had an entirely different name. It was confusing enough to see the author randomly switch between using her last name, her first name and her nickname. However, at one point he used a totally different name which makes me think an earlier draft (or perhaps a middle draft) changed her name entirely from the one in the final publication - only this one time it did not get caught. Those things are confusing and again interfere with the pace of the story.

While the story did follow a systematic flow through approximately the first two thirds of the book, the last third seemed to jump around and was very awkward. A few scenes were entirely unnecessary, to the point one made me cringe a bit in embarrassment for the author. By the end of the book, I found myself skipping large segments and scanning the pages for essential information. I just wanted to get it finished. While I was sometimes bored through those first two thirds, I was interested enough in the storyline to see how the author was going to solve the problems and explain some of the situations. I did find it fairly predictable in some ways (such as the identity of Boangeres), which was slightly disappointing.

I think the author has promise, but I found myself wishing I could edit this book and perhaps other future books of his. I think with good editing his writing can be tightened, his characters made more consistent which would add depth, and basic errors (such as consistency in names, and double checking timelines, etc.) would be immensely helpful. With that, I think he could find a home at a larger publishing house and get recognition for his unique storylines and story concepts.
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on May 17, 2016
I frequently had the feeling that the main purpose of this book was to show off the author's self perceived superior intellect. He frequently chose complex words that distracted from what he was trying to convey; his sentence structure was frequently awkward. Because I have a deep interest in the Shroud, Italian history, alchemy, the Renaissance and isolationism, I struggled through. I will not, however recommend this book to anyone.
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on October 1, 2012
Dallas Tanner's "The Shroud" was, in my opinion, a great story in search of a decent editor. The story is fascinating and builds well, but unfortunately the book should have been cut by about a third and many, many pages of historical dross removed in the interest of flowing well. I found myself skipping pages on end of historical fact that really didn't enhance, and in many cases positively detracted from, the story line and much of it worse still was repeated several times over. It didn't cost me much on the kindle thank goodness. So by all means read it - but Dallas, I'd suggest a different editor - someone who gives you the discipline to think carefully about what all the history adds to the novel - otherwise perhaps start writing history texts instead.
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on December 4, 2010
I purchased this book because I was stuck in a hotel on business travel and the price was low. I'm not a particularly discriminating reader, especially under those circumstances, but this book was terrible. I can only assume the positive reviews are from friends of the author ...

The characters are poorly developed and the plot makes little sense. From the very beginning there is no real explanation for why the central actors make incomprehensible choices - I'm not talking about the kinds of things you just have to overlook in most action/suspense novels, but truly goofy choices and leaps of logic that are waay beyond the pale. The character development is odd. At one point the author tells you something about a character and then three pages later writes a scene that contradicts what he explained previously.

In my Kindle edition there are random commas in almost every sentence. I don't mean a few split infinitives - literally EVERY OTHER sentence on the page I just read has extra commas. It is odd and distracting.

Frankly the book needed a good editor. A high schooler could have done a much better job. Perhaps the book is self published? I don't really know but please take my advice and skip this one. Worst $3 and 2 hours I've spent in a long time.
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on October 30, 2011
I haven't gotten halfway through this book yet, but It seems to so on with details about the surroundings and science behind everything. sort of reminds me of a Michael Chriton book, but when it comes to conspiracy-type books, I don't really care for details about every inch of a museum, or how certain paints can be made. I care more for the action, or creepy figure in the shadows that's shooting at you.

This might be a great book for some people, and for the price, it really isn't bad. I mean if I was to buy this for $3 as a paperback I wouldn't be upset about the price, but we are used to books for cheaper when it comes to kindle books, so I understand why everyone else complains about it.
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on October 10, 2011
Loved the book on The Shroud!! Gave a whole new meaning to The Holy Grail (as appossed to Dan Brown). Well written and kept me really enthralled...even woke in the middle of the night thinking about it and started reading again. Thank you for sharing your great mind and thinking with the rest of us!
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on March 16, 2013
The book kept me interested in parts, then it would lose me with too much history but little story line. So many historical facts for those who are interested in reading history. Some historical facts were accurate some not. All in all a fair book to read.
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on October 21, 2010
[Kindle Version] I love the recent da Vinci genre and this book fits right into it. It is a good long read that kept me coming back for more. The author's in depth research was evident and he worked it into the book well. The vivid descriptions of the various hidden places that the characters find themselves just pulled you right into the story!

There was one annoyance throughout in the way he keep referring to the 2 main subjects with a rolling list of names and labels. Their first name, last name, occupation, avocation, etc. At first it was confusing and then it just became annoying.(Please just use their names already.) That is the only negative comment from an otherwise extremely enjoyable book. It is well worth the $3 if you like this genre.The Shroud
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on December 21, 2010
The Shroud of Turin is an excellent choice for a religeous/scientific adventure story. In this book we have a very imaginative story wrapped up in a fast paced chase to the conclusion. Unfortunatelly, it reads like a rough draft which has never seen an editor's blue pencil. Facts are presented and then restated in more or less detail repeatedly. Information we learned is given again a chapter (or several chapters) later. It as if the author wrote several versions and never removed the ones he decided not to use. This severely impacts the pace of the story. In addition, many times the grammer is lacking. Many times I was stopped by a sentence which made no clear sense or was an incomplete thought. With a good editing, this novel could equal a Dan Brown or Steve Berry story. Currently it is still a draft.
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on June 3, 2011
Purchased this as one of my first for Kindle. The premise was impressive and well written. From moment to moment the characters were moving and being redefined. A lot of historical references to the Shroud and previous studies of the authenticity of the historical article. I don't want to give away the many elements of this novel, but I couldn't put it down for long. Took this on a cruise and read it every spare moment. I have since checked out the historical references and they provide a truthfilled support of the premise.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys suspensefilled mysteries with historical support.
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