Customer Reviews: The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things
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on December 21, 2013
This book is a good introduction to some of the disruptive technologies for those readers that have not spent time staying current on the progress of driverless cars, artificial general intelligence, smartphone technology, etc. For those readers that are current on these issues there will not be many "oh, wow!" moments in this read. Yes, everyday things have computers built in and those are now being given the ability to communicate to the internet and each other. With the exception of autos and medical monitors, many of these will be as insignificant as my kitchen oven having a digital control on it, I just don't care! I just need to be able to turn it on to 350 degrees and bake my brownies, no timers needed, no auto shutoff, just let me turn it on and off, job done!
A lot of this stuff is already quite visible to the general public anyway, just watch the ads on TV for home security systems as an example. People are more aware of rapid tech changes coming at them than they were in the 90's when the PC and the internet first appeared.
The book is well written, researched and easy to read and for this I do recommend it for anyone wanting to begin understanding some of the changes headed our way, however they will need to connect to many additional resources in addition to this book in order to have a more comprehensive and current understanding ( is good source, it has current tech articles, including M2M, and it's free!)
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on September 27, 2013
Even though I have been involved in the M2M technology world for the last few years, I have found The Silent Intelligence to provide me with some new insights. I think the authors did a great job in connecting all the pieces of this complex ecosystem, how it is applied to various vertical markets such as automotive, manufacturing and healthcare, in a compelling, yet easy to comprehend way that anyone can understand. I was especially pleased to see them tackle the topic of the enormous amounts of constantly increasing amounts of data that the IoT world generates and how to make sense of it all. I also appreciate their frank appraisal of some of the issues we still face in the M2M world, such as fragmentation and data sharing.

The writing itself is engaging and easy to understand, while very informative. I also enjoyed the way they weaved quotes from industry experts to validate their points.

I for one am looking forward to the day when my car drives me autonomously to my office, while my house knows to reduce energy consumption while I'm away and start the dishwasher later in the day, and my watch reminds me it's time to have a solid, carb-full lunch because I'm scheduled for that 30 mile bike ride later in the afternoon! Thank you to both authors for painting that picture of the possibilities with this book.
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on May 11, 2014
Maybe my expectations were too high. The Silent Intelligence sounded like it would provide tremendous insight into a huge and rapidly growing industry. The observations were interesting, but not particularly insightful. The authors present some examples of the use of Machine to Machine (M2M) technology and hypothesis on potential future use cases. Far from being insightful, The Silent Intelligence is more of a "arm chair quarterback" account of the M2M game playing out.
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on October 9, 2013
The "two Daniels" have painted a good snapshot of the state of an industry that is finally starting to get some traction in mainstream applications. The idea of millions or billions of "things" reporting their status automatically via wireless means in ways that allow centralized or distributed analysis and, eventually, response and control actions is just becoming a reality. This book paints a good broad picture of how this (r)evolution may come about and the markets and technology forces that will come together to make this happen. The book reads like a kind of market research report, but without the multitudinous data tables and graphs that are typically found in those kinds of report. Based on a large variety of interviews conducted by the authors, they present an assortment of perspectives on this nascent market provided by a number of industry leaders who have watched the conception and birth of this next phase of interneting. The challenge to any book like this is that technology, markets and economies are moving so fast that the industry status changes very quickly and, thus, any snapshot is rapidly obsolete. Thus, the book does not go into depth about the specific technology challenges or economic drivers as these issues are very fluid and dynamic. The bottom line presented by the authors is that the new "internet of things" is happening now and that major markets are primed for embracing the benefits and values that this new capability provides.
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on December 11, 2014
I was looking for a book that tells the story of the future potential for the Internet of Things. Although, this is the best book I have found published on the subject I found it to be very high level. I think it could have provided much more of a vision for the future of the Smart Home and the Industrial Internet. Nonetheless, it is still a good read.

The book correctly points out that although the name "Internet of Things" is new the concept of smart devices dates back many years. And the authors provide a nice historical perspective on the evolution from Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies to today's state of affairs.

The book appears to be targeted towards technology vendors and venture capitalists that are considering investments in the Internet of Things. Several of the later chapters are focused on how to approach the market.
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on December 17, 2013
A Book Telling the Forthcoming of the Emergence of Connected Objects

Date Published: December 17, 2013

In December 2013 I met, Daniel Obodovski, one of the authors of the book, The Silent Intelligence - The Internet of Things. He spoke about the subject of his book and I ordered his book a couple days later to gain a better insight to that topic.

His co-author is, Daniel Kellmereit, and together they explored what connecting ordinary day items to each other using the Internet might mean to people all over the globe. Their research included interviews of current authors of the same subject and leaders of industries who already are deeply involved with the silent intelligence.

They cover a brief history of modern technology in the 20th century and how up until the wireless internet boom, isolated mostly analog objects were not connected nor could we usually communicate with them except perhaps through a proprietary interface attached to the particular object itself.

Subsequent chapters deal with the early age of interconnection with some devices conceived by innovative visionaries and those who sought and built emerging markets. Examples of those markets include some that didn't survive their first first exposure to the light and those that are today still pivoting and providing new opportunities.

This book helps light the path before us whether we are users, innovators, marketers, or just visionaries mapping out new territories. The Internet of Things for all of us is becoming more of a reality each day.

In this 21st century: vehicles; personal portable handheld instruments; our appliances; even behind the scenes monitoring of our health, indeed our very whereabouts may be captured for later analysis. Societies change over time and the Internet of Things accelerates that rate of change. I suggest you purchase this book to see what lies ahead for the rest of us.

Book Rating: I gave five stars because the authors captured the essence of the book's subject matter.

I liked the Chapters 1 through 6 the best. The remaining Chapter 7 was of less interest to me.

I recommend this book to all who use the Internet and look for the sign posts as to what may be coming next.
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on June 11, 2014
This book covered more about the history of IOT (the authors normally term it M2M) and how machine to machine will impact our lives. It's more of a toe dipping experience. But well written and light for those who are trying to figure out the whole IOT thing
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on March 8, 2014
Whether you are new to IOT or an experienced hand, this is a must read.

Kellmereit and Obodovsky have done an excellent job of reviewing the foundations of today's IOT and artfully laying out future scenarios. Their narrative is an enjoyable, entertaining book that is hard to put down. Silent Intelligence stimulated many new ideas that I am using in my business discussions today.
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on February 22, 2015
I read this in 15 minutes. I suspect it took only slightly longer to write. Lots of general statements, many many quotes (!) and 14 point font barely make it to 149 pages. I've see more content in ppt decks. Don't bother.
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on February 29, 2016
As a potential graduate student seeking to enter a Mastery program within the areas of embedded engineering, as well as IoT devices, I ordered Kellmereit's book hoping to gain crucial insight from the developmental and technical levels. On the contrary, this well-written introduction in the field tends to cater more towards the business side of development (which, not to offend, I know it is greatly needed, but as a student, I was hoping for a "Basics of IoT" within the realms of specific API development, specific hardware platforms, "how-to to build an initial ___ device in IoT", and so forth. The main purpose of the text (from my first read-through) is to raise awareness about the upcoming IoT boom, giving historic examples of actual IoT developers within the industry, and warning the investor/ developer about how/when to enter into the market based upon customer demand.

Even with this criticism, the text is well-written and enjoyable to read. I would HIGHLY Recommend it to any reader in a "Technical Sales" or "Technical Management" role. I would also recommend it as a supplement to any complete novice of IoT, and as a business aid to the ambitious developer seeking to build his/her IoT device, but wanting to know the business aspects/ history of the device industry.
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