Customer Reviews: The Sims 3: Showtime - PC/Mac
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on March 10, 2012
I have to say, I was really excited for this expansion pack (regardless of some of the lackluster packs we've been getting lately). It brought me back to the original Sims: Superstar, one of my favorite original packs. And the Sims 3 has had some good packs out so far (Pets, Ambitions, World Adventures) in my opinion! But Showtime doesn't really cut it.

The new town is nice. I like it. The new premade houses are nice and actually kind of spacious instead of being awkwardly shaped or sized. Some of the job locations are now melded into one big building - for instance, say, science and medicine in the same building, not a separate hospital and science institute (that's just an out-of-nowhere example, not factual from the game). It's a little different, but still okay. One thing this town is surely NOT lacking is entertainment venues. Which is, you know, the whole point. I'd give the new town 4/5 stars.

There are some okay new hairstyles and clothing options too. Not the best, but by far not some of the worst I've seen. As far as new traits go, I've only seen three: diva, born performer, and social butterfly. I immediately tried out the diva and social butterfly traits - and boy, is social butterfly annoying! If they aren't constantly talking to people, they get a negative moodlet. My sim will wake up and have an automatic negative moodlet just from not talking to people in her sleep. That's a little ridiculous. Diva, I'm enjoying a little more, mainly because of other sims' reactions to my sim's divalicious interactions, haha. Altogether, the new create-a-sim stuff, I'd give 3/5 stars.

The new careers seem interesting, and I was excited to try them out. My only problem is that they're professions - not careers. You get a weekly stipend and go out and perform randomly when you get the opportunity. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and for those jobs, I understand it's probably more realistic, but I prefer the jobs to professions. I'd give the new jobs 4/5 stars.

So why did I give the game 3 stars and not 4? Well, it's simple - had Late Night and Showtime been combined, I think they would've made a killer expansion pack. As it is, there simply aren't enough new features in Showtime. Some of the items you get in Showtime, I think you should've gotten in Late Night. Had they put the Showtime stuff in with Late Night, everything would've fit perfectly. There's just not enough here to constitute a new expansion pack, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong - the stuff is cool, and if you're a true fan, like me, you'll buy the game anyways. But be warned - it's probably going to be less new stuff and things to explore than you're used to.
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on March 7, 2012
I was so excited to recieve this game, like I always am for every Sims game. I waited for it load and to download the extra venue. After playing the game for about 30 minutes, I realized this game is just a small add off of the hobbies concept. Three new jobs and that's it? I can be part of a band and save $39.99 if I would have skipped this expansion pack and just kept my old ones. I wish EA would come out with a really awesome expansion pack that you can't really live without. I remember how awesome each of the expansion packs for sims 1 were, I even liked the sims 2 expansion packs, but this one was a huge disappointment. After you complete the three jobs, that's it you're done and there's nothing else added, where is the months of fun in that until the next lack-luster expansion pack comes out. I have to say I would love to see an expansion pack like Makin' Magic from Sims 1. I don't care how old that game is, it was the best expansion pack.

Please do better next time EA.
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on March 13, 2012
Let me just start by saying it's ridiculous how expensive these expansion packs are, and the lack of content you are getting with them. I've been playing The Sims since the very original. The Sims 1 was so much fun, The Sims 2 was great, and now here we have the Sims 3. They are honestly going downhill with each expansion pack. We expect NEW CONTENT with expansion packs, not useless social features. Everyone is wondering "Hmm, why wasn't this stuff included with "Late Night?" Well, allow me to enlighten you. MONEY! Money, money, money. EA is so money hungry that they have to cheap out on these expansion packs, cut content, and then try to sell it back to us. Honestly, it makes me sad. I used to LOVE The Sims, and now I can barely play for more than a half hour without getting bored. These new expansion packs just don't have the same feel as they did with TS2 or even TS1.

To wrap this up, this expansion pack was disappointing. There are tons of things I would love to sit here and complain about, but I won't. All you're really getting is 3 new careers, some unattractive hairs and clothes, and some objects. I really think EA needs to go back to their roots and make Sims expansions that are actually fun and worth the money. (Or better yet, bring Maxis back!) If not, they will be losing a lot of customers, including me!
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on March 19, 2012
Honestly, once your Sim decides to become one of the 3 professions (acrobat,singer,magician)....all you do with them is have them try out for gigs, perform for tips & then perform at the gigs they booked.

Watching them do the tricks or juggling is fun...a couple times....but when that's all they's a bore. In the normal Sims game, your Sims can form a band. You'd think the new singer career would fit right in, right? Wrong. A singer is an all alone profession. No duets (unless you get another Sim to sing karaoke with you) back up singers, no bands. Just your singer....out there on the stage.

If you singer Sim decides to switch careers to something else...then their singing days are over. Can't sing on any stage or even to their own kids. Other than the also boring karaoke...if you want them to sing....even as a have to switch them back to that profession.

Expansion after expansion only adds a few new things to do...that are only fun for a short time. Your Sims basically have nothing else to do during their Sim day. The previous game of Sims 2 seemed to have much more creative people involved with it....this one tends to have people who do 'just enough' and no more. This expansion could have been much better...but they stopped short of producing a great game & instead...settled for just OK.

Disappointing and not worth the $40 price tag. If you can wait....try to hang in there till you can receive a price drop. I purchased my copy at Target because they offered a $10 gift card.
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on May 18, 2012
Firstly, Origin. Handles your downloads, updates, patches. It comes with (mandatory install that is) all the new Sims 3 expansions and stuff packs. Good thing? Not for me.
I will add some quotes from the wiki article about Origin.
"Since Origin's launch, the service has received criticism over EA's practice of suspending or deleting accounts for disputed infractions, suspected monitoring of users' computer activity, and for requiring users to forfeit their right to sue before using the software." "Origin's Terms of Service agreement allows EA to suspend or terminate a user's account, resulting in the inability to install or play any games that are associated with it, with no prior warning and without refund or reimbursement for any purchased content. There have been several instances of EA enforcing such bans for what critics argue are comparatively minor infractions, such as making rude comments in EA or Bioware's official forums or in chat." "Origin's End-user license agreement (EULA) gives EA permission to collect information about users' computers regardless of its relation to the Origin program itself, including "application usage (including but not limited to successful installation and/or removal), software, software usage and peripheral hardware." Initially, the EULA also contained a passage permitting EA to more explicitly monitor activity as well as to edit or remove material at their discretion. However, this section was removed following an outcry over privacy implications. That outcry was fueled in part by pictures and video captured by several German gamers which showed Origin accessing tax programs and other unrelated software, as well as a report by the newspaper Der Spiegel investigating the allegations."
Really? Tax info? Big Brother in your Sims 3 update? I'll pass thank you very much.
If this is the future, then so be it, but I for one won't be purchasing anything from EA from here on in.

To EA : I am your loyal customer. I buy legal copies of software, and spend money on your programs as my family and I have for years. There will always be people who steal from you, but I am not one. Do not treat me as though I were one of those people by monitoring my actions (and tax documents). It might be in your best interest to worry more about your paying customers' opinions of you than worry about making sure no one ever steals from you. The only people left playing Sims 3 will be those who downloaded it illegally after you frighten all your loyal paying customers away.

As for game play, I don't know, we refused to install this and it's sitting in it's wrapper waiting for me to return it. Up until this point, we have experienced several game play or saving errors. Error code 12 is one, which prevents you from saving your game. There isn't much pointing in playing a time progressing game if you can not record your progress. Other issues include disappearing sims, freezing games, and adventure properties becoming unusable after being purchased. We have zero added/modded content -it's all EA, 100%. How they get away selling such an inferior product is beyond me. But all this time, myself included, we knew there were issues and kept buying the new packs and expansions. I think it's because there is no decent alternative that we put up with such massive failure, and now gross intrusion into our online privacy and revocation of our legal rights.

Would I recommend this? Only to those of you who don't mind sitting down when the time comes to stand up, or those of you who don't mind losing your time and effort when your game crashes. Either way, pass this one up or buy it and tell me what I'm missing. How are those tax forms looking this year?
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on March 8, 2012
I hate to say it but I own all of the Sims 3 Expansion packs. Some of them have been amazing (World Adventues), some good (Ambitions), and then there is Showtime.

Compared to other expansion packs Showtime provides the least amount of bang for your dollar. You get a new town which isn't too shabby. You get a few new jobs which are decent. You also get some cool new things to buy in the game like the pool table and skee ball machine. Sadly though there just isn't anything that stands out when it comes to this expansion pack. The social features are ok but a number of them came with the latest patch anyways. When it comes to clothes and hair there is a mix of junk. Most of them are ugly and you get find much better items online for free. There are also some cool new lifetime rewards but sadly there is only one new character trait.

Overall if you are a hardcore sims fan you'll enjoy this pack. When you consider that EA charges $20 for a new town, upwards of $10 for a single item with new functionality and at least $1 per peice of clothing through their store this pack could be viewed as a value.

Pros: New jobs, some neat social features, decent new items

Cons: Seems like a rehash of Nightlife at times, nothing really sets it apart from other expansions
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on March 23, 2012
OK. So where do I begin? I have been playing the Sims games for 12 years. Sims 1 straight up until Sims 3 I became disappointed with the Sims 3 franchise after "Generations," which had soo many problems it wasn't even worth it. Anyway, for those of you who are seriously considering purchasing the Sims 3: Showtime, there really isn't anything to celebrate. For example, if you have the "Adventures" expansion pack, when your sim travels as a so called entertainer, be it the dj, singer or acrobat, (you only have 3 new career options) they automatically appear as unemployed while on vacation. When I say vacation I use the term loosely, because the Sims 2 Vacation expansion beats Adventures by a long shot! Anyway, so if your sim is an entertainer and let's say, a level 10 performer, they have to work their way up all over again in one of the adventure worlds which is totally ridiculous! You would think that the expansions would be more cohesive, but they really aren't. Just like with the Pets expansion, you can't bring pets on vacation, in this game, if you want to travel as an entertainer, you have to start all over again. Furthermore, you have to place the new objects/buildings in the adventure world to allow your sims to perform.

Next: The celebrity "star" feature, if you purchased the Late Night expansion ( a great expansion pack), doesn't go well with the Sims Showtime at all! The agent still has your sim running around performing celebrity tasks that may not even be related to your career choice. Also, the geniuses who created this game forgot to provide a new service- an assistant! I mean, every so called celebrity has one. I mean sheesh. Late Night allowed you to get a butler, Generations a nanny, but no assistant for Showtime?

Also- the pay is a weekly stipend which is ridiculous. The singer career also doesn't go well with the musician career that was already in the game. The performance, songs and outfits are all lame. If you want real outfits and hairstyles you may have to get it from the Sims store which is exactly what they want in the first place, by providing purposefully lackluster content.

They don't have different song genres for you to perform, say if you want your sim to be a country star or even a soul singer, you sim is stuck with singing what sounds like lame pop anthems. Though they do offer multiple songs, they sound lame. At least in the Sims 1 Super Star, they had different genre options. Also when your sim has an event, don't be surprised if only one or two people are in the crowd. Another lame aspect of the game.

There are new food options which is cool- they have more vegetarian selections- one item is even misspelled,lol. I have to try out the acrobat and dj career, but I honestly doubt they will be incredible.

The sims boasts a new "Sim Port" feature where you can travel to a friends game- which is cool, however, you simply watch the performance and can't interact with the performer to even ask for an autograph. This is what is considered a "tour" in the game. Your sim will leave town in a limo and you can't play with your sim until they return. Keep in mind tour- is just via Sim port not with the Adventure expansion pack- as I mentioned earlier. Your sim, if a celebrity, will only be a celebrity in Adventure, but has to start from the bottom, if you want to perform in the other worlds.

Your sim can sell their cd which is basically, you selecting another sim and selecting the option "sell cd." You have new traits, like social butterfly and diva- which is funny to watch. I rate this game a 2 b/c it hasn't been well thought out yet. It seems like the Sim folk put more thought in the Store than the expansions.

If your a sim fan and have a few bucks to drop, buy it- but don't be surprised if Showtime isn't the type of show you signed up for.
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on March 9, 2012
The Sims 3... I have been a huge fan of the series for years and for the most part the experience has been alright. Sims 2 worked brilliantly if you didn't mind the waiting for screen loads apart from that Sims 2 was solid or at least after you would patch it up... you could play trouble free. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this franchise and I own all of the now Sims 3 collection and loads of custom content but I can tell you I am finished with the series.

Show time was a great idea the very best however; Katy Perry special addition isn't that special you could have saved yourself the difference just by buying the regular product. With that said it doesn't really bother me because I have the money and as I said I'm a huge fan. So I knew that there would be only a few extra trinkets. As usual if this is not your first Sims 3 buy. The series is very stingy with content.

The reason why I am finish with the series has nothing to do with the greedy fashion EA has been producing the series, it has to do with...! The code 12 error!!!!! You would think that after 3 expansions that EA would have fixed the problem by now. Don't think I haven't tried everything I could to shake the issue. I have made backups moved files Tossed hundreds of hours of game play and creation, given up prized custom content. I even tried EA store only premium content. Nothing works against the code 12 errors.

I really was hopeful and excited by all of the patches it seemed as if the programmers had heard our collective cries and addressed the issue. They didn't. It doesn't matter to me what kind of error code 12 is supposed to be. I just want to be able to save my game without being hassled. That is the minimum I expect for my money. Just walk away. Don't get suckered in by all of the hype and clever marketing. All the glitter in the world can't change the VG first rule. "If your game does not save then your game is not worth playing." Code 12 is a critical game error that EA either can't reconcile or won't.
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on April 6, 2012
I guess the title of my review kind of says it all, this brand new disc wouldn't install, other pc games install and work properly, so it isn't my computer.

So I had to resort to downloading the digital version from Origins, I guess I'm fortunate that such an option exists.

The game only gets a two star rating from me, because all of this could have easily been included with either Late Night or Ambitions,it seems like expansions for this franchise keep getting tinier and tinier, and the social feature was totally unnecessary, the world doesn't revolve around Facebook.
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on March 20, 2012
Showtime has made me stop playing the sims 3 altogether. I've been very disappointed in EA, and I've reached my limit. I don't understand how some people can call this game "fun" when it's obviously repetitive and mind numbing as hell. It would be awesome if someone came up with the super mod that gave sims 2 open 'hood. Sims 3 will never beat Sims 2 in terms of gameplay.
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