Customer Reviews: The Sims 3 (Console): Prima Official Game Guide
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on June 22, 2009
This is a review for:The Sims 3: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)

I've used the Prima guides for many games and more specifically the other Sims games and this is the first time I've really felt compelled to write a review. I am very disappointed with this book. There are some interesting facts/tricks you can glean from reading it however not enough to warrant the following complaints. It's like they got a different version of the game when they wrote it- there are many, many inaccuracies and outright mistakes in it. Examples include "cheat" codes that do not work, job titles that are listed which do not exist/correspond with the ones actually in the game, same with social interactions and building items. There are just too many errors to list. Not only is it badly researched and full of mistakes its also extremely difficult to use. There is no index and the table of contents is vague at best. If you want to look something up you have to resort to thumbing through the book and reading through a lot of pages until you find the tidbit you are looking for. A lot of the book is padding and fluff as well... do you really need 10 pages of chart listing all the buy objects and another 10 full of build objects when you can reference them much more easily by looking at them in the game? I really do feel cheated by the gross inaccuracies, padded content, and disorganized format of this "guide" and I'd advise anyone who wants to buy to reconsider.
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I am greatly enjoying Sims 3 and began playing with this guide to see if it created a better experience for my own Sims interaction. I have to agree that it does...anytime you remove some of the "work" in gameplay you get more...well...GAMEPLAY! :-)

First, it comes with a pullout map/poster that helps you quickly find your way and identify all main areas of the Sim world at a glance including shops, parks, streets, etc.

It helps you and your Sims save some cash by providing appraisals of all household items so you know what's worth buying at a glance and goes further by giving you tips on helping your Sims overtake their career ladders and advance upward for more $.

Also helping your Sims advance in their lives are tips for you to help guide them to achieving their life's dreams and daily wishes.

You'll get tips from the experts on how to fully customize each and every aspect of the Sim's homes from object to elaborate homes and yards.

Sims 3 dips far greater into being able to discern personality traits and how those affect the world of each Sim in the game. This guide will further provide clarity on those personality traits, how to better discern and utilize them and the Sim's mood templates.

The guide became, for me, almost a whole new game in itself...exploring it in order to become the "Master of your Sim's Domains".

Conclusion: If you want to have the best Sims 3 experience yet with ease of game play, less work, and exploring things you hadn't yet thought's a great purchase!
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on June 2, 2009
This guide is very informative on the sims 3.It list cheats,shows every object,shows every community lot location and what interactions are on it example movie theater,stadium etc,careers,building,relationships etc.It also has a map that comes with the whole neighborhood and it shows were all the collectibes are as well as the names and locations of every location in Sunset.

They did make a mistake with the swimming pools thou.The only interaction they have listed for pools is swim.You can also chat in pools,splash and play a game with another sim by going under water and seeing who can stay under the longest till they have to come up for a breath.

I recommend this guide.
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VINE VOICEon August 3, 2009
My Fiancé bought the Sims 3 along with the Limited Edition Strategy Guide. Although she loves the game, the strategy guide was promptly sold to a local used book store. I flipped through it a couple times while trying to map out character just to mess around with. Here's the problems:

- The size. For a game that is totally open ended and has loads of customization and action/consequence game play, this guide is EXTREMELY inadequate. I've seen larger guides for 10 hour action/adventure titles.

- The writing style. I've been gaming a long time and seen my share of guides. I generally like to pick them up after I've beaten a game or just as a collector's item when they're released as a limited edition to compliment a LE of the game they reference. I expected to see charts and graphs of choices and outcome possibilities, i.e. if you want your character to aspire to be an astronaut, pick these traits etc. Not here! This is essentially a printed blog about Catherine's experience through the game. The character creation section doesn't outline what you can choose to obtain Sims of various temperaments and goals, it's her explaining, step by step, what choices she made with HER Sim and then a blurb about creating her husband's. That would be fine if this WAS a blog, but it's a GUIDE.

This guide is just so totally devoid of information it's a complete waste of time and money. As others have said, there's nothing in here that can't be found in simple FAQs on IGN, Gamespot or Gamefaqs. I really can't believe that Prima even let this go to print. I really don't think Catherine is a poor writer, I just don't think that she understands the type of writing needed to create a proper strategy guide. I know I couldn't do it, but I wouldn't even try. The Fallout 3 guide by David Hodgson is a shining example of the type of format and information a guide for an incredibly expansive game should have and what my expectations of this guide were. Unfortunately, it couldn't be further from it.
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on June 15, 2009
Remember when you bought a game and an instruction book came with it if there was anything complicated about it? Sim City had some great ones. Then the in game guides gave less and less information so you had to pay extra for one that would actually help. I was OK with this. The guides for Sims1 and Sims2 were usually very helpful especially the ones for the base games. That seems to have changed and if there were another guide to Sims3 I would buy it. The editors seemed only to think of marketing the guide and not the use of the guide. They decided that a guide the size of the game case would be cute and appealing. It is. But, in the process they shrank the print to the point it is so small as to be unreadable. The font used is as small as that used for the smallest towns in an atlas. You need a magnifying glass. The pictures suffer from the same miniaturization. I'm sure they would be very nice if I could see them.

Have the author or her editor ever heard of the esoteric concepts of alphabetizing and indexing? The information on the various buildings would be good if you could find it when you needed it. It's as if Ms. Browne took all the pictures and threw them in the air then gathered them randomly and put them in her book as they came off the stack. This is just one example of the author's inability to organize. I noted the lack of indexes in the guides for later Sims2 expansion packs. I missed them but expansion packs aren't the same as the base game. This is a guide for a base game and to put it out without an index is unacceptable.

I would suggest that the next time Prima chooses authors and editors for a game as popular as The Sims that they pick ones who actually knew and liked the earlier games. Ms. Browne appears to be a beginner and not very enthusiastic at that. If the people at Prima followed the many fan sites for The Sims they would have had no trouble finding someone to give them a better product.

For now I'm watching the fan sites for better and more usable guides. When the inevitable expansion pack for the Sims3 comes out, I will examine the equally inevitable Prima guide closely and not just grab it when I buy my game. I may find it's wiser to wait for the better fan guides that just happen to be free.
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on June 15, 2009
If this book had an index, or if it at least had meaningful chapter names, I'd give it four stars.

However, this reference book is nearly impossible to refer to for specific information. It also seems to be missing key information on more advanced aspects of the game, such as story progression, which is a major difference when moving from Sims 2 to Sims 3. Or maybe it does have information on story progression, and I just can't find it... because there's NO INDEX.

On the positive side, it is well written and amusing, and gives a generally good overview if you want to sit down and read the whole thing.
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on June 5, 2009
This guide is extremely informative, it has boatloads of useful information. However, due to a lack of an index and an extremely vague table of contents, that it's practically useless. Need to know something about a specific skill or trait, leaf through the pages until you find it, and all cross references of it.
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on October 6, 2009
I ordered this guide before "The Sims 3" came out, because I heard it was so different from the previous "The Sims" releases. I thought it would be a good tool to learn some tips to playing the game.

There are some good factors about the book. There are detailed listings of the community lots and what you can find in them, along with details about the personality traits, aspirations, ingredients for recipes, etc. There are also in-depth looks at each of the careers, along with the available Career Opportunities for each.

However, I rated this 3 stars for several reasons:

1. As many people have commented, the guide is poorly indexed. It's difficult to find the information you're searching for unless you flip through the whole thing. I resorted to putting Post-It flags on the pages I used the most often.

2. There were A LOT of inaccurate personality traits and cheats (I could probably count the number of correct cheats on one hand). It seems like the guide was written off of an earlier beta version of the game.

3. The writing style of Catherine Browne is REALLY annoying at times - personally, I don't care what she thinks about the game. I just want the facts and ACCURATE tips.

All in all, I don't really regret buying this guide. I wouldn't pay full price for it, though (I got it on sale) - if you can get it used, it would be worth it.
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on June 27, 2009
While this book does give you information that you wouldn't have otherwise, the cheats are almost entirely incorrect. Book can be hard to use during game play, as there is no index. Map included is extremely helpful for collecting.
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on November 12, 2011
I have never played the Sims so when I bought Sims 3, I knew nothing about the game. This guide was very helpful in helping me figure out the basics of game play. I thought it was a guide for the PC so I was disappointed to learn it was for the console game. It still had some helpful tips and I was able to use it to start playing. Beware though, this guide is the same one they sell at Best Buy called Game Guide Collector's Edition. I didn't realize that and now own both guides which are basically the same.
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