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on November 10, 2015
I once berated this game and now I take it back. The game play itself is annoying but the new objects, fashions, and buy/build features are pretty cool. You may not want to play the quest but get stuck with an awkwardly placed portal. To get rid of it, get or make the harvester and use it around it the portal. It will absorb it. You can't sell it but you can leave it in your inventory out of the way.
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on January 26, 2015
A very nice place to visit but I'm not sure I'd want to live there. The future is beautiful, but rather small. After a few days there I was yearning to go home and so was my Sim :p Unfortunately, as is par for the course with all Sims EPs, this one is loaded with bugs. It really is becoming a bother to mess with EA games as this ever-present menace can simply ruin an entire game. It's getting very tedious having to delete and shuffle around game files every time I want to come back home from the future.

EVERY time my Sims wish to return home there is a problem with the time portal and my Sim is found "unfit" to travel back. Just yesterday sent my Sim into the future to collect nanites. She literally did nothing but step out of the time portal, go immediately to the wastelands to collect nanites, and then return to the portal to go back home and the game had somehow added an unseen Sim to her household and now she couldn't go back because HE was unfit to travel. I had to move into another house just to see who the invisible stranger was and then use a cheat to delete him from the game in order to be able to travel back. This is, of course, after having to unload all mods from my game just to have the option to go home show up.. Even without the mods, bugs keep popping up - especially freezing up and jumping. I know many will blame everything on the mods, but it's really not the problem many times. Sigh, what can I say? That's the Sims.
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on November 16, 2014
It's a really fun expansion pack with great new objects including a shower stall you can refill both hygiene and bladder in. I also love the fake grass rugs that allow you to fill an entire room with indoor plants/trees instead of planters that you get with the Supernatural expansion. The indoor garden is great because if you have Seasons all your plants die in the winter snow. I found going to the actual future sort of tedious and boring. I don't enjoy the new neighborhood especially or the long-ish loading screen. It takes me out of the flow of game play. I also really liked that they have sort of a sperm bank option. You can get babies by getting friends to agree to go with you, without having to fall in love or wahoo or anything.

The major flaw of the game however is that it is EPICLY glitchy. I lost an entire neighborhood because I took a sim there and it froze and I couldn't get back to my old neighborhood and the future kept crashing. I repeat an ENTIRE neighborhood of over 12 different separate families and countless sims. Yeah, I uninstalled this expansion pack.

After reading reviews on sims 4 I said "F*ck this." and went back to playing Sims 2. The prices have really dropped on all the sims 2 expansions and the company wasn't totally money driven yet and knew how to make a decent game.
(for reference I have Ambitions, Supernatural, Showtime, Seasons, Generations, and University)
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on June 7, 2015
Super fun to play, there's tons of stuff to do in the future!
no more than the usual amount of bugs, so far. i have noticed my load time increase, but that may be due to file size.
just fyi, if you bought the base game through steam this will not install. you'll need to download the origin version. don't worry, though, you won't have to buy it again, just register your steam version with origin and you can download it.
I also found that my steam game saves wouldn't load right in the expansion, but all i had to do was create a copy. easy peasy.
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on July 19, 2016
having a wonderful time with my sims and their descendants
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on December 31, 2017
Expansion pkg is 1 of the best for the Best Pc Game Lots of Fun, Excellent Quality
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on January 9, 2018
My daughter loves this game - plays with it all the time - much less expensive than at Game Stop
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on January 18, 2018
Bought as a Christmas gift and it was a great price!
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Though it's a little uneven, this last expansion pack (EP) for the Sims 3 has undeniable charms for someone interested in futuristic, science-fiction Simming.

This EP adds a variety of SF-themed special objects, clothes, and hairs to the game. From "Back to the Future" hoverboards (think "flying skateboards") to jetpacks like Calvin's dad wore in the fantasy segments of the old comic strip, to nanotech research and robot building centers, to weird portals, to the way even the potted plants look like they came straight out of a "Star Trek" reboot movie, there's a lot here to look at and enjoy. It's not going to add a lot to the regular game without completely wrecking its ambience, though, and Simmers who prefer a more medieval, goth, realistic, urban/gritty, or fantasy feel to their game aren't going to appreciate a lot from this EP. The decor and new wall/floor textures are to say the least utilitarian, and while it's all utterly thematic to a science fiction experience, it's not very useful elsewhere--except for transparent glass panel flooring tiles that I love in club venues and grass-textured "carpets" that can be used indoors in greenhouses (thus eliminating unwanted "unfinished room" moodlets)--YAY! Those are extremely welcome.

A new "life state" is introduced here: PlumBots, which are playable robots that can be built ingame from components and whose personalities are determined by chips installed into them. There's a lot of variety to these bots; they can be very simple and sticklike to very complicated and stolid, and of course can be just about any color you want. With the appropriate chipset, they can do just about anything that a regular Sim can do--but their limitations can make them quite a lot of fun all on their own.

And of course there are new collectibles added by the EP. Nanites, new insects, special digsites and the like pepper the landscape. A new style of refrigerator/sink can synthesize the EP's new recipes quite easily as well. New skills include playing a SF-style harp, flying with the jetpack, and eating bugs.

Once the EP's special world (Oasis Landing) is visited, one can easily see the influence of pop SF like "The Hunger Games" in the clothes and hairs, but as with most of the series, sly references are inserted regarding everything from "Futurama" and "Castle" to "Game of Thrones." There's even an old hermit in robes living in a little cabin by himself at the edge of a bleak desert with a name suggesting a certain fellow from an iconic SF movie from years ago. The city itself looks completely inorganic and planned, with flat terrain, carefully laid out roads, and swathes of solar cells in fields. But stray from the city and you'll find a very different picture; the have-nots live in little mining neighborhoods or out in what looks for all the world like the Dune Sea, where treasures await the ambitious--and where a downed spacecraft bears secrets of its own. Even more entertainingly, anything significant your Sims do in the "real" world can influence how their descendants do--and even how that future world looks. And of course your Sims can visit those descendants and interact with them all.

I will say that I pretty much hate almost every single bit of clothing and hair in this EP. The rabbitholes are GORGEOUS and I love the venues EA has made, and their premade Sims/households are as usual outstanding and cheeky. But the clothing and hairs are just ugly to me. Your mileage may vary. It all looks like it was designed by Lady Gaga after watching "The Hunger Games" on auto-repeat for a few weeks.

All in all, if you like science-fiction Simming, you'll like this EP. If you don't like that stuff, chances are you won't really enjoy this EP as much. I held off on getting it for a long time and picked it up only once it went on serious sale, and I'm generally happy with what it's brought my game for the price I paid. I haven't used much of it in my normal gaming though. This is a very specific EP aimed at a very specific audience and it's not going to appeal to absolutely everybody, but if you're one of those people, then you can purchase it in confidence.
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on June 21, 2016
Sims 3 is life
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