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on February 18, 2013
As a warning, I've only gotten 4 hours of game time so far, so these are still first impressions.

The CAS content is slightly disappointing, as I had expected from negative reviews, however, what they do have is decent. The creators could have done a lot more, but they did produce some nice content.

The Build/Buy content is nice so far. There isn't enough to do pure themes in each room but, with mixing and matching with base game content, a lot can be done.

I really liked my first vacation. The price of the vacations don't bother me. I use the "kaching" and "motherlode" cheats frequently when I'm trying out a new game. If that isn't your style, you could be saving up quite a while before you get to travel.

The exploration felt a little like Runescape, but not in a bad way. I had a little trouble finding one of the switches but the rest was very easy to figure out. I hope they get more difficult as I go on. The rest of my (3 day) vacation was shopping and looking at all the places that allowed visitors. I'm looking forward to longer vacations.

Since I got into the Sims 3 late (plenty of updates have come along since World Adventures was released), I didn't have too many of the loading troubles others seemed to have when they played. I play on a Mac, and recently I've been having some speed issues. It's hard to be sure, but I've only been having slight issues with speed, usually when I set the time speed to 4.

With what I've played so far, it's worth the $20 I paid.

ADDITION: I played some more and found a few minor issues.

1. When I was exploring a tomb and rotating the viewpoint, the camera would jump up a few floors to the ground level. This may have been because the tomb was set into a mountain, but it was, nonetheless, quite the annoyance.

2. I tried to marry a sim from China. Everything worked out but silly goals popped up, like "Woohoo for the first time" even though they were about to have a baby, and "move in with ____ " when they were already married. It isn't a huge deal to me, but it was odd.

3. When I went traveling with another sim, sometimes the sim wouldn't complete an action if I had the other sim selected. I basically had to guide them step by step for them to complete the task. This was annoying, but not something I'd uninstall the game for.
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on March 13, 2017
Another great add on worth buying for your Sims 3 universe. Provides new worlds to explore for your sim vacations. Detailed, in-depth, and fun, what more can I say. Enjoy!
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on February 10, 2016
I was really excited about this one but I have to say it's Really hard to get all the visa points to stay longer than 3 days at one location. I just tried the Egypt one for now and it's really hard to get to another visa level.
But it's very cool once your at that location and explore everything.
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on May 15, 2011
Here's the thing. I am a big Sims fan. I've been with it from the originals. I love to play, and I was completely psyched for this expansion pack.

I thought it would be awesome to travel and a lot of the new skills and nuances like new fish, plants, bugs and random stuff sounded amazing. And it was... until it screwed up my tenth generation legacy family, and then glitched so terribly I have had to re-install the whole thing over 5 times. The people freeze, the game freezes, people disappear, Sims are all of the sudden flirting with their parents because they are no longer related.

Bottom Line: I wish I had never bought this game and known how cool it could be and then, have it ruin how fun it was. Believe me. I read these reviews and the first couple weeks I played with it I thought 'huh, doesn't glitch for me' but I promise it will, and you will hate knowing how cool it could have been if it worked. Skip it and send EA a message.
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on June 8, 2014
It brings more purpose to the Sims, in my opinion. I think it's worth about 10 dollars or less. Sometimes the Sims gets a bit repetitive. Going to work, having kids and being stuck in the suburbs can be dull at times, especially for a game. This game offers you Indiana Jones-type adventures and quests and allows you to visit three different countries: France, Egypt and China. The game is also expanded to new skills to learn, one matching up will with each country. (France has a wine tasting skill, Egypt has a photography skill, China has a martial arts skill) I really enjoy the game and managed to get it for less than 2 dollars. However, it does seem to freeze my game up a bit. But I think it's something different, and I enjoy it.
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on April 1, 2017
Great adventure quality for another version of the sims 3 series
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on June 3, 2011
I bought this primary because I download custom content, and many of the cc creators assume you've bought the EPs in the order they were released.

That being said, I'm enjoying the tombs very much. They're casual-level puzzles and have content not in the Sims 2 Bon Voyage. However, you can only play each tomb ONCE per game, meaning the next generation of your legacy family won't be able to "re-explore" the tombs. There *IS* a ModTheSims2 mod that will allow you to re-explore tombs in the same game, but I doubt re-exploring the same tomb would be as fun as the first.

Otherwise, it's Boredom, er, Bon, Voyage all over again. Each of the three foreign locations doesn't have as much to do than your hometown. The loading screens feel like they take forever to load. You will get opportunities in your home town to go to the foreign locations, but you can fulfill them on the first day once you arrive there. Most of the town is filled with homes of the town residents, whom you won't really visit. Myself, I installed custom lots into these foreign towns so my Sims would have something to do while they were waiting to go home again.
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on July 13, 2010
Many others have gone into details, both bad and good, about this game, so I'll let you look elsewhere for those.

I just bought my game a little under a month ago (fortunately, it sounds like!), since it was on sale at I had no problems installing or running it (I use a Mac), it seems to work just fine. I do think it's a bit strange that they've taken the game into an RPG direction, with actual quests to accept, objectives to be achieved, and puzzles to solve. I feel like I'm playing an RPG meant for children, it's a bit disconcerting. I know the rewards you get during such adventures can make a difference in the "normal" lives of your Sims (learn certain recipes, collect artwork for your home, etc), but the methods for obtaining these things... not really sure I like that! If I wanted to play an RPG, World Adventures would not be first on my list.

That being said, I'd still buy it. It's better than having NO expansion and repeatedly doing the same thing. It's not a terrible addition to the game, just a little too different from what I was looking for. I'm still hoping for Pets and College and Nightlife.. Sims 3 style!
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If your game installs and runs, I wish you all the best. I wish I could play the game, but I can't. It will not install.

I've spent 3 days (I know stupid, but I really wanted to play the game) following EA's website instructions for uninstalling and reinstalling their Download Manager. I THEN finally resorted to their live chat option (yeah, I finally admitted that it had me beat). Their live chat technical support consisted entirely of:
1). Checking to make sure I actually owned the game, had legally purchased it, and had 4 forms of legal ID and a strip search (ok the last two are a purely fictional manifestation of my frustration but I feel pretty violated after all the procedures we went through together)
2). Telling me to do exactly what their website told me to do (ok some people don't follow the directions, but I did)
3). Copying and pasting the links to the tech support pages I had already tried out into the chat window.

No really, I shut down my firewall (it's back up now so don't get any ideas), my router's firewall (yep, that's back up too), my antivirus software (practically had to uninstall it (yep it's back too) and changed computers - there are four in my house. And the download manager insists that I am somehow running the software on two different windows accounts (which my computer only had one until the tech support guy suggested I create a second one - just to run Sims 3 - yep that's gone too now).

So I asked the tech guy, "where do I file a complaint about the installation software?" And he says to me -- "would you like to submit your ideas?"

Ok, I lost it. Seriously? I've practically torn apart the software on my computer system for 3 days, uninstalled everything I don't use (just in case it was conflicting), and now I'm supposed to come up with how to solve their installation nightmare?

I don't normally write bad reviews, but hey... there's a point when you just have to stand up and say... "THAT WAS BAAAADDDD!!!!!!" Ok, I've said it. I hope it helps someone somewhere. Cheers!
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on October 2, 2010
I think this is a fun expansion, and it makes things a little more interesting. The only disappointment is there there are only three location types in the game. China, France, and Egypt. I would have loved to see places like Enland, Germany, Italy, or Japan.

The the adventures make the game quite exciting.

The price is a little high but I think it was worth it. Plus there is the fact that with it there were bonus Sim Points.
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