Customer Reviews: The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology
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on September 28, 2007
I ordered Dr. Sinatra's other heart book "Heart Sense for Women" for my mother as a Mother's Day gift 5 years ago. The information she gleaned from that book has transformed her. Now both my parents are taking heart health supplements and doing great (they are in their 80's). They showed this latest book to their cardiologist (he is the head cardiologist at Johns Hopkins)who strongly recommended they continue on the supplements as he takes them as well. They look and feel great. I have since started supplementing myself since heart disease is hereditary. I would highly recommend this book to anyone concerned about their heart health. It's an eye opener.
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on March 29, 2011
I was diagnsed with hypertension, an enlarged heart, had an abnormal stress test, and an ejection fraction of 39%. I had constant chest pain and fatigue, and 7 months later I went to the ER with a rapid pulse, extreme hypertension, and extreme chest pain. I stayed in ICU for 4 days, conscious, while my cardiologist figured out with surgical exploration that my right coronary artery was completely blocked and that unblocking it would only cause it to become blocked again in short time.

At home I fell into a suicidal depression due to fatigue and listlessness and zero energy. In Dr Sinatra's book this circumstance is explained in full-how, after any major heart infarction, the heart requires at least 2 weeks or more to restore its energy reserves. I would not have known that had I not read it in his book. I had no energy to walk my dog but I had just enough to get out of bed and to the computer to do research about my heart condition. In doing so I found Dr Sinatra's protocol BEFORE I found his book, and had a friend do the shopping for the supplements (most or all can be found in vitamin and health food stores or online) and went on them immediately.

Within 4 days my chest pain had substantially abated, and I had enough energy to get my dog up and down my inclined street. I met friends for brunch that Sunday and they were amazed at how I looked and felt to them.

THE SINATRA SOLUTION, the book, arrived, 2 days later and I read it cover to cover in one day and corrected the protocol according to Dr. Sinatra's writing. My own cardiologist has read this book, and heartily approves of his recommendations as well their effect on her patient, me.

I am forever appreciative of having found Dr. Sinatra's book. I have FAR more energy, clarity of mind, focus, and FAR less pain than before-but be forewarned-if you slept through biology and chemistry class in high school this book will be some tough reading. Luckily the Dr. does summarize his findings in several chapters, and he does have a website where he sells branded versions of the recommended supplements (haven't bought his versions yet....all the stuff can be found for cheaper elsewhere on the net). If you care about your quality of life after a diagnosis with heart disease, you will do everything you can to get Dr. Sinatra's book and read it-cover to cover. His recommendations will make your life with heart disease worth living again.
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on July 27, 2009
I followed the recommendations in this book and have substantially reduced my plaque build up (confirmed by CTA scans) and have actually increased the injection fraction of my heart. The "Awesome Foursome" is truly amazing. I have been following these guidlines for a year now. The differences have even amazed my cardiologists. My blood pressure systolic is now below 100 compared with over 120 prior to changing to the PAAM diet and using the supplements recommended by Dr. Sinatra.
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on March 6, 2009
After my heart attack, a friend sent this book to me. I placed in a corner and never intended to read it. However, four months after my heart attack I was still so weak that I couldn't ever push a grocery cart. Discouraged, I figured that I didn't have anything to lose, so I found the book and read it. The information in this book gave my life back to me. Within one month of using the nutritional supplements recommended in this book, I was nearly as strong as before the heart attack. Four months have gone by and I am not stronger than I was before the heart attack.

It is my understanding from the book, that not everyone is going to experience the success that I have enjoyed, but I strongly recommend this book to those who struggle with heart health.
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on March 7, 2014
A few years ago, I was hit with viral myocarditis which led to a case of dilated cardiomyopathy (a fancy name for congestive heart failure). As a former athlete in his fifties who had always stayed in pretty good shape, and who stayed quite active engaging in backpacking & other vigorous activities, I found this to be a particularly demoralizing situation. My ejection fraction was at 30%, and my cardiologist recommended a pacemaker if I could not rebound.

As someone with great familiarity with biochemistry and physiology (a degree in microbiology), I went to work researching my situation. I was not an expert on cardiac cells, but my research found results in that the cardiac tissue in cases like mine were starving for some of the building blocks of a cellular process known as oxidative phosphorylation. The 3 ingredients that seemed to be most needed were coenzyme Q, L-carnitine, and ribose, along with magnesium (a mineral essential for many different enzymes & coenzymes involved in energy metabolism). I immediately began taking dietary supplements involving the aforementioned ingredients.

About this time I heard of Sinatra's book about metabolic cardiology. (At the time it was not as well known as it is now). I purchased the book and studied it voraciously. I found that he had written a very informative book on the role of these supplements in the metabolism of the heart, and explained clearly why a heart that was in a state of dilative cardiomyopathy would need dietary supplementation. It was written in a style that a layman would be able to understand, but he gave the biochemistry and physiology background well enough to satisfy those at a higher level of understanding (like those with a scientific degree such as myself).

One of the points he made in his book was how the medical establishment pooh poohed the concept of dietary supplementation to help those with congestive heart failure. Yet the proof was in the pudding- his patients who took the supplements seemed to do better and had better survival rates than those who did not. I can back him up on his claim. My cardiologist never once mentioned any kind of dietary supplementation to me- he was strictly drugs & surgery (pacemaker).

Well, I must say, I was not cured overnight, but over a period of a couple of years, I made a full (and I mean full) recovery and I remain healthy to this day. My ejection fraction is normal, and I have no restrictions on exercising or activity. I could tell my cardiologist was quite amazed at how everything turned out. But he didn't realize I had another cardiologist in my corner- Steven Sinatra. If you or a loved one are having heart problems, read this book and follow it's recommendations. I still take the supplements he recommended to this day. And he may have very well saved my life. God bless Dr. Sinatra.
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on August 16, 2009
IMO If you have heart disease or want to prevent it, there are two books that are essential for you to read--in this order: "Preventing and Reversing Hearth Disease" by Caldwell Essylstein, M.D., and "The Sinatra Solution" by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. Dr. Esselstyn's book will help you get your diet in order, while Dr. Sinatra's book will help you get your supplementation program in order.

Dr. Sinatra has had amazing success with the synergistic combination of 4 supplements: D-ribose, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, and magnesium. He and like-minded colleagues have brought people back from serious heart disease and even the brink of death with this combination, although he fails to mention if they made dietary changes in conjunction with the supplements.

Sinatra doesn't just tell you to take these supplements and in what quantity, but goes into cardio biochemistry to explain exactly why to take them. Don't be intimidated by the biochemistry--it's very well written for the educated layperson, complete with analogies familiar to just about everyone. He doesn't bog you down in detail, and tells you just what you need to know to understand his supplementation program. If you really dislike biochemistry, you can take him at his word, and skip over to what/how much to take. But in my experience nutrition counseling, if you truly know why you're taking a supplement, you'll be more motivated to take it.

My one issue with the book is that Dr. Sinatra is very wary of a vegan diets due to the lack of carnitine in them. My response is that long-term vegans who eat healthy quantities of fruits and vegetables, and who supplement with vitamin B12, rarely get heart disease, unless they have a congenital problem. These are the folks who generally avoid clogging their arteries and maintain a healthy weight/blood pressure. Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, and John McDougall have had amazing success reversing heart disease with plant-based diets.

My advice is to read this book for your supplementation regimen, and Dr. Esselstyn's book for your dietary changes. If you are vegetarian or vegan, note that there are vegan sources of l-carnitine, such as the carnitine liquid by Now foods. Other than my one qualm about diet, I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to prevent or reverse heart disease.

P.S. This book does not discuss which form to CoQ10 to take--ubiquinol or ubiquinone. But Dr. Sinatra addresses that in a blog entry written after the book was published[...]
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on August 26, 2011
I am grateful to Dr. Sinatra for this fantastic book which I came across by surfing the net looking for solutions to my heart condition. Fortunately, following his protocols has greatly improved my heart and lung functioning that had been severely challenged by congestive heart failure in 2007. It is remarkable and annoying to me that my cardiologist did not advise me of these supplements and even dismissed them with the usual physician's arrogant distrust of anything other than prescription pharmaceutical drugs, even in light of my improved condition! I assume he has not bothered to do research to learn about these supplements. My "ejection fraction" (the amount of blood pumped out of the ventricle with each heartbeat) went from a low of 29 to 50 which is near normal, only after the addition of Dr. Sinatra's supplement recommendations. Unfortunately, we as individuals must search for additional solutions in the supplements and natural remedies available since many in the medical profession are either unaware of or prejudiced against supplements and it is a courageous and rare physician who will take the time to learn of the benefits and actually recommend them. Every heart patient should read this book as it will improve your life! Thank you, Dr. Sinatra.
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on February 29, 2016
I'm not sure why Amazon is carrying this book since it is geared more for the medical community. I am a retired Critical Care RN and I found some of the info to be over my head in spite of my training and education post graduation. That said, I have to say it is one of the most valuable books I've ever read. My husband has non-ischemic cardiomyopathy secondary to a viral infection. He's had some medical issues recently after a 7 yr benign course. All of his MDs have been amazed by his ability to carry on with his daily activities such as building a room on the house, bush-hogging acreage with his 40 HP tractor, taking care of 2 homes and a pecan orchard. He's never needed supplemental oxygen despite an ejection fraction of 25. I decided to have a look at what this doctor had to say. Most drugs given for this problem relate to the muscle function as a whole, not to the cellular function of the muscle tissue. This book addresses the cellular function. Those of you who took biology may remember the Krebs cycle as well as ATP and mitochondrial function. That's what this is all about.
Bottom line is that Dr Sinatra recommends 4 supplements to improve cardiac health: CoEnzyme Q10, l-carnitine, magnesium and d-ribose. My husband had been on CoQ10 since 1991 for oral health (his dentist died. New dentist looked at old chart & thought he was looking at a different patient). He has also been taking magnesium for 15 yrs or so. Both of these contributed, I feel, to the fact that he functions at a higher level than would be expected for his ejection fraction (the % of blood pumped out thru the aorta from the left ventricle of the heart). Normal EF is 55-65%.
If you know someone who has difficulty functioning because of heart disease, this would be a good book to read and try the supplements. They are all over the counter and do not react with any prescription meds that I have been able to discover. I mentioned this book to one of my husband's MDs (nephrologist) and he wrote down the name of it and asked the nurse to order a copy for the office. There are many references in the book to various studies and the journals they were reported in. I checked some of them and all were exactly as quoted. I bought the Kindle version because it was cheaper but plan on getting a hard copy for other members of my family to read since I'm NOT loaning out my much loved Kindle!
UPDATE 4/22/16: I just found out from the nephrologist's office RN, a friend of mine, that he really did buy the book; read it and is now recommending the 4 supplements to all his pts who have cardiac disease. Since then I have purchased a complete set of the nutrients and had them sent to a close friend who also has cardiomyopathy from an MI. I will continue to make sure both hubby & friend stay on this combo as long as they are alive. Can't wait to see what Dec. scheduled ECHO will show on hubby.
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on December 6, 2011
This is a very informative book. My husband and I both suffer from heart disease. We were already taking some supplements. The missing piece of the puzzle for us was D-Ribose. It was great to know we were on the right track and to have this information spelled out in terms we could understand. Thanks to Dr. Sinatra. LM
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on September 2, 2008
I purchased this book after hearing about the supplements it touts from my personal trainer. I have no heart problems or issues, just want to maximize fitness. Good book, good for more than 'fixing' cardiac function. There are some sections that got more technical than I wanted, but for the most part it is clear straightforward. I recommend it for anyone who is interested in understanding how to optimize cardiac function: for exercise (like me) or for heart conditions--as well as for a multitude of others. Dr. Sinatra lists multiple protocols at the back of the book for use of the supplements for people with different goals: heart issues, diabetes, fibromyalgia, anti-aging, athletics and more.
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