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on December 16, 2016
Rented this movie from a video store years ago. Was caught off guard by its dramatic cinematography. So, while nailed with a flu this week, something triggered me to recollect this survival tale, and I looked up its name. then watched it on Amazon.

Many will react to the character Charlie being an over-the-top caricature for the self-centered playboy; the master of tantrums when things don't go well. True enough. But having his life saved 10 times over by a completely devoid-of-selfishness Eskimo stranger brings about a transformation that is convincing and elegantly portrayed. The Eskimo Kanaalaq is not phased by the desolate wilderness and its monumental challenges. She is patient, but purposeful at following the indigenous ways and belief systems of her kin. She lets Charlie enter her world at his own pace and as this plays out, we realize who is really rescuing whom in this harsh land. No denying that Kanaalaq is stunningly cast by a real Inuit with no acting history. Nifty movie making by the Canadian company.
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on August 12, 2016
This is an amazing story,very true to life.The producer captures reality at its finest.Get this video in order to serve as a lesson that bullying has to stop because there is never a positive outcome.
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on December 30, 2014
This movie will appeal to old and young viewers. Best enjoyed if you have been on wilderness trips and maybe/probably have good knowledge on survial skills and how to try to live in tune with nature. You better have a keen interest in trying to stay alive on the tundra when seasons change, because this is it. Plot. First name "fruitcake" last name "flyboy" crashlands with a bushplane on the arctic tundra, a thousand miles from nowhere. The nearest settlement "mosquitoville" with some twenty five million mosquitos and gnats living there is close by. Onboard the plane he carried a few supplies and a corker of a girl. Too bad she has terminal TB. In order to make a movie the bush pilot has to learn everything the hard way on the tundra. The girl/young woman is a ace when it comes to live of the land. She teaches him the skills to survive. Without her the bushpilot probably would have ended up being scavenger diet within a few weeks time. They can't really communicate well either since she speaks Inuit tounge and he speaks english, that makes his struggle even more difficult. She must have kept thinking all the time; first Tuberculosis, then a crashlanding, now I have to be a survival instructor to a pilot that can't even understand what I'm saying, what's next?, being chased by a polarbear across a frozen wasteland with a busted leg?. If you wanna know the entire story?, buy this dvd and watch it. Higly commended.
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on July 20, 2014
Overall I enjoyed this movie. There are a few spoilers below. The ending is sad.

The good:
1. It was interesting to see all of the hunting and survival techniques. Also it was cool to see that they didn't need the stuff from the other plane and how they 'buried' the pilot.
2. There are many positive lessons in this movie and overall it is a bit uplifting despite the death of Kanaalaq. We can probably guess that Charlie appreciates life more after this and settles down.

The Bad:
1. product placement for nestle, spam and coca cola was either intentional or unintentional but especially with the chocolate bar and Charlie singing the commercial jingle, it was a bit annoying.
2. I had a single engine student pilot license long ago and planes can land just fine with the engine off as long as the frame of the airplane is fine. In the movie the engine blew a piston or rod or something and what seems as oil splatters on the window. There is no damage shown on the frame of the plane so it could have easily landed and a skilled pilot like him could have landed with the engine off. It is standard procedure for instructors to lower the engine to idol and then tell the student to pretend to land somewhere (but before landing the instructor would power the engine back up). This is so that the instructor can prove that the student can make an emergency landing. So, the plane should not have had all of those roller coaster type movements and should not have crashed.
3. There is a bit of profanity in this movie.
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on April 27, 2016
I thought I was going to be watching a ho-hum.. Not at all. It was one of the most interesting movies I have watched in a long time. It kept my interest from beginning to end. Inuit actress Annabella Piugattuk was just adorable. I loved her! She taught the bush pilot everything she knew for survival. A great movie. No sex, no violence, no alcohol, and no drugs. Just the great outdoors, Barry Pepper, and one very cute Annabella Piugattuk. A movie that tugged at the heart strings.
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on November 16, 2015
Great movies on two different cultures. I really enjoyed this movie about survival in the arctic. The movies is based on a bush pilot who crashes and only survives due to the knowledge of a Inuit women who teaches the bush pilot how to survive in this remote area of the North West Territories from methods carried on by her ancestors.
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on October 4, 2016
I like Barry Pepper, have seen him in 61, when we were soldiers, with Gibson. he does a very good job here and the director, is the same actor who was in American Gaffiti with Ron Howard, I would have liked to see a more explained end but all in all it was a very fine film.
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on June 17, 2013
I did not expect to love this movie so much. It was so far under the radar, I only stumbled onto it after it had been out for years. Such a pity more people haven't had the chance to experience this movie. The scenery is harsh but beautiful. The two lead actors were wonderful, convincing, and the lovely native girl's performance was especially nuanced and natural. I forgot I was watching a movie and felt I was watching real people that I came to love dearly. The film builds slowly, and does require some patience with Barry Pepper's character. The end result is one of the most beautiful perfect circles I've ever watched, and it is a movie that stays with you for a long time. I've watched it many times now, and am still incredibly moved each time. Absolutely recommend and love this movie. Purchased a digital copy as well as disc.
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on April 10, 2014
I love this movie. Great to have Barry Pepper in it, couldn't have it any other way. The woman too did a good job acting, I am Alaska Native. I enjoy watching this film. Although not very many reviews gave the native woman a thumbs up she did a great job. Recommended!
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on February 2, 2011
The Snow Walker focuses on two characters: a bush pilot named Charles Halliday (played by Barry Pepper) and a young Inuit woman named Kanaalaq (played by Annabella Piugattuk). It is 1953. Halliday makes a stop with his float plane in a remote northern area when he comes across some Inuit who convince him to take Kanaalaq on board for the purpose of flying her to a hospital in Yellowknife. She is apparently suffering from tuberculosis or a similar illness. The plane crashes en route however and the two find themselves far from human civilization. Halliday is distraught from the loss of his plane but still tries his best to get help for the two of them. He soon learns however that he is the student and his companion is the teacher when it comes to the subject of survival.

The dialogue is simple but moving as the two main characters begin to open up with each other. There is an exchange of cultures that takes place and I dare say that Charlie has the most to gain. Kanaalaq speaks little English but what she says; what she shares with Charlie resonates with him and warms his soul. She is quiet but sure.

The images/cinematography throughout the film are gorgeous.

It is ironic that Charles Martin Smith directed this beautiful film about survival in the artic as he was the main character in Never Cry Wolf, another masterpiece set in the north.

My only disappointment with the product is that there are no English subtitles for those hard of hearing. If you speak Spanish you're fine.
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