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on February 14, 2016
If someone checked my previous Bond film reviews, they may think I don't care too much for the series. That's not true. I love the series. Even the worst of them I have watched many times and have at least a few things going for them. TSWLM or For Your Eyes Only is Roger Moore's best outing. The movie's plot does resemble You Only Live Twice but that repetitiveness is the most significant flaw the film has. Either that or Stromburg being a rather dull Bond villain. Excellent production values, exotic locations, the beautiful Ms. Bach, and some great stunts. All in all one of the Best Bond films.
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on August 11, 2013
The tenth Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me was delayed due to Harry Salzman's bankruptcy, lawsuits and a much-delayed script. The result was the best of the Roger Moore Bond films.

The movie begins with Major Anya Amasova - Agent XXX (Barbara Bach) having a romantic get-away with her lover. The male agent is called away to Austria. Unfortunately for him, he tangles with Bond who kills him with a rocket-powered ski pole. Bond's escapes by skiing off a sheer cliff and employing a parachute with the Union Jack printed on it. This sets the table for a great Bond adventure. Two notes of significance: the ski sequence is shot by the same team of director John Glen and cameraman Willy Bogner that shot the ski sequences in On her Majesty's Secret Service and Rick Sylvester did the ski-parachute stunt only once.

The opening film sequence shows a British submarine carrying 16 nuclear warheads being disabled and captured by a massive supertanker, the Liparus. The same fate soon befalls a Soviet submarine. Back at a submarine base in England, M, Q and Bond meet with Sir Frederick Gray, the Minister of Defence (Geoffrey Keen) and Admiral Hargreaves (Robert Brown) - who will later be promoted to M's position, (two future Bond regulars) to review how the British submarine was tracked. General Gogol, the head of the KGB (Walter Gotell)is also introduced as an upcoming Bond regular. He informs Agent XXX of her lover's death and her new assignment.

The movie picks up with Agent XXX vowing revenge on her lover's killer as she undertakes the mystery of what happened to the Soviet sub. Bond is assigned the task of finding out who is selling information about the route of the British sub and what happened to it. At first, Amasova and Bond parry and thrust as each tries to get information from various lowlifes and traitors. Wanting a union of their investigation, Gen. Gogol and 'M ' call them to a mutual meeting place (and Q's testing area for new gizmos), that is cleverly hidden in an Egyptian ruin - a trend that began with the previous Bond film.. In time, the two agents run into Sandor (Milton Reid) and Jaws, the metal-toothed killer (Richard Kiel), two henchman of the recluse billionaire, Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens). In time, the two agents discover that Stromberg is obsessed with creating a new world under the sea. Stromberg intends to start a war that will destroy all life on earth. The film's action scenes include Q's specialized Lotus Esprit converting from a car to a sub as it is chased by motorcycle (with a rocket-propelled sidecar), a car loaded with Jaws and several gunmen, a helicopter and mini-subs; the fight between the crews of the captured subs and Stromberg's men (reminiscent of the final battle in You Only Live Twice) inside the gigantic Liparus; an intense train cabin fight with Jaws and Bond; and the fight with Jaws on Atlantis, Stromberg's underwater hideout.

Roger Moore seems comfortable in the role his third time out and the script by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum (a Bond vet)is first-rate. Bach proves to be his match and is quite charming. The film locations in Sardinia and the wonderful sets Liparus, Atlantis and the sub base) by Ken Adam (who received an Oscar nomination for his work) are first-rate. The sound stage built around the Liparus set. It was christened by the former PM and was hailed as Adam's best set. The result is a wonderful spy thriller that revived the Bond series and solidified Roger Moore as James Bond.

Side note: Bond regular, Shane Rimmer returns in a new role, USS Wayne Sub Captain. Assistant director, Victor Tourjansky makes the first of his three Bond film appearances as the startled tourist. This time he is drinking on the beach when the Lotus Esprit drives out of the ocean. The producers use sharks again in this film to dispatch of a traitorous girlfriend - the third time sharks had a role in a Bond movie. Finally, the producers began their practice of using in-house jokes and theme music from another movie - the theme of Lawrence of Arabia is heard as the two agents emerge from the desert.
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on February 9, 2017
I don't want to spoil this one; This has a very iconic scene about ten minutes in. If you've seen it you'll know what I'm saying. Even if you're not a fan atleast you'll be getting the Platinum Soundtrack "Baby your the best!" True some of the 70s "High tech" is quite dated, but its not that unbearable. Not sure, but I think the Egyptian monuments were filmed on location.
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on February 17, 2013
I think Roger Moore is no doubt the most fun Bond to watch, the humor in his Bond films always had perfect timing, why he doesn't get enough credit as Bond is a mystery to me, his first two "Live & Let Die" & "The Man with the Golden Gun" were just downright fun, which is what is so missing in the Bond films now, this one is a sure winner in every respect, In this one Bond is sent to stop a mad scientist from taking over the world who has captured two submarine vessels & plans to use their nukes to destroy Moscow & New York City in an attempt to start WW III between the U.S. & Russia, Bond is teamed with an unlikely KGB operative,(the beautiful Barbara Bach) & they both tangle with a 8 foot assassin named Jaws (Richard Keil, in a memorable role) who is silent but deadly, we also get a cool chase & a beautiful Caroline Munro as another assassin who can fly a helicopter pretty good & a underwater headquaters of the mad scientist, there isn't much more I can say that others haven't already covered here, but the Egyptian sceneries are nice & this one is my second favorite Bond film to Pierce Bronsnon's "Goldeneye" which recaptured this one's golden moments.
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on May 28, 2017
Really disappointed -- and surprised -- by the poor resolution of this DVD (and, to be clear, this review is for the DVD and not the Blu-ray version). Despite being manufactured in 2015 (that's the copyright year listed on the case), it appears that the transfer is many years older. It's not much better than watching a VHS tape. I say that because even some of my oldest DVDs from the early 2000s have better resolution than this. At $8, I wasn't expecting the crispness of a Blu-ray, of course, but it's a joke that this was even offered for sale in 2015. Shame on MGM / Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
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on May 23, 2017
Roger Moore passed away just today...and this is the best James Bond movie he did.
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on April 28, 2010
An action-packed adventure that introduces Jaws. When Allied and Soviet nuclear submarines go missing its up to 007 and the beautiful Soviet agent XXX to uncover a sinister plot that puts the entire world in jeopardy. The film is action-packed with a great plot, a lot of humor, and great preformaces. And at the time "The Spy Who Loved Me" was one of the most expensive Bond films ever made, and still to this day is no doubt the most ambitious one. Highly recommended!
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on February 20, 2015
Roger Moore seemed to still be portraying the character of Simon Templar (The Saint) when he was Bond. Moore personally hated guns, but now he had to shoot one on the big screen. He never quite made me believe that he had a license to kill. However, my favorite Moore outing as Bond was FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, followed by OCTOPUSSY. THE SPY WHO LOVED ME ranks a comfortable third. LIVE AND LET DIE and THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN are "ok", but are far better than the abysmal A VIEW TO A KILL and the painful-to-watch MOONRAKER (which, IMHO, is tied as the worst Bond film to date, along with the Pierce Brosnan disaster DIE ANOTHER DAY, an ersatz quasi-remake of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER).

Special Effects by the late Derek Meddings (who masterminded the realistic effects on Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation puppet shows, movies & UFO series) were always a treat on the Moore movies, especially this one.

The $4 Christmas price made it an easy purchase.
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on March 30, 2009
The Spy Who Loved Me was a film that I had always wanted to see and upon finally seeing it I can safely say that it is the best film in Roger Moore's run as James Bond. It is full of humor, wit, and charm, as well as action that was true to the Connery films of the 1960s (something that was lacking in Moore's previous films, Live And Let die, and The Man with the Golden Gun).

It involves a plot to hijack nuclear submarines by shipping tycoon Karl Stromberg, who lives in a underwater lair...But who cares about him! The only villain you people really want to see here is iconic henchmen, Jaws. Yes, that towering man with a metal teeth who fits his job description well. "This is jaws. He kills people."(Quote from Moonraker) Of course they should have said: "And cars, gates, sharks, chains, wires...pretty much anything he gets his hands or teeth on."

Of course James Bond has to stop this from happening, so after teaming up with the very attractive Russian agent known as Triple X Moore jumps into action (I wonder what Bond and "XXX" will be up to by the end of the film...). Together they face against the best that our dear friend, Stromberg, can throw at them, ranging from Jaws to random assassins. By the end, in true Bond fashion, our hero and a team of soldiers take on an army of henchmen in a giant supertanker while (of course) fighting against the clock to the facility's self-destruct timer.

Like any Moore film The Spy Who Loved Me is just plain fun and you can sit down and enjoy watching every second of it. It isn't as good as the Connery films, but at the same time it isn't at all a bad Bond film.

Personally, I think if you're someone who generally dislikes Moore this is the Bond film for you. It is the closest of Moore's outings to the original Sean Connery adventures and several moments are even able to bring out the charm of those earlier films.

So if you're not a fan of Moore you don't have to see *all* his outings as James Bond, but if you have to choose a single Moore Bond film to own The Spy Who Loved Me takes the cake as his most professionally done 007 film.

Trust me; you don't want to miss out on this one.
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on April 25, 2016
Ancient Egyptian ruins, a mad scientist, Barbara Bach and Roger Moore, what more can a fan want? I prefer the older movies without so much CGi but with good stunt work that makes Bond's improbable escapes almost believable. Sean Connery projected a more dangerous personality, but Moore suavity did it for me. He always seemed to having a good time, and the audience does too. So I'm an old fogey who can't get with the 21st century. No apologies.
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