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on August 17, 2015
I try not to give 5-star ratings. But this move is THE BOMB!! [Do kids still say, "the bomb"?] I rate it as PERFECT. I imagine that few people know that the movie was actually based, in large part, on the life of the man considered to be the greatest con man of his day: Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil. And the HUGE con they pull off in the movie? Yep!! Yellow Kid used to pull of cons that would require his hiring up to 200 people AND MORE, all involved in clipping the mark

I'm 65, so I can remember the stories my old man told about those days when hustling in the streets [or wherever!] was just LIFE for many, many people. Even in my day, "Three-card monte," the "pigeon drop," and other con hustles were in play. I once ALMOST got clipped by pigeon drop artists. I won't [out of embarrasment!!] give the details. But, after they offered me this incredible deal [the "fools," as they had me believing], I go home and tell my then wife, "Give me ALL the money you got!!" She protested, but being young I just rolled over her.

Then I went in the back [my mother was staying with us], and I go, "Mamma, gimme every dime you got! I got a CHUMP out here!" She goes, "WHAT!!!???" I go, "C'mon, Mamma." She demanded that I tell her what the deal was. I didn't get 5 words out of my mouth, when she hollered, "PIGEON DROP!! CALL THE POLICE!!" Damn. I felt like a fool. It was quickly obvious to me that I'd almost been duped. She told me, "Don't feel too bad--your dad DID get clipped by the pigeon drop, when he was a young man." She smiled. My wife laughed her ass off.

ALL of the dialogue--the con talk, the street talk, were real ("You blew it like a pimp!! I didn't teach you to be no pimp!!") Very similar words I used to hear when I was a shorty. And all the hustles they show were real, and VERY well done--excellently done--in the movie. The period costumes, and the entire set pulls you into that time in history--right into the movie. By the time you get to the end, you're ready to find what few remaining REAL con men might still exist, and sit at their feet so you can pull a big con!! Well, those days are gone now. All the con men, today, are called POLITICIANS (and TV commercial actors).

I don't know if I should say this, but you will NOT guess the SURPRISE ending. You simply won't. And it might be the very best part of the movie. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I've purchased this movie, I've watched it FIVE TIMES. Ridiculous, right! Well, I'm going for the SIXTH time when my son comes over. I want him to see how it was when people, though they were doing "crime," were living at a time when it was about pure survival.

Also, in truth, what motivated them, and kept them from even THINKING about a "square" job, was the desire to be FREE; to not be ordered around, by some so-called "boss," on a dead-end, humdrum, low-paying gig. Street men and women were GENIUSES, many of them, that could have done anything, had they gone "legit." And it wasn't because they didn't have smarts. They did. They just wanted to be free to use those smarts in a unique and thrilling way--DANGEROUS way, in fact, as you'll see in the movie.

Ahhh, those were the days!! And all depicted just PERFECTLY in The Sting!!
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on April 11, 2017
One of the few dvds I held onto when I finally sold my DVD collection at a garage sale. I have to remember to keep a DVD player to watch it on 10 years from now
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on November 18, 2012
I think that this is one of the great movies,with Redford & Newman and a back-up cast that would rival any movie of today or its own time period.Throw in a musical score by Scott Joplin and You are transported back to a time when a meatloaf dinner with coffee cost $0.85 and it you had to call someone you had to spend a nickel to do it.My 1st surprise was when they completed their first con with Luther played by James Earl Jones.I thought for a minute and realized it could not be Him,He is to old.Well, it is his Father Robert Earl Jones.It is a connecting of Mind & Spirit that all these Actors had to have in order to make this film seem real as drinking coffee and eating apple pie...it is one of my Favorite Films.
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on May 18, 2017
Bought for a gift.
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on August 26, 2013
This is classic Newman and Redford. Loved the music, the acting, and the riotous ending (I won't tell you the ending for those who have never seen it, as it would ruin the whole experience). This is about two con artists aiming to get back at a high roller (Robert Shaw) who is ruthless, whose hitmen killed a friend and fellow con artist. Dana Elcar is excellent as FBI Special Agent Polk, as is everyone else who lend credible performances. You'll love the card game Paul Newman's character exhibits when he wins most of the hands of poker, rubbing it in to the losing players. Again, it's the end that gives the movie it's name. It got robbed of the academy awards that year.
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on August 30, 2017
My favorite movie
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on June 8, 2012
I have watched this film at every stage of my grownup life. I enjoy it every single time, which is absolutely remarkable for a caper film. Usually, once you know the con (think: House of Games), you really don't want to watch it again because it seems almost wooden. But the acting in this one is so good, the subtleties so nuanced and unending, that you can see more each time. I have now infected my children with this, which is only a gateway to enjoying entertainment genre for a lifetime. This is one of the best films ever made. I cannot recommend it more enthusiastically.
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on May 19, 2007
Yes, this is a great "period piece," but the story itself is timeless. It makes you realize that even con artists have a place in the scheme of things. There is "honor among thieves" after all!

There was no problem with aspect ratio. I saw the movie so many times I would have noticed if the tiniest detail was missing. It's worth getting the DVD just so you can frame by frame the scene where John Scarne (in the guise of Paul Newman) deals seconds. Baffling; undetectable; seamless.

I was slightly disappointed there was no director's commentary, nor any real bonus features to speak of. But still worth five stars at the price, and come on -- if you have a DVD collection you HAVE to have The Sting!
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on March 21, 2016
What an awesome movie. The Sting was recommended to me after I watched and enjoyed Ocean's Eleven. It's as good or better. DVD quality is decent. I highly recommend this to any movie lover.
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on May 25, 2005
After 30+ years, this is still one of my favorite movies. Even knowing the surprise ending doesn't take away from my enjoyment. Newman, Redford and Shaw are fantastic. The many supporting cast members are great as well. The writing, sets, costumes, music, etc. all blend perfectly. I wore out the VHS tape years ago and bought another one; I now have it on DVD as well. I had to buy the soundtrack on LP, cassette and CD as technology changed. The Sting absolutely deserved the 1973 Best Picture Oscar, as well as the other six Academy Awards it received. I could go on and on with the details of my opinion, but you get the idea.
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