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on January 21, 2008
Jerry Springer with zombies!!

1) ACTING: As always with a lot of indie flicks, the acting is usually hit or miss. For the most part, the leads in this movie were really good in their parts and there really wasn't anyone that seemed out of place, or distracting to the viewer. And Matool needs his own movie series!

2) PRODUCTION: This was surprisingly good. Especially the zombies, which was nice. Normally, indie movie zombies consist of white face / dark eyes, with little to no facial applications, to almost regular looking skin tones with lots of fake blood, and no facial applicaiotns. Here, attention (and, obviously a good chunk of the budget) was spent on the zombies' make up and appearances. As far as low budget indies go, this one was pretty good. The script was tight (except for the "quick! Let's tie up all the loose ends!" at the movie's end), the subject matter--never seen before in a zombie movie, and the filming, editing, and soundtrack were okay as well.

3) ZOMBIES: Other than the appearance of "hyper-zombies," (think Snyder's DotD remake) nothing really new was brought to the zombie genre, and they did what most zombies usually do! (Except for some zombie-sex, but you'll have to see that for yourself!)

4) THE CAUSE: Not mentioned.

5) NUDITY: A movie about swingers with no nudity? C'mon!!

Not bad, not bad at all...this is how low budget indies should be done. This was a fun little romp into "alternative lifestyles" land, with zombies brought along for the ride. I think that the production team really got the most out of their minimal budget. Many homages to other movies fill this movie, and I feel, add to the fun of it all. This could've easily been another "zombies attack a small town" movie that has ben done too many times before. The originality of this movie help it stand out in the crowded low budget zombie movie section that fills up the shelves at your local video / DVD rental store.

RATING: 3 out of 5
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on July 7, 2005
Most people don't like backyard movies. Movies you can't even call low budget, they're micro-budgeted. If you haven't seen one yet then you probably won't like your first. It's hard to get past low production values, and many times people buy or rent one expecting a 'real' movie.

That being said, I love backyard movies. Movies like Meat Market, I, Zombie, Enter Zombie King all entertain me vastly. I love seeing what people can do with the resources they have at hand, and how they don't let money restrictions hold back their creativity.

That being said, Stink of Flesh creates a very unusual situation and progresses it. The characters are pretty cookie cutter with the exception of the couple and the wife's sister(s). They are the source of all the tension and the fulcrum for the action. What really stands out is the action. There's tons of good gore: impressive blood fountains from stabbings and biting, great squib effects for head shots, and really well coreographed action sequences. The zombies themselves are a little lackluster. they're just make-up effects, no rubber masks or prostectics, a lot like the original Night or Dawn of the Dead zombies. Most of the acting is par for the course, but the actor playing Nathan the husband is really good, very beleivable and tragic. Too much of the film was shot in the day time though. All in all, this is close to as good as backyard films get, but if you don't like micro-budget flicks, steer clear.
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on June 10, 2008
If you like zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Livining Dead. Avoid this movie. It has zombies. But that cant make up for the bad acting, stupid story plot, cheesy zombie fist fights, retarded girl with a fake looking head on her side that has no reason to be in the movie. And on a side note no one would want to have sex with a zombie for fear of contracting what ever the zombie had that turned them into a zombie. The only thing that I found interesting was the fact that the director added some of his movies he made in highschool.
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on June 7, 2011
Get ready to be bored and disgusted with this all to familiar horrible undead-fest. The plot was weak, the acting and direction was non-existent and the special fx weren't special at all. Keep your money, with gas prices as high as they are you're gonna need it. I'm always looking for the next great unknown zombie/infected b-movie blockbuster but this ain't it!
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on August 7, 2005
This is a great little movie. If you're a zombie fan, it's definitely worth your time and money.

For the most part, these are Romero zombies: Shoot 'em in the head types.

It's the survivors who are different. Who expects swingers to also be survivors??? I never had before, but THE STINK OF FLESH changed my mind. Certainly it would take people willing to 'think outside the box' to survive the pending zombie apocalypse.

My wife agreed that this was the rarity: a movie where you CAN'T predict what is going to happen next. Wow!

The acting is mixed. Some of the co-stars seem lucky to have remembered their lines. That's okay. The main characters do a fine job and the gore is reasonably realistic.

And I think I'll have nightmares of Dottie before I'll have nightmares of zombies...!
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on March 21, 2006
I found this movie to be very original, the storyline was really interesting and it kept me watching all the way through. The characters seem well-casted and Ive seen a few in other B horrors before. This one has the feel of strong writing and good choreography with the fighting. The zombie image however is weak in this one, and the movie may have been better without them altogether. All that aside one of the top 5-B horror films Ive seen, great buy for gore fans.
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on June 3, 2005
Ok there is no major plot , in that sense.... how the zombies came to be, where they came from, or why these people are where they are etc......

Anyway thats not the main objective. Now I new what i was getting and what it was , a very low budget indie zombie film.

A heads up on a couple things

1- The acting while its a low budget its acting is a bit chessy but not bad, just basically your avg low budget acting. But not at all dissapointing.Out of 10 stars it gets 6.

2- The ZOMBIES- The make is very good, surprisingly good for the budget they worked with. Out of 10 stars 7.5.

3-GORE- Plenty of it and very pleasing and well done, was definitly what made the movie.Out of 10 stars its gets 9.

4-Action -there are alot of Zombie vs Human fights which is great.Out of 10 stars its gets 9.

5-Humor-Not chessy and not dry, very cool and funny very enjoyable.Out of 10 stars its gets 9.

Long story short amzons review is off the back cover and describes the movie as it is. This is a great movie to have. Me I love a good Zombie flick, and if you do also get it. You know you are getting a low budget indie flick so expect what you get, and what you will get is a very fun action packed bloody zombie flick that has plenty of laughs and plenty of gore. Being a fan of 70's and 80's flciks I would consider my self a solid judge of what is good and what is not, if you see my other reviews you will see the type of movies im into and probably get the idea of when I say get this flcik, that means no ?'s . Go out and get it you wont be dissapointed.
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on July 28, 2006
I agree with another reviewer below that this film could have had the same point without the zombies. It was a good try but in my opinion failed at a few levels. The zombie make up was pretty good but the pace and overall acting left a lot to de desired. Was it just me or did they not explain why the older sister had that living fact/head on her body?
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on June 25, 2005
I bought this DVD figuring it would be another good old Zombie flick to add to my library but when the kinky sex scenes appeared, I was yawning. This movie would have gotten a higher rating if it weren't for those kinky sex scenes. If you don't mind the kinky sex, you'll might like this movie. The zombies all looked low budget, and the blood looks like scarlet tempra paint. But there is plenty of gore ( in a low budget way) in this movie To me, kinky sex, and zombies just don't mix, but that's my opinion.
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on July 16, 2012
Nathan (Ross Kelly) and his wife Dexy (Diva) have an open marriage. He goes out and finds men for her ...and while they are having sex Dexy's sister Sassy (Kristin Hansen) spanks the man's bottom with an orange plastic ruler. Don't make fun, that is her job.

Nathan watches, but prefers a zombie he has chained up in the shed. Matool (Kurly Tlapoyawa) who fights zombies with long nails and a hammer likes to save women and harass them for sex. Matool is kidnapped by Nathan and lives there for the perks.

In addition to the slow moving zombies there are also fast moving ones.

Very original script. Lousy soundtrack. Sex, nudity.
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