Customer Reviews: The Terminator [Blu-ray]
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on November 29, 2008
This review refers to the BLU-RAY edition ONLY and NOT to the DVD edition.

Well having The Terminitor series on DVD and loving them and having recently upgraded to a blu-ray player I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my collection to high definition blu-ray format.

Boy, what a mistake that was.

Picture quality is AWFUL - well awful for blu-ray anyway. They've taken the same standard definition source as the DVD and upscaled it for blu-ray - but it's still standard definition. Only the menu is in High Definition, the movie is not. I tested my DVD version upscaled against the blu-ray edition and found them identical - if anything the DVD came out slightly on top.

It also only contains 2 extras - the special effects making of and the retrospective - nothing else. My DVD edition contains over a dozen extras.

My verdict if you're thinking of buying The Terminator in blu-ray and you have an upscaling DVD/BD player - forget it. Stick with the DVD version instead, picture is the same and it has more extras. It's cheaper too.

Maybe one day this wonderful movie will receive the treatment it deserves and be digitally remastered and have it's frames scanned with a high definition camera - but until then sit on your DVD's and wait.
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on December 14, 2012
The new transfer looks great. It's sharp and grain is intact. However, it should be noted that the color-timing is not what you'd be used to for this film. It takes a tealish look, especially in certain scenes. The look works for the film, but it's certainly not what we have seen over the years on TV, VHS, DVD, screenshots, etc. It's a whole-new look for the film. Whether or not it was the intended look from the start, or whether James Cameron had a hand in making it look this way has yet to be seen. But over-all it is a superior transfer, and it makes owning this disc worth it.

Fairly active and robust surround sound here, but sadly it is the remix sound. The original mono with the original sound effects is missing once again, so expect a few moments of "Wow, the sound effects there were horrid."

A couple of featurettes, nothing terribly formidable. Also, the deleted scenes in SD. All of the extras here can be found on the Special Edition DVD, and missing is the hour-long 'Other Voices' documentary and extensive Easter eggs also found on that release. This would have been the perfect time to deliver a feature-packed Blu-ray with all-new features, but alas...MGM/Fox has decided to cheap out this time. Maybe we'll get a 30th Anniversary Edition in 2014.
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on April 23, 2011
This is the fourth release of this film on blu-ray already. There is the 2006 original, a 2009 lenticular cover version, a 2010 blu-ray/DVD combo and now this 2011 blu-ray book. While I won't debate the merits of the film itself, MGM is currently in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings and I assume this is the primary reason for this new release. Unfortunately, they haven't bothered upgrading the original MPEG-2/LPCM 2006 mastering of the film itself; all the versions contain identical disc content. If you don't already own this film and want a fancy book style package for a 5 year old blu-ray master, go ahead and pick this up. Otherwise, you're better off finding a less expensive older version.
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on February 19, 2013
I'm quite content with the newly remastered The Terminator (Remastered) [Blu-ray]. Right away I noticed the superior quality in regards to the picture & audio. Fine detail in closeups is very apparent, yet, the film grain is intact. I definitely recommend this new edition compared to the sub-par original T1 blu-ray release from a few years ago.
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on December 29, 2001
The original "Terminator" is arguably the greatest sci-fi/action film ever, and the Special Edition DVD finally does this classic film justice. Many people look at the sequel as the better of the two, but remember, Cameron was given a huge budget for T2. He was forced to film "The Terminator" for less than $6 million. If you're like me, you could write enough about this movie to fill an encyclopedia, but I'll try to give just a breif plot description for those who have yet to see it.
In the future, SkyNET, the supercomputer in control of all military power, decides that humans must be destroyed and begins a massive nuclear war that destroys most of the population. The survivors form a resistance agains the computer and its mechanical army, and eventually defeat it, thanks to their leader John Connor. In a final effort to win, the computer sends a Terminator back in time to kill John's mother, Sarah, before he is born. The humans send back a lone soilder, Kyle Reese, to protect Sarah from the seemingly unstoppable cyborg.
When the movie was originally filmed, the soundtrack was recorded in mono, which sounded horrible on the original DVD release of the Terminator. But here you can find a newly recorded soundtrack, with the original soundtrack remixed along with new gun and explosion sound effects. Most of the new sounds are very cool (esp. the HK entrance in the first scene), and the new gun effects are good for the most part. Only in a few instances are the new sounds a little weak. Fortunately the DVD also sports the original mono soundtrack for when you want to watch the original verion.
Next to the film itself, the best part of this DVD is the Special Features, most of which were unavailable before. There are two Terminator documentaries, which have cast and crew interviews and behind the scene footage of the original filming of the Terminator, very cool stuff for die hards. Also featured are deleted scenes from the original film, which offer a deeper look into the Terminator mythology, and shows different sides of some characters which you wouldn't see in the original. Also in the special features are all the original storyboards for the film and hundreds more photos of the sets, actors and sketches from the original production. Simply put, for die hard Terminator fans, your wait is over. Terminator: Special Edition is a godsend.
HERE ARE ALSO TWO SECRETS I HAVE FOUND SO FAR ON THE DVD. On side one, under Languages, more to "Francais" so it is highlighted. Now move to the right. A little box on the right side of the screen should now be highlighted. Click on it. This gives access to one of four short, random interviews. The second secret is also on side one. Under special features, click on "DVD Rom Features," then under there move so that the Main Menu shortcut is highlighted. Move to the right again, and another small box should now be highlighted. Click on that. This also gives access to four more interviews. Enjoy!
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on May 17, 2015
Another Terminator sequel is about to be released in Cinemas in July this year
i'm a Huge Terminator fan but in my opinion the franchise has run itself into the Ground
the last sequel was Terminator salvation, i wasn't impressed with the screenplay or the Director
so Terminator salvation ended the sequels with me
the first 2 are the best of course, the 3rd sequel is tolerable and then the 4th sequel which i've only seen once
i didn't think much of it it's a matter of opinion really

anyway MGM have decided to reissue the original Terminator movie again
only because there's another sequel coming out
so what's different this time around, nothing absolutely nothing
the picture quality & sound quality are exactly the same as the 2013 remastered edition
which i must say has been given an amazing High Definition transfer in 1:85:1 widescreen, no Grain or Dirt in the picture quality
plus the texture/colour has been corrected
all the extras from the very old dvd have been carried over, except for Other voices Documentary
MGM did however add a Visual effects & Music score featurette called Creating the Terminator
the interviews from this featurette are taken from the Other voices Documentary
only 8-9mins of interviews are taken from the Other voices Doco
interviews with Gale anne Hurd, Special visual effects man Gene Warren, Music composer Brad fiedel
for some stupid reason MGM did not bother to add the full Documentary of Other voices which they should've had
how stupid just take certain interviews from the Doco Disgusting effort really
back to this new 2015 reissue
the special features are exactly the same as the 2013 remastered blu-ray
no new extras, no new sound mix like a 6.1 or 7.1 Master audio mix, just the same 5.1 Master audio mix from the 2013 version
the only difference between the 2013 blu-ray & this new 2015 reissue is the cover art that's all it is

for me personally i have the 2013 blu-ray version which i think has a much, much better cover art
than this new 2015 reissue
5 stars for this excellent 80's classic
1 star for this new blu-ray reissue
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on February 21, 2013
I own the movie in 3 formats, vhs, dvd and now the remaster. Best i have seen. I really felt like it was the first time i saw it.
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on March 11, 2013
First of all, casual viewers are going to just have to ignore the negs here. That is about all you can do. This is the highest video quality you are going to see on bluray. A 36Mbps transfer of an older grainy film and damn does it look wonderful. The AWFUL red push of the old releases is gone and THANK THE HEAVENS. This film looks unbelievable and I am NOT easy to please when it comes to details and bitrates. Most blurays these days cannot seem to get past 25Mbps, many are much less, and it shows with fluctuating quality throughout the film. Not this one.

They slightly changed the color timing to reflect a modern and SLIGHTLY cooler tone. Some people cannot seem to deal with the fact we are no longer in the 80s and no director worth their salt wants that pinkish/reddish look, that was quite common in that time, to their films now that they have a choice. Blade Runner did the same and The Final Cut looks better than it ever did, though, that release has less than HALF the bitrate of this release. Anyway, the timing does wonders for this film IMO. I have never seen this so detailed in all my life. I really think the new timing gives it a more timeless look and will be appreciated by most people. In no way will it hardly even be noticed for the vast majority. Skintones remain natural and whites are still nice and bright.

As for the sound, it is also the most balanced and proper it has sounded in a long time. There are these few diehard weirdos who cannot seem to deal with the fact that most people don't like mono and don't want to listen to mono in film when there are effects taking place all over the soundstage that take advantage of more than one speaker. Cameron never meant for there to be a Mono track it is just that the producers would not let him have his 4 track stereo because they were cheap bastards. He even came in under budget ffs. Mono also has many other deficiencies compared to stereo with depth of the various instruments and sounds and the overall balance of the mix. You can read about that somewhere else.

I do agree they should have at least included it but quite honestly I would not be using it anyway. They seem to have improved the stereo and multi-channel tracks. To my ears the gun sounds are fine and sound pretty damn good for an 80s film. They redid some of the effects with T2 ones to my knowledge a while back. This presentation seems more balanced than any other releases to my ears.

For the people that are boycotting this release let them. This isn't some travesty like the original Patton release or the Predator: Ultimate Edition release which were DNR'd to within an inch of their life and looked like wax on screen. To the contrary, this is one of the best looking blurays on the market. The old Terminator release is a joke compared to this.

Nothing to be afraid of with this one. They did just about everything right except include the old mono track. And no one but a few really care because it ain't that great to begin with. 5 stars for a great remaster and at 10 bucks at Walmart, and around that on Amazon, you really cannot go wrong. Extras are the same as the past versions to my knowledge. Peace.
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on June 9, 2007
Alright, The Terminator is a classic that helped proppel Arnold S and director Cameron to fame, so I won't bother reviewing the movie because I give it 5 stars all the way, even though I prefer T2.

Okay let's be serious. If you're expecting to get a new DVD edition you're wrong. This is still the same DVD as the last release. Nothing new except now it has a nice sleeve. Now if you don't own a copy and you want the sleeve (Like me) this is good, but if you already own the last release don't buy this one. It is no different except for the nice sleeve that covers it.
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on August 4, 2004
I know most people proclaim Terminator 2 as the best of the trilogy.....however, my favorte will always be this little masterpiece for a couple of simple reasons:

1. James Cameron got his continuity right. The basic theme in the movie is: you cannot change the future, you can only hope to survive it. Everything someone does to alter the future will in turn, cause these events to occur. He carried this theme over to T2, but only halfway. But that's something I'll get into when I review that movie.

2. Whereas T2 and T3 were 'sci-fi/action' movies, the original Terminator was straight up 'sci-fi/horror'. The atmosphere in this movie is phenomenal and conveys the feeling of impending doom more clearly than the sequals.

In T2 when the T-1000 is chasing after the T-800/John Conner/Sarah Conner, you're thinking, "Oh, man...they better run or they're screwed. I hope we get to see the two terminators fight again. That was sweet." But when the T-800 is stalking Sarah Conner through the police station in the original Terminator, we feel only despair for the characters. Never before has a man been so convincing as a machine. So cold and lifeless, yet moving with an uncontrollable desire to destroy anything that moves. That single sequence in Terminator was far unsettling and dramatic than anything I saw in the sequals.

In T3 when the T-800 gets his head knocked off and is only hanging by a few cables, we're thinking, "Oh, wow...she took his head off." or, "Hey, that's photo-realistic." But remember the bathroom scene in the original? Remember how freakin' scary that was? A damp, barely lit, grungy bathroom in a parking garage....a giant of a man stoicly slicing open his arm and PULLING OUT HIS OWN EYE. Yeah, even though the animatronic Arnold head looked extremely fake, the atmosphere was extremely creepy. I'll take style over photorealistic CGI any day.

I think what's so great about this movie is how you're slowly revealed the true form of the Terminator. Piece by piece he loses a chunk here, a chunk there. You know he's a machine with flesh over his endo-skeleton, but the full force of this implication isn't really felt until you see the machine without the flesh emerge from burning wreckage. I find the scene where the endo-skeleton is lurching very quickly toward the door as Sarah is struggling to close it far more terrifying than the whole Terminator apocalypse scenes in the sequals. But then again, those are action movies. This original is a true sci-fi masterpiece and is probably the best sci-fi/horror film in existence second only to maby the original Alien.
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