Customer Reviews: The Big Time (Football Genius series Book 4)
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on February 25, 2011
I love Tim Green as an author and decided to read "The Big Time" for that reason alone. I'm not a teen/young adult but I think this sould be required reading in middle school, as the author lived up the to quality of his previous works.

Let me step up on my soapbox to say that we're become a society who worships wealth and celebrity above all things, much to our detriment. This book is a primer for any child and/or parent with concerns about how success can change your life, not always for the better, and that sometimes it's not only your enemies that you need to keep closer. Step down. Enjoy!
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on April 14, 2014
This book was totally awesome. People who love football could definitely get their nose stuck in this book. And I'd like to thank Tim Green for publishing this book. I couldn't look away from it. Three words, Read. This. Book.
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on November 10, 2011
When I read Football Genius a couple of months ago, I was very disappointed that the story ended there. Thankfully when The Big Time showed up in my school library, I was ecstatic. The book well exceeded my highest expectations as it combined sports and mystery effortlessly. I also thought that the "long, lost father" idea gave the series a new dimension to an already excellent book. This is one of the few books I don't have much criticism on, but if I had to give one it would definitively be stopping the story abruptly to make way for a sequel. In conclusion, Tim Green does not fail to impress yet again in his latest book, and readers my age and much older will enjoy the informative, well written, cliff-hanger chapters that are ever so present in this book.
The Big Time: A Football Genius Novel
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on July 25, 2014
Warning : This text may contain spoilers
The Big Time was the big time. Troy has a chance for 20 million dollors and his mom shuts him down.20 million dollars! His moms smart words aren't gonna help. Troy is a 12 year old kid and he's making 20 million dollars and is being swarmed by about 7 reporters after every game. A reporter of Troy's is lying that Seth Troy's coach is taking steroids just because of a big hit by Seth that the reporter took.Troy is learning this news while learning that his 20 million dollar contract may not be real. A great book of Troy big , big time life.
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on September 12, 2010
Troy's single parent mom is terrific; she's the PR person for the Atlanta Falcons, loving and supportive. But Troy, who's a football genius helping the Falcons to win their games while playing for his own school team, longs to see his missing father. His longing is a force to be reckoned with when dad suddenly shows up and mom fears the consequences of Troy falling under his spell. A charismatic lawyer, Troy's father, Drew, promises to show him the big time, playing on all of Troy's yearning for success and fame. Played out against the backdrop of great football action with the thriller elements Tim Green delivers so powerfully, THE BIG TIME is also a vivid picture of one boy's struggle to come to know the man who left before he was born.
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on September 27, 2010
Football is a game of calculated risk. Each team enters the field of play with a plan and a goal: to win within the boundaries of acceptable risk. Who monitors the boundaries and decides what the acceptable risk is? Twelve-year-old football phenom Troy White has found himself in the middle of the field of his life, and though he is used to taking some risk as a junior champion quarterback, he may not be prepared for this.

Everything seems in place for Troy to succeed in his dreams to have the money for college (preferably a good football college where NFL scouts will see him), win the backyard brawl between junior all-star teams from Georgia and Florida, and someday buy his mother a nice house and a car. She deserves everything in Troy's eyes because she's the only parent he's ever known. He has all but decided he will never know who his father is when Drew Edinger shows up at the door.

At the end of Tim Green's last Football Genius novel, FOOTBALL CHAMP, Drew rings the doorbell and tells Troy, "I think I'm your father," sending all of the boy's dreams in a tailspin with a new direction. His mom had drummed into his head that his father abandoned them both and that he didn't care, but now he is standing beside an orange Porsche in cowboy boots and wearing a slim gold watch. He's a lawyer from Chicago with big money clients, like mega-bucks rapper "G Money." Everyone but Troy is suspicious of Drew's sudden appearance after 12 years of silence. He claims he didn't know he had a son until Troy's amazing football prediction abilities were featured on "Larry King Live." Now he wants to get to know his kid and negotiate a big-time contract for Troy that will set him up for life as a rich young man. But is that really all he wants?

Green has fashioned a gut-wrenching situation for a 12-year-old who has spent years wishing his dad would be there to meet him after games, take him fishing, and catch footballs for him instead of having to throw them through an old tire hanging from a Georgia pine tree. Troy is elated his father is part of his life, but his mother knows better. She gets some information about her ex-boyfriend that seriously threatens everything. Dirty deals, money laundering and the FBI suddenly are part of Troy's life, but he has a chance to do something good in spite of all the dirt he unwittingly landed in by hanging out with his dad. The FBI offers a deal that requires Troy to take a big risk, but it could keep his father out of a boatload of trouble. That's all anyone has to say, and Troy is on board. After all, it's for his dad.

THE BIG TIME is a football-tough kind of story with a dangerous moment in the middle that readers won't see coming. Green's writing style of colorful metaphors and spot-on gridiron descriptions pulls readers into the heart of the game and the heart of a young boy who wants his dad to be there no matter what the risk.

--- Reviewed by Joy Held
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on January 18, 2013
This is the third Troy White book by Tim Green. In this book, everything is going great for Troy White and the Falcons, all the sudden, he thinks he see's his dad. This book is all about Troy White trying to find his dad, and trying to spend time with him.
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on January 4, 2012
I am 9 and in fourth grade. I loved The Big Time because I love sports. I have not read all of the Football Genius book so I randomly bought this. I think it tells you that the people you love do not always make the greatest choices but you can still love them. READ THIS BOOK!
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on March 13, 2012
I gave this book as a Xmas gift to a male 5th grade student and he really liked it!In fact, he has enjoyed many of Tim Green's novels and he finished this one over Xmas vacation.
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on October 9, 2013
I like this book because it is very inspiring. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Someone else should read this book if they don't have a dad. It will give them persistence to live a great life.
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