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on August 6, 2013
I love P!NK. I think she is a strong role model for girls out there. She has consistently refused to bend to the pressure put on her by the record companies and you can tell that she is only willing to put music out there that she is proud of..
I generally buy whole albums from her, because there is rarely a song that I just hate that comes from her, but this is the first album I've bought of her's that is amazing on every song. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and put herself and her life out there in her music, and you can tell.
This album cover topics from her rocky (but reconciled) relationship with her husband, to fun party anthems, to ballads about lost loved ones, and those fighting against depression and suicidal thoughts. I have personally really connected with several of the songs on the album, especially the ballad "Beam Me Up" that talks about getting just a minute of time to talk with someone who has passed over. As someone who fairly recently lost my mother and sister, there are many times that I wish they could just "Beam Me Up" to heaven to speak to them just one more time.
Also, I've seen some reviews dealing with the profanity that is found in some of the songs, if you prefer to avoid the profanity, then there is also and edited version of this album available to download. Personally I chose to purchase the unedited versions, but I'm not against the edited ones either. I don't feel that the editing process looses anything of core value in the songs. So, go buy the album, crank up the music, and ROCK ON!
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on May 22, 2014
While I'm probably older than the average buyer of P!nk(over 50), I got this after seeing her perform at the grammys. I thought she was pretty amazing with her acrobatic style and her songs were really good, especially for dancing.

Current musician "styling" can be off putting for the older generation, but if you look beyond that she sounds very fun. Be aware she liberally uses words like f*** and slut which is just part of (her) musician thing(remember your parents response to Black Sabbath or Alice Cooper?) She makes you want to get up and dance and even gives some thought on not giving up on love with "Try".

Musicians haven't changed really, we've just gotten older. Just don't let that stand in the way of appreciating new music.
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on October 26, 2012
This is a great album. Although the songs titles and swearing are geared towards the young ("Blow Me (one more kiss)", "Slut Like You", "Walk of Shame") who want to rebel, this is a very melodic and catchy album. Given the trend towards all this manipulated electronic junk that comes through, this is a refreshing album with a strong voice and instrumentation.

This doesn't have the edge or the rebellion of her previous work that had focussed a bit more on the pressures on girls/women to fit in and appeal to others. As the album title suggests, these are all about love from a variety of perspectives.

Some songs rock, some are mellow, and some are very clever. I imagine it might be too mellow for some fans (do I sense Ben Folds or Joe Jackson in some tunes? I love the piano and the duet, although the man in the duet is a bit weak), but I love it. I listen to it a lot, and when I'm not, it is going through my head.

The last three songs aren't as strong as the first ten.

I also bought the clean version because I have kids and wanted to be able to play it on the stereo. I generally don't censor music (e.g. we play Green Day unsensored, also her prior ablums) but this was just seemed a bit too much like cursing just to curse.
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on June 4, 2014
But when I got the Cd it was covered in black stickers, that were tacky & couldn't even tell who the figure was on cover.
But since CD was in good shape, I didn't want to return it.

Seller apologized & refunded me the whole purchase.
They made up for the condition of the case, because they never mentioned, the state of it on Seller site. It was resolved
& I would use Sellers again, like I had in the past, with no problems, like the Pink case.

Cd played wonderfully, & I was happy, I finally had The Truth about Love on CD. -Thank U, BB : *
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on March 21, 2017
This is also a very good Pink Album. The songs are consistently good. She is good with writing about relationships that involve people that people can relate to who are going through the same thing because she has been there and can empathize.
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on June 18, 2015
This fan edition is amazing! Don't let the DVD confuse you. It's region free and works on any DVD player. The DVD is so cool I love the music videos and the live tracks are so amazing. This album is perfection at its finest. P!nk knows how to sing and all the songs are amazing. Some are just so amazing talented and other tracks are catchy and fun to dance to. A+ album and DVD
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on July 14, 2015
I had purchased the CD when the release came out in 2012. Flash forward a couple of years to a vinyl addiction. I decided to repurchase this release on LP for my at home listening pleasure. P!nk's Janis Joplin-esk rasp is mellowed on the vinyl release. However, it is an excellent release. #betteronvinyl The vocals over all are more prominent. However, if you are planning on listening to this release anywhere, you may want to buy the set direct, or purchase the LP that is sold by Amazon and gives you autorip, because there is no digital download code included.
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on September 19, 2012
First off, I'd like to say this is a great album. From start to finish I was never bored or like, hmm, this song sounds like a filler. She's got stuff to say and yes, we've heard it before, the relationship angst and what not. But how predictable would it be for P!nk to put out an album full of cutesy songs about her daughter? She would've been slammed so hard. Instead she let us know she's here to stay, and I'm thrilled.

Now on the swearing subject. DO YOU GUYS NOT KNOW WHO P!NK IS? HOW DARE YOU BUY A P!NK ALBUM AND BE OFFENDED BY THE F WORD? SHE HAD A SONG CALLED "F****** PERFECT". It's like buying a lemon and being like "oh my god, this lemon, i just didn't realize it was going to be sour". durrr, lemons are sour, p!nk says the f word. Let's move on.

"Try" is a standout song. It's actually one of my favorite P!nk songs in her 6 album career.
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on October 28, 2012
"The Truth About Love" by Pink exposes the sentimental and her naturally edgy side. The music video for "Try" was what pulled me into checking out her cd. "Are We All We Are", "True Love", "Here Comes The Weekend", and "Beam Me Up" are some of the other catchy songs on this collection. "The Truth About Love" by Pink is great for those who enjoyed "Sober", "Perfect" and/or "Don't Let Me Get Me" (due to the tunes being along the same creative wavelength).
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on March 2, 2017
One of my favorite cd's, every song is great. I listen to rock, like Soundgarden, STP, Disturbed, and this is a great cd.
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