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on December 14, 2016
It was a fun read (or listen as most of it was audiobook for me). There some sections of romance, fantasy, and thrilling action. It was enthralling whenever he focused on these. However, it seems that Rosenberg's main goal was to use story form to disseminate information about Islam in general but particularly the beliefs amongst some Shia Muslims about the coming of the Twelfth Imam and to a lesser degree Iranian culture. (It would also seem he was critiquing the US relations with Iran under the Obama administration, but if so, it is done in a way that could just be read as background information that helps drive the main character's story.) I've never known much about Muslim theology in general so I can't offer an opinion for how accurate it all is, but it seems well-researched and Rosenberg has a reputation for knowing his stuff. He works it all into the story naturally. It only bothered me because I wasn't expecting it, and doing this in story keeps me in reality instead of helping me escape from it.

Knowing he is a Christian author I was impressed with how he avoided some cliché story elements. In general it seemed to be the story he wanted to tell as opposed to the story he had to alter here and there to make sure he was a good Christian writer. Props to him for that. I will also say the ending of the book was quite frustrating, but, after reflection, I must confess it was probably the best way to end it.

I would certainly recommend the book, but with the caution that elements of the story will remove the reader from it. Or if someone wants to learn more about Shia eschatology, but they don't enjoy non-fiction I would gladly recommend this as a starting point.
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on November 26, 2014
This was the first book by the author that I read. I first heard about him on Moody radio; he has an interesting background being Jewish but becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. His books all revolve around Biblical prophecies from the Old Testament. I have since read an additional number of his books, all of which are interesting and some that you can't just put down and it's suddenly past 1:00 in the morning! The one negative that I have, which cost a star since it surprised me at the end of the book, was that this was the first book in a series of three. I was not expecting this. Subsequently, I read the remaining two books in the series, all of which I would rate as five stars, especially the final book in the series. One benefit of the three book series is that you have much greater detail in the lives of the characters. A Christian message is obviously present, but does not detract from the story. Obviously, someone from a pagan or non religious background would probably take issue with the story and the message. All of the negative comments come from this viewpoint. One interesting aspect of the book is that the President of the United States is a thinly disguised Barack Obama, who is following Obama policies almost to a "T".
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on July 24, 2015
I really love reading Rosenberg's books. I wish I had more time to read more of his books. Recently finished The Auschwitz Escape, and can honestly say it is one, if not the best book I have ever read. I can't remember if I have written a book review in the past, so bear with me. As you may already understand Joel Rosenberg is Christian, and this is a Christian fiction book. I have read some negative reviews complaining there was a hidden Christian agenda. With that said , there was a good mixture of action and suspense, and drama. Joel's books are always relevant to current world events, so you can imagine how the events could actually be happening. The end made me say "WHAT", swiping back and forth looking for the next chapter, thinking I missed it somehow. I just found out that this is part of a trilogy (I know, I should have known right), so on to The Tehran Initiative to know what happens next, I can't wait.
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on May 6, 2015
I read through books quickly and few leave me on the edge. I have only read one other book like this some time ago, having never been interested in anything remotely of political world situations and then came across this and was again intrigued hearing about this future person in the news so I decided to order it on Amazon. This is just like an action movie, a non-stop, fast paced story of intrigue, danger, explosions, death, terrorism, and a race to keep people, Europe, the US, and the world from being taken over by a well described enemy or annihilated, Sudden fate and sudden knowledge intervene between two very opposing characters, with very opposing agendas, which lead to, for a moment, a delay in action. The author states that he tried to keep as realistic as he could, taking some of the books details from real occurrences. I feel in general, that some of these possible scenarios are close to what is actually happening and reported around the world in current time. Damascus Countdown is my next.
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on March 14, 2017
Excellent book, excellent series...you will get hooked.
Rosenberg makes the story come to life. I have listened to the series on my commutes to and from work twice (and will again), often hesitating to get out of the car because the they are so good. I've told co-workers (many who also have long drive times) about the series, bought a set for the company library so they can check them out, and bought sets for family. There is much that can be learned about theology, redemption, struggle, defeat and victory that are very relevant at this time in history. Though fiction, non fiction also exists through out the series. An uplifting read (or listen), this is by far my favorite series (out of dozens and dozens of books). Rosenberg is simply gifted and an outstanding author. Must follow the twelfth with "The Tehran Initiative" and "Countdown to Damascus".
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on February 23, 2016
If you are thinking tis too many pages, you are wrong. I went thru these books like they were one book. You just can't wait to get to the next page. Couldn't wait to get to a place (NOT WORK BUT HOME OR THE PARK) where I could start reading again.
The info is great. The story riveting. The typos minimal.
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on February 13, 2015
Do you like a great book full of intrigue, action, and suspense? Then The Twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg is the novel for you. The book will keep you glued to its pages and leave you breathless.

I really enjoyed the storyline the author developed, taken in part right out of current history books and recent news reels. With the author's storytelling style you will feel like you are part of the adventure and part of the history. I hated putting the book down and could not get it out of my mind throughout the day.

Joel C. Rosenberg did an excellent job of developing characters that were both real and believable. It was easy to identity with all of the characters especially the heroes. I found the more I related to them the harder it was to put the story down.

I really liked The Twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg and I highly recommend this book to all readers.
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on July 13, 2012
As Christians, we've heard about the second coming of Christ, the rapture, and the end of the age in our churches, on our podcasts, and in our reading materials often enough, we could probably quote it in our sleep.

Ever wonder what OTHERS think about the end of time? Ever wonder what MUSLIMS believe about the end of time? If not, you really, really should. And who best to tell you that an author I believe to be THE expert on the subject, Joel C. Rosenberg.

I think it's fitting that his latest novel releases so close to the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Joel's first work of fiction took those events into account, and that five-book series ended up on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

"The Twelfth Imam" is destined for that list as well. CIA operative David Shirazi has been preparing for this day his entire life, though he didn't know it at the time. The leaders of Iran are calling for an apocalypse, one so great it will usher in the twelfth, or hidden, imam.

In order to do so, Iran's nuclear weapons program must be on target, but figuratively and literally. It's CIA operative Shirazi's task to infiltrate that network of annihilation and derail their plans. But does David know what he is truly up against?

A mysterious cleric has appeared in Iran, claiming to be the prophesied Muslim messiah. Signs and wonders are popping up everywhere: healings, miracles, and unnatural events follow his path.

It would seem the Muslim prophecy has been fulfilled. What about Scripture? What about Jesus? How do all the pieces to this prophetic puzzle fit together, and what part does Iran's nuclear capabilities really play in it all?

Joel Rosenberg takes us back to the days of Ayatollah Khomeini, reminding us of the turmoil that took place in the late 1970's...then rapidly flashes us forward to the eve of 9/11 and the events that changed the lives of Americans...

...specifically David Shirazi and Marseille Harper.

We'll travel from Iran to the US and back again, meeting Najjar Malik, a brilliant scientist recruited to aid neighboring Iran...and see how his early days as a youth influence his life as an adult in a regime bent on destroying Israel and the United States.

Ultimately, it's like a cast of hundreds, with each playing a pivotal part in the events to come. So don't miss a name....pay close attention to every detail...

You'll learn more about the Muslim view of the end of the age than you'd ever glean from a thousand hours of CNN, FOX News, and network news combined...and you'll be able to bank on what you learn, because Joel Rosenberg views events through three lenses: economic, political, and Biblical.

The media had a field day with the WMD's of Iraq...you'll be fascinated by the realities of "The Twelfth Imam", seeing how it all fits together...even the faulty intelligence that led to the war in Iraq...or was it false?

Joel Rosenberg has spent countless hours, days, weeks and months interviewing both the famous, the infamous, and the unknown to glean information that will have the hair on the back of your neck standing at attention. With over 2 million copies of his books sold, I think you can be assured he knows what he's talking about.

But don't just take my word for it. Pick up a copy of "The Twelfth Imam", published by Tyndale (my thanks to them and Beverly for my advanced copy--which I DEVOURED in two days!).

In the meantime, "The Twelfth Imam" gets The Golden Bookmark from me for Overall Excellence and Relevance in Writing. Be warned: there's GOT to be a sequel! But if you've only got time to read ONE BOOK this Fall...

...read your Bible. If you've got time for two, make the second "The Twelfth Imam". You won't regret it.

At least, until you have to wait for the sequel! And what better way to honor the fallen of 9/11, by reading and understanding rather than burning and ranting?
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on July 12, 2015
Excellent set of books. Both my wife and I really enjoyed the material. We found that once we starting reading the first book we had difficulty putting the book aside to do something else and found that we had completed the whole series. Now we are looking for more material written by Mr Joel Rosenberg!!
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on April 26, 2015
I liked the deal offered by Amazon for this collection and I was not disappointed. This collection is very difficult to put down. There is not a lull or a boring page at all. At once it grabs you and does not let go. I was sad when I was finished. He could write more!!! I want to know how the characters are today LOL. It is also a good way to learn about Islam Shia eschatology written by a Christian author. This is a monumental trilogy worthy of every penny and recommended to all. I emphatically loved it and will check out some of this author's other books.
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