Customer Reviews: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Single-Disc Edition)
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VINE VOICEon June 30, 2010
I have to say I normally don't review movies. I usually try to stick with books (haha hence my name) I also tend not to see movies that were based on books, they are never right ie: Eragon, Blood and Chocolate and yes even the Harry Potters movies were missing tons of sides stories that were in the books. I saw Twilight the day it came out and was both relieved that it was so close to the book, and frustrated because like the book it lacked action. Only the last five minutes had any fighting. The same was true in New Moon, while it followed the book closely it was only the last 10 minutes where Edward fought with the Volturi that were action packed. I have to say I really liked Eclipse. I found that with all of Stepenie Meyer's books (especially Breaking Dawn) there was a huge build up towards the battle scenes, then it just fell apart. Yes it's for a younger age group, but sometimes a little more fighting and action is good. Eclipse delivered good action through out the movie, especially the 'big battle' I found myself wishing that the screen writers would have put this much effort into the first two with the action. David Slade, the director, also did Hard Candy (amazing movie) and 30 Days of Night. I think it was brilliant to bring him in on the project and hope he stays for Breaking Dawn.

I also am glad to say that Kristen Stewert has better facial expressions in this movie. She doesn't look like her face is frozen in only two expressions. Edward also delivers more side comments with good comedic timing. Jacob is hurt in this movie, but the interaction between all three is much less forced and more natural than the first two movies. It is without a doubt the best of the bunch. I won't bog down this review with the plot, because obviously 99% of the people going to Eclipse have read the book at least twice. I can say though that unlike the other two movies, I actually found myself wondering what happens next, and looking forward to how Bella and Edward (and yes Jacob) would react. I'd say if you've been on the fence about the other two movies go see this one, if you hated the first two movies, this one is infinitely better and if you loved the first two movies, I can only say you will love this one even more.
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on July 7, 2010
Prior to going to the theatre, I sat down to watch the first two installments of the Twilight saga; as a habit, I try to re-watch movies whenever a sequel comes out, just to get an idea of how the series progressed and developed. And in all honesty, both contributed to my overall impression and appreciation of Eclipse.

Twilight is a movie I've never really had an opinion on one way or another; it wasn't the greatest movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't a complete train-wreck. Looking back at it now, I have to say that it is very painful to watch. I, personally, found this first installment to be very mediocre and primitive. Everything in it--the corny music, the blue filters, the choppiness, the transition, the plot selection--felt like a crappy teen flick. But the weakest point of this movie was the lead acting, so weak in fact, that it made the story more difficult to watch. The entire time, I could not focus on anything but the fact that Kristen Stewart kept letting her mouth hang open and scoffing/sighing with every line, while a somewhat aggressive Rob Pattinson kept awkwardly twitching and cringing as if he was in pain. There was no buildup to the romance whatsoever, and it left me wondering why Bella and Edward were even a couple. It wasn't until I got the books for Christmas that I read the story and figured out what was supposed to happen.

New Moon was a fair improvement, coming from a director whose work I generally like. The music selection was much better and more appropriate, the graphics a bit more exciting and the color-scheme more natural. Can't say that the transitions from every scene were done well; this movie still felt like it could be more uniform. And I absolutely loved the entire sequence in Voltera, Italy; that depiction alone is reason enough not to discount New Moon's cinematography. But though this movie was well-shot and produced, once again, the lead acting lacked. Rob made a change, which unfortunately went in the other direction, making him too robotic and emotionless. In my mind, I started to question whether he even had any talent or was just a poor actor. It wasn't until I saw Remember Me that I thought that he had any potential. And Kristen, who at least limited her scoffing to only two or three times, did not shed a single tear in any of the key scenes. Thankfully, her acting was balanced out by Taylor Lautner's, who actually gave a great portrayal of Jacob.

The minute I sat down to watch Eclipse, I had high hopes that David Slade would finally give the Twilight series what it needed - some quality - and walking out at the end of the film, I was anything but disappointed. The flow of the movie was very smooth, and I was actually surprised at how fast it was coming to an end. The special effects and fighting scenes were precisely shot, and the snow-capped mountainside was breathtaking. I am not a Twi-hard, teenager, housewife or part of whatever other stereotype is used to describe people who like this series, but I absolutely loved this movie from beginning to end. In fact, for the first time, I felt like I was watching a re-make of the series with new actors and overall better cinematography.

My biggest surprise was the acting. For the first time, Rob actually nailed Edward's personality and depicted him as he was meant to be--sensitive, caring, loving, witty, protective, etc. Every scene he did, whether angry or laid back, was spot-on and believable, all creepiness and awkwardness aside. FINALLY! And Kristen, though still not at her best, actually smiled and laughed and was fun as opposed to depressed and introverted. This improvement from both of them made all the intimate scenes feel more natural and the romance more believable. All the actors, in fact, especially Jackson Rathborne and Nikki Reed, really stepped up to the plate and played their characters well.

Although no movie will ever give a faithful adaptation of any book, Eclipse got pretty close. And though there were certain liberties taken with the plot, which I remembered well, they did not detract from the key ideas. Overall, the movie hit on all the aspects of Bella's feelings/decisions about love, family, marriage and human life through different interactions with all the characters. Even if I hadn't read the book, I felt like as a viewer, I had enough information to understand her struggle and ultimate choice.

I know that there is always a negative for every positive, so there are plenty of haters of this film. But despite the complaints about the substance/content of the story (which should be attributed to the novelist, not the director), I feel it's unfair to deny that this is more mature, professionally made film that actually breathed some life into what could have otherwise been a cheesy, teen flick.
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on December 5, 2010
I am writing this on behalf of my (upset) wife. I'm sure the quality of the disc/film itself is good, but I felt that I needed to put this on here for people that might be thinking about purchasing this disc. It is a single disc with a Blu-Ray on one side and DVD on the other. It is advertised as having a 6 part documentary on both sides, but this is not the case. I did a little research and apparently you have to buy the 2 disc special edition to get that. This is seems to be unfair and very confusing. We have a PS3, but my wife watches in the bedroom where there is only a DVD player. Needless to say, it's very frustrating that we now have to buy another copy of the disc. CHANGE THE ADVERTISING--it makes no mention of which disc does or does not have various features. Everything looks to be identical on both discs according to the box, and there is no mention of the DVD side not including the documentaries.
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on July 4, 2010
After the breakup and so much time apart in New Moon, it is endearing to see Edward back at Bella's side where he belongs. Bella seems much more relaxed this time, Charlie does a great job playing the dad who doesn't quite like his daughter's choice of a boyfriend, and there is a nice scene from Florida with Bella and her mom.

The entire Cullen clan get more screen time, and although I love each and every one of them, I have to say Rosalie was especially striking this time, and Jasper was absolutely perfect in his role, with his slight southern accent, and exceptional fighting abilities. They also take us back in time detailing how these two became vampires.

If Jacob is the one you love then you will feel a little sorry for him, as he is having a tough time both mentally and physically, but the rest of the wolf pack are in good shape and ready for the big fight. They also include a really interesting scene of the Quileute history.

Most everything from the book that should have been included, has been, including the very important tent scene, which is my personal favorite ( I just love the conversation between Edward and Jacob.) Then finally we get to the action with the Cullen's and Quileutes coming together to take care of Victoria and those nasty newborn's.

I can't think of a thing I didn't like in this film, and I will definitely be buying the DVD when it is available.
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on September 14, 2010
This as a great movie. Follows the book great. I have the movie 5 stars.
DO NOT BUY the blu-ray/dvd single disc combo. The quality isn't as good because the blu-ray is on one side of the disc and the dvd is on the other side. Summit is just trying to cut corners and save money. I hope they release a real blu-ray of this movie.
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on July 16, 2011
This movie is so terrible that I'd like an apology from someone. I admit I watched it out of pop culture curiosity and it is vile. Kristen Stewart has only one facial expression (disoriented anxiety) and I liken it to Harrison Ford in 'Regarding Henry' -- after he is shot in the head. Why is this person so irresistible? I suppose this would be cleared up if I read the book but I cannot imagine willingly interacting with these characters again. There was no chemistry between Stewart and either Edward or Jacob - and I believe Stewart is involved with Pattison in real life. Perhaps they sleep in twin beds. The only pleasure I derived was from the hilarity of the werewolf uniforms: regardless of the temperature, here they come again, clad only in long shorts. In short, it's awful and should only be seen if you have a crush on one of these actors but not if you have any interest in acting, plot or enjoying yourself.
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on October 3, 2010
The thing that grabs so many people in the twilight series is the agelessness. If you are a teenager the appeal is obvious, but those of us that are no longer teens, it helps us remember and ask again "is there such a thing as unconditional love"? I once believed so and this allows us to dream again. It also makes me want a "do over" and has made me reassess my look on life. Each movie gets a little better as far as technical aspect. I bought a new HD 3D t.v. just in case Breaking Dawn is in 3D but it, also, allows me to see, close up, the changes from movie to movie. The make up has improved drastically and the contact lenses have also become more pronounced which in Eclipse was not a good thing for Robert Pattinson because the gold contacts made him look blind in some scenes although he compensated beautifully. Although I really disliked the ending, I was impressed with him in Remember Me. He is an original. I foresee an Oscar in his future if he can deal with all that comes with such huge change his life. Kristen Stewart is a little less "twitchy" in Eclipse and definitely seems more at ease in her skin.It has been fascinating to watch her transform from gawky teen to the sophisicated Bella in Breaking Dawn. Taylor Lautner does well but I have a hard time watching him because his description in the book has him as a very tall man which he obviously is not but does not keep me from enjoying his performance. I admire his dedication to his role.
I am very disappointed with the release date of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The fans have been very good to all involved in the Twilight series and I feel it is not being reciprocated. If the dvd release date were sooner, it would give people, in this economy , time to buy more than one Eclipse Christmas gift which, I believe, is the reason behind the long release date.
I urge everyone to treat themselves to this dvd, in my opinion, is the best in the trilogy so far as the acting, technical and quality of the movie over all. Enjoy the visit to unconditional love
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VINE VOICEon July 7, 2010
Like many viewers, I'd read the book Eclipse before seeing the movie. I also read 'the short second life of bree tanner' (see my review on).
What Was Different From the Book; Some events were rushed or out of order. Bella's graduation was pretty short. The scene where Jacob 'kidnaps' her from school wasn't as dramatic as in the book (darn!). There were some short scenes from 'Bree Tanner' but certainly not the whole novella (no Diego or Freaky Fred).There were also a few additional scenes that showed Riley becoming a vampire and how Victoria manipulates him. What bothered me most was that we don't see how much the scent of Bella's blood tortures Bree - an important scene in the book.
What Was the Same; The akward 'sex talk' Charlie tries to have with Bella when he thinks she and Edward are 'doing it.' Brilliantly done, the entire theater was laughing hysterically and clapping. Aside from many scenes being out of order, the book was followed very well. Nothing was changed drastically, only a few scenes were added to illustrate what was going on. Victoria is now played by Bryce Dallas Howard; the wide-eyes and childish voice she uses may seem out of character for a vampire,but if you've read the book you'll be haunted by how perfectly the role is played.
More Info; I really liked this movie. It had a lot of laughs without being phony, exciting, and the acting has gotten much better.
For Parents; There are sexual references and an almost sex scene. The violence isn't bad, the dead vampires look like broken procelin, no guts. The goriest thing we see is a fire with blackened shapes in it (the dead vampires burning)
Without futhur ado...GO SEE THE MOVIE!!! I will write about the DVD format when I purchase it.BTW, since this is a happy (but expensive) time of year etc, I may wait a few months before buying/renting the DVD. Sorry if this causes inconvienience. If I hear anything along the lines of great special features or malfunctioning DVDs I'll let you know!! Sorry I haven't done this yet, I haven't had time to watch it but when I do I WILL update this.
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Love Lesson From Twilight #4,267: "Love" turns all guys into controlling jerks who don't do anything except compete to see whose dingdong is bigger.

Sadly that's most of what's going on in "Twilight: Eclipse." It's the best of the series thus far, mainly because some underdeveloped characters get some backstory and there are some interesting action scenes... but the movie is smothered in a thick coating of phlegmlike teen angst, whining and bickering. It gets to the point where you WISH the bad guys would arrive.

In summary: Edward (Robert Pattinson) is pestering Bella (Kristen Stewart) to marry him. Bella doesn't want to because (boohoo) her parents are divorced and marriage is dead to her, but she DOES want to become a vampire. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) wants Bella to dump Edward and be with him instead.

Meanwhile, the evil Victoria is raising an army of newborn vampires to come to Forks and kill Bella. Yes, seriously -- she raised an entire army to kill ONE bland human teenager. Not the Cullens, or the people of Forks. Just Bella. And since the entire universe revolves around Bella, both the werewolves and the Cullens are desperate to protect her. So they overcome centuries of mutual hatred and join forces to protect her.

I will admit it: "Twilight Eclipse" is easily the best movie in this series... which is like saying that a pinch is less unpleasant than a poke in the eye. Amazingly, there are actually some taut, fast-paced scenes here, as well as some creepy eerie scenes involving the newborn army (like their too-briefly glimpsed mayhem in Seattle).

Too bad that isn't what the plot is REALLY about. Instead, we're battered with a bad teen soap opera -- lots of heavy breathing, kissing, whining, and romantic estrangements that last about two minutes. The dialogue is painfully vapid ("You love him." "I love you more." "I know"), and the director seems to be desperately trying to come up with some kind of plot other than Edward and Jacob being emo jerks.

Kristen Stewart gives her usual one-note performance -- dead eyes, masklike face and a monotone voice. And the insipid Bella just drifts through the movie, more of a living MacGuffin than a heroine. It's hard to see why not one but TWO boys would be ready to die for a boring girl who just sits there breathing through her large front teeth.

Robert Pattinson is pretty obviously just here for for his paycheck, while Taylor Lautner gives it his best effort. Unfortunately his character has turned into a controlling jerk to rival Edward, and the two male leads have more sexual chemistry with each other (the tent scene) than with the leaden Stewart. In fact, the only decent character development is given to Jasper and Rosalie, and seeing their backstories (especially Rosalie's bloodthirsty bride rampage) makes them richer and more intriguing than our bland protagonists.

"Twilight Eclipse" is the best movie of the Twilight series.... which isn't saying much. It has some good moments, but those are smothered by all the teen soapiness.
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on July 5, 2010
I saw "Eclipse" on Saturday afternoon. It's simply brilliant! I absolutely LOVED it! "Eclipse" had everything. Action, humour and, of course, wonderful romance! The scriptwriter did a brilliant job of translating the book to the screen.

Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job as Victoria. Who would have thought that nice Richie Cunningham (i.e. Ron Howard) from "Happy Days" would sire such a stunningly beautiful daughter! And yes, I do know that I'm showing my age............

I loved the `Magic Triangle' scenes between Bella, Edward and Jacob. The chemistry between Kristen, Robert and Taylor is fantastic! Up until "Eclipse", I have always thought that Taylor Lautner was the best actor out of the three of them. However after watching this movie, I've changed my mind. Don't get me wrong. Taylor is a fine young actor. He's smart, talented and will clearly go a long way in this industry.

However, I have to disagree with Robert Pattinson when he said that the yellow contact lenses interfered with his acting and didn't allow him to show the kind of emotion through his eyes that he wanted to portray. I think that he showed plenty of emotion through his eyes. I honestly think that Robert is going to be a very good actor and one to watch in the future.

I hope that everyone enjoys watching "Eclipse" as much as I did. I CAN"T WAIT until the DVD comes out so that I can watch it over and over again!
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