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on March 15, 2016
I bought this movie for my girlfriend because she is a book nerd and has to read the book before she sees the movie so it makes sense. She doesn't always say the book was better. Sometimes she likes the movie better. In this case, she thought they complemented each other. The movie follows the book closely. It has to condense some for time allowed, that why so many movies are cut up in two parts these days. The YA genre is full of paranormal romance. This story was a refreshing spin off the usual formula of teen angst with supernatural/futuristic elements. I have to say, that I watched it too and while I wasn't as engrossed in it as my girlfriend was, it was easy to follow, well-written, and had a strong leading player. I recommend this movie whether you have read the book or not. I am not team Jacob or Team Edward, but if you are team Jacob, you'll be happy with how much of the wolf pack is in this movie.
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on August 9, 2014
I never had the time to get into the Twilight series when it first started. I was too wrapped up & had years invested in the Harry Potter series which was beginning to wind down, both books & movies. But once the last movie was released I could move on... So one day wondering around my local used book store, there was a box of all the Twilight books, hard bound & paperback, several copies of each in both formats. So for $4 I bought an entire set of the hard bound & for $2 a set in paperback too. (Such a deal!)
And of course, I was hooked.
So naturally next came zipping on Amazon & buying all the movies that were out so far on DVD, & seeing the last movie in the theatre
(3 times) & getting in line at midnight to buy the last couple movies when they were released on DVD. So you know it's a great, unusual story / series.
Just get won't be disappointed.
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on December 6, 2015
I bought this video for my Sister in Law for Christmas because we are huge Twilight fans! The entire series is amazing, so I would recommend you purchase all of them! This was the cheapest Eclipse I could find with prime, and the package came quickly and exactly as described. It was brand new, still in the plastic!
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on March 3, 2012
My wife had been hinting for a while that she really wanted to see the latest movie in the "Twilight" saga at the theater, but beyond the basic notion of it being about vampires I had no idea about the backstory. So, on to Amazon I went...and picked up all of the Blu-Ray releases thus far. I hate to admit it, but these movies are mesmerizing. The acting is just so-so, the story is a little convoluted and to top it all off the friggin vampires sparkle in the sunlight. All that being said, you really can't help being drawn into this world and these characters. The movies may lack a little when it comes to vampire lore, but the whole package somehow just works. The high-def transfers look really good, and my only complaint about the discs is that the dialogue always seems overpowered by the score, even when run through a home theater system.
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on March 8, 2015
I love this movie series. Although the books were better, being able to re-experience the story through the videos is great.
The main characters' acting in the first movie was fairly horrendous, but, either it improved over the course of the five movies, or one just becomes used to it.
Recommended for those who viewed them in the theater, (because you know what you're getting); less recommended for avid Twilight Series book fans who haven't experienced these movies.
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on July 4, 2016
Watching this movie makes me feel better about my own life.
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on December 11, 2012
Ok. I'm not a teenager and I'm not so into the goth vampire scene as I might've once been. I DID enjoy the first Twighlight movie. I found it's cinematography to be stunning and gorgeous, and I found the story somewhat interesting.

This movie...well, maybe I'm just too old. It was not interesting at all. The beauty of the first movie was lost. And it feels like a simple teenage drama, full of drama queens and angst.

Sorry Kiddos. Not the best.
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on March 21, 2015
As a Adult male I have always been inquisitive why this movie/books attracted so much attention. I also enjoy a variety of vampire and werewolves movies. I am not afraid to enjoy a "chick flick", as this and all of the five movies are the targeted audience, females that is. So I didn't mind taking a chance. My review will apply for all five movies. A little less drama on the love scenes, could have been implemented, and the fact it wasn't is a reason these movies get a low rating! Its hard to find a critic who knocks the special effects and action scenes. Very well done. If the over whelming over done drama love scenes were shortened, but yet still proving the back bone of this movie, it would have been perfect. I can not give it a one rating simply because i have scene worse movies, and the special effects/action scenes and suspense was well done.
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on March 24, 2013
I am not a movie watcher nor do I like Vampire movies so this was a total surprise to me. I kept seeing advertisements, pictures, toys and all sorts of stuff for this movie but could never understand the draw to it, another Vampire movie big deal..So I asked my 22 year old son about it. He said it was a romance movie and not much on the blood and gore, that picked my curiosity. Lucky for me, a few days later they had Twilight, New Moon and Twilight eclipse on cable to advertise Breaking Dawn 2 to DVD. So I turned it on expecting to turn the channel with in a half hour, boy was I wrong!!! I sat through the whole movie with my heart pounding, no vampire here.LOL... I found it to be a very addicting love story between a girl and her family, vampire and his family, werewolf and his family and how they all came together . It felt a bit like Cinderella but she actually had two prince charming, one a vampire and the other a werewolf.. Both with a few wicked step sisters and brothers thrown in, to make it interesting... I really liked this movie and all the the rest of the twilight movie... Matter of fact after seeing New Moon and eclipse I ended up buying all five of the Twilight Movies....Beware! if you watch one they might get their bite on you and you might end up buying all five movie to get your fill of Twilight!!!!!
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on February 11, 2014
Yes it is very sappy. Yes it is a teenage movie, lots of teen drama. One girl 2 boys, 2 worlds, who will she choose. I enjoyed it enough that I will watch it again. But I am glad I waited until I was able to get the whole series for next to nothing and that includes shipping. I don't feel it is worth the brand new price tag it came with originally. Yes i think you should watch it. So at least you can say you have seen it.
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