Customer Reviews: The Ultimate Life - Ultimate Meal The, 400 g powder
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on August 25, 2011
Having been an avid bodybuilder for 30 years, I have tried hundreds of supplements during that span of time...protein(Whey, soy, pea, etc), Metrx and Myoplex meal replacements, creatine, nitric oxide, colostrum, amino acids, and much more, as well as supplements for general health and pain management like multivitamins, glucosamine chondroitin(Which never worked for me), spirulina, resveratrol, and many others. At the suggestion of an employee of Whole Foods market, I reluctantly tried the Ultimate Meal and am absolutely blown away by it. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I've been taking it as for about two and a half months now, replacing my prior regular breakfast of oatmeal with it, and it has done wonders for my overall health and even my appearance. I was suffering from some chronic knee pain for several years, and in that short two months I am able to get in and out of my car, stand up from chairs, and even do Stairmaster workouts without the severe pain I had experienced. And as far as my appearance, my skin has developed such a healthy glow that I now appear to be MUCH younger than my real age. I don't write reviews on products often, even the ones that I have come to like, but the Ultimate Meal is like no other product I've taken in 30 years. I drink my breakfast serving at 5:00am and do not get hungry until almost 9:00am. The Ultimate Meal also makes me want to eat much healthier so as to enhance this great feeling that it gives me. Although I doubt I will ever go vegetarian, my huge red meat fixation has decreased, and I eat much more fresh vegetables than I ever have in my life. I bought me one of those name brand high-powered blenders, and I use it regularly for healthy green smoothies as well as my Ultimate Meal breakfast.

I'm not sure what the big fuss over the taste of this product is with some of the customer testimonials on here. I follow the recipe on the container(also adding a few frozen mangoes and strawberries), and it tastes fantastic. This product has been added to my food budget, and I never want to be without it.
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on January 16, 2011
I bought a small container of this to try it--our kitchen will be remodeled soon and I won't have access to a refrigerator for a few weeks. I normally have a green smoothie every day for breakfast and wanted to see if this product could be a viable substitute, used with fruit that would need little or no refrigeration. (We'll store some perishables, including berries, in a cooler on our screened porch.)

It's quite decent, actually, but I did not exactly follow the directions on the package. The reason--the directions call for about 1 cup of water (8 to 10 oz) and 2 scoops (2/3 cup!) of Ultimate Meal (along with the banana, 1/2 apple and blueberries) if you only have UM once a day. In other words, you are adding almost as much powder as water, and I thought that the texture would have been really unappetizing. I added half the amount of UM--1/3 cup--and I thought it tasted fine. It was a bit gritty even with so much less UM, and I used my BlendTec high-speed blender on the extra-large smoothie setting. My green smoothies come out satiny smooth on that setting, so it is clearly the UM powder that is causing the gritty texture.

Verdict--This is a very nutritious product, and I'll continue using it for the duration of our remodeling project. It would be good product to take on the road if I were going someplace where I thought it would be difficult to eat the way I normally do, and it would be a godsend to someone in an institutional setting like an assisted living facility or nursing home or to use for smoothies to bring to someone who is hospitalized. However, I will be glad to get back to my green smoothies!

Edited to add: I've been using this for a week. Using a milk of some sort (almond, hemp, coconut) instead of water makes a much thicker shake than just using water. I can have this at 6:30 AM and it keeps me going until lunch at noon.
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on April 1, 2013
A friend asked me what this tasted like.. I said "Mooooooooooooo" and described it in better detail.

Have had it for 3 days now (three drinks).

Tastes differently each time based on what I mix it with.

Day 1) Protein Shake mix + Strawberries + 1 scoop + Water - Tasted like dirt but did the job (kept me full for 5+ hours)
Day 2) Strawberries + 1 scoop + water - Tasted like strawberry flavored grass but did the job.
Day 3) Peaches + 1 scoop + water - Tasted like unsweetened grass but did the job.

I'm going to try and mix it with other things to make the grass taste work with it.. Just gotta find something that would taste like good grass. Maybe fresh fruit instead of frozen, organic milk or some tequila..

Either case, I bought it to provide nutrients and be filling to eat and it does that perfectly.

Now... to find a fix for the gritty texture and grassy taste.
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on April 20, 2014
Only on day 2 so far, so I'll report back on how I fare in the long term.

It does taste pretty nasty, I think due to the broccoli, but if you're in it for health you don't care about the taste. Food is fuel, not fun.

Is it filling? Not as much as it claims but it's not half-bad either. If you haven't had many of these kinds of products before, let me tell you: it's true what they say about how if you take in good nutrients you will be less hungry. Sugar usually makes me hungry, but I've tried juice fasting before and surprisingly, despite the massive amounts of sugar in juice, I wouldn't get as ravenous as expected. I don't think any of the ingredients in The Ultimate Life contain much natural sugar, but they do have nutrition, so it seemed like a good idea to me. Truth be told, I also wanted a cheaper and easier alternative to juicing, because while this stuff isn't inexpensive, juicing costs more, and you either end up spending a lot of time buying groceries and juicing them yourself or going to a store. I'm sure they valued my business at that store, but I felt embarrassed by how much I would spend there. Plus, I travel a lot and need a good solution for when I want some juice when I travel.

Anyways, we'll see how this goes! In terms of taste, my favourite by far is Warrior Food Chocolate Protein. But despite my love for Warrior Food, I have to admit this is more filling. It could be placebo - it tastes so bad, it *must* be filling! - but it works. Or it could be that I just don't eat so much because if my only option is to eat this... hey, whatever works!

EDIT: So I did a 14-day juice fast, 10 days of which I subsisted solely on this. Highly recommended. Higher protein than juice, cheaper. I lost 14 pounds in 14 days. The taste stops being bad after a day or two and starts being something you crave. I am now using it as a core part of my daily diet. Every day I have just this (usually 3 servings) before 5 pm, then a healthy dinner. I've never felt better. I'd also recommend the modified fast, because it really does change your tastes - since then I've just been craving vegetables. Life-changing and takes the frustration out of planning daily meals.
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on January 21, 2012
The first time I took this, using the recipe on the can w/almond milk, my energy levels felt *wonderful* and my cravings disappeared completely (amazing!). However, at that quantity and consistency it literally took me several hours to eat/drink. Because of that, I haven't managed to take it consistently - it ends up taking much more time than just eating normally.

Because this is truly nutritionally excellent, I'm going to keep experimenting to find a practical way to fit it into my schedule: Halving the recipe; using less banana/more berries to further lower the glycemic load; Going to try the pea soup idea suggested by another commenter.

The point here is to get excellent nutrition in a way that truly fits into the lifestyle consistently, so thanks to all for sharing what works for them!

Hopefully I'll find my groove soon & be able to update with some good news :)
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on July 9, 2010
I did quite a bit of research before purchasing and finally decided to buy it esp aboout the magnes. issue which they use the "good" one not the "bad" one. I love it, however I do not follow the directions entirely. Since I do not eat bananas I got a bag of organic frozen fruit, peaches,mangos,mixed berries, pineapple and some more, and sub that for the banana and apple. It does NOT BLOAT me at all, keeps me full for 3-4 hours my sugar cravings are significantly reduced most likely because of the amount of sugar in the fruit, but overall feel great after "eating" this prodcut.
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on May 28, 2015
I ordered this and then almost canceled it because I had gone on to read how awwwwwwful and unbeeeearable it tasted. But I took a chance and I'm glad I did. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE COMPLAINING?? I just made a my first smoothie with it: 2 scoops of the UM, a handful of frozen blueberries, half an apple and a little natural coconut cream (you could use almond milk instead) and it's actually REALLY GOOD. I've made WAY worse smoothies than this -- and drunk them -- just using vegetables. (Ever heard of kale? It's the grossest most bitter taste ever.) This was amazingly good -- like a milkshake. I could drink them every day, 3 times a day -- and I probably will. I am still astonished by all the whiners in the reviews. I drink green smoothies sometimes but I eat oreos too; I'm just a normal person. So if I can like this stuff -- honestly truly like it -- then so can you. I bet my super picky 6yo would even drink a few sips of this -- and she hates everything!
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on January 23, 2007
I've been looking for a good powder protein supplement for a long time. The dozen I've tried have all tasted bad and was really hard on my stomach to digest. The Ultimate life, while doesn't taste great, is easy on my stomach and I genuinely feel healthier after having drank a Ultimate life smoothie for the last five days. My energy level is more constant throughout the day without the mid-day lul I used to get right after lunch. I definitely recommend this product.
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on March 10, 2011
Like most moms, I am so busy I don't stop to feed myself. I get caught up in the day to day and find that I haven't had time to make myself something nutritious. I decided that I needed something that would be a fast meal that didn't taste gross and was more filling that a meal replacement bar that tasted like cardboard. So I gave this a shot after reading how packed full of "good stuff" it was. When I blended it up, I was nervous. It looks like green sludge from the deep, but surprisingly it tastes good! It does have a gritty texture, but I like that, and it's a large enough quantity of smoothie that it does make you full! I actually find myself looking forward to my Ultimate Meal every day and I highly recommend giving this a shot if you are looking for something quick, nutritious and really filling! Also try freezing your fruits and you'll have a nice cold smoothie!
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on June 28, 2015
I feel better and better when I take it, though my stomach initially took on a marked queasiness at the introduction. I half-expected to rue the taste after scouring reviews, but I still have not. The Meal has staying power for the manual labor aspects of my job and brain-boosting properties for the problem resolution aspects of that job. It also interrupts the food addiction cycle and makes it easier for me to eat the next meal for my body and not the emotions inspired by the addiction. Basically, less McD's and KFC.

I make mine the consistency of apple sauce and eat it by reminding myself of that food every time I take a gulp. I use carrots for most of that apple sauce texture, fruits like black and blueberries, kale, sometimes hemp hearts or flax seeds, and a liquid like kefir to thin as needed and for a hopeful probiotic boost.

Sometimes I make it with kefir, banana and two big scoops of powdered chocolate peanut butter, which is a lovely pretend-dessert for a sweet tooth like mine.

As I said, I'll order the larger size when this can is empty.
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