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on December 31, 2016
Save your money and time. I won't rate it low, because the information in this book is useful and solid, but I can't rate it high because it's mostly common sense stuff, and the way the book is written isn't that great.

This book simply emphasizes the importance of eliminating added sugar, fat, and processed foods from your diet. Anytime it mentions losing 10 lbs in a week, it's referring to water weight, which can often be easily lost by cutting salty processed foods from your diet and drinking water.

I was also annoyed by the fact that each chapter basically repeats the same stuff: Bad food causes toxicity/weight gain, eliminating these foods will result in improved health. The other pet peeve I have about Hyman's writing is that every other page, he pushes the reader to go on his website and download a bunch of stuff, which is truly not necessary for a diet.

Take it from me: If you want to lose weight and get healthy, cut the added sugar and processed junk, eat whole, fresh fruits/veggies and lean meats, and drink water. That's basically the gist of the book.
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on November 13, 2015
I am a 22 year old female. I lost a lot of weight using the ultrabroth recipe and the liver cleanse he provides in this book. I am still losing weight on it actually, I'm not quite at my goal but pretty close. I go by how I fit clothes and look in the mirror weighing yourself is discouraging lol. I mainly just stay as far away from ALL sugar as possible except what I get from fruit (which isn't much) eat more veggies, I actually don't eat meat at all, drink 4 cups of ultrabroth a day and exercise moderately. I try to do the liver cleanse daily but I forget sometimes. He says not to do the liver cleanse for more than 3 weeks but I have been for 3 months just fine and 4 other people I told have too so I think it's safe. I eat vegetarian refried beans, vegetables and his ultrashakes when I get hungry, as the broth isn't filling, and I lose weight FAST when I don't break it. I break the diet every now and then by eating junk food which slows me down greatly but even doing so Ive lost a lot! Its been 3 months and all my family can't believe it. I was huge and in 3 months I dropped like 10 inches around my belly! Its awesome if u can tolorate bad tastes lol its not a fun diet but what diet is?

Anyway I wish you all luck losing that unwanted fat we all hate and hope you will try it and remember diabetics need to be careful. I think he wrote a book called the sugar solution to cure diabetes.
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on June 9, 2015
I have used this diet twice to healthily and easily lose a lot of weight in a relatively short amount of time (40-45 lbs. in 12 weeks-both times!) This diet is based on the premise that the precursors to obesity and all disease are toxicity and inflammation brought on by (mostly) poor diet choices.It addresses the foods that are the biggest culprits (many of which cause allergies and other negative symptoms-headaches,brain fog,lethargy,insomnia,etc.-that we often don't even associate as being directly connected to the foods we're eating,) It also lists several anti-inflammatory foods that help to alkalise our acidic bodies and put us on the road to good health.
I am a vegetarian and big time stress eater.I'm not always disciplined and my weight tends to go up and down.When I am focused and not too stressed I will go on the most amazing cleanses and juice fasts with equally amazing results,however,I cannot always get myself into the mindset to take on these more stringent regimens.This is my go-to book for those times when I am at my highest weight and feeling unhealthy,depressed,and totally incapable of jumping into any diet that is too demanding.One of my favorite aspects of this book is the health questionnaire which not only lists symptoms of ill health and which body system each one is associated with,but also scores you
so that you can see where your own specific weaknesses are and just how toxic you are.My first time on this diet I had an outrageously unhealthy score (somewhere above 140,if I remember correctly) ;within the first five days of this diet my score was down to 56, most of the pain in my body was gone,my depression went away,I started sleeping well again,and my energy skyrocketed.All of my friends and customers started commenting on how great I looked and everyone that knew me wanted to know what I was doing to get such amazing results.
I have neglected to mention that this diet is quite easy,thus the "ultra simple" title and uses everyday ,easily come by ingredients.It also offers two different levels,vitamin and supplement suggestions,recipes for an ultra shake that leaves you feeling satisfied and grounded for hours, and a detoxifying ultra bath therapy that is amazingly soothing and relaxing.I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is interested in looking and feeling great!
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on July 30, 2016
I have just started reading the Kindle version of this, and am actually disappointed...it states that there is a downloadable guide, but when I type in the stated website, it automatically goes to a store to purchase supplements. And again, there is a special website to track everything online, but again, it goes directly to "store" to purchase programs. I'm sorry...I already purchased the book...I don't want to purchase a "program," too.
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on October 22, 2015
I've been searching for a true natural cleanse that focused on health and recharging my body. I came across this one and researched it; eventually caved in, and purchased it. Once I read it and did the math.. It costs about 450 bucks if you decide to do the non-organic route. His site actually sells the kit which is only the supplements (450).. Not including all the food you have to buy separately. Unrealistic expectations and way too expensive for the average person. If you are going to spend this much money..
do yourself a favor and go to a wellness center or a spa retreat. Same price..
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on July 17, 2015
It is important to read the whole book, and to take the time to prep for this eating plan. When done correctly it really helps! I am feeling less joint pain, have less allergic symptoms and lost 7.5 pounds in the first week. More remarkably, my blood sugar is stabilizing ( had A1c measure at doctor's compared to three months ago), and cholesterol is also down. Quite remarkable since I have been "stuck" for over a year and feeling quite worn out. I will be continuing this plan for another week or two and slowly move into the Blood Sugar Solution to continue taking charge of my health.
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on September 23, 2012
I had this book recommended from a friend who beat cancer, so I bought it. And found it full of "go to my website to get..." worksheets, alternative plans, recipes, etc. I don't know why he couldn't actually include all of it within the text. To compound the annoyance, the website listed in the book was defunct. Who does that? If you're going to extoll your website in your book, keep it freaking current. And if you change sites, update the book. He's got a new book out, The Blood Sugar Solution, and the attached website for that seems to be working, so I'm going to try again, with that book, because I think anti-inflammatory is the way to go. And I'm watching him right now on PBS, and I agree with what he's saying. But this book seems to be like a forgotten stepchild, with out of date links. If you're going to buy one of his books, I suggest going for the newer, still web-supported books. I also suggest checking out Dr. Perricone's books, because he's also a big anti-inflammatory guy, but he doesn't send you on a wild goose chase on the net. I'm hoping, between the two of them, I can get a solid anti-inflammatory plan into place, since inflammation is the root cause of every major nasty disease, from cancer to Alzheimers to diabetes. (Just came back to update this review -- definitely, I would recommend getting The Blood Sugar Solution. It's much more detailed and it sends you to his new, active website, which does work and does have a lot of info).
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on March 25, 2018
While Dr. Mark Hyman is highly respected, and therefore I had high hopes, this product is clearly only 2 things: a long and repetitive advertisement for his website which is referred to often, and a repetitive listing of disproven dietary advice such as 90% of the population is gluten-intolerant (false), everyone is allergic to the same basic food groups (false) and everyone needs to detox (false, your body detoxes itself daily). Inflammation is a big component of health and weight issues, but if one more person tells me the "secret" formula of drinking olive oil and lemon juice I'm going to scream myself into laryngitis. Perhaps do some research into his more ethical and research based information. This book is junk
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on April 2, 2012
I saw the author on Dr. Oz, so I checked out the book. The diet seemed extreme, but it was worth a try for a week. I spent a huge amount of money the first week, and did a lot of cooking and dishes. After a week,I was very surprised to find that I wasn't missing many of the foods and had lost 3.5 pounds. I decided to continue for another week and lost another 4.5 pounds! I am now in week 3. It has gotten much easier, and cheaper as the weeks have gone by. This is not an easy diet; it takes lots of planning and organization, but if you seriously want to reset your metabolism and feel better, buy this book. It is written in a step by step, easy to follow format. There are instructions for the week before you begin, the diet, and the follow-up phases as you reintroduce foods.
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on July 19, 2014
This is an AMAZING diet!! I am 70 years old and at day 4 my energy level was up, day 5 up even more and on day 6 I had a day working outside, cleaned our back shed-which involved pulling everything out of it, vacuuming it, mopping the floor, wiping all the shelves, washing everything in it, getting rid of stuff no longer needed, sweeping in front of the shed, returning and organizing all that had to go back, put shop vac away, rolled up and put away electric cord I used, rolled up and put away a 100 ft. hose I used-- I watered all yard, planted some carrots, then came in and fixed dinner and cleaned up kitchen! I haven't had an "energy day" like that in 4 or 5 years!!! Will definitely make this a part of my life from now on!! UNBELIEVABLE!! PS!!!!! My hip joint pain is GONE and I lost just a little over 5 pounds!
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