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on June 2, 2015
I read the audio version of this book multiple times, bought copies of it for clients, and shared it with friends. Never have I read a book that so radically transformed the way I think. It was remarkably freeing to become so aware of how much I allowed my own thoughts to run my life. After reading Michael's book, I simply allowed irrelevant, erroneous, totally made up thoughts to just float on by without attaching my emotions to them. THAT was freeing!

Most human beings are completely unaware that most of the thoughts in our mind are complete untrue. YET, we believe them, follow them, become emotionally entangled in them, allow them to change our mood, allow them to change our behavior.

This book was also freeing in the sense that I let go of needing others to behave in a certain way in order for me to be OK. The reason I was't OK had nothing to do with anyone outside myself. It was a miraculous shift within me (to say the very least), when I realized I was trying to manipulate outside circumstances for me to feel OK in life.

When I realized the shift needed to be made within ME for me to be OK in life, total game changer! I let everyone off the hook and stepped into unconditional peace and unconditional joy! Have you ANY idea what life is like when your own peace/joy is totally UNCONDITIONAL? It means you don't need anyone to change or be different for you to be happy. It means no-one outside yourself controls how you FEEL. It means you're no longer an emotional puppet on the string of everyone else's behavior, attitudes, decisions, choices, etc. YOU feel inner joy/peace no matter what. Hello?! Total game changer!

I LOVED the audio version of the book because the person who read it was perfect for the content. Not to mention the ability to hit replay a million times on the parts that were SO transformative.

This was a unique book. I've read TONS of other books on similar topics but the way Michael conveyed the material was unique and different and I really GOT IT! Thank you Michael Singer for the growth, expansion, and transformations you inspired within my very soul. My soul now largely "untethered" from the constant (and mostly irrelevant) chatter of the mind. :) I am a new person as a result of this book (and a few other audios I purchased from Michael's website which expanded upon what he taught in the book).
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on July 10, 2014
I wanted to like this book! It is clearly one that has resonated with so many people and changed lives, but sadly it fell completely flat with me. I kept hoping that at one point it would start to resonate, but it did not. I believe these are some of the reasons why -

1. I'm suspicious of authors who claim it is possible to live life free of worries, problems, and unhappiness. This author makes such claims throughout the book and many times indicates that freedom from suffering should be the goal of the spiritual journey. I see life and the spiritual journey differently, and though I do believe we all should strive for a happier life and a more peaceful spirit, I don't believe it is desirable to live without some unhappiness, some worries, some fears. We need to experience and honor both the dark and the light in order to live in balance. That is my view at any rate, and this book did not make a strong enough case for me to change it.

2. Contradictions. The author contradicts himself many times, but more importantly doesn't indicate any awareness that he has contradicted himself. In one chapter he is claiming that God only likes to be around happy people, but in a later chapter he points out that God does not judge, that the sun shines equally on us all, etc. Confusing, right? Thus, while the author makes many statements throughout that I agree with, he also constantly is making other statements that contradict previous ones, giving me the impression that he is just writing a stream of consciousness of statements cherry-picked to resonate with a broad range of spiritual-enlightenment-seekers, without much regard to whether those statements gel together to form a cohesive whole. Which brings me to. . .

3. Structure. To me the book reads like a long-winded, disorganized, repetitive lecture on how the reader should be living his life. While there may be many helpful suggestions and kernels of wisdom sprinkled throughout, the lack of structure, evidence, and strategies for how to go about actually doing what the author is suggesting really rubbed me the wrong way. For me, these types of commands - "just open" or "just do it" or "let go of fear" - are never helpful. These types of life-suggestions happen on every single page, as if it just takes reading the words enough times to know how to actually go about doing things that take enormous amounts of courage and practice. I need help with the how, and I found this book was like a list of ingredients with no recipe, assuming that the reader was already an experienced chef.

Perhaps the book is simply not written in a way that speaks to me. As I said at the beginning, it has clearly resonated with many, and so I feel badly giving it such a poor review. If the book has helped you to find happiness and live a more peaceful life, then wonderful! I would not want to take that away from anyone, but sadly, it is not the book for me.
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on April 16, 2017
The Untethered Soul is a book for a specific kind of person. I purchased this book because it was recommended to me, but then the person retracted the recommendation after I had already placed my order. Let me start by saying that if you are interested in the teachings of eastern philosophy, yoga, Buddhism, and are seeking "enlightenment", etc., you will probably really like this book. For someone who is not familiar with these teachings, it's not an easy read. The author explains the importance of freeing yourself from the burdens we self inflict like, jealousy, envy, worry, fear, doubt, unhappiness, etc., but does not offer any clear exercises on how to overcome these burdens that hold us back in life. I found that each chapter was repetitive and unduly long winded with no real advise on how to move beyond these issues, other than you just have to. I found chapter 15, The Path of Unconditional Happiness, interesting to say the least. The author says, and I quote, "If they starve you and put you in solitary confinement, just have fun being like Gandhi. No matter what happens, just enjoy the life that comes to you. As difficult as that sounds, what's the benefit of not doing it? If you're totally innocent and they lock you up, you might as well have fun." Now, I don't know about you, but if I was wrongly accused of something, put in solitary confinement and starved, I sure as hell would not be able to have fun with it!

I'm not saying that the book is terrible, but I do think it's for a certain type of person. If you are contemplating buying this book, I would do so only if you are interesting in philosophy and are seeking the path to enlightenment. Even though I struggled with this book, there were one or two things that the author said that did resonate with me and that's why I gave the book a 3 out of 5 rating.
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on February 19, 2016
This is the best book I've read for a long time. It's not repetitious as so many along this line are & written very clearly. It's helped me greatly deal with difficult situations at work & difficulties in everyday life. While some things may never change I feel I'm better able to rise above things I can't control while remaining centered & unscathed. It's also been very beneficial for my inner growth. I definitely recommend this book!
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on April 7, 2017
The first half of the book is more focussed and "enlightens" the reader to appreciate self from non-self. It does a good job in making you aware of the mental noise and mind games the brain plays with you on a daily basis. But as you read on with excitement and zest, you find that the later portion fails do much to illustrate in an objective manner how to overcome this. It is just a continuous flow of trite and superficial examples after examples of how the mind fools you, and keeps going back and forth to the original problem and how you could be aware of it.
However, overall, it is a good book and does create positive outlook to life and bring a sense of compassion. I say compassion because once you decode what your mind does to you, you realise and understand the behaviors of other fellow human beings in different scenarios (you realise that afterall, others are also locked in their heads with the same eternal maniac!
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on March 13, 2013
I probably cannot say much that has not already been said about this wonderful book. Just the first few chapters alone allowed me to instantly quiet the noise inside my brain, and to end the anxiety ridden insomnia that was plaguing my nights. The sense of relief upon the realization that I do not need to be caught up in the whirlwind of my own mind was immeasurable.

In language that is peaceful, personal, and easy to understand the author succinctly points us in the direction of letting go and realizing the potential that we all have for happiness. I feel as if the author was able to touch on all of the really important spiritual truths from all faiths and beliefs and condense them here in words that are so simple to read, and yet which have profound implications for the way we live out our lives here on earth.

If you are a spiritual seeker, searching for truth in a world filled with noise and confusion, this book is for you.

If you are looking for a way to quiet your brain and get some peace and quiet inside of your own skin, this book is for you.

If you want to live better and brighter with other human beings, bringing peace instead of chaos into their world and your own, this book is for you.

If you have run out of steam and feel devoid of your love for life and want it back, this book is for you.

In truth, I cannot think of a reason not to read this book. The wisdom put forth by the author is usable by those of any faith or belief. This isn't new-age psycho-babble, it is a clear and quiet guide to realizing who we are, where we are, and how to live to the best of our ability while we are here.
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on January 22, 2014
This, in my opinion, is the best book I've ever read on living a spiritual and also mentally healthy life. And I feel like I've read them all. I'm on my third reading of this book and just ordered another one to read for the fourth time, as this one is so marked up, pages turned down, highlighted, that it's becoming impossible to read. I have never in my life read a book even twice, much less going on four times! Literally, I have a star or highlight, sentence underlined on nearly every page. I also realize that reading a book once doesn't necessarily make for a long lasting change. I'm ready to CHANGE, and this year I'm diving in with this book only.

This philosophy creates a tremendous challenge. I'm finding myself watching my thoughts 24/7 and truthfully, it's exhausting. I'm finally seeing all of the turmoil inside and how crazy easy it is for pain to be triggered. All day long, a painful ripple. Mind blowing. I'm also having a little discomfort with letting thoughts go, stopping obsessive worry or inner debate. It's almost like - now what do I do with all of this open space? Sometimes worry becomes, in an odd way, addicting. It's almost inner soothing to run over and over and over the same problem. This idea of releasing it, as he so simply describes, is incredibly effective. I'm surprised by how simple it is to let go of a painful thought - whoosh. This book will literally change your life IF you are willing to work it. But you must be willing to actually take the daily steps to change your thought patterns and life. It's not easy, but it's easier than living a life of pain. This is a remarkable guide, there is just simply nothing like it out there. Unparallelled gift to the Universe from Michael Singer.
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on March 9, 2014
I am listening to the audible version of this book while reading it using the immersion reading available. This way I am seeing the words and hearing them and I believe I am learning and soaking in what the book is teaching better by doing so. This book is fantastic. It is a bit deep and I struggled a bit at times to figure out how to do what he calls the "simple" thing of just leaning back and observing the disturbances in my life. it is something that will take time for me to achieve as I have 50 years of bad habits to break. But I think this book is one of those life changing books.

Since starting to read this book I have started to meditate without the use of guided meditation. The book inspired me to learn to quiet that noise inside of me. I didn't want the book to end and I am going to start reading it over again which is something I never do.
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on August 13, 2016
A very nice description of an approach most people think of as "spiritual enlightenment" but as an uber-rationalist I tend to think of as "reality is what you make it". Connected to traditions of yoga and buddhism, but not explicitly setting out those teachings. An agnostic's roadmap to enlightenment, if you will. Lots of points are repeated throughout the book, which may be overly redundant for some, but I found it helpful; the principles are so simple, and repetition helps reinforce the simplicity. The last chapter was a little too centered for my taste around how enlightenment is manifested in more traditional christian frameworks, but it's a small blemish in an otherwise outstanding treatise.
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on May 15, 2017
I give the first 37 pages a five star review. Michael Singer gives a wonderful​ example of how you are lost in a dream-like state. You are at the mercy of every thought that arises in your mind and you have no idea of what's happening. He wonderfully shines a light on the process that is happening to you and if you are paying attention, you could discover one of the most important ideas you could ever learn; you are not your thoughts. The first 37 pages are worth the price of admission and I have added this book to my personal lending library.

Unfortunately, everything after that is similar to explaining what a shadow looks like to a blind person. He will tell you about some pretty amazing stuff but he won't tell you how to get there. You should buy his book, it will give you one of the best explanations as to why you should meditate, but it won't tell you how to meditate or attain it's benefits.

I would recommend reading Mindfulness in plain English after reading this book. It will give you basic instructions on what to do next. As a warning though, it has some brief supernatural references, please just ignore them if they offend you, it really does contain a great instruction on how to meditate and loose the bonds that shackle you to anger, anxiety, depression and whatever else you are suffering from. Best of all.....You will do it by yourself.
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