Customer Reviews: The Vampire Club
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on May 18, 2011
This spoof on vampire fans is so funny...I mean laugh-out-loud funny! Anyone who saw and loved The Lost Boys will appreciate the Corey Haim references (may he rest in peace). You will giggle at the Vu Vlux Vlan and the Vampire Club's single-mindedness to proving that vampires really exist. This is yet another book by J. R. Rain that will leave you anxiously awaiting the next!
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on August 13, 2011
I'm wondering if I downloaded a different book than the other reviewers read. Because I did not find the sophomoric humor a bit entertaining.

I love J.R. Rains. I have bought and read everything he has written. I've read some of Scott Nicholson's Horror and I liked that as well.

What happened here?

Spoiler Alert:

Ok, so we have a club of college students who love Anne Rice and old vampire movies. They act like eighth graders, not college students. That is about the emotional and intellectual level of these morons.

On information that wouldn't convince anyone they go vampire hunting. Meet up with the people who keep vampires from walking the earth who are well trained and heavily armed and defeat them? Vampire or no vampire, these guys would not have done any of the stupid things they did if they were a well trained fighting force. I felt like instead of the VVV the should have been the CCC Circus Clowns Contingent.

Then after all the ooooh I want to be a Vampire soooo much, Andy becomes a vampire and he's Louis in the Anne Rice Books? And he loved the Anne Rice books so he would have known that supposedly some vampires had angst about their humanity? But now he hates being a vampire? And after promising that if any member of the club became a vampire they would make everyone in the club vampires he says no? What fun is that. Make the whole club into vampires and then you have the next (maybe pathetic) book.

I didn't like the main characters. They were stupid and flat. The dialogue was almost painful. Andy was an idiot.

It was an interesting premise. It could have been a good book if the writing wasn't so awful, they had fleshed out the characters and they had an actual ending.

I'll skip the sequel. I suggest you skip the books altogether.
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on September 11, 2011
Whether tis nobler to eat, drink, and dream the wonderful world of the bloodsucker or get those fangs for yourself! The Vampire Club, a group of four students at Western Virgina University led by Professor L, would give a resounding Duh! - it's the fangs. Their quest is to find a "living" vampire and convince the vampire to add four more to that noble species. Andy Barthamoo leads the group and believes he has found the resting place and the answer to their quest. All they have to do is dig him up and convince him. Simple. A fifth student joins the group (name of Dial) providing a place to stay for the promised weekend of resurrection and immortality. Their quest will not be easy with a creepy mansion, Dial's relative who all resemble muscle-bound gods and amazons, and vampire hunters. And the Bard's immmortal ?: To be a vampire or not be a vampire?
The combined writing talents of Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain take a story of dismemberment, blood sucking, grave digging, and silver bullets (all the elements of a dire horror film) amd mix in humor ranging from a chuckle, a snort (you know the kind where the milk you're drinking shoots out of your nostrils), that smile you just can't rid of, and the laugh that won't quit. The Vampire Club takes you on their quest with a story that leads you from one misadventure to the next, loyalties, betrayal, and the ultimate crunch time (we're not talkin' the Captain here) of using those fangs and biting that sweet neck. The Vampire Club is well worth your time with a coming attraction, Second Sip: The Vampire Club #2. Go for it and eat, drink, and dream the noble species of the vampire. Thanks Scott and J.R., you brought the bright beams of the moon and made me laugh. Fangs a lot, guys.
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on August 10, 2013
Opening this novel, I was preparing myself for the vampire version of the Babysitter's club, as the title promised. In that regard, I wasn't disappointed. The book opens on a group of college students majoring in Vampire Studies, with the only interest of finding the existence of vampires. I thought that this premise was an interesting one, and I hadn't read before any books about a club finding the existence of vampires before, so I kept reading.

The book continued in a pleasant way, the storyline was engaging and the characters amusing, but for me there were definitely a few issues. The author uses the word "for" a lot--"for this reason," "for that was why"...that drives me nuts. There is a time and a place for the word for, and it's not in every other sentence. Also, when the ending occured, I don't like the way the main character approached it. It was the culmination of his goal--and yet he felt condemned? I know that a drastic change like that can alter a person's perspective, but that seemed a little extreme.

If you want a good read, though, with an amusing plotline and a twist on your traditional vampire novel, this one's for you!
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on October 2, 2012
I downloaded this after reading a free sample of the first chapter at the end of another J.R. Rain book. I'd read and loved Bad Blood which is also by Rain and Nicholson along with H.T. Night, and I love the Samantha Moon series by Rain.

This book is clearly intended to be a comedy, but I was surprised and truthfully a little moved when it became more. One reviewer who disliked the book described the humor as sophomoric. I can see that at times, because it's a type of humor that ranges from the very witty to slapstick, the occasional bad pun, at times a comedy of errors, at others humor befitting junior high boys. But I found most of it funny and anything I didn't wasn't so bad it ruined the book for me. I think we get this mix of humor because we have some intelligent characters capable of wit who are either young (narrator and club members) or young at heart (their professor). Also, one of the supporting characters is a young Jock and he's not capable of much else.

One negative review called the characters immature. Some are. I think this as well as the examples of low brow humor were intentional. (Not unlike many B horror movies featuring humor and teenagers)

Other negatives from other reviews said there was rambling. I have to admit at one point I felt a little bogged down in scenes that may have been a bit long or unnecessary but it didn't stop me from enjoying the book or from pushing through to see what played out, and I'm thankful. The ending could have gone several ways, and I think the authors did well with the one they chose. Even though I was pulling all along for a different outcome I can't complain.

The narrator is a 21 year old nerdy vampire lover, who leads the Vampire Club and has a major unfulfilled crush on the only female member. He was a law student at another college before learning of the Vampire Studies program at Western Virginia University (not West Virginia University as is often pointed out). He now pursues his love of vampires seriously after having to hide it most of his life from his concerned Christian parents. He's been obsessed with vampires since he read his first Anne Rice book at eight, and his childhood hero was Cory Haim of the Lost Boys. You get the picture. He's really a likeable character who had me rooting for him.

Obviously, Vampire Studies is not a normal major, and the world of the book is much like the world of today - vampires are not believed to be real, but people are obsessed with them. The Vampire Club is a very small group with an elderly professor who believes they are real and is committed to learning all they can about them and one day discovering proof of their existence. And ultimately, they all wish to be vampires.

The club begins a search for a real 'live' vampire who they believe has been buried in a suspended state of sorts and is ripe for resurrection. The goal is to find him, resurrect him, and if they're lucky he'll turn them all. I won't go into anything else about the plot, because I can't say much more without spoilers. But I will say after pages and pages of all sorts of humor, I was a bit wowed when things took a more serious turn and deeper themes were explored. I found the authors' descriptions of vampire 'life' to be some of the best I've read as a fan of vampire fiction.

The book pokes light, good natured fun at obsessed vampire fans yet pays great homage to the genre while leading the unsuspecting reader to a serious exploration of the themes of immortality, the soul, and what it means to love. At least that's what I got out of it. ;-D
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on September 19, 2011
I purchased this book based on J.R. Rain's other novels and expected more from this combination of authors. The novel was not up to his normal level of writing and ended far too soon. While the book does provide the origin of the main character, it does not really do anything with that character. This would be analagous to following Peter Parker up to the point he was bitten by the spider then saying "Done, come back again later". As it is, there is little incentive to read the next book in the series as I am not invested in the character at all.
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This is a hilarious tale for all the vampire lovers! New spin, new hero, and touching ending! Can't wait for the next in the series.
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on June 20, 2012
"The Vampire Club" by Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain is a funny, suspenseful, entertaining read. If you like vampires, you will love this book. The authors capture the interest of their readers, reel them in, and don't let them go until the readers are completely satisfied. If you enjoy how humor can lighten a serious subject, you will enjoy this book.

The story begins with Andy, who is a Vampire Studies major at Western Virginia University. It is the only vampire-type major in the country. There are four students and one professor, and they're all members of The Vampire Club. The ultimate purpose of the club is to prove the existence of vampires.

Andy finds an old article that sounds eerily like a vampire sighting and killing. Since the club knows that vampires can't be killed, but only put into a coma with a silver bullet, they decide to track down this comatose vampire and bring him back to life. They just need to find a place to stay near the burial grounds, which are in a different state.

The Vampire Club gets a new member who volunteers to let them all stay with his cousins who live near the burial site. After they arrive, nothing goes as planned. There is a conspiracy, a romantic conflict, and a risky adventure all wrapped up, as the club attempts to carry out its plans.

This book will not disappoint. The story gets better and better the further you read. The characters are lively, and passionate about vampires and each other. I recommend this book to readers of suspense and paranormal who also enjoy a bit of humor.
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on August 14, 2011
The story is awesomely funny and original. I really enjoyed the main character's hilarious facts and obsession with vampires and the trek to find one. The combination of humor, romance, and suspense makes this book a favorite of mine. I cannot wait until the next one! JR Rain is one of my favorite authors.
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on September 19, 2014
I am embarrassed to say that this had been sitting on my TBR list for a very long time. I finally read it, mainly because the two authors are two of my favorite, and also great guys.

The book was a good book but not the greatest from these authors. It was cute, quirky, a little goofy, and maybe a little scary (maybe). I do love the way these guys dialogue and the storyline was a good idea. It was just a little too silly for my taste. The plot was a good idea- a Vampire Club/Class or major at a college, a small group of kids obsessed with Vampires- finding them, proving their existence, proving they aren't necessarily the bad creatures of the night the media has turned them into. This group is led by an old professor who pulls strings to fund their trip to find out if a man killed 150 years ago may be a vampire, lying in his coffin, just waiting to be brought back to his vampiric life. But when they get there, they end up dealing with an ages-old secret organization intent on the extinction of vampires.

Again, it was a good book and the ending was left open-ended, supposedly for sequels, but it looks like this will be the only book in the series. I would have read more because it intrigued me enough to want to know what happened to the characters and what direction they were headed at the end of the book. These are great authors but this was not their greatest work. Not bad, not great, but okay.
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