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on February 21, 2017
This book is a wealth of knowledge. It has so many gardening ideas/techniques from A to Z. Truly! I've been gardening for a couple of years now but didn't feel that I was really getting the hang of it as much as I could. I already had put in raised beds. But I like how this book has provided information on how much I could plant in one area (like bunched all together and such) and different schemes of planting. Sure, it says how to plant on the back of the seed packaging, but there is more planning into it than you would think. I will also regularly forget what plants like others and which ones don't. Not anymore! This book has the full list. Watering plants. No brainer right? Wrong! At least if you want your garden to be growing at it's very best. Of course, that's even included in this book. I really like that this book also involves soil and how important it is and how to check it. Moving from another state where some vegetables grew so well to this state where those same plants struggle has been difficult. I'm going to have really invest into the soil this year and I'm grateful that this book explains the steps on what I need to do. There really is so much more about this book but unfortunately I don't have time to write a novel. My favorite part of this book though is the glossary of information about each vegetable you'd ever even think about planting. Each page includes: the name of the vegetable, information about it, where they like to been sown and grown, seed depth, germination soil temperature, days to germination, when to sow indoors (or not to), when to sow outdoors (or not to), growing pH, growing soil temperature, spacing in beds, watering, light needed, nutrient requirements, rotation considerations, and seed longevity. Seriously helpful no matter how short or long you have been gardening.

My only dislikes about this book is that certain parts didn't get more information. Like greenhouse growing. I was hoping there would be more information given on growing and continuing in the greenhouse should I not want to plant outside. If bee's needed to get inside, how that would all work.

I was super happy to see the section on vertical gardening. I have tried it once before but was eager for more information. Sadly, even though it showed 3 examples of vertical gardening (tepees, A-frames, homemade trellises), it only showed how to make a typical trellis. I was hoping to see how to make the A-frame one in particular.

Still love this book though. Highly recommend.
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on October 16, 2014
I gotta tell ya... I have no idea what I'm doing. Let me start by saying how I came to find this book; I am a mother of two little boys and lost my mother to breast cancer at a young age. The food I buy at the grocery store, no matter how thoroughly I read the label I know will always have something I don't want in it. I put an exhausting amount of effort into thinking about the food my family eats but sometimes it's just so overwhelming, I give up and just order a pizza. Sounds off topic but that is how I landed on this book, I was exhausted and feeling like nothing I could ever buy would truly be a healthy option to feed my family and steer away from harmful cancer-causing chemicals in our food. So, I went to the internet to search for something to help my black-thumb and figure out how to provide the healthiest food for my family, without breaking the bank. Like I mentioned before I have no idea what I'm doing. I come from the school of thought that if I kill my flowers, I just run down to the store and buy new pretty flowers and throw away the old ones I killed and replace with new said flowers. Happy day. Well, that doesn't really work when you're trying to actually produce a harvest of some kind...

I have been reading this book for months and I started by dog-earing pages that were helpful... Don't do it. I soon realized I was dog-earing every single page. This book has helped me to understand every aspect of starting and maintaining a garden. My dad, who actually grew up on a farm, read some of my book when he came to visit and even he was very impressed. I mention this because I don't think this book is only for idiot-gardeners like myself. He read a lot of the recommendations and theories for wide-row and organic methods and he even learned from this book. I would highly recommend purchasing this book. Great photos, diagrams, illustrations, bullet-points, what to buy, what to reuse & recycle, incredible in-depth bios of vegetable plants (encyclopedia-style, more than you could ever want to know about a plant). The list really goes on and on. The pictures are so helpful!

This book showed me how to start with a 3x3 raised bed, non-permanent, producing vegetable & herb garden (which is great for me because we are in Southern California so any amount of land is tough to come by & we rent). It helped me to not feel overwhelmed or take on too much too soon in my first major gardening endeavor and now I am able to start feeding my family more and more healthy organic vegetables that I grow from seed. I don't even have to go to Whole Foods and spend 50% of our income on our veggie budget each month. I learned how to plan everything out, start my seeds indoors with soilless seed-starting mix, transplanting, soil temp, vertical gardening, composting and how to save my plants organically and relatively simply when something (be it bug, bird or disease) is trying to eat or kill all of my efforts.

In summation, I learned how to grow a self-sufficient garden for my family with this book and it will be my most trusted garden companion for years to come. So well written.
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on August 28, 2016
For a first time Gardner like my self this is a great book. It is well laid out and easy to understand. When I want to know about tomatoes I look them up then I can see everything I need to know about them from how deep to plant, what pests are know to eat on the plant and how to get rid of them to. It talks about raised beds (one of the reasons I bought the book) and different and new ways to plant your crop. When to plant and when to harvest.Over all a wonderful resource to have on hand. I would recommend this to any Gardner that wants more information.
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on March 10, 2017
We've been gardening in my family since i can remember, and i recognized some of the best practices. Yet it was a refreshing read and i found many hints useful (on weeding, galic, carrots, kohlrabi, and more). It's also nicely organized as an enciclopedia at one point, so i found it useful for looking up info on some new experiments that i have in mind, like okra and melons.
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on December 10, 2015
What a great book to have on your shelf. We've referenced this multiple times per year for so many reasons. It is a thick, very descriptive piece with so many helpful pictures. It talks about so many parts of the process with the various vegetables as well as herbs. It discusses everything from start to finish and it can be used regardless of where you live. The pictures are clear, colorful and show so many different things that help you compare to what you see in your garden. I'll be purchasing these as gifts for those I know have the garden bug. I've found myself digging through it just to get simple clarification on random vegetables in our garden and they've all been contained in this book. Kudos to the author and I'm glad I found this book and highly recommend it as a gift or a must have at your home.
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on December 29, 2015
Amazing book for gardeners! It's full of wonderful information and has many excellent tips. Appropriately titled as a "Bible" for Vegetable Gardeners. This book was recommended to me by an extraordinary gardener who told me this is her best resource that helped her create her amazing garden. She and I are from Colorado and find this book relevant to the conditions of our climate. I love how helpful this book has been! I produced more and better quality in my garden following the suggestions presented in this book. Very educational. The seller was great, too. The book was used but looked to be in new condition.
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on July 31, 2017
Get this book! It is the most comprehensive book on veggie gardening I have ever read. I bought one for my son, too. This book has been so helpful and I highly recommend it.
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This book is just the reference I needed to go beyond the dig-up-the-ground small backyard garden I've kept each year with just tomatoes & bell peppers plus something-I've never-planted-before. Wanting to go a little beyond that (in four 4'x11' raised beds), this book is just what I needed for planning, for specific information about soil, different crops, for ideas about getting more than one crop from a piece of ground during the growing season, composting, etc.

No gardening book has everything or gives you the secret, best method to growing. I advise you to check you your state agricultural department or university-agricultural department online for specific planting times, recommended varieties, etc. since some of that may vary significantly from Vermont (the author's home). But even if following some of the advise given here proves NOT to be the best choice for your situation, note that it will NOT lead to a life of constant sorrow: you'll still grow good veggies!

As I've gone through the stages this spring of planning what I want to plant and where, when to start the seeds (indoors or out), etc, I find myself constantly referring to this book and it doesn't disappoint me. It covers all the bases and then some.

This book often has strong recommendations, but also sometimes just gives you information to use as a starting point. For example, for tomato supports you can go search online and find clever cages, stakes, and trellises (including the Florida-weave and teepees) and message boards arguing for each one. Then you can choose what you want to try.

The same is true for things like raised beds - there are LOTS of sites with free plans as well as videos describing adding things like hoop supports for netting/plastic covers.

Have fun gardening - this book should help!
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on November 2, 2017
I learned a lot from this read. The book was easy and straight forward. It was a great read for a person who was interested in gardening but had never done so. It provided me with enough information for create my own successful vegetable garden.
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on July 7, 2017
What a handy reference guide to have around. Whether you're looking for a specific answer, or just looking for ideas, I highly recommend having this book around.
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