Customer Reviews: The Very Best of... Sting & the Police
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on February 2, 2006
It's a solid collection but not the very best of.The absence of

"Fortress around your heart" by Sting as a solo performer is a shame."King of Pain" and "Wrapped around your finger" are also

missing somehow on this collection.If you want the very best of

both worlds here,you will have to purchase the greatest hits of

both individually,and then you will have the very best of both in my opinion.
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Music: 4.5 stars; Compilation: 3.5 stars.

Saw Sting in concert a few weeks back (surprisingly strong set with LOTS of Police-nuggets such as Bed's Too Big Without You etc.) and that lead me to revisit this album. This was rushed out in 1997 as a result of P.Diddy's monster hit "Missing You", sampling "Every Breath You Take".

"The Very Best of Sting and the Police" (18 tracks, 78 min.) is "politically correct" in that it brings an equal number of Police hits and Sting solo-hits (9 each). It has a lot of things going for it: first and foremost, much of the music is outstanding. Best of all is the inclusion of "So Lonely", a major hit which somehow was omitted from The Police's "Every Breath You Take: The Classics". This can directly be attributed to using the full extent of a single CD capacity. The sound quality is surprisingly good as well. What is very unfortunate is that all 18 songs are mixed and matched without any apparent rhyme or reason. Thus we go from the Police's "Can't Stand Losing You" directly into Sting's "An Englishman in New York. Say what? Or we go from Sting's "Seven Days" into the Police's "Walking on the Moon"! Why couldn't they simply present the songs in chronological order? That said, there IS a lot of great music on this CD. It's simply up to you to play it in an order that makes more sense and pleases the ear more.
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on October 14, 2002
One of the most popular groups of the eighties, the Police disbanded at the peak of their popularity so that frontman Sting could begin a solo career. This disc updates the collection of the same name from a few years back, adding recent Sting tracks like 'Brand New Day'(excellent) and 'Desert Rose'(overplayed and overrated). Still, like the previous set, this one is of a piece, excluding both 'King Of Pain' and 'Wrapped Around Your Finger', which I consider essential Police singles, and 'All This Time', which is simply one of Sting's best solo records. Thankfully, on the other end of the spectrum, the Puff Daddy remix of 'Roxanne' is gone. Overall, a solid overview, but the addition of the aforementioned tracks would have made it nearly complete.
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on October 29, 2002
The music on this disc ranges from 3 stars to 5 stars, which would give it an average of 4.5 But I'm subtracting 1 star for false advertising and 1.5 stars for the abyssmal remix of Roxanne. There are a lot of problems with this CD.
For starters, some of the best songs, like "King of Pain", aren't even on it. And this isn't MY personal opinion. "King of Pain" was a chart-topping grammy-nominated tune. In fact, it sold more copies and got more airplay than most of the other singles on this disc. Wouldn't that make it a "best of" hit?
And why are there NO tracks from "The Soul Cages"? "All This Time" sold a whole lot more records than "Desert Rose" or "Russians".
So clearly, this is not "The Very Best Of"
Why else might you buy it?
Well, if you're a fan, you'd want to be completist and get it for the Roxanne remix. Don't bother, it is TERRIBLE. It is really really really bad. Really. I now want to invent a time machine to go back to a point before I ever heard it.
Why else might you buy it?
If you're not a fan, you might want an intro to the band and it's music. Well then please indulge me in a little quick education so you'll understand why this is not the disc for you.
Sting and The Police are two seperate entities. The Police was a Rock Band infused with punk and reggae stylings. Sting is a singer/songwriter.
While Sting may have written most of The Police's songs (and all of their hits), the idea for the band came from Stewart Copeland and the sound of the band owes much more to the atmosphereric arrangements and keyboard work of Andy Summers. The Police are certainly one of the greatest bands of the 80s and had a great influence on the 90s.
The Police sold out Shea Stadium. Sting sold out Jones Beach.
That is NOT to say that Sting's stuff is poor. Far from it. Sting's first three solo albums "The Soul Cages" (1990) and "Nothing Like The Sun" (1988) and the be-bop influenced "Dream of the Blue Turtles" (1986) have a level of sophistication in songwriting, production, and lyrics that are a cut above The Police's stuff in many ways. But they are very different.
Then there's Sting's recent stuff.
There is this great Onion parody editorial "written" by Sting entitled "You Know, I Used To Be Cool Once." In it "Sting" reminisces on the period in his life where he wrote abrasive challenging tunes. A time before he became the Compaq spokesperson and began writing songs for Disney movies.
Sometime shortly after 1991 things started going downhill. Whatever you want to call it, "Mercury Falling", "Brand New Day" and "Ten Summoner's Tales" are sub-par.
So if you're not a fan, and you're looking for an introduction, I'd like to recommend getting The Police's Greatest Hits collection "Every Breath You Take". Then, if you're looking for something else, pick up "Sting's Greatest Hits" or one of his first three solo albums (which all top the greatest hits).
But don't sell yourself short by buying this disc. There's no real reason for this disc even to exist!
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on October 3, 2002
I must admit that while I liked the music on the 1997 reissue, I thought it was just a pre-holiday cash in on the fanbase and it lacked a lot of the strongest music from both Stings former band the Police, and his solo hits.
The updated version takes 13 of the 15 tracks off the 1997 collection "The Very Best of Sting & The Police" and has five others to replace the two ones that were not pulled off the original. This 2002 re-issue has the beautiful "Fragile", and the great "Seven Days".
It's not suprising that "Every Breath You Take" and "If You Love Somebody, Set them Free" is included because they are among the very best material they've ever made but why didn't they include "King of Pain" or "We'll be Together" on here? However at least they didn't include the disasterous P. Diddy version of Roxanne because it's just drab boring hip-hop fluff aimed at the TRL masses.
Even still though, this 2002 version while much improved, is still a relatively muddled up collection of material from Sting as a solo artist and from The Police. You're best bet is to buy Every Breath You Take: The Classics or Fields Of Gold: Best Of Sting 1984-1994 even though the latter came a bit early in Stings solo career. This CD is not necessarily one to leave alone but it's not exactly the place to start your Sting or Police collection. The newbie fanbase should definately get this one as an introduction to them.
The ultimate choice though is to buy all of Stings solo albums and The Polices albums.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 26, 2015
This is not a collection of tracks for the hardcore Sting/The Police fan...they will almost certainly already have these in their collection, but for someone like me who listened to many of these songs when they were new releases, yet is not a dedicated Sting/The Police fan, this is a great way to pick up some favorite tracks at a bargain price. I wanted to add some of these songs to my collection, so when this album showed up on one of Amazon's $5 MP3 album lists I jumped at it.

OK, I'm kind of cheap. so I'm likely to buy an album if the cost per song on the album I'm interested in drops below $1/track. This album made that threshold easily!

This album has 18 tracks, and 8 of them are clear winners for me, including my all time favorite song by Sting - Fields of Gold. So, click, purchase, viola, score!

This way I get songs I really like plus a bunch of other ones that are not that familiar to me so I have a chance of finding even more that I like.

This was a definite win for me.

5 stars...again, for the casual fan.
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on January 22, 2013
I bought this for a friend because she likes Sting. I'm pretty sure she'll like it and maybe have a Sting sing along in the shower or car. Okay no guarantees... pleased w purchase. Not to be mean but this was way cooler than the flower calendar she sent me. How come people dont send me a cool cd instead of a crappy calendar?!lol Especially when I already have a calendar?!! Hmmm...I have an extra calendar if anyone needs one.
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on June 6, 2013
Gee, can you hear the tambourine on "If You Love Somebody"? <snark> The first time I heard it, I had a mental flash of Christopher Walken in an SNL skit saying he had to have "more cowbell!" Really, some of the songs are badly mixed. Not all of them, just some. IMO those songs are unbalanced -- the percussion parts overpower everything else.
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on August 3, 2005
Right from the start all the way to the end Sting delivers the hits. This is very easy music to like. And you can listen to it anywhere, it fits. Ok, maybe you can't listen to Fields Of Gold while you are lifting weights, but other than that this music can go anywhere with you. If you don't have any Sting, but are looking for some, this album is perfect for you.
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on June 18, 2014
There have been several Police and Sting Greatest Hits packages. This is lacking in both, as some of the hits are left off and some of the filler (of which Sting has a LOT of, especially in his solo stuff. He has even owned up to that) is put in. Overall, the package is fine, but I would recommend instead getting the excellent 2007 Police Greatest Hits album and Sting's Fields of Gold greatest hits. The problem is that it doesn't have some of his newer songs which are quite good, like Desert Song. But the problem is that Sting is kind of pretentious and pedantic in his music as well, which can be off-putting. But when he is good, he is very good. Too bad he is not good consistently.
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