Customer Reviews: The Virgin Suicides: Original Motion Picture Score
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on March 2, 2000
That's a dreadful headline as it says nothing of any significance but...This record is amazing. Don't buy it expecting Moon Safari 2, though. This is a soundtrack and therefore has a different feel than a standard album. However, you will not be disappointed. If Radiohead and Portishead gave birth, this would be their child.
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on March 2, 2000
Air's latest offering has a significantly darker texture than either "Moon Safari" or "Premiers Symptomes". This could be due partly to the dark nature of the film this album constitutes the score for. Only one track off this disc features vocals (though several more have voice samples). This is the type of music from Air that I personally prefer. Many of the songs are also quite brief, leaving one wanting more. Thats really the only problem with this disc. The thirteen songs combine to run only about fourty minutes. Some of the songs wind up feeling underdeveloped. That being said the sounds and textures are uniformly brilliant. Comparing the sonic palette (and the whole album for that matter) to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" is justifiable. I don't think this album will bring Air legions of new fans and for first time buyers "Moon Safari" is still a better introduction, but for anyone remotely into the duo this album is an essential buy.
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on June 22, 2015
Let me start by saying that the music is fantastic.

However...this set offers nothing new for fans, unless you didn't already have the live performance. FYI- this is NOT the complete show- it is presented here in truncated form and in a different running order. (All that is missing to the best of my knowledge is the encore, 3 non-soundtrack tunes: Talisman, J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau, and La Femme D'argent)

I happen to hate picture discs, and this one is no exception. This concert deserved release as a double album in its entirety. Also- just as a side note, I recommend storing the picture disc in a paper sleeve instead of the PVC sleeve it comes in- they are notorious for causing damage over time. If you haven't heard this show, it's a gem. Too bad they screwed up the vinyl release so badly!

Personally I don't like the box itself - it is too big (almost 14"x14") and won't fit on the shelf with standard lp box sets. There was no reason to make it that big, and doing so required an interior cardboard "buffer." The quality of the cardboard material is pretty lame. My box arrived with a bent corner of the interior buffer shell. I'm not sure where mine will maybe? It won't fit on the shelf with other vinyl boxed sets. When records won't fit on a record shelf, it's a problem.No matter where I put this box it's in the way.

All of the extras are a bit chintzy...the posters are nice, but are folded to fit in the box...they won't look good in frames. The laminate? Who cares....the party was 13 years ago. The cds? Redundant. (although I used the cd to rip a FLAC version of the live show...I would have done a vinyl rip, but frankly the cd sounds better in this case). I don't think the official version sounds different than the "bootleg" version, although I haven't done a real comparison on headphones yet.

I bought this set because I am a completist...I have all of Air's releases on vinyl, and wanted the vinyl edition of the concert. This is the only way to get it. If you already have this soundtrack you definitely don't need this new edition. If you want the live show, I recommend downloading the entire show from a torrent site, or buying the cd edition. Sticking it on a picture disc was a major mistake IMHO.

PROS - It's Air, and there's lots of stuff in the box. They finally officially released the live show. A couple of demos you might not have are included.

CONS - Oversized box is a bit ridiculous, nothing really new for fans, and the vinyl release of the (incomplete) live show was stuck on a picture disc.

VERDICT - Even as a completist collector I am kind of wishing I hadn't ordered this beast...
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on May 15, 2005
As a 17 yr old myself, my parents are alarmed at the fact that I have become so obsessed with everything to do with the "Virgin Suicides" recently. First, I read the book (utterly compelling and beautifully written), then saw the film (a great-though slightly short-portrayal of the book) and finally have aquired the soundtrack. I'm not normally into much chill-out type music, but it is so haunting and compelling that you cannot help but listen to it. The best track in my opinion, track 8 (Highschool Love) is really key to the whole film, but all the tracks seem to blend seemlessly into each other. The only faults I have are that the tracks do not last long enough (I personally could have enjoyed another minute or so of track 8 for a start), and that if a listener had not seen the film, or read the book, then songs like track 13 (which contains excerpts from the film) may not make sense. But I suggest you just overlook this, sit back and let the soaring and haunting melodies glide over you.
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on May 17, 2001
Air's ambient, dreamy and incredibly mood-setting score for the film The Virgin Suicides opens with the soulful "Playground Love," what I still believe to be one of the best pop songs of the last five years. It combines the dark ambience of the later songs with a pop sensibility and the result is a song that, if it was played on the radio, would be one of the greatest pop songs of recent memory. It's more or less smooth jazz with string synths to compliment it. The gentle loungy xylophone and saxophone make this the best chill-out song with a pop structure. Immediately, Air seems to be showing a Pink Floyd influence, one that reoccurs throughout the whole score.
The rest of the album keeps a similar dark theme, with Air, this time, switching off from their beloved synthesizers to more traditional instruments at times. Many songs are built over loops of synth sounds, with the song building slowly, and changing, until it ends up back where it started. Such is the case with "Clouds Up," "Cemetary Party" and "Dark Messages." "Cemetary Party" consists of a plodding footstep sounding synth with a organ, and a dreamily played guitar. This song also shows off the capabilities specific synthesizer, i forget the name of it, but Kraftwerk used one of the first versions of it on Radioactivity. It imitates the sound of a choir singing, and so it gives this incredible half-real half-surreal sound of what could be human voices, but you're not sure. Because I immediately tie in the sound with its use on Radioactivity, it always sends a chilling sensation through my body. It's somewhat ominous.
As i said, the rest of the album pretty much sustains a mood that's somewhere between mystery and suspense, between clean and sleazy. The Pink Floyd influence is so big that "Highschool Lover" sounds like it was taken right out of "The Great Gig In The Sky." The results of this record couldn't be predicted from Air's somewhat friendlier Moon Safari. They've matured in a good way. This is a film score that should be a trend-setter. Personally, i haven't heard another score that sounds like this, both electronic and traditional and just so.. so... moody! It adds up to be one of the best and most cohesive film scores i've ever heard.
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on March 9, 2000
This is definitely not 'Moon Safari'. However, it perfectly illustrates the fact that 'Moon Safari' in its best moments is not the only ground that AIR can work on and succeed. It's a perfect soundtrack - each time it is being listened to, a new movie is created, as intense, coherent and splendid as this music actually is. BUY this CD if you're willing to escape from the stupidity, banality and commerciality of contemporary pop music. In addition, given the conspicuous talent of the French duo, one can't feel that their muisc is an entire fabrication. DON'T BUY this CD, if you're looking for catchy tunes that you'll be humming during the day. It's a different story. Standout trax: Playground Love, Highschool Lover, Empty House, Dead Bodies.
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on March 16, 2000
Soundtrack albums, by their very nature, are tricky affairs; without the visuals to put it into context they can often appear as indulgent and meandering. Air succeed better than most by the fact that their brand of moody retro-electronic ambience is always eminently listenable.
In keeping with the seventies theme of the film, Air wisely stick to that period for their inspiration. As already noted, Pink Floyd influences are scattered liberally throughout: The bass line on 'The Word Hurricane' is straight from 'Atom Heart Mother' while 'Highschool Lover' threatens to break into 'The Great Gig in the Sky' at any moment.
Many tracks sound like half-finished doodles and there is plenty of potential for further development and it certainly deserves it. 'Dirty Trip' is one of the few tracks that is allowed to develop and is all the more successful because of it.
Things get a littel spooky toward the end - 'Ghost Song' and 'Empty House' could be incidental music for a cheap seventies horror movie - and downright morbid by the finish. Those expecting 'Sexy Boy' and 'Kelly Watch the Stars' should wait until the next album proper, meanwhile this makes an arresting stop-gap.
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on July 17, 2000
This soundtrack is very good. The album concentrates on 4 or 5 themes, and they are repeated in various ways. Many of the tracks are a bit short, but I do not find this a problem. The fact is: when you listen to the music on this album and close your eyes you will feel the psychedelic effect. It reminds me of music from Pink Floyd (like other reviewers have pointed out), but it also resembles cd's like Bowies 'Heroes' (the instrumental parts) and 'Low'. But Air has it's own distinctive character as well, as we all know by now. Don't take the one-star reviews seriously: if you don't like this kind of (sombre) music of course you will have to look elsewhere. But this album is another example of Air's great feeling for mood and sound.
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on February 29, 2000
As any good soundtrack should be, Air's score to the Virgin Suicides plays a main role in the film, setting the mood and atmosphere. But, unlike most soundtracks, it has a life all of its own that possess tremendous musical power and beauty. Each track is an incredible showcase of how music can really take the listener into another realm. My only complaint would be that there should be more music!
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on April 28, 2005
This CD is simply amazing, a breakthrough. It's hard to find a CD that really creates a mood. The music is final, despondent, accepting. It transports you. What's best is track #6, suicide underground. It's a nutshell plotline of the movie in voiceover, with electronica trembling beneath. Unusual, but it works.

And, surprisingly, it makes for fantastic study music. Who knew?
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