Customer Reviews: The Viscount's Addiction
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on June 27, 2008
Ryder is wrongfully imprisoned, addicted to opium, and currently sharing his cell with a corpse. But things are looking up; some witnesses have said they saw someone else commit the crime he's accused of, so he's released. He arrives home to find his uncle and cousin have been working diligently to deplete his fortune. Much more surprising than that, they have duped a young woman into marrying him while he was in prison, telling her it was Ryder's idea. All the paperwork was handled by proxy, so Ryder is now facing a wife he has never even met.

He can't deny his attraction to his wife Jessie, but he treats her with disdain, disrespect and suspicion because he thinks she's in cahoots with his devious uncle. Jessie and Ryder slowly get to know each other; he realizes she isn't the schemer he thought she was, and she discovers he's not really a dangerous criminal. Now Ryder is faced with a new craving - his wife - and the only danger Jessie truly faces is losing her heart.
I love a well-written erotic historical, and The Viscount's Addiction by Scottie Barrett is exceptionally spicy and satisfying. I found it to be especially interesting because a hero with a substance addiction is rare (at least in my experience). It seems to be a worse taboo than some of the other shocking topics we read about in this day and age. The conflict in this tale is not only about Jessie helping Ryder fight his opium addiction, but also about pride getting in the way of two people being honest with their feelings about each other. The Viscount's Addiction is poignant, delicious, and very, very good.

5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (light bondage, spanking, anal play)

Reviewer, TwoLips Reviews, LLC
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on January 11, 2010
From the moment you read the first page you will be drawn into the dark swift flow of the books opium addicted Viscount.

Ryder's spent 5 years in Newgate Gaol for a murder he didn't commit. Subjected to daily beatings and corpses left to rot within the cells, it's no wonder he becomes addicted to the opium. As the story unfolds we realize the opium benefactor is non other than his uncle- part of his plan to secure Lord Blackwoods estate while he is incarcerated.

Upon his release and return to the estate, he is introduced to Jesse-his uncle Hentry's step-daughter and ward from the time she was 15. It is revealed that at that age he had her and sign a proxy marriage certificate to Ryder(Lord Blackwood)-so that Henry and his son Lewis could live off the estate while Ryder is away legally. Of course this makes Jesse Ryder's wife-legally.

Ryder's immediate reaction is to assume all 3 have swindled him and from the looks of his estate impoverished him as well. As punishment he kicks out his cousin Lewis and tells Jesse he will be taking advantage of his marital rights-she will also have 30 days in his bed before she will be in prison with the others. She protests her innocence in the whole affair and tries to show him she was taking care of things the best she could. Opium, Laudnum and alcohol are never far from his reach, making it difficult for him to really see things clearly. He does not trust her and she is falling in love with him. When she starts actually making references to her absence in 30 days-he starts to feel he would rather not lose her and asks her to stay and help rid him of his addiction. (Could he be starting to care for this woman who lied and cheated her way into his life?) This woman -in whose arms he can forget the withdrawls for a while...............
When she agrees-she starts to realise a few things herself-She is in love with this very bad-boy sexually- aggressive Viscount and much to her dismay-when his addiction is over-He will be a different Man &---so he will surely end their coerced marriage.

The story is fluid, chatty , sensual, naughty and every scene is well set up for our passionate couple. Scottie's version of recovery from Opium spared some of the more brutal sides of addiction and I am actually glad to get more of the relationship story instead. I really liked both characters and thoroughly enjoyed their torturous banter with each other. I would have liked a longer story (selfish at heart) when I enjoy the characters I always want to spend more time with them.

If you love a very dark and truely tortured (sex-exhibitionist)hero paired with a witty tough at heart surprisingly sensual naughty heroine-then this is your book. These two people were totally meant for each other..Bravo!

I was happily surprised!--Thanks Scottie-I will be reading more of your books-ON a personal note * try to make them longer>
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on May 10, 2009
The embittered and betrayed viscount returns to his estate after suffering the unbearable indignities of goal. He is allowed his freedom when there is not an iota of doubt as to his innocence, but while incarcerated he develops an addiction to opium as a means of enduring the horrendous conditions of imprisonement. A man who has lost his illusions, he realises on his return that his uncle and cousin had contrived his arrest so they could have access to his wealth which they achieved through the unwitting participation of Jessie, his uncle's beautiful ward. They also made certain he was never short of his addiction which made him more vulnerable as his constantly befuddled mind prevented lucid thought and the awareness of having been swindled by his relatives. This handsome, wounded man finds a crumbling estate, a hostile environment with his relatives resenting his presence and whatsmore, a beautiful wife whom he desires and despises since he suspects her of being in league with the other two men. Jessie feels a powerful attraction for this man but has to battle not only her relatives but also her unyielding husband in order to salvage what she can of both the man she loves and the estate.

I read it in one go as I loved the play of love winning over suspicion and mistrust. It's what I look for in romance ,that sense of yearning and tugging of heartstring as well as passion. This book contains all these so I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on October 11, 2013
I loved this story. Sure, there were a few potholes here and there. Yeah, the end of it is not nearly as exciting as the beginning. But....who wouldn't fall in love with Ryder. He can be devilish, and charming even when he's crude. His character is so fascinating. He never wavers who or wht he is. Love the chemistry b/w Jess and he. Hated for it to end. Worth the read. It's probably one of my fav's now, only because Ryder's personality is sooo outstanding.
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on June 16, 2015
I did really like this book. A suffering h who has learned to rise above those who have tried to pull her down and a tortured Hero trying to find his way again. I wish the H would have believed the h about her innocence a little earlier but that is a minor complaint and honestly didn't detract from the love story very much. The heat level in this book in scorching but not so frequent that whole book becomes one long bedroom scene. I wouldn't say it's great literature but in all honesty we are talking about romance novels here so I would say in the realm of this genre its a worthy book.
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on November 5, 2012
I loved this book. After I read this book, I bought her other books. Deeply moving story of love, redemption and mercy. Especially moving story for anyone who has had or loves someone with an addiction.
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on May 7, 2015
Enjoyable and titillating read although the editing could have been better. A bit rough in spots but still a good plot which made me root for Jessie and still feel for her forced upon husband who was a enthralled as I was with her sassy behavior.
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on February 17, 2015
I don't generally read historical erotica, however, I'd certainly be tempted to try more after this.

The synopsis tells you all you need to know about the story. I will say that I found this to be a quick enjoyable read that I'd happily call a page turner.

Ryder Braddock isn't your typical heroine, given his addictions but I couldn't help but like him. Jessie is also a more than likeable heroine who has a great sassy personality. I would liked to have seen their emotional relationship develop deeper but their sexual chemistry was great and led to some pretty steamy moments.

I enjoyed the darker elements of the story and reading about Ryder's struggle in prison and his battle with opium addiction. I would have liked the storyline with Ryder's uncle to have been expanded on and felt the author could have used this element of the story to tap into a lot more suspense and drama.

All in all I enjoyed this read - 3.5 stars

I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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on October 11, 2011
I thought that this book was much better than some of the other reviews let on. I liked the author's other books and took a chance and was glad that I did. The cover seems too modern but the story is interesting about addiction and overcoming this obstacle as well as the power of desire and changing for love. Ryder and Jessie are an appealing couple and Jessie is very assertive and smart.
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on February 17, 2015
I am so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone with this one. Historical romance isn't usually my genre of choice. Thrilled I was given the opportunity to read this 5 star ARC. Storyline is entertaining and fun. Packed with unique characters and themes. The writing was free of excess detail and "fill in" material. I felt accurate portrayal of lifestyles, environments, dialogue, and era.
I feel like a warning is needed.. you may have lots of emotions. Characters are so well written you feel like your next to them. It isn't always a positive feeling either. I had moments of complete anger.
There may be moments of questioning to a character's behavior, action, event, etc..just remember your reading fiction. Everything isn't going to be perfect or exact.
I am so looking forward to any other books I can find with this author's name. I highly recommend this quick read. AndreaGAH (less)
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