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on November 21, 2015
Very informative, albiet a little long-winded for the purpose of inculcating the necessity of moderate sun exposure. The only serious criticism I have is that there is no mention of vitamin k2 in addition to the vitamin d and calcium. Vitamin k2 helps to mobilize the calcium, which is necessary for the proper absorption of vitamin d, out of places where it is not needed, such as the arteries that can lead to the build-up of calcium in the arteries (hardening of the arteries). Yes, the author is not a cardiologist, but if directing the public to take a certain supplement to add in the absorption of another supplement, one must not leave out aspects that can potentially cause health implications such as the addition of k2 to mobilize calcium out of the arteries and to the areas such as the bones where is it needed.
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on November 28, 2016
Loved this book. I've also met the very well-qualified author/physician. He is considered the best in this topic... I first heard him referred to as "THE vitamin D guy". It's the kind of book you wish moms would read before their children are born, so as to better understand how to give their kids a better shot at a healthy beginning to this (hopefully) long rode of Life. (I got lucky with my kids, but it was still a reassuring read.)

Ironically, he also works with people who have problems where they must keep their Vitamin D levels far lower than is desired for the general public, so while this book may make you want to run off to the beach at certain hours of the day to get the best, safe, timed sun exposure, as well as doing other great things for your body, if you have to limit vitamin D, you get a rather nostalgic feeling of 'Ah, yes, those were the days'.

The 'DMinder' app was developed with Dr. Holick (who is considered the world authority on Vitamin D). With this app, you can find out exactly when, in your location, you can gain Vitamin D via sunlight exposure and points out that it's the UVB rays that benefit the body for Vitamin D. (You can also search for YouTube videos on the topic.

The book is very well written, informative, and helps to make good sense out of how our bodies are affected by vitamin D levels throughout the many stages of life. I am very glad to have had this knowledge and look forward to re-reading sections over time.
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on February 2, 2017
While the author has not given incorrect info, he has not given all the info one needs to safely take this vitamin. There was no mention of vitamin K at all and not mentioning it when instructing people to take calcium with D is just incomplete info. Most people get enough calcium in their food, few folks really need to supplement it and excess calcium is downright dangerous. He also mentioned Vitamin D toxicity and that is almost impossible to cause and I really think he is being an alarmist there, but I guess he was trying to keep readers safe, but for God's sake, research and use K and read about calcium and its dangers, especially if you are taking D.The one positive that was great info was telling readers which test to request for Vitamin D levels. Most doctors have no idea what they are doing in advising or not advising patients regarding nutrients and they also confuse the best tests to check levels. So, do pay attention to that information, definitely. Otherwise, I would find other sources to consult and learn about Vitamin D.
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on November 2, 2015
I am so glad I read this book. A recent blood test revealed I was low in vitamin D, so I started doing research on the subject and ran across the Vitamin D Solution. Among all of the useful information contained in this book, one of the things I am the most thankful for is "getting permission" to go out into the sun again. About 10 years ago I started getting melasma on my face, so I developed a fear of going out into the sun without sunscreen on all exposed parts of my body, in addition to my face. That clearly started the downward slide to vitamin D deficiency. Most of the symptoms I had were not as severe as many of the ones Dr. Holick discusses in his book, but I clearly was not doing well - poor sleeping habits, hypoglycemia and intense food cravings in spite of eating 5 small meals a day at above maintenance calories, and difficulty gaining strength or cardiovascular fitness in spite of working out regularly. General lack of motivation in other areas. Since I started supplementing with vitamin D, spending time out in the sun and now even using the occasional tanning bed (in line with the recommendations in this book), my life has changed. All of those problems are practically gone and I'm on the road to recovery. I can go back to loving the sun and UVB rays (in sensible moderation, of course and I still cover my face!), and my health is so much better. Thank you for this book Dr. Holick!
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on August 1, 2014
This book CHANGED my LIFE!!! And a whole bunch of people I turned on to it!!! You have got to read it! I even started giving Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone!) to my dog who is 14. She had a huge lipoma on her chest and it reduced considerably! I put it on her little 'growths' that come up on her skin and they disappear. She of course can't get the sun that we can on our skin so I give it to her year round. She has improved so much because of this.
Everyone should read this book. Amazing!!!
Fast shipping thank you!
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on December 1, 2013
This book has a lot of great information about the importance of vitamin D and how to get it. However, there needs to be a section on the importance of having enough magnesium to process vitamin D. I struggled with vitamin D deficiency and experiencing side effects when taking vitamin D supplements. It took months to find out that I had to take more magnesium in order to take vitamin D. I would recommend reading this book along with The Magnesium Miracle and Transdermal Magnesium Therapy (fancy way of saying get magnesium through your skin through sprays or baths) to get the full story. Also, be very careful if you decide to use the Sperti lamp mentioned in the book. It can give you very bad burns that take months to heal even when you follow the directions. Best to just go to a tanning bed for 5 minutes a week in the winter instead of this lamp if you go the UB light route.
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on April 26, 2010
Learning about vitamin D from Michael Holick is like learning the art of magic from Harry Houdini. Greatly reducing the likelihood chronic degenerative disease such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes (and many more) is easier than you think once you know the secret. Although no supplement, diet, exercise, or lifestyle change can completely eliminate risk, The Vitamin D Solution will give you incredibly powerful, life-altering information that's as easy as getting some sensible sun exposure or popping a safe, inexpensive pill.

Michael Holick, the world's leading expert on vitamin D, is your guide on this journey of discovery. His pioneering efforts in that field go back to his days as a graduate student when he synthesized the active form of vitamin D, finding it to have extraordinarily powerful therapeutic effects. His contributions as both a scientist and practitioner have made profound advances in every aspect of vitamin D research. Dr. Holick has been a tireless researcher, advocate, author, educator, and legendary lecturer for over 30 years. He stands as the most prolific author of articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals including the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

I have a few predictions. The latter 2/3 of the 20th century will become known as the dark ages, when they demonized the sun, a situation that led to untold suffering and literally millions of largely preventable deaths. Dr. Holick will emerge as a central figure ushering in a new age where sunlight and vitamin D (along with other well-known lifestyle changes) eradicate millions of needless cases of chronic disease. Mainstream medicine will embrace the preventive and therapeutic power of vitamin D, and for his pivotal role bringing about the sea change in the practice of medicine, Dr. Holick will earn a well-deserved Nobel Prize. You heard it here first.

Dr. Holick contends that vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition in the world. Being both a researcher and clinician gives him tremendous insights to fortunate readers of this excellent reference. The book opens with two hypothetical pre-teen girls, one living in poverty near the equator and the other living a typical middle class American lifestyle. The list of diseases and medical conditions that are far more common for the middle class girl is shocking. It is no longer debatable that sunlight and vitamin D play major role in preventing a long list of serious chronic diseases, a reality that is becoming more and more accepted by the medical community.

Ideally you should read the entire book in linear fashion, but even if you open the book to random pages you'll find useful information everywhere, such as a new model of cancer that can't grow in a vitamin D-rich environment (page 87); the role of vitamin D in preventing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's (page 140); how vitamin D repairs pancreatic beta cells and thus is an important tool in the fight against diabetes (page 97); the only accurate way to test for vitamin D deficiency (page 147); and a new perspective on what killed the dinosaurs (page 28). I can't go over all 300 pages in this review but I hope you get the idea there is a lot of important information we all need to learn. The book is easy to read, devoid of oppressive jargon, easily accessible to the curious layman, covers the subject reasonably well, and would make an extremely good addition to the library of anyone who understands that good health comes from wise lifestyle choices. For these reasons, I am D-lighted to give the book a solid 5-star rating and the heartiest possible endorsement.

One of my favorite anecdotes involves a baby gorilla on the brink of death when Dr. Holick was called in to help. Classic symptoms of rickets led to an infusion of 5000 IU of vitamin D per day. The patient staged a remarkable recovery and Dr. Holick was the guest of honor at Kirmani's first birthday when she was clearly a happy, healthy, active gorilla. When Dr. Holick presented this story at a vitamin D conference in San Diego (complete with before and after photos) the audience burst into applause. I was there and can attest it was a magic moment. Read about it on page xxiv.

Another amazing story involves a lawyer who supplemented with vitamin D, developed symptoms of overdose, and called Holick to state he was planning to file a malpractice lawsuit. Dr. Holick had the lawyer send him the bottle of capsules which he thoroughly tested, only to find that due to a horrific manufacturing error the lawyer was actually taking over 1,000,000 IU a day. So instead of facing a grueling lawsuit, Dr. Holick acquired an important body of data since vitamin D overdoses are exceedingly rare. (Read about it on page 47.) The lawsuit was dropped, the lawyer quickly recovered, and we have valuable information about diagnosing and treating vitamin D overdose. Everyone wins.

Are there any negatives or downsides to this book? All my comments speak to the controversial nature of vitamin D where experts disagree in many areas. For instance, Holick states that D2 is equally as effective as D3 (page 217), yet the vast majority of researchers state that D3 is more bioavailable and stays in the system longer. On page 251 Holick states magnesium is unrelated to the uptake of vitamin D, which directly contradicts other experts. Holick generally avoids the details of studies that lead to various conclusions, which could be viewed either as a plus (easier to read) or a minus (lack of supporting evidence). There are more like this but I don't want to dwell on minutae. No two vitamin D experts see eye-to-eye on all aspects of this complex, confusing, confrontational subject. But this book contains so much solid, essential information it would be recommended reading for anyone even if they have minor disagreements here and there.

On page 214 Dr. Holick touches on a subject of utmost importance: Why can't the Institute of Medicine get it right when determining recommended vitamin D supplementation levels? The problem lies primarily in the guidelines of evidence-based medicine that only allows input from research reported in peer reviewed medical journals. Because pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to support research costing tens of millions of dollars to prove the value of an extremely inexpensive supplement, vitamin D studies tend to be of the lower-credibility observational type. Because medical science views this as a lack of compelling evidence the industry is hesitant to actively endorse vitamin D, and we all suffer as a result. I wish this flaw was exposed in a more forceful way but I'm glad at least was mentioned to give readers of this book some valuable insights. As a side note, The Institute for Functional Medicine promotes a system that sidesteps the flaws inherent in evidence-based medicine, and Dr. Mark Hyman, their most visible spokesman, provided a strongly supportive testimonial appearing on the back cover.

Here's the good news: You don't have to wait for the Institute of Medicine, the medical profession, or even your family doctor to jump onboard in order to benefit from the magic of vitamin D. However, you need to do your homework and that's where The Vitamin D Solution comes in. Dr. Michael Holick has done a superb job presenting information that will help you achieve optimal health. Read, it, study it, think about it, understand it, and most importantly, put it into action to get your 25(OH)D level above 50 ng/mL. (For most people that requires daily regimen of about 5000 IU.) The life you save may be your own.
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on December 11, 2012
Having been sickly for most of my life, I now (for the past 8 years) rely heavily on the advice of my naturopathic doctor. He recommended Vitamin D which I have been taking successfully to build up my immune system and to prevent and/or alleviate colds and flu.

Having heard the author personally and being impressed by his presentation and expertise on the subject of vitamin D, I certainly would not hesitate recommending the author and his very informative book to anyone interested in finding a reliable resource with as much incredible research behind the topic as Dr. Michael Holick's.
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on October 27, 2013
This book would be excellent if it simply had a few sentences of summary for each chapter. What I mean is this: Yes, have the long-winded explanation but also include a short summary of what each chapter says at the beginning or end of each chapter.

Dr. Holick has been researching Vitamin D (or should I say Hormone D) for decades and is eminently qualified to preach on this topic. But most of us would rather start with the short story (cut to the chase) and have the details available if we wish to get more in-depth.

Also, I don't remember Dr. Holick acknowledging that supplementation might be different than getting your vitamin D through the sun. There is a very big and important NIH study going on right now that looks at vitamin D supplementation. That study will finish in 2014, but the results will be not be available until a few years after the completion of the study. It is possible that study could show us some negatives in regard to vitamin D supplementation. There have been a few minor chinks in the armor of vitamin D supplementation that Dr. Holick does not discuss. That is perhaps OK since these things have been quite minor and not well documented, but I still think a tiny bit of caution is warranted. Boy, I'm not saying this well at all! Maybe I need to be more long-winded :)

I currently believe in getting a fair amount of vitamin D and trying to get it from sunshine when possible. If not possible, get it from supplements. But there are some things we don't know about vitamin D and a lot of what Dr. Holick says is subject to possible change in the next few years. Keep your ears and eyes open.

All in all, a much needed book that properly strikes at the medical leviathan and exposes another area of misguided and harmful dogmatism (counseling against all direct sunlight). The book would be 4 and 3/4 stars if it had a summary paragraph for each chapter.
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on July 19, 2014
I found this book to be extremely illuminating. Dr. Holick explains that he is one of the vitamin D researchers beginning back (I believe) in the 1960's. His wealth of knowledge and experience was quite educational for me. He covers in detail all of the aspects of vitamin D. He explains based on his experience, knowledge and research that there really is NO difference between vitamin D2 and D3 (as far as humans benefitting from it) and how vital vitamin D is to our OVERALL health and well-being.

I learned, for example, that vitamin D is NOT really a vitamin even though it is called a vitamin. It is actually considered a hormone and that some vitamin D3 supplements come from the lanolin of sheep's wool.

Dr. Holick also asserts that one of the best sources of vitamin D is through direct sunlight! In Part II of the book; "Three Steps To Rebuilding Your Vitamin D Levels", in step 1 (chapter 8) of the book, he goes into great detail about how to accomplish receiving direct sunlight safely. In step 2 (chapter 9) of the book, he talks about pairing up vitamin D with calcium. And then in step 3 (chapter 10) of the book, he covers how to take supplements safely (as a backup plan).

You may not agree with every one of his assertions, but this book is still well worth reading based on his length of years of experience as a vitamin D expert. I enjoyed reading this book and gleaning some of his insights thoroughly.
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