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on April 13, 2013
I first read this short story back in 2010 when it was published as a single story. I noticed a new edition with two additional short stories included, and decided to read it again.

The prologue piques your interest about what caused the annihilation, who the survivors are, and why they've forgotten their identities.

The chapters take you back and forth between the happenings at John and Marie's Fourth of July party and the experiences of the survivors as they begin to follow the voice. This back and forth kept me feeling as confused as the characters did, while they try to figure out what had happened. As the voice guides them, you are kept in suspense as the truth is slowly revealed to the characters and the reader. I enjoyed the twists, turns, and surprises as the author developed the story. I sat and thought about the ending, then read the story again. I enjoyed it even more that time. It would be interesting to see the story continue and what comes next for these characters.

Shotgun is set in a future time. The plot is tense, and may be difficult for some to read, due to similar events in our current time. It was short, but had a good twist ending.

In Stromboli High, Gabriel and Anthony are sitting by the lake... as Gabriel rolls a joint for Anthony... not the usual kind of joint... a joint with consequences attached. Anthony awakes confused at his job; not understanding how he got there. He chalks it up to black outs, but does not feel high. The fear from what he sees in his Uncle Gino's Music Store and Pizzeria horrifies him. It may sound strange to say, but seeing how Anthony comes to "learn his lesson" made me giggle.

The three stories in this book are all different, make you think, horrify you, and can make you smile--an enjoyable way to spend the day.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 17, 2011
I will disclose that I heard this author asking for reviews in the discussion boards so I looked him up. I read the reviews on his short story, and since the price was nearly free, I decided to download it on my Kindle and have a look. There's nothing better than being the first to discover a new talent, and I'm glad I discovered William L.K.

His work is suspenseful,and he gives you engaging characters and a surprising ending. I found it intriguing to imagine how it would be to completely lose all memory, to be left wondering who you are, and what you might have done in your life. Being a short story, the author didn't have time to explore that aspect of his characters. If his story were to be expanded, that would be a very interesting angle to explore.

I don't usually read short stories because once I get into a character, I don't like them to leave too soon. This story could be stretched out giving the reader more time with the compelling characters L.K. has created. I read that he's writing another book and I will keep my eye out for it.

There are a lot of apocalyptic books on the market and as 2012 draws nearer, I'm sure the number will increase. L.K. might want to consider lengthening his book to cash in on the trend. I won't say who the voice is, but as a reader, I would have loved to know more about that particular person/group. Not much is mentioned in the novella about him/them.
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on May 18, 2017
I really enjoyed this book, it kept me hanging on each page and waiting for the excitment of the next passage.I liked it so much i wished it could have been longer. I will read more of this authors work.
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on February 27, 2011
"The Voice" sets the scene in the prologue with, as the description says, a man floating offshore with his mind a blank. The main portion of the book takes us back three days to the events leading up to the prologue and continues with what happens afterward. As we see events through the eyes of the narrator, what happens and what it means are gradually revealed to both him and us. The story is fast moving, yet satisfying in that it keeps you in suspense and guessing, trying to unravel what has happened. Saying much more will only turn this review into a spoiler. A short, yet still very satisfying read.

The bonus short stories are horror rather than sci-fi. The first, "Shotgun," is short, but with a wicked twist. Both are fun reads.

**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog.**
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on March 24, 2011
I'm going to be completely honest........I have no idea what I just read. Don't get me wrong, the concept was awesome, and I loved where it was going at points. It's just that it kind of skipped from story to story. And the connections were just barley there for the most part. I kept thinking things were going to tie themselves up for me nicely, and just ended. It seemed very abrupt. I felt like I was reading the teaser in the back of a book about the next book the authors working on. Mixed emotions, because what was there I REALLY liked. I'd love to read an expanded version if one was ever made.
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on February 10, 2011
I like fiction that entertains, but I love fiction that makes me think. The Voice is a futuristic sci-fi that did just that.

The author's clever use of construction only made the reading experience better, in my opinion. I was forced to sit back and allow William L.K. to take me on this journey of his creation. I'm happy to say that the destination is satisfying, indeed.
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on October 13, 2011
I loved the suspenseful way this story was written. It's a very interesting concept where we are given very few clues as to what is really going on until the very end. William has a very unique voice himself, I love his writing style.

The two bonus stories Shotgun is psychotic and Stromboli High is a very twisted story about getting high, eating Stromboli and more psychosis. The things going on in William L. K.s head are frightening.

The editing and formatting were spotless as far as I could tell.
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on August 18, 2010
so based on the previous reviews, I went into this story with an open mind. The concept and execution was very interesting and I didn't see the end coming -- and how rare is that?! I would recommend this story to others and will read it again, myself.
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on April 23, 2011
I enjoyed the story a great deal but found the writing style lacking. Scene and character shifts were abrupt and unclear. The "using 10% of our brains" just turned me off. Let's not do that any more.

Again, the story has merit but it needs a good editor and a lot of expansion. This is an author I will keep an eye on.
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on May 20, 2011
This is a collection of three short stories. The first one was ok. I didn't really enjoy the last two. The editing wasn't too bad. There was a grammar error in the author's use of "it's" for possessive pronoun over and over and over in one of the chapters that was VERY distracting.
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