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on November 10, 2015
This book is mind blowing!! What can I say... buy it, read it, and read it again!! (As soon as possible if you haven't read it.)

This book and most of the rest of Abraham-Hicks information will lead you to the promise land..the land where you can create whatever life you want. There is very good information in here concerning all parts of life from children to adult relationships. Mine came with a CD that also hada transcript of a live workshop.

The contents of book are like this:
Your vortex (Learning to Attract Joyous Co-creators)
Mating: The perfect mate, getting one, being one, attracting one.)
Sexuality and Sensuality and opinions of others
Parenting (Creating Positive parent child relationships)
Self-appreciation (The magic key to your vortex)
and the last part is a transcript of a workshop which is also on CD included with the book)

I have seen some weird stuff in my life since reading this book like just this morning, information I need showed up on my phone as a picture. I was searching Google images for a picture of codes for a certain remote control last night but I couldn't find one that had 4 digits in the code. The pictures all showed only 3 codes. So I cleared my phone and went to bed. Then this morning it was there. It isn't in my photos on my phone or any other folder with pictures and it was not yet uploaded to Google drive so I don't know where it came from. What does this have to do with this book? Just that, we absorb information when we read a book and perhaps that had an effect and I may have unconsciously created what we needed... I don't know. I just know that this book gives you the keys to your own kingdom by explaining what you need to do to get into the Vortex, which is where you create from.

Definitely recommended reading!!
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on April 24, 2016
This book is broken down in a very simple way and it's very easy to grasp. I never thought I'd find peace at my workplace until I learned how to get into The Vortex! I realized that I was the one creating all the turmoil that invaded my being when involving myself with complicated co-workers. By understanding the Law of Attraction and how we get what we get, I was able to become an 'Allower' and ALL turned out well for me at my job. The Vortex helped me find a place of centeredness & peace in my environment &I will always be grateful for Abraham! #TheLawOfAttraction #AbrahamHicks
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on December 9, 2016
For those who have got engaged with The law of attraction, this would be a perfect next experience, it has helped me with clarifying some of the concepts, allowing me to bring them closer to my understanding and intuitive learning. It is great!
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on October 30, 2014
I am a wholistic health and energy management practitioner. Any food or supplement or reading I use that I consider important to my mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health is tested energetically for the “truth” and integration of it before my consumption. I have no life to waste on careless consumption in these realms. My recommendations reflect this process. How can anyone live their life happily if they dont own that they create it?? You will find that application of the principles Abraham teaches will/can change your life. I read the web post everyday for the help it lends to my daily living. Good for all!
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on August 25, 2016
Was bummed a bit I must of missed the part that said no cd 😕 I didn't read it well. Also someone wrote notes and stuff in the book. 😟 Only one of two that was not as good as I hoped.
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on April 7, 2017
Amazing and astounding wisdom here. I believe there's too many 'ah-ha' moments and gems in this book to count! I appreciate that this book has a very healthy way to be spiritual during our physical existence. This is a great way to let go of the guilt-ridden beliefs we are all brought up in. The ideas on how to focus your attention and focus on 'good feeling-thoughts'...any one can benefit!
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on March 10, 2017
Great book. It basically talks about what kind of vibrations we have to give to get what we want out of life. It talks about how importante is to have harmony with everything that surrounds us (our family, friends even the government...). It's also importante to have harmony with our selfs so we can give good vibrations to get good ones. And my favorite one: a pessimist life will never lead to good things or nice people in your life, in order to get good things in our life we have to send good vibrations and stay positive.
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VINE VOICEon October 18, 2009
This 2009, 238-page book is more of the Teachings of Abraham and part of the Law of Attraction series by the authors. Although it is quite repetitive, it really does provide very good information. As one might suspect, it is about the Law of Attraction, which basically states that what you put out there is what you get back. The book explains that by providing many Q & As, in which Jerry asks questions of Abraham (a certain collective consciousness group of entities that he and Esther channel information from). Abraham channels the answers. This book is actually about relationships. Beyond the concepts of couples, the term relationships is directed toward any one you may have a relationship with, such as a spouse, significant other, friend, boss, relative, hairdresser, etc.

The first section of the book delves into some flaws in beliefs that many people experience, such as "If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away." The book then explains why this is faulted thinking and how to properly align your thinking to achieve the results you truly want. The book then attempts to answer the normal questions that most people would have where they experience discord with a relationship, or have not found an agreeable relationship, or are looking for something better. Some of the many questions addressed ask about attracting a mate, a soul-mate, why people may choose a mate that is not in alignment with them, relationships between parents and children, relationships between employees and the boss, etc.

I think it is probably a no-brainer that you have to fix yourself first, before you can be happy with someone else, but there are people who find it hard to admit there may be something wrong with their attitude. One of the major concepts this book will try to explain to you is that you must be happy from the inside out and that you cannot be dependent on someone or something else to make you happy. That is short-lived (temporary) happiness and not lasting happiness. The Law of Attraction is used to explain the concept.

In case anyone reading this review is unfamiliar with the Universal Law of Attraction, again, it is that you attract the vibrations you put out. Foe example, if you are insecure and believe you are unworthy of love, you will attract people to you who are the same as you. So, if you are looking for someone who can fill the void within you, it ain't gonna happen. If somehow it does, it ain't gonna last. That's the bottom line. If your glass has a hole in the bottom, it is gonna leak, no matter how much juice you put into it. Eventually, the glass will weaken from the stress and crack, and then shatter. It might even cut you pretty badly in the process.

Honestly, I don't think there is anything in this book that I read that I didn't agree with. It's all true and we probably all need to be reminded periodically, so we don't slip backwards. It is so easy to lose our footing and forget who we really are amidst the anger and tension around us. It is so important to be secure within ourselves, to realize we are a piece of the Divine, when others try to force us into negativity, so that we may stand strong in our own convictions and stay in the Light. This is the way forward, out of the fog and into the Light.

Although the book is repetitive, for some it must be so. The bottom line is that the information within it is invaluable.

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on July 2, 2010
I purchased this book via the Kindle application for iPhone after reading the many reviews. Previously, I've read Abraham-Hicks books and have always been impressed by what they have to teach. In fact, my first real introduction to all things "spiritual" came first with the teachings of Abraham. Soon to follow was Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and my favorite.... Dr. Wayne Dyer. I've read this book off and on for several weeks at work, at home, waiting somewhere...etc. Every-single-time I read it, I feel in alignment with my non-physical self; who I really am. The feelings I feel when reading it are those of radiance and can be felt by those around me, or so I've been told.

I can see how someone might say it's repetitive. I agree it IS repetitive, but for the right reasons. Just like the term "practice makes perfect"....hearing / saying / reading / thinking something over and over helps to seep it into your foundation. To seep lower than the false premises we've come to know, acknowledge and live. I feel like I could read this book over and over and would still have something to learn from it each time I read it.

My favorite aspect of this book is how Jerry seems to cover every question you can think of in regards to relationships and how they collaborate with the Law of Attraction. Many questions I was stuck on were answered through Jerry's asking and Abraham's answers. The whole Q&A format, the way the book is laid out, was perfect for my particular learning style.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. In fact, I might even be buying it as Christmas gifts for a few people in my life who might enjoy reading it.

I loved this book and I look forward to anymore books that Abraham-Hicks puts out.

All is full of love.
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on December 10, 2016
The Abraham Hicks books and teachings have been life changing.
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