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on January 3, 2015
Great quality, happy I purchased these.

I started reading the Walking Dead very late. I had watched a few seasons of the show on AMC and decided to pick the books up. These are great 12 book compendiums. I pulled through each book quickly to catch up on the series and have now moved to reading these on my iPad when each issue is released.

The stories are quite well written and the art is fantastic.

Don't expect the same story line of the show and be willing to put aside reality a bit more as well.
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on February 21, 2016
Again, as with the other hardcover TWD's I've posted on, two things need to be said.

1. This series came first. Then the television series. It was not the other way around.
2. When I say roughly corresponding, I mean ROUGHLY!

So for those not wanting an upcoming spoiler for the television series, you're pretty safe here. Anything they were likely to pull from this volume has likely been done in the series.

This collection, however, works even more roughly than other hardcover collections of the series. Anyone coming to this volume from the television series will notice a smattering of multiple seasons that came from this source material. So for anyone wanting to figure out where some scenes came from, this will be a gold mine for you.

However, don't let it scare you off from this volume. Just because this tends to correlate with multiple seasons of the television series at points doesn't make this a jumbled up mess. It's quite the opposite--you'll be fine and can figure out what's happening. However, I do recommend working your way up to this volume from prior hardcover collections. Several characters are referenced and sometimes the only way to know what happened was to have read the prior volumes.
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on December 29, 2015
I currently own the first 8 Walking Dead books and am enjoying my time with them, following the characters through their journey and also seeing how the "script" was originally written versus the direction the TV show has gone. While I thoroughly enjoyed the first 4 books, Book 5 was a slight letdown for me. There wasn't a whole lot of progress with the plot, and while some new characters were introduced, there wasn't quite as much action in this book. Each of the former books would shock or surprise me with either the death of a character, or an intense situation the group faced.

That being said, there were still a few great sequences in this book, notably a scene with Rick, Carl, and Abraham when they separate from the group and hit the road. While there may have not been quite as much excitement this time around, reading through this book is still a necessity because skipping it entirely would result in missing out on some key character additions and situations.

While The Walking Dead comic series is highly acclaimed, it simply can't run on all cylinders all the time. This book is a slower paced entry, but still adds enough character development and plot progression to be a must-read for any Walking Dead fan.
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on February 23, 2015
For fans, the episode wherein, after the prison has been lost, Rick and son try to survive on their own -- and Abraham and company is first introduced. The 1st half of the book is best: mostly Rick and son on their own after the prison was lost. Only a little bit different from the TV series, as far as plot goes. In this one, Rick was shot in the stomach at the prison, not beaten to a pulp by the Governor. But the end result is the same: he and Carl end up in an unnamed house in an unnamed suburb, while Carl finally learns to survive on his own.

Michonne rejoins the cast, and then the whole gang (or what's left of it) get back together around Abraham's important mission: to bring Eugene to Washington, and thus "save the world."

But again, the beginning of this book is more gripping than the remainder: the prison has been lost, Lori and daughter killed, the rest either scattered or dead, and Rick and Carl alone. The writing is good, and the art much improved, probably best in the series to date. Obviously, the tricks that played to the comic audience don't work in this format, but still, when a groggy Rick reaches for Carl, we don't know for sure that he is not a Walker: after all, if they could change the rest, why not this?

I think this volume is also notable for the dialogue, which (especially when Abraham and his people are talking) is better than the AMC version. More realistic. And this Abraham is much more the physically dominant type, the alpha male leader, which creates a better dynamic than the character we know from the show, who is like an inept, or wannabe soldier.

Andrea (long since dead in the TV version) continues to play a big role, and we like it. She's gorgeous in the artwork, and heroic when it comes time to tell the story. The writers could have taken the easy way with her romance with Dale, but instead continue to push the button here. Nice.

It was also nice to revisit the farm, and to have the characters (Maggie and Glen) ride horses, which they don't get to do in the AMC version.

It short, maybe one of the best of the series so far, certainly one of the more enjoyable. There is more drama here, and more suspense -- and, now that the group is back without the protection of walls, more tension. All good. The book itself, as usual, good. The binding great.
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on February 21, 2017
Серия The Walking Dead - это просто нечто! В отличии от сериала комикс намного интереснее и более закрученный ! После прочтения первого тома хочешь сразу прочитать все остальные тома без остановки:)). Лично мне понравился комикс и я с нетерпением буду ждать следующие выпуски! Всем Советую к прочтению!

Series The Walking Dead - it's just something! In contrast to the comic series is much more interesting and more hooked! After reading the first volume you want to just read all the other volumes without interrupting :)). Personally, I liked the comic book and I look I will wait for the next release! I advise everyone to reading!

Best Regard!
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on December 3, 2013
I've read The Walking Dead for years now. My buddy buys the individual issues as they're released and passes them to me, so I read them as soon as they come out. I've purchased all of the hardcover editions, though, so that I can re-read them and lend them out. When someone tells me how much they love the television series, I always ask if they've read the source material. When they say "no," I hand them volume one. First hit's free.

The books are very different from the tv show. The cast is largely the same, but just because something happens in one version, don't expect it to happen the same way in the other. At first, I was kinda upset about this when watching season one of the show, but quickly realized that it's better that way. I might THINK I know what to expect, but that's not always the case. Vice-versa if you've watched the show but not read the books. Don't think it's just storyboards for the show. Brace yourself...the horrors in the book are way, way more brutal. In a good way.
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HALL OF FAMEon May 12, 2010
If you've been keeping up with The Walking Dead up until the point where this fifth collected hardcover edition picks up, then you've probably been wondering just what Robert Kirkman has up his sleeve now. In the wake of the massacre at their prison-based safe haven, Rick and his young son Carl continue their trek through the zombie-populated world, only to have Rick fall ill and Carl fend for himself for a time. After that, we are introduced to some new faces, re-introduced to some old ones, reunions are had, and that sense of dread that hangs over every panel and page continues to permeate more and more the longer the series goes on for. If there's any indication from the events that take place in the two storyarcs collected here, "Here We Remain" and "What We Become", it only re-affirms the fact that the worst thing to come out of the zombie apocalypse is not that the dead are returning to life and feasting on the living, but the mental effect that it is having on the survivors and denziens of this new wasteland, which has been Kirkman's intention since the beginning. Charlie Adlard continues to deliver the goods in terms of his pencil work, while Cliff Rathburn's underrated work on the gray tones of Adlard's pencils and inks adds subtle degrees of equal parts emotion and horror that has helped make The Walking Dead so good for so long now. All in all, if you've missed out on the series since its inception, it is way past time to check out The Walking Dead, and this fifth collected hardcover is proof positive of that.
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on May 21, 2017
Loved it
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on June 23, 2017
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on July 4, 2012
Anyone who is into graphic novels or horror this book is a must read. Although I suggest to start with book one. I love the storyline, it is completely different than your average zombie story. The character development and plot continues to change and keeps you wanting find out what will happen next. I like how the authors made the zombies not the main focus in the plot development, but more of an additional main character per say.
I also found the price through Amazon to be much cheaper than my local comic or book store and this included the shipping cost.
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