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on April 27, 2016
This book is super heavy! lol i don't even think my harry potter book was this heavy. Seriously, this book weighs like a brick and feels solid in the sense it is indestructible like a nokia phone lol i guess this book weighs heavy because of all the tragedy it holds within!

The book arrived to me with a torn and bent cover, but that's not so much my concern, as long as there are no ruined or missing pages. Shipping came on time i suppose. there was a little tracking issue where they said the item was delivered but really wasn't. Anyway! I love TWD show so I've always wanted to read the comic, especially with the intro of neegan this season, i just HAD to know what happens next. So I've been reading the comic from a crappy website but now i have access to issues 94-144 and i couldn't be any less happier. But with the size of this godly book, it feels like there's a whole lot more than just those issues.

The story is great! since issue 1, it only got better. having a collection of chapters is like reading 1 long book which is great. ill probably wait for the next compendium instead of buying single issues. The price for this was great. I remember wanting the 1st 2 compendiums and i believe they were $50.

There's not much to review upon without spoiling the story so I'm just gonna end my review here with a JUST BUY IT and READ it! Because, this IS worth the buy. I'm already half way through the book like 10minutes in. I can't stop reading, i want to know more and already I'm hating kirkman for the freakin deaths of people i loved seeing in the story. But, that's what keeps the story rolling.

Story aside, great art! I really loved the gorey detail and negan's group--really frightening!
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If you are considering purchasing this book, I assume you are already familiar with the Walking Dead. This hardcover collection is my favorite way to read and collect the series. It saves so much room versus buying single issues or the trade paperbacks. The beautiful hardcover protects the stores and ensures they will last for a while. Each volume contains 12 comics as well as some rare artwork and commentary from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. I love how these look on my shelf and I would recommend them to ANY Walking Dead fan, whether you are brand new to the comics, or already own single issues or trade paperbacks.....these are THE way to collect, read, and enjoy them!!
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on June 26, 2017
I got the kindle version and it was hard to read the larger panels on my small phone screen. It was perfectly fine on a larger tablet.

If you are a fan of the show and haven't read this, I will warn you that there are substantial differences. It is as if a drunk person explained the plot of the comic books to the screenwriter in a loud bar, and them the screenwriter wrote the show from memory a month later. This is to say that the 'highlights' from the comics made it to the show, but it is still a different story.

People are on here trying to review this with deep literary analysis techniques, as if this were Shakespear or Proust or something. This is a comic about zombies. There are many like it, but this is the best one.

If you like the show, you will like the comics. I promise. They complement each other, but are different enough to warrant spending time on both.
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on March 14, 2016
I've purchased all volumes up to 22 and the TV show has just about caught up to wear I am in the novels. These books are friggen awesome. I don't read much and my buddy lent me VOL 1 after he knew I liked the show. Well, I burned through the first one and then just went on a tear buying 4 volumes at a time...the price is pretty good for what you get out of these. $9-$15 is the range I've paid per novel, I'm not sure why they aren't the same but anyways, I keep buying them none the less. The story was written before the TV Show and the show follows the story but there is some differences. The written story is more violent and graphic then the tv show but the tv show does a decent job of sticking with main ideas. I've noticed that certain plot things that happen in the book also happen in the show but there is a unique twist like a different character it happens to or something like that. Which makes reading these volumes great cuz I have some idea of where the story is going (after having watched all tv episodes) but there are still surprises. If you like the TV show and haven't read these, give it a try and you will get a whole new experience of the Walking Dead story. I'm putting this same review under every volume I've purchased (1-22) so people can see it. go buy these!
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on September 6, 2017
The beginning of the show that has captured the imagination of the world. I bought this after I had watched the first two seasons of the show. It was interesting to see where they deviated from the comics and where they stayed faithful to them. Of course, the black and white style gave it a very old school, Night of the Living Dead vibe. I was surprised by how much the characters came to life in the comics. I could easily visualize them doing on the screen what they were doing on the page.
All in all, this made for interesting reading in between season breaks as I pondered on who would be the next to go and how they would meet their demise.

Michael Kelso, author of, 'One on One'.
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on April 6, 2016
As an avid show watcher and owner of Compendiums one and two, I figured I should catch up and read compendium three to compare the show with the comics. I know Negan is beloved by the fanbase but I didn't find his setup very believable. He's a man that oppresses his own people and controls most of the resources (including women). However it didn't seem like he had a loyal inner group the way that Rick does, and is something he would need to protect his way of life. Withholding women from their original husbands/boyfriends would almost certainly cause a coup very quickly and Negan would be outnumbered by his own men. I do think some of the awe and respect for Negan is the brutal way in which he handled Glenn and is represented very well in the artwork. Despite all that, I found the Hilltop and the Kingdom to add to the WD universe and were interesting places to see. It's not often that Rick and the gang find friendly settlements (pretty much never happens). If everything is misery that gets tiring, so I'm glad to see these places in a positive light, at least for the time being.
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If you're a fan of the series, make sure you read the books.

I bought the compendium so as not to have to buy each volume. While it's now packaged in one large volume, it's in one large volume. Reading can be a little cumbersome due to its size but the spine is bound well and I wasn't worried about pages falling off.

The story is captivating. Beyond the TV series, each character is fleshed out even more. As a plus, story arcs go in slightly (or very) different directions as the show so you won't be able to predict everything going forward. The writing is raw and the people feel a little more rounded, their decisions that much more agonizing.

The artwork is great and captures the gruesome grotesqueness of the undead in exquisite detail.
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on December 16, 2015
I have been a fan of The Walking Dead for years now. I started watching when there were only three seasons on Netflix. So I pretty much binge watched three seasons straight, and then joined the rest of the world with watching every Sunday. Anyway, I didn't know the show was derived from comics until seeing an episode of Talking Dead. I discovered the Compendiums and I decided to buy it. I have been thoroughly entertained with these comics. I love reading them and seeing how they are the same and different from the show. I am almost finished with Compendium one, and hoping to get Compendium two for Christmas. This is a great read, just as good, if not better than the show. I am a fan of the show, and now the comics for LIFE!!!
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on December 22, 2015
I get excited every year they put another one of the Omnibuses out. The artwork is phenomenal, and the inclusion of additional covers, sketches, and other drawings at the end is a welcomed finish. It is a big heavy book, so definitely designed as a collector's item. Highly recommended.

Update: anyone know if #7 is coming out? These have been perfectly timed in the past to come out around the holidays and this year, nothin.

Update: I contacted a distributor and they said while they don't have an official release date for Omnibus 7, they estimated sometime in July/August 2017
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on September 3, 2015
I watch the show and I heard the comics were a bit different, so I decided I should read them. So far, I'm enjoying it until I just about reached the halfway point. There about 20 pages that looks like they ran out of ink when they were printing. THIS SUCKS!! I missing major parts and I think someone died during the faded pages....

Do they not have people for quality control? Sigh...
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