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The Walking Dead: Season 2
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$20.04+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Season Two of the Walking Dead has gotten a lot of flack from viewers over time, but it improves greatly on second viewing and is actually one of the better seasons of the series. There are reasons for some of the negativity. Having gone to many boards discussing Walking Dead, I find there is a certain percentage of viewers who really want it to be an all-action show and complain every time it slows down for a bit. That's exactly what Season Two did, especially in its first half, and that generated a lot of carping.

Secondly, when you're watching any of these seasons for the first time, you're all caught up in the plot and are very tense wondering if a certain character is going to die or what will happen to the group and of course, when zombies might attack. The naturally tense mood of the show gets any viewer impatient about what is going to happen and again impatient about character development and subplots. Finally, at this point TWD was still a new show and no one knew where it was going. I confess I was one of the people who began to get disgruntled about the show when in the first half of Season 2 it started to seem like it was going to become a soap opera. The zombies were pushed to the background and it seemed to be about who was loving who, who disliked who, etc. The season eventually righted this swing, but at the time it looked problematic.

On second look after viewing the practically all-action Season One, it becomes obvious that unless there was some character development and a chance to learn who these people were, there would just be a bunch of ciphers running around waiting to be eaten. The writers did a very good job of this, bringing the central group to a relatively safe space, a farm, where the met and interacted with a new group of characters. There are really good characters with deep flaws that cloud their judgement, people who do not yet comprehend the real situation with the "Walkers",and the usual problems that develop in any group which eventually lead some to feel the group is "broken".

And that's just the beginning. The season is full of wild plot swings when a vulnerable member of the group gets lost and another gets shot, a potentially problem romance starts up, a member becomes pregnant and has serious doubts about bringing a child into this dangerous new world, and a youth taken prisoner from an unknown but hostile group creates great dissension over what to do with him. This development heightens the tension between the two male leaders of the group and also underscores the big theme of the show: the world has changed and the old rules no longer apply but there's no handbook of new rules to follow. There is a lot of substance to this and it's fascinating to follow.

Despite it's mellow and quiet reputation there are many intense events in this season with a midseason clash that almost drives everyone apart. Quiet Season Two also has a finale that includes one of the greatest zombie invasion scenes ever made. Give Season Two a chance - it's worth it.
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on May 21, 2016
The first half of Season 2 focusing upon Rick's group living on Hershel's Farm had, perhaps, the worst plot development of this season's start, It wallowed in the mire of the Shane vs Rick over Lorrie & Cal soap opera of which was dull & uninspiring. This was redeemed several episodes later by the startling revelation and resolution of what had happened to one of the group's youngest members, Sophia. The action picks up in the second half of Season 2 where Rick does not disappoint with his efforts to protect the group from the likes of the Jersey boys and taking one of their group back to the farm to interrogate as they see fit. This opens up to a shocking death of a character who had been grudgingly respected as " the voice of reason "for the group. The finale is done in spectacular walker-blazing fashion where the farm never becomes a safe place again. Also, the final few moments introduce the viewer to Michonne and her pets along with a glimpse of the very creepy prison under the moonlight. I bought this blu ray season to complete my collection. The cover is outstanding in that the walkers seem to move menacingly toward the beholder when you shift it in your hands.
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on November 10, 2014
I thought this was going to be just another Zombie show..... I saw it spoken of on Fox-News and decided to give it a try. If you can get past the gore there's a story there unfolding that not just touches but "Strike's" home real heard for every human on the planet. It's about life, the choices people make (write-wrong, good and bad).
It give as true an example of what the author see's (and has every right to believe) the world will be in the event of a complete system Melt-Down in ours and every country. Humans are just that, human. God gave us all free-choice to decide how we want to view life and it's reason, and worth. God also left us with instructions that fewer and fewer humans take time to even look at. With this series, set In a society that has fallen apart, one see's all the choices and there reason's played out in short and long term. Do I believe in "ZOMBI'S", heck-no. Do I believe in the desperation of humans, and there different ways of responding to tragedy? "Heck-Yes"! In real life I'm a paramedic of 20+ years.
I also know we live in a society that has had it so-good for so long that what-ever happens to our structure and the survival of all people will be defined by every-one's understanding of the value of life and what "we" rear our offspring to understand. This "SHOW" is well worth the time it takes to watch, but.... Not as much as reading (And Studying) the Holey Bible. After all? The show isn't real but all who endure it see that the stories in it are much like what we face on a very minute level every day with life, work, home, and simple survival....But Life, Choices, and Gods word very much are-real. I suggest Both for all. After all, how much time do any of us really have?

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I hate zombies. Like anything that Hollywood thinks is a easy money maker, they beat it to death with tripe, gore, and cheesy acting/story/writing where you thank the powers that the zombie is eating the retard on the screen who pollutes the gene pool with their stupidity (and secretly wish the same fate on the writers/producers for the tripe they're putting on screen). I hate the tropes and romanticized glee that its ok to hunt/destroy zombies because its guilt free mayhem, and I hate how glossed over the psychology of the survivors becomes. In short, I hate how zombies are typically handled in movies or tv because the writers crank out insulting and unimaginative garbage.

I give this show 5 stars and watch every season as it comes out and revisit previous seasons upon occasion. This is zombie horror and drama, this takes all the romantic/air headed tripe out of the genre and puts fantastic story, acting, drama, direction, and effects in front of you to make you pray this sort of thing never happens.
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on November 30, 2016
One would think, "Hell, just another zombie film" but; NO!!!! The acting in this series is incredible and imagining a series of this caliber with the concept of "a world under zombie siege" is truly mind-blowing!!! This again is proof that even a series that seemed improbable 20 years ago has now become a reality!!!
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on August 6, 2013
if your into great drama, acting, story telling, suspense and of course, last but not least , zombies this show reigns supreme.
Their are some people who will never ever give this show a chance just because of the zombies, or will this show ever receive any Emmy Awards because of the walkers, but as far as I am concerned who cares, the ratings speak for themselves, and these people don't know what their missing , so " F " them.
This show is a drama first and horror TV series second. I thought the first 2 seasons were brilliant, and their wasn't to me 1 boring episode. Just seeing the individual characters slowly changing from episode to episode was interesting to me.
Some people or so-called fans of the show endlessly complain about season 2 on the farm being boring, these people seem to be more horror or action fans and must see 100% gore in every episode or they are just not happy. My suggestion to them is to go to the movies and watch Evil Dead, the horrible World War Z or whatever other rubbish Hollywood continues to crank out and pump millions of dollars into which virtually lack any story what so ever and are only made to create more CGI effects to hide the fact that THERE IS NO STORY.
I must admit that season 3 was only about 80% great and seemed to loose its way here and there, but now that they have a new show runner, Scott Gimple who wrote some of the best episodes in season 3, and after seeing TWD panel and a preview of season 4 at the 2013 Comicon convention I have total faith the show will be better than ever except for of coarse the constant complainers who endlessly blog about how bad the show has become but for some reason can't stop watching it.
Oh by the way, here's another suggestion, if you don't like the show then stop watching it, and shut the "F" up, or just stick to the comic book which this show does not follow and stop expecting it to be like the comic books.
Hail Odin!!!!!!!!!
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on April 4, 2012
I feel like season two was a bit of a roller coaster. Some ho-hum episodes that seemed to drag, and some very exciting episodes that left you exclaiming, "Holy S#$%!"....This was the latter for sure. The herd finally reaching the farm was pretty perfect, and the loss of even more of the group was as it should be. Two things really stood out for me....Andrea deserved to live. I feel like she, ore than anybody else at this point, has come to grips with the world as it currently is, and is keen on surviving it. Seeing her running through the forest, desperate, out of bullets, and exhausted after what seemed like pretty much a full day of running and gunning was pretty gripping for me personally. When it seemed she was about to die, and then Michonne saved her (at least we hope. :)), i was like, "F345ing ay. She definitely deserved to live." and so i was glad she did. The other thing that stood out was Rick. In his efforts to lead everybody while trying to keep them happy, he lost sight of the fact that while people leaped at the opportunity to let him take risks, they then kicked back and scrutinized his every move, judging him....AS if they (Daryl and Herschel aside...and to a lesser extent Glenn) had actually done anything proactive themselves. So, when he tells them to take off if they think they can do better, but that if they stay, to understand this was no longer a democracy, i was like, "About f'in time. Good man!".
So, i cant wait for season three, which i assume will center around them living at the prison which was shown at the very end.

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The Walking Dead season two was another amazing 5 star season with many twist and turns make you guess what the producers will do next for the storylines. I will give the highlights of the season (some spoilers) for fans of the show or people who have yet to watch the show but wonder about it and might want to buy the show. The first show shows how family, friends, and people you care about stay together and live on even though walkers all around the area. The second they get medical attention for Rick's son...another character will die if doesn't get medical treatment T-Dogg. On the thrid show you still have the group looking for Sofia and Shane comes back with supplies. Fourth show they have to close off a well because of walker inside it. Show Five you have some of the chacters thinking back before the world of walkers, Darrel gets injured and walkers attack him, then Glenn finds a surpise in the barn. Show Six the truth comes out and Rick finds out his wife is pregant. Show Seven Glenn tells the group about the barn, Shane takes the guns from Dale and goes to the barn, Rick and group frozen when they see what comes out of the barn, Rick makes a hard choice and shoots. One of the actors on True Blood guest stars in a scene in Show Eight. Show Nine tensions getting bigger between Rick and Shane looks like there is going to be a showdown between the two of them sooner or later. Show Ten Rick and Shane have there fight and end up being attack by walkers and you choice if you really want to live or die. Show Eleven Rick's son doesn't believe in Heaven when talking back to one of the characters about Sofia, Dale leaves the house after a choice was made he didn't like and finds a dead animal and then attack by a walker, Darrel makes a hard choice for the dying Dale. Show Tweleve the group reenforces the farm to protect it from walkers and any other dangers, Shane, Rick, Glenn and Darrel go try to find the escape prisoner Randell only to have Darrel find him with a broken neck. Then Shane pulls a gun on Rick for final showdown Rick tries to talk sense into him but can't so has to get rid of Shane somehow. Then the Final show of season Walkers make it to the farm, The group realizes the farm is no more and burns the barn to try get out of the farm and live on. Then Rick tells the group the truth he has kept secret since season one (to find out you have to buy season two). Plus Rick tells Laurie the truth about him and Shane, and what Carl did to Shane afterwards. Great Special Features about the music of the seaon, make up amazing job on that, plus almost 30 minutes of delated scenes to add to the storylines. Also for myself I enjoy how much they stay close to the comic book overall. I truly enjoy this show and it's one of my girlfriend's favorite show currently.
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on February 4, 2013
The first season of this show was often clumsy with its unfamiliar characters, and usually focused too much on the zombie/horror aspect, which we had all seen too many times before to be much affected by ... In other words, because we didn't know much about these characters, we didn't care too much about their efforts; whether they survived or not was a matter mostly of indifference. The presentation was amazing, yes, but still, the show only showed promise; it was not a good product.

Season two is different, an amazing experience. The characters are developed in such a way, and the zombie world portrayed in such a dramatic light, that it transcends the horror genre and becomes more theater than anything. Wonderful stuff, almost Shakespearean. Some of the best writing I have ever seen for television. Brilliant acting and direction, with a superb cast. The Rick versus Shane subplot is amazing for several reasons: 1st, the anti-hero is portrayed as being superficially right, but morally wrong, so that we are led to question which is the more valuable trait in this world, the survivalist instincts Shane possesses, or the conscience of a moral man, which Rick maintains. Rick (the moralist) is consistently wrong in his decisions, yet has the favor of the group, whereas the villain of the season becomes Shane, who has nonetheless acted more heroically than any of the others. Yet in the end, who lives and who dies in this new world, and why? A wonderful paradox unfolding, very engaging to watch. The romantic triangle between Rick, Shane, and Laurie is deep in a way that puts most other television writers' efforts to shame. You have the fact that Shane is responsible for saving Rick's family again and again; without him, he would have no reason to continue on. And you have the nature of Laurie's love, a continual question. Did she love Shane or only find comfort with him? And you have Shane's love, continually disregarded throughout both seasons (as Rick declares to him at one pivotal point in the story, "You think you love Laurie, but you don't." The viewer, meanwhile, is not so sure.) It could even be argued in the last two episodes that the anti-hero becomes the hero only to be killed by the hero turned anti-hero. In any case, it's a very thoughtful underpinning to the whole.

I found other plot developments nearly as engaging: the vain efforts to find Sophia, the "judge, jury, and executioner" episode, where Rick is called on (again) to decide which is more important: the safety of the group, or the preservation of his humanity, and the whole hope issue in a world where civilization has vanished and mankind faces its "extinction event." This last was toyed with in the final episodes of the first season, but not nearly so well as here.

A beautiful scene unfolds in a deserted bar between Rick and another survivor that I found striking: it is impossible to tell who is acting rightly and who in the gray or the black, who the villain. Everyone and everything is mixed up here, heroes and villains, friends and enemies.

Shane soon proceeds down a path to murder Rick ostensibly "for the good of the group" yet does not do so, placing his weapon back in his belt at one point and raising his arms. We are given the feeling that he may not be capable of murdering his friend outright. A great scene.

Not anything to complain about here, other than I wish there was more of it. The Walking Dead seasons are too short.
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VINE VOICEon September 21, 2012
I totally blame my son for getting me into this series! And so love watching it with him! We had a marathon once Season 2 arrived at the house and watched both seasons back to back... and then dived into the extras.

Regardless of what you think of Shane, Carl, Lori, Rick, Glen, Dale, Daryl, Andrea, Hershel, Maggie, or any of the other characters in this series, their struggle to survive is fascinating but what really catches my attention is the 'bratty' attitudes, backstabbing, and arguments amongst the survivors. There are characters you'll love - and those you love to hate ... and it's led to many interesting discussions between my son and I (he's hating Andrea at the moment, and I personally want to drop kick Lori! - and we both love Dale and Daryl!)

Most of Season 2 was fun to watch but nothing dramatic until the last couple of episodes - and believe me they ended the season with a show we watched several times just because it was so spectacular - and my son was fascinated by the chick at the end with the zombies on leashes.

The makeup artists did an amazing job with all the costumes and makeup so the gore is perfect without being overwhelming and quite honestly it's sinfully fun to sit down and enjoy watching the episodes knowing that it's something I do not normally watch... in fact it's one of the few shows I do enjoy watching and look forward to each new episode.

Onto the extras... Since we never watched the webisodes (slow internet and limited bandwith), we were captivated by them but the whole time I wondered how it played into the series - besides the zombies, fear and struggle to survive but then at the end we realized just how it fit - and then Cody decided we must watch both seasons all over again because he's sure there are other things he missed the first couple times - and I'll be right there watching it with him.

On a more personal note however, my son hates to read but after watching the first season he was curious about the books so I bought him the entire series. He's read them all and keeps pointing out the differences between the books and the series so he really appreciated the extra that explains why they changed the order some of the events happened.

I'm so ready for Season 3 to start! Unfortunately will have to be downloading the episodes since our television network no longer carries AMC... but refuse to miss them!
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