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on October 27, 2013
I hate zombies. Like anything that Hollywood thinks is a easy money maker, they beat it to death with tripe, gore, and cheesy acting/story/writing where you thank the powers that the zombie is eating the retard on the screen who pollutes the gene pool with their stupidity (and secretly wish the same fate on the writers/producers for the tripe they're putting on screen). I hate the tropes and romanticized glee that its ok to hunt/destroy zombies because its guilt free mayhem, and I hate how glossed over the psychology of the survivors becomes. In short, I hate how zombies are typically handled in movies or tv because the writers crank out insulting and unimaginative garbage.

I give this show 5 stars and watch every season as it comes out and revisit previous seasons upon occasion. This is zombie horror and drama, this takes all the romantic/air headed tripe out of the genre and puts fantastic story, acting, drama, direction, and effects in front of you to make you pray this sort of thing never happens.
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on November 30, 2016
One would think, "Hell, just another zombie film" but; NO!!!! The acting in this series is incredible and imagining a series of this caliber with the concept of "a world under zombie siege" is truly mind-blowing!!! This again is proof that even a series that seemed improbable 20 years ago has now become a reality!!!
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Yes, about a thousand zombies get their heads speared and hacked off each episode, but at its heart this series is about how people manage to survive and stay human when surrounded by brutality and madness. The characters are each interesting and worthy of your affection, even if you know you're going to lose a favorite here and there. I have been putting off watching this series until the time was right. That turned out to be a weeklong nasty cold which allowed me to binge-watch the first 3 seasons, plus season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead. Oddly enough, I did not have Zombie nightmares.
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on March 8, 2017
Bought this for my boyfriend who loves walking dead.. Now wants the rest of the series.. Its brand new and is just like when you buy it in a regular store ( ya know how its all wrapped up) only flaw is that some of the plastic wrap on this was torn and part of the case was shown but no harm done was still brand new.. Why only four stars?? I do not like the show and also that missing corner plastic wrap..
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on June 9, 2014
The second season of THE WALKING DEAD was much maligned by many fans because of its seemingly slow pace, especially after the action packed quick out the gate start for the series in the six episode first season. The core group of survivors, having escaped Atlanta and the destruction of the CDC, find refuge on the Greene family farm and there they sit for the bulk of the second season, as more than a few episodes go by and very little screen time given to encounters with flesh eating Walkers and a lot of time spent on personal issues, such as Lori's pregnancy, the search for Sophia, Glenn and Maggie's romance, ethical debates over what to do with Randall, Andrea's bad marksmanship,Darryl's brother issues and outsider status, and a lot of conversations about what to do next in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse.

But I think from the distance of two more additional seasons, the second act of THE WALKING DEAD looks much better in retrospect, if for no other reason than to enjoy the company of some major characters who are no longer around. And to watch for themes that would take root and flower in later seasons.

This second season truly belongs to Jon Bernthal's Shane Walsh, whose character arc from the first episode to the penultimate one is both tragic and horrifying. Shane is a man being torn apart both emotionally and mentally; first for his love and devotion to Lori and Carl, the wife and son of his best friend, both of whom he saved and protected during the outbreak of the Zombie virus. He is also torn over his life long friendship and love for Rick Grimes, Shane's fellow lawman and husband and father of Lori and Carl. But worst of all, it is Shane who has come to realize just what it takes to survive in this terrible new world-something he learns the hard way in Save the Last One-but it is a truth he can't seem to make the others understand.

That this is a world where there is no room for mercy or compassion is ultimately what drives Shane off the deep end, with tragic results for everyone, but in the seasons that have come after, it is clear that Shane was right and Rick was wrong in their debate over to proceed in the wake of the Zombie Apocalypse, starting with the fate of the scavenging Randall. This is now a world where those who cling to the old values, like Dale and Hershel, are in for a very rude awakening, that is if they survive long enough.

The slower pace of the second season did allow for some genuine character development as we get to know Glenn, Darryl, Andrea, Carol, Hershel Greene, his daughter Maggie, and Carl Grimes much better and in ways that would grow further in later seasons. Too bad the same can't be said of Sophia and Otis. We also learn a lot about Sarah Wayne Callies's Lori Grimes, and most of it makes clear why she became one of the series most disliked characters. Just look at her body language and facial expressions in By the Dying Fire when Rick confesses to her what happened to Shane or her babbling to Hershel after Carl is shot, to understand what I'm talking about. Is she the only character to ever go out and wreck a car on an empty road?

And for those who complained there wasn't enough Walker action, take a another look at the encounter with the herd on the highway in the season opener, What Lies Ahead; not to mention Shane and Otis's desperate fight with the Walker mob at the high school in Save the Last One; the shootout in Triggerfinger where Rick, Glenn and Hershel are trapped in the bar by the scavengers and the gunfire makes the Walkers come a running or the finale, By the Dying Fire, when the Walker onslaught over runs the Greene farm and there is a free for all for survival.

There are the by now requisite big character deaths, but I've come to feel like they are a big cheat after we have come to care for and root for characters as they narrowly escape certain death. Looking back, I think it would have been a better idea for Shane and Andrea to have left the farm like they discussed at one point and their characters would have been free to encounter Michonne and end up with the Governor at Woodbury, thus opening up a lot of interesting story possibilities.

The acting is terrific all round, with a special nod to Andrew Linoln's Rick, whose character is changed by the end of the season in ways he did not anticipate, and old pro Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene, a man who thinks life will just find a way to go on in the face of a horrific new reality. And Sarah Wayne Callies does a very good job with a very negative female character, which seems to be a staple on cable dramas-just ask Anna Gunn, who played Skylar White on BREAKING BAD.

The DVD set, with its deleted scenes and episode commentary are well worth the price; and in a series with so many twists and turns, not to mention genuine loss, it's great having the set and being able to go back and savor what has come before.
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on March 16, 2012
I hear a lot of complaints about the second season having turned into boring soap opera and not enough zombie actions. It is true to some extent that the start of the second season may seem slow and yes, in the first a few episodes, we only got to see a few zombies get whacked for "shock values". While I do agree there were fewer zombies than I hoped to see, this lacking in zombie actions in the first half of the second season are well made up for in the second half of the season. So do wait for it; you will get lots of zombies. Now about the show being boring because there is just bitching and moaning amongst survivors, I have to disagree. Although I did want to see more zombies, the conversations and dialogues did keep me enticed. They were not just bitching and moaning. They are studies into characters and their relationships which I find intriguing and captivating. The reason is that I do like and do relate to them and that makes me care about them. I think that in that sense, the show has done a good job, to have made me care enough to want to keep watching, because I want them to survive and keep surviving. Without the zombies physically appearing all the time, there are plenty of crises that will throw the survival of the group into jeopardy. For example, what if Hershel really tries to have all of them thrown out the farm? How will Rick handle the situation with wife, son, and unborn child's survival dependent on staying? It doesn't take much imagination the effect of unstable and explosive Shane thrown into the mix. The situation is still tense and tittering on disaster which is of course compounded by zombies laying siege. I am sure that even for those who are more about watching mindless whacking of zombies (eg Zombieland), if it wasn't for the survival of the characters, there would be no reason to watch the show.
In closing then, yes you will get more zombies later on but in the meantime, do have some patience to learn more about the characters; the wait will be worth it when real (I mean really real) crisis hit them on episode 12.
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on August 26, 2015
I always think it’s helpful to give a little context of the reviewer. I’m in my late 20’s, live and work in a city with a high stress job, and have little time to watch TV so I tend to not watch shows in real-time but wait for recommendations and then get them on Amazon. And I have seen very few zombie films/TV shows if any – It is not a genre I typically seek out. But wow – I feel head over heels for this show with Season 1 and have not been able to stop watching since.

When I first heard the premise for the show – a group of survivors fighting to stay alive after the entire world has been consumed by a disease that reanimates the dead and causes them to become vicious, blood thirsty, zombies – I thought no way would I enjoy this. But after several friends kept pushing, I finally caved and watched.

The show is of course violent and gory but all of that is really second to the characters themselves who make this show so amazing. The show makes you question values, human morals, and you find yourself rooting and cheering for these people through the screen.

Season two focus on the groups attempt to find a settlement which they do at a farmhouse. We start to see other characters grow and develop like Carol, Carl, Maggie, and Glenn which I absolutely love. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!
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on January 4, 2014
I ordered this set, "The Walking Dead Season 2" on Blu-Ray at the same time as I ordered the 1st & 3rd Seasons. All on Blu-Ray! After the first season's initial 6 episode trial run, the fandom was enormous! AMC heard the calls and grabbed the show for a 2nd season. The shows following is at a level of Star Trek or Star Wars in their own right. Trying to remain true to the graphic novel, Robert Kirkman has allowed the producers to make their own added material that is TV oriented. The pair is a match made in heaven!
I should first say that ALL 3 SETS OF BLU-RAYS, have arrived to me as promised. As advertised and earlier than expected! Thanks to the professionalism at Amazon, working the holiday rush was a challenge, but my product was not only before time, it was packaged well and I could see that care was taken to be sure that my sets arrived together. Sorting facilities from 2 locations. 5 Stars all the way!
As for this amazing and ground breaking series, we see a group of people from diverse backgrounds band together for a common cause. Survival. Ordinary people become soldiers. Become warriors then killers as needed. It really is on a literal level, kill or be killed or be eaten. Worse yet, become the Undead! We see the progression, or digression or people to either step up and become leaders or ego maniacs. When the world falls away, law and order are things of the past, we mutate back to primal behaviors. Even those who are leaders, lead by brutality when needed. The maniacal grow into Hitleristic shells of "their way or no way." All live by the weapon. Hand to hand combat does not work in a world where a hand away means a hand bitten.
This is brutal. Absolutely sadistic at times. Compassion is fleeting but very much welcome for the cherished moments they arrive. And as soon as that tender moment might come, death rears its ugly head. The living are, at times, more fearsome than the Undead. Thus far, the Governor has been the most Demonic. Merle was close, but just in it for the kicks. I think Shane was as Dale described, "Made for this world."
Even now, as season 3 ended, Rick is questionable in his mental stability. Can he really be a "farmer Brown?" No more the leader? Hmm... So far the head count has shuffled much. Those we hated at first are fan favs' now. Hey, they've earned it. Of course, we have seen up to Season 4 mid-season finale'. I really hate those! But this does offer me the time to watch all these previous episodes now in sweet Blu-Ray! Who knows what lies ahead?
If you are looking for a package to buy and either catch up, or start to find out what so many others are talking about... You must buy "The Walking Dead Series." Treat yourself to what real horror is!
This is "Trekker fan" I hope I have enlightened you to something new! What a trip!
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on January 12, 2016
I love this show myself, but I have a family member that has me topped when it comes to this series. I decided this Christmas to buy my sister 2 seasons of the show to help her build up her collection.
I am sure you already know what the show is about....
In case you don't It is a great show with a story line that will keep you hanging and watching for more each week. Yes, it has zombies or as they call them, Walkers. This isn't just another B rated zombie show though. It is really a great dramatic series that is wonderful for both young and old. Once you watch one season you will be hooked.
As I was saying, I bought this set and another for my Sister for Christmas and she was a happy Camper!!!
If you are looking for a new show to watch I suggest you start with season one of this show and add new seasons when you can. This is a show I will deffy own because it is one of those that you want to watch again and again and again.
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on November 10, 2014
I thought this was going to be just another Zombie show..... I saw it spoken of on Fox-News and decided to give it a try. If you can get past the gore there's a story there unfolding that not just touches but "Strike's" home real heard for every human on the planet. It's about life, the choices people make (write-wrong, good and bad).
It give as true an example of what the author see's (and has every right to believe) the world will be in the event of a complete system Melt-Down in ours and every country. Humans are just that, human. God gave us all free-choice to decide how we want to view life and it's reason, and worth. God also left us with instructions that fewer and fewer humans take time to even look at. With this series, set In a society that has fallen apart, one see's all the choices and there reason's played out in short and long term. Do I believe in "ZOMBI'S", heck-no. Do I believe in the desperation of humans, and there different ways of responding to tragedy? "Heck-Yes"! In real life I'm a paramedic of 20+ years.
I also know we live in a society that has had it so-good for so long that what-ever happens to our structure and the survival of all people will be defined by every-one's understanding of the value of life and what "we" rear our offspring to understand. This "SHOW" is well worth the time it takes to watch, but.... Not as much as reading (And Studying) the Holey Bible. After all? The show isn't real but all who endure it see that the stories in it are much like what we face on a very minute level every day with life, work, home, and simple survival....But Life, Choices, and Gods word very much are-real. I suggest Both for all. After all, how much time do any of us really have?

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