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on September 3, 2015
I watch the show and I heard the comics were a bit different, so I decided I should read them. So far, I'm enjoying it until I just about reached the halfway point. There about 20 pages that looks like they ran out of ink when they were printing. THIS SUCKS!! I missing major parts and I think someone died during the faded pages....

Do they not have people for quality control? Sigh...
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on October 13, 2015
This entire compendium is a steal. It's highway robbery and we are ALL committing the crime but it's fine, because this is what they wanted. This compendium alone save you more than $60 worst( probably more) and it only cost $36.00?(at least at the time I bought it) That alone is enough of a reason to buy. So much content for so little money, as is the case with the rest of the compendiums.

I'm going to try stray away from as much spoilers as possible but excuse me now if i happen to spoil anything.
This series continues to be fantastic. Characters gets more developed, stories get more wilder, and villains get maniacal. This new guy Negan, believe me when I say this (do not underestimate me) you are going to HATE this guy with every atom in your body. Every cell will yearn with anger. If you hated the Governor for any reason what so ever and couldn't him in the slightest bit, maybe you might not want to read this compendium after all. Negan is vile, evil, horrible, any synonym that derives from bad, he is that and so much more. There are times I wanted to rip out pages just because I didn't want his drawings there. When they put his character on the show, they are going to tone him down levels that weren't even known to be possible. Seriously, half his dialogue is F-bombs, the show probably begin to stray far away at this point in the comics more than it has even done. Makes me wish the show was on HBO instead of AMC.
There are going to character deaths that are going to upset you, I'm warning you right now (I don't consider this a spoiler, considering this is TWD and nobody is safe, so you already knew this was coming) I say this now, don't get attached to anyone, because nobody is safe after this. You might even hate Kirkman for what he has done. He is going to test your emotional limits and I tell you this now, you might not be able to handle it.
New characters get introduced, as is with TWD, some lovable, some dreadful. My favorite is still Paul Jesus Monroe and yes, I know, he got introduced into the end of the second compendium, but he develops into a much better character at the end of all this.

In all honesty, I could sit here and write everything I feel about the TWD and this compendium and what the story has become so far, I could write 20 essays but I think there is limit to how much you can right on an amazon review, or maybe there isn't, who knows. I'm just trying to stray from spoilers as much as I can to let you enjoy it as much as possible.
Regardless, if you love the world of TWD,and have made it this far, you are probably going to make it to the of this end as well. It's going to be another journey just like the first two. There will be ups and downs and moments of serious agonizing torment but you will get through this and you will throughly enjoy this. You have my word

And if not, you can just beat me over the head with Lucille.
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on January 9, 2016
This is probably the most cost efficient way to read or catch up on the Walking Dead comics. This collection contains the first 48 issues of what I feel is one of the top 5 comics to come out in the last 15 years. If you are a fan of the show I suggest you read the comics as well, and this is the only place to do so! Kirkman's writing is awesome and Moore/Adlard's artwork is outstanding! This book is pretty hefty and well constructed. After a full reading I was happy to notice that that spine did not crease at all. Out of the whole series, these first 48 issues contain my favorite story lines. Maybe it is the nostalgia, or the fact that when I first read them there was no TV show yet, but I absolutely love the book! I have replaced my floppy single issues for this collection.
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on March 19, 2017
There are only 5400 some odd reviews of this book, so I thought we could use another opinion. I have to admit to being a johnny-come-lately to the book but have been watching the TV show from the beginning. Like my twelve-year-old granddaughter says, "The book is always better" and I have to agree. I love the show, but this is one hard to put down 1000 plus page graphic novel. As it turns out, however, the walking dead are less worrisome than the living. This small band of humans trying to survive in the anarchy that prevails in this new world where it's survival of the fittest had me pulling for them, imagining myself as part of their small tribe that feels more like a family than a group of individuals. They live or die together. Bonds are created that are stronger than anything we can experience in our civilized world. When one of them dies I mourn with them.
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on January 22, 2014
This bad boy came a week later from the day that I bought it (I live in Costa Rica). It has the most beautiful quality. As the previous one only has 14 issues, with their respective covers at the end of the book. It's Hardcover so you know that you bought something that will remain perfectly fine for the rest of your life (of course that you have to take a good care of it).
The paper is "couché paper" wich is fine, brighter than the average single issue and a bit bigger one, in order to give it the book style that you want. It's beautiful, WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD! that's what I'm talking about.
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on April 26, 2016
<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 LOVE having so many comics all bound into large books!! Im on #2 Ohgosh I miss #1 already!! Super cool story!
The comics are different from the series but not completely. Its enough so that you really get to soak up the characters personalities in completely different ways. Love them or hate them for completely different reasons. More sexual also but not so much it should be problematic for anyone.
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on February 9, 2017
i won't go into detail like some pro critic, writer, just as a simple fan of both tv show and these even BETTER comic books! the comics naturally are better than the tv show, tv show is for people that hate reading or lack the attention span on reading, even books with pictures, i like both walking dead and like game of thrones the comic/books differ i'd say greatly for the most part slower sometimes fast at times or more graphic or less graphic at times, naturally, depending on the channel it's on. i do love game of throne tv show though can be very filler feeling/slow at time i guess so they don't pass up the comics, same goes for GoT show which they have passed up the books...point is TWD comics are amazing fun to read more than once! sophie is still alve maggie and the late glenn adopted her after carol killed herself in the prison, love/hate negan! people think he is the most evil villain but he lives by a code! unlike the governor who was was mor grazy in the comic books he raped michone and cut ricks hand off when first meeting him! then killed his wife and their unborn baby during the prison war! he killed tyresse not hershel in the comic, i just think they are both fresh watching it if you wanna see different people live/die and comic same thing well watch and read so you get THE FULL COMPLETE YET TWO DIFFERENT STORIES/VERSIONS!! the comics are just fun to lay back n read and enough a different aspect of what is going on! true no daryl in show but they have jesus later and he is a samurai ninja kung fu fighting mo fo! don't like that laura, ricks wifes baby lived as to many babies now as maggie as in comic tv show (so far) does live! so ricks baby is pointless to be honest giving maggies baby after glenn has died a much less impact, sadly! also rick is still in love with andrea in the comic she is a bad bad mo fo!!! seriously bad! i would say smarter even badder than rick too!!! especially when it comes to negan! maggie is a bad mo fo too!!! machone is too but ends up getting with ezikeil not ever rick so that is strange as a fist comic reader (since 1980!) but i do enjoy both if TWD was on HBO the gore killing rape scene(s) woulda been disturbing! like the comics! wish rick got his hand cut off like the comic but understand why they didn't even kirkman regrets doing it in the comic but i like it. OH sad sad thing i hated in tv show was DALE being a whining cry baby weakling pacifist! in the comic he was a true rough tough old goat gangster! and showed andrea how to shoot and become the great she is now still in the comic! i think if you hate comics this more adult themed great comic/graphic novel is worth owning! as writing this now the whisperer war 1-6 just ended and they are on a new chapter and negan broke he bat across beta's back, yet he lives even after the war yes a spoiler he buries his bat has a funeral for it haha in 6 of 6 whisperer war issue #162! now issue #163 is at and the whisperer's and beta lead to alexandria a unseen of huge of horde of walkers! which break through negan and rick even work fighting side by side now even though negan still has a smart "butt" mouth and the issue ends till march i collect single issues which i hate doing or if you do too wait months sadly till the next 5-6 comic story line volume comes out, in march 1-6 of the whisperer war in volume 27 will come out but i will get it then sell the single issues, you don't get the cool covers in the TPB collecting volumes not the 3 huge compendiums! BUT, i say if you are a first time collector of buying the TWD comics/HIGHLY WORTH IT even if it is the only comic(s) you choose to EVER own!! this is it! way different than the show still show still different than the comics where it count really! but both great to read/watch though the reading is 99 percent better the tv show is just a visual for the non readers...but i SAY the comics are a must own! if NEW to collecting avoid most well first pricey 24 volumes easy and on amazon DO IT THIS WAY TO GET YOUR COLLECTION STARTED FAST AND EASY!!!....ON AMAZON WAY CHEAPER i started with the 3 compendiums at $34 each!! instead of $65 at comic shops!!! SO, new readers own these and start buying here easy 'n cheaper! in this order!! TWD COMPENDIUM ONE-ISSUES #1-48, TWD COMPENDIUM TWO-ISSUES #49-96, TWD COMPENDIUM THREE #97-144, (then) VOLUME 25 NO TURNING BACK, VOLUME 26 CALL TO ARMS, now wait till march buy VOLUME 27 THE WHISPERER WAR! or buy the issues if you wanna catch up then sell 'em, then buy the volumes! but by the time you read all these the whisperer war volume will be out! and the next volume too but like me if you read fast as i said march #163 of the new on will be out, after the 4-6 issues they wait like 2 months before they make the a VOLUME it will be years before they make compendium four! so stick with the issues to be up-to-date! or wait till march for volume 27 the whisperer war! now this new one is out 1st issue out now in feb. i think BETA lived cos WE MAY SEE HIM in the future i THINK HE AND NEGAN need a showdown!!!! for what he did to alpha!!! BUT I SEMI-SPOIL the comic version assuming if you read then you're caught up like me! for the new ones i give you serious reason to buy the comics cos even if they show SOME of this on the tv show it is a long way off! PLUS THE LET BACK ON THE GORE SADLY from the tv show like in the comics cos pc whining weaklings cried about the ultra violence against negan killing glenn and abe! which was in the comics!!! but i guess in color looks sicker sad ppl whined about this and TWD went back on this new season 7 and cut-out, toned down on the bloody violence sadly!! GET THESE COMICS PLEASE IN THE ORDER I SAID IN ALL CAPS then you'll be caught up fast! then if ya want buy the issues NOW at a comic shop only $3 a month guys so...THERE YOU GO, I TRIED MY BEST, FOR NON COMIC COLLECTORS THE BEST WAY TO SAVE MONEY AND GET THESE!
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on November 23, 2016
If you are following the AMC series, then keep in mind the books are very different. Except that the series has started to steal quite a bit more from the books of late, and that is great. This is jsut one of many tomes that they are using for that inspiration, and I feel no need to further expand on others POV. It comes down to this, if you love the show, and have time, read the books. They are a fairly quick read, as the pacing in usually pretty good, and they are probably the best zombie story ever told.
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on November 19, 2014
I have been a big fan of TWD since almost the beginning. I started reading it in college and am still picking up the new graphic novels just about as soon as they comes out. Kirkman keeps it interesting, at least for me. And he’s done just that again, spectacularly, with this new installment. He manages to tease you a bit, show you how well everyone is doing then gives you a taste of the new threat (or threats) lurking in the dark waiting for Rick and his band of communities to face them. This graphic novel probably did more for me than any other, not so much for content or new characters but for the possible gravity of the new assault they will soon find themselves under and what it will mean for characters and WD story universe. I’m sitting here the day after and I keep thinking about it, wondering how things will go for all our varied walking dead characters. Really well done, reinvigorating the story line for a whole bunch more zombiepocolypse story to come! Buy now!
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on January 27, 2013
I actually read this behemoth of a graphic novel in about 2 1/2 days. The series stays fairly true to the novel, a few pretty significant differences, but that adds to the appeal of wanting to read the book! It is A LOT more graphic than the series, of course. Some parts of it truly disturbed me a bit, not for the squeamish at all! When I finished, I immediately ordered Compendium 2, because now I HAVE to know what happens next! Good read. I recommend for zombie fans and fans of the series, but don't expect a play by play of the series! I have to say though, I like the AMC series better, because of the, somewhat, toned down violence, and I always enjoy seeing the action when the walkers are in play!
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