Customer Reviews: The Weather Man (Widescreen Edition)
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on October 30, 2005
This was another tricky review for "The Rotten Review". "Weather Man" isn't a comedy or a tragedy, yet it dips deeply into each. I enjoyed it, but it's a flick that will likely divide even intelligent moviegoers who want a respite from "Doom" on one side and "North Country" on the other.

Nicholas Cage is Dave Spritz, "The Weatherman". Though apparently successful giving the weather for Chicago viewers, his life is a wreck. Everybody seems to hate him - the kindest seem to have no respect for him. Though making over $300 grand a year for a job with few time demands, Spritz leads a painful existence. His virtually ex-wife (Hope Davis) hates him, and is planning to start a new life with a puffy jerk named Russ who seems about as attentive to her needs as Spritz himself; his daughter is blankly detached and overweight - all of Spritz's attempts to bond with her end in disaster. Spritz's son, Mike, is in rehab for some vaguely unspecified blow-out - but his counselor has some creepily predatory ideas about the boy. Then there's Spritz's father - played by Michael Caine, Robert Spritzel is a prize-winning author with whom Spritz has never bonded. Spritz had hopes of being a novelist as well, but could barely craft a workable story, let alone escape his father's shadow. The old man could never pass on his talent, and now he's dying of lymphoma. Spritz has only his job to ennoble and enable him - but even that just exposes him to a larger audience of abuse, with Spritz repeatedly targeted by people with unwanted fast-food. (During the course of the flick, Cage is pelted by total strangers with burritos, coffee, milkshakes and, at one point, falafel.) People hate him, or love to think nasty things of him. Worse - Spritz can't even think coherently lauditory things about those he loves. Asked to give a speech about his father, Spritz starts off comparing him to the Bob Seeger song "Like a Rock" - mercifully, the power shorts out before he can further than that. In short, money aside, Spritz is a man slowly becoming undone.

Watching "Weather Man", you'll probably spend most of your time wondering what kind of movie this is. Spritz's predicament is tragic, yet the story doesn't quite bring you to tears. There are moments which are almost hysterically funny, yet "Weather Man" isn't a comedy either - it doesn't try to make Spritz its punchline. Most of the laughs are of the ironic kind (if you saw "Sideways", think of the runaway-Saab scene, or the angry maitre'd from "Punch Drunk Love".) but they work. The script doesn't try to make too much sense of itself - it's never clear how Spritz and his wife ever had any relationship given how much she hates him, or what brought them to go at each other's throats. (Why Spritz's wife seems eager to replace him with a guy who seems about as worthwhile as Spritz was, is only another of the flick's enigmatic touches.)

Yet "Weather Man" has its own magic for those willing to give it a chance. Nick Cage works some real pathos out of the shallow Spritz, and creates an unforgettable character out of a facile TV personality utterly clueless to the mysteries of the wind. Set in a Chicago seemingly trapped in an endless winter, and the lakes are coated with slabs of ice - the setting mirrors Spritz's soul. Spritz himself is frozen, willing to stick with winter rather than face a new and warm season in which his wife will start a new life without him, and in which his father will be dead. I can't call it a thinking-man's comedy, because you don't have to be an idiot to hate it. Instead, it's that rare dish of comedy that must be served cold.
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VINE VOICEon August 31, 2006
Art is a funny thing. Some art gains universal praise and mainstream acceptance because of its mass appeal. Then you have the sort of art that demands a certain audience in order to be appreciated. The Weahterman is a little like those paintings of the big triangles in that its simply not a movie that is likely to gain a wide following, even among movie fans. It's quirky, odd, very detached, and full of dry humor. The monotonous delivery of this movie will impress some people as being bland and lacking depth; it is not. This is a thoughtfully introspective, character-driven, highly symbolic film. Cage is excellent. The off-beat nature will turn many off, but for those who can appreciate the eccentricity of this movie, the reward will be an entertaining, interesting experience that will only grow on you. You must watch it with an open-mind, you must watch it when in a comtemplative mood, and you must watch it through to the end. There's lots to get from this movie, but the treasure hidden within is going to requier a treasure-hunter of certain character. Frankly, most people wont have the patience, nor the will to extract it. Others will miss the point entirely.
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on February 24, 2006
I'm not sure how this movie got made in Hollywood. It's smarter, more complicated, and much more suptle than the normal Hollywood Moneymaker. (And Hollywood obviously had no idea how to sell this movie. I haven't seen a movie more misrepresented by it's trailer since Deap Poets Society.)

If you're able to give this movie the attention and thought it deserves, you'll find a truly captivating character studie and examination (not a critique or essay) of modern life.
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on February 10, 2006
This a film that I didn't expect to make me feel anything.When I saw the trailer I thought this was a clear comedy.It's not.Its 80% drama and the rest comedy.

Here we follow David Spritz (Nicolas Cage) and trying reconfigure his life.He try's not to lose control of his life and reconnect with his wife Noreen (Hope Davis) and try to connect and bond with his children and impress his father.Its a touching story of man whose flawed as we are all and that makes mistakes but means well.Its story that really feels real to how sometimes relationships between people go and are.Also the ending of the film ends with a real ending instead of classic Hollywood happy ending.Not that the ending is sad but its realistic.

The film directed by Gore Verbinski.The film shows how diverse and quite talented he is as a directed.He has directed a horror film The Ring,a semi comedy The Mexican,an adventure Pirates Of The Caribbean and now The Weather Man.This film felt more like The Ring.Now you will be asking yourself what in common did this have to The Ring.Well ill tell you its not on the topic of the film.Its not horror element.But the look of the film.Both films are dark and grainy with rainy and cloudy days that create a great atmosphere for the characters.Also the second in common is that turns back to little bit more small budget films then the big extravaganza of Pirates Of The Caribbean.All his films have been successful and loved by critics and audiences so his career for now looks its like going to be on the up and up with Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 coming up for him.

Also the second good part about this film is Nicolas Cage.When you need a great actor to play a weird character with flaws to add depth to it Nicolas is always the right choice.People have been saying its Terrence Howard's year with Hustle and Flow and Crash.But I also think its Nicolas Cage year as well.With Weather Man and Lord Of War he shows us that he is one of the best acting talents in cinema for me.And in my opinion he doesn't get enough credit sometimes.

The DVD will include an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track with a Relative Humidity: The Characters feature, a Trade Winds: The Collaboration feature, an Atmospheric Pressure: The Style feature and a theatrical trailer.From all the extras this film deserves at least a commentary by Gore Verbinski that were not going to get.Probably he is too busy with Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 to do a commentary.

I enjoyed this film.This was one of the nice surprises of the year well worth a look.Nicolas Cage and Gore Verbinkski bring a touching film to the screen that does try to fool us but just tell a sory on how life really is and that we don't get what we want all the time as much as we try and deserve it.
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on April 13, 2013
The Weather Man is a Nick Cage classic and a far cry from when I first saw him on "Raising Arizona." He's a fantastic actor and so is Michael Caine.

I especially loved the scene that represented the climax of the story just before Robert Spritz (Caine) was slated to die. His words captured the essence of the movie, "In this s--- life, we must chuck some things."

No spoilers are necessary, but this movie more than lives up to its expectations.
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on February 29, 2016
Best role Nic Cage has had since Leaving Las Vegas & Raising Arizona. Personifies the typical local weathercaster to a tee. 10,000 miles..1 inch deep. He who has the best hair and whitest teeth ALWAYS gets the on air job.
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2005
"The Weather Man" is a refreshing film that is emotionally mature and drastically different from the crap Hollywood usually throws at us, but it doesn't develop as much as it could have, which pretty much defeats its purpose.

Nicholas Cage plays Dave Spritz, a Chicago weather man who shines in front of the camera but is unable to function in everyday life. His ex-wife doesn't share his desire for reconciliation, his relationship with his kids is shaky at best, and the father he's never been able to please (Michael Caine) has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. There are moments of humor in this film, but most of it is very depressing. Both of Dave's children are having problems: his daughter is overweight and unhappy and his son is trying to kick a drug habit while falling victim to sexual advances from his counselor. The only thing Dave has going for him is his career: he's up for a national gig doing the weather on Bryant Gumbel's morning news show. However, being a weather man isn't very fulfilling for Dave, and he realizes that his life is as unpredictable and uncontrollable as the wind, which is a very depressing thought.

The movie has its moments, and both Cage and Caine deliver excellent performances. However, the story doesn't really go anywhere. It's pretty much a downpour of life's crap from the beginning to the end, with no major character resolutions to speak of.

The best thing about the movie is that my cousin Amanda was an extra in it...look for her during the ice skating scene!
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on September 26, 2013
Lots and lots of dark humor, but I love this movie and find it to be hilarious. Nicolas Cage seems to do two types of movies- 1. Out of necessity (he needs money for his castles); these are movies like National Treasure. 2. Movies he seems to really want to do, like Lord of War and this movie!
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on August 3, 2013
I could not find this movie on any cable channel so I bought it at Amazon. I really enjoyed it, but my husband thought it was rather depressing overall. This Weatherman (Nike Cage) was a hoot. I loved it when cars would go by and people would throw food or drinks at him and he would tell his dad what restaurant they came from. I like Nicolas Cage in just about every movie.
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on July 2, 2006
I saw the previews for this film and was intrigued. Nicholas Cage is about 50/50 when it comes to good films, but Michael Caine looked like he'd carry the story in the previews. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Cage is a conflicted character, clearly he's unhappy. He's a bad father and his children and ex-wife are evidence of that as well. The preview made it look like a father-son film about being a better father and better man. For every step forward Cage takes, he takes at least two backwards.

The sad part is through all of this conflict, there was a tremendous potential for the character to grow, but that never happens. At the end of the movie you are simply left with a feeling that a point should have been made but never was.
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