Customer Reviews: The Willies
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on October 25, 2013
So, I like Sean Astin. I was a teen in 1990, when this movie came out. I went on to amass a huge horror movie collection. I realize these older horror movies, and movies paced like The Willies, here, don't feel anything like the big budget horror movies today. I love 80s/early 90s horror. I especially like to watch it during October. Movies like The Willies take us back to yesteryear. They're creepy fun, and in a totally different way than what you experience with the big budget stuff today. I like The Willies. It entertains the kid in me during my favorite holiday season of the year - Halloween. If you love 80s horror, you'll probably like this.
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on November 11, 2014
From Ghoulies, to Spookies, b-movies come by the bucket-load. However 80s-90s b-movies have a certain charm. Maybe it's the practical effects, or the cheesy thrills, The Willies succeeds.

Plot- Kids on a backyard camping trip tell chilling stories. From what's grosser than gross, to boys and their flies, it's one entertaining trip.

Film Review- The Willies feels like a late 1980s Roger Corman movie for kids (at least it's better than Saturday the 14th Strikes Back). A ton of familiar faces show up, acting their way through terrible dialogue, luckily the film is entertaining, anyway Sean Ashton stars as well as James Karon (Return of the Living Dead), and Kathleen Freeman (Gremlins 2: The New Batch). The Willies feels like a good adaptation of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series, good meaning better than the actual TV series. While it's still a bad film, it does entertain. It's definitely inspired by Creepshow (1982). The stories are cool, and have a great campy feel. The effects are decent for its low budget, wish I could say the same for the DVD though. The DVD is of a VHS rip, wit a scene selection. While that sounds awful, it's surprisingly not that bad. The audio is clear, and while the picture is grainy with lines every now and then, the film is still visible, and is watchable. I don't see this thing ever getting an HD transfer, but for what it is, it's not bad.

Film Rating: 3/5, DVD/disc Rating: 3/5
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on September 9, 2000
This movie is just plain fun. I saw it when I was about 13 years old, and I still remember all the stories. Its not going to scare you to death, its not going to win any awards, and it doesn't dazle you with special effects. What does it do? It will give you a fun ride while watching it, and you'll probably agree its a memorable flick.
So if you want a fun movie that has a "ghost stories in the backyard" type of plot, then I suggest you grab a copy of The Willies.
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on November 3, 2014
A let's tale some scary stories movie that will keep you entertain from the fried rat to the shocking ending. I found movie to quiet very good and how scary ghost around the fire can give us the willies. If you like tales from the dark side or creepshow you will love this little pot boiler.
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on January 8, 2015
I am 30, and still love to watch kids scary movies! I ordered this for my daughter, and i to watch.Its older, and i figured even if it was cheesy we would still enjoy it.Needless to say glad i ordered it.We really enjoyed it!
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on May 3, 2016
Love that this movie is still available! Cheesy campfire ghost stories from the 80s. Editing is also humorous, for example, the camera moved in and out to majorly pinpoint the main focus of the scene. Look up some of the scenes on YouTube! Can't go wrong with the price. I bought a copy for my brother and sister as gifts since we hadn't seen it since we were kids. I put this together with the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as gifts. Hope this gives you some idea of what it's like.
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on July 31, 2009
Before you had the classic Nickeloden show, Are You Afraid of The Dark, there was The Willies. The movie starts off with a few gross urban legends the woman who finds a rat in her fried chicken bucket and an exploding poodle. The main titles haven't hit yet and this movie looks promising. The first story was pretty good but the second story sucked. It was slow paced, boring, poor acting, and a story that really goes nowhere. The end to the film was a surprise but after seeing the second story, I was bored.

Overall, a decent film but nothing that i'd call a classic. They have two versions of this movie and one includes a scary sounds cd. They are the same price so you might as well get the bonus cd.
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on June 16, 2015
Iove Sean Astin & got this mainly cause he was in it. Even if just in the beginning. I like 80s horror monsters. They are well made, like critters, the ghoulies etc. I Iike how this is more like creepshow & the twighlight zone where there are different small films. Makes it less boring.
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on January 6, 2012
I bought this movie new, since the price was cheaper than used at the time. First of all, for any critics of the movie, nbr 1, it's a kids movie. #2, it's a kids movie. And finally, last but not least, #3, it's a kids movie. I thought it was a great little film. I'm sorry, but w/my ADHD I can't always remember names of actors, or at least, which one belongs to what name. However, the one who played the bully kid (Yes, that's right. Despite the fact that his name was mention a bazillion times I still can't remember it. If the train comes to the station by the time it leaves, I'll write it in...) I thought did outstanding. The lunch scene at school where he played perfectly on the psychobabble they teach kids (instead of common sense) to convince the girls he was reformed...the buildup of demented excitement in his face could not have been done better by an academy award winner. When he got home to find the love of his life gone, he played the part of a budding Michael perfectly as well. I know if that was my kid in real-life, if I couldn't get him committed like the day before yesterday, I'd be sleeping w/my door locked & my .45 locked & loaded w/all the trip wires & sensors I could muster up. I'm an old foagie & I've seen plenty of acting, on the screen & live. This kid did great. In fact I'd have him tailed to make sure he wasn't that way off screen! And the ending...well, he seemed to adapt to his adverse circumstances as he did prior to "judgment day." I will say the overall ending I figured out as soon as...well, I leave that up to you. It was a nifty little film. I wonder how many critters were injured in the making of this movie? I didn't see any disclaimers. Could this have been pre-PC? Either that or it was pretty realistic.
Now, the print itself looked poor. In fact, the pictures on the back of the casing were more clearer than the film itself. I was a bit disappointed in that. I sent the seller a comment regarding that, to see if they had anymore that they could compare, or was that just the quality I was stuck with? Maybe I expect too much w/all the digital hi-tech stuff out there, & especially w/Echo Bridge. I have seen much better from them. It was grainy, like watching a worn out VHS or PBS thru the old antennae.
However, despite the poor print (it's at least viewable), it's a fun movie to watch, altho some little little kiddies may find some things a bit squeamish (hence the PG-13). But it's tame compared to a lot of garbage they pump into our poor kids brains these days. For those kids whose parents sadly don't care what they watch, or who don't take time to watch stuff with them, there's lots worse than this. For the discerning parent (I know, I know, I know, I said it's a kids movie, & it is, but...) I would strongly consider taking the suggested PG-13 into account, mainly b/c of this demented lad's treatment of certain critters (I'm leaving that for you to figure out). To me & my childish 57 yr old ADHD brain, it's a 5-star movie, especially when, if I may be so bold as to quote myself (& how will you know that this quote was actually quote by me? Simply look earlier in this review...there lieth thine answer) "compared to a lot of garbage they pump into our poor kids brains these days."
Oh, & let's not forget our little 4-eyed anti-hero earlier in the movie. You see, having ADHD is like taking a trip, & leaving the farm! When the cows are out to pasture, you'll see them in the future! Have a great one for now.
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Yes, THE WILLIES is a goofy, silly horror anthology movie. Yes, it's an extremely low budget affair w/ some godawful dialogue and acting. Still, I enjoyed it in spite of it's shortcomings. Is THE WILLIES frightening? No. Is it fun? Yes! It's the kind of movie I would have loved at 12-13 years old. Packed w/ gooshy, gross-out jokes and monsters, it's a middle-schooler's dream! The perfect movie for kids raised on GOOSEBUMPS books. Sean Astin (THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY, BORDERLAND) has a small role, and James Karen (POLTERGEIST, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) plays a janitor w/ a horrible secret. Also, watch for cameos from Clu Gullager (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, FEAST) as well as some familiar faces from 80s TV! Pure cheeezy fun...
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