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on November 14, 2016
I loved the authenticity of the story. For years I worked in Philadelphia's worst areas for drugs, murder, and crime, and The Wire depicts an accurate description of the absolute cold-hearted, sociopathic ways of the streets. People getting killed just on suspicion of something they "might have said," or because the money or drug count was short. It's a nasty, cruel way to live, but for so many, this is all they know. Children suffer greatly. Education suffers- police are corrupt, higher up officials are corrupt. Money disappears into the government's deep pockets. Families are torn apart and every community is affected. It is like a pebble dropped in water. The poison all spreads out from the unfortunate losers who are the pebble, and who have so much power and street smarts that their layers may go so deep that their dirt may never be swept off the streets and it just keeps piling up. It becomes overwhelming at best. If you want a realistic, well written, and superbly acted police story- this is it. I laughed and I cried as I watched The Wire- I was disgusted and saddened at times, but cracking up at the humor and lifted up as well. Loved it- just wish there were more of it!!
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on September 5, 2016
Although Season Two, for me, still has the greatest resonance of all the years of the series, Season Five towers above almost all other tv shows. Season Five's additional focus, with governmental corruption and inefficiencies and, of course the drug trade, is on print journalism. At the time the season was filmed, print journalism hadn't yet entered the degree of the death spiral it's in now. The story line does include the declining fortunes of the Baltimore paper it focuses on. A central focus, ripped from headlines of that era, is on a reporter who fabricates the crux of his stories. A particularly inventive subplot - hats off to all of those at the writers table - has McNulty creating a fictitious series of serial murders. He does so in order to use some of the extra man hours allotted to the search for the nonexistent killer in his effort to bring down drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield. As with every season of this show, volumes could be written about all the plot elements and their links to actual events and the continuing tragedies that befall not only Baltimore but many of our inner cities. It's such a pleasure when that occasional show that examines the current state of the country succeeds.
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on February 3, 2017
The 5th and final season of The Wire wraps up the storylines of the previous seasons, not into a bow tie present (because a 'perfect', happy ending wouldn't be consistent with the show's history and overall tone), but in a satisfyingly disturbing way. Lauded as the most 'realistic' crime drama, I will say it is one of the best. I've seen SouthLAnd, The Shield, Low Winter Sun, Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter and the likes, and this is arguably in the top 3, with SOA & Dexter at the bottom and The Shield, Breaking Bad & The Wire fighting for the top contender.

It's a shame that the final season of this show only had 10 episodes, compared the last few seasons that got 12 or 13. Because of this, it goes by a little quicker and it feels like there could've been at least 2 more episodes to show the repercussions of the actions in the final season, as well as give more characters a send off; however, some characters to pop up from previous seasons to show us where they've been or what happened to them.

One thing's for sure, this gritty crime drama pulls no punches, shows the most realistic, fake take on police, politics, the media, gangs, the public schools and the street life out there. There is a liberal slant to the perspective, but it is very realistic nonetheless, and the raw emotion in the life-like appearance, character and power in the stories will resonate with anyone tied to law enforcement, criminal justice, EMS, urban life, or government sector. As a police-affiliated worker, I can see a lot of the realities from this show in the real life individuals I interact with while at work. The Wire's not perfect, but it's close. Many will say this or Breaking Bad are the best of the best. Watch the Wire, and you win either way. Play with your life in the streets, and you lose either way: that's what The Wire teaches us.

***DVD note***

The version I got IS NOT the slim line, newer 2015 version that is described in the product description. The other Wire seasons that I purchased through Amazon were all the newer, slim case versions of the dvds just as described, but not this one for some reason.
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on February 16, 2016
Season 5 of The Wire is the season that ties everything closed. McNulty finally rams is head deep up his 6. He goes too far - even for McNulty.

Over the past five seasons we've had the Barksdale's and Stringer Bell, Omar and Butchie, Prop Joe and the quoram, the Greek, the Russians, the containers and the unions. We've had Tommy Carcetti, Clay Davis, and many others. Cedric Daniels has risen from a dime a dozen Lieutenant to the Deputy Chief of Operations. We've had fantastic writing from writers who seem truly proud of their work.

The Wire is a whirlwind of great television. The characters are still week written it's as though we are introduced to a living family.

The Wire is not to be taken lightly. This is absolutely great stuff. Here are characters and situations we can believe in. Here lies the best of the best.
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on January 24, 2016
OK just saw all 5 seasons in about 30 days, luckily I can watch a series that way, no commercials, no long term drawn out time frame, I love to watch an entire series, you can call me a monogamous serial-ist. One series at a time, if its a good one, like The Wire, its the only way to go, as far as I am concerned, like learning a language through immersion. I am now immersed and fluent in this series.

I will give it a 98%. For Season 5, for the entire 5 season Series. It wiggles between a 92% and 100% episode to episode, but the overall average is stellar. Why? Because the show is consistently top shelf; consistently lacking in cliches, consistently dealing with moral ambiguity, heroic endeavoring, the counterpoint of local politics, local business, local police procedural, local education, local News reporting and writing, the poor, the rich,the lazy, the ambitious, the honest, the deceitful, the straightforward and the deceptive. The disciplined, the addicted, the gentle and the violent, the powerless and the powerful and the competitions between members of all these existing groups, and between rival groups, and between various aforementioned civic interests. Its about the law, the laws, the judges, organized crime, wiretapping, information gathering, and in fighting and backstabbing, and love,lust and murder, and money. Sounds like a far reaching show? Hell yeah, it is all over the place, but it rings true because it all seems to be about the same thing, everything is the same thing-temptation, greed, ego, honor, protection, teaming up, going rogue. Accountability, and betrayal.

Like a Shakespearean play, it ties together the many sides of the Human Condition in an ironic and artful expose on Human frailties, shortcomings and Heroic stands leading to the saving of people that are loved. I couldn't stop watching it, it moved me viscerally and intellectually and artistically,over and over, scene by scene. For me, it was a tremendous experience and an unforgettable 5 year show, all consumed in 30 days, wow. 98% is perhaps an unfairly low score, but I don't wish to seem blindly exuberant, and so I will leave it that. All performances were tremendous, there isn't a bad actor among the cast. The leading ensemble was superb. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.
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on July 15, 2016
I've hear for years that the show was really good! I decided to see what the hoopla was all about. I was in awe. This show was raw, gritty, real, gut and heart wrenching. Beautifully done! I could go on and on. At the end I was so disappointed to find out there was only 5 seasons! I binged watched this powerful series clenching my teeth, as my favorite characters fell..... There aren't any shows that come close th this powerful, edge of your seat drama. I will always remember the characters. The Barksdales, Marlow... McNutty (McNutty). Lol! I rarely root for the under dog..... But I better... Omar comin y'all! Hey! Omar comin everybody! Omar comin'! Love it! Omar brought the danger to the hood... He was a Viking! A rebel. True to himself, compassionate... But grimey , ruthless, and cold. This show has been one of the best shows that I've never watched!
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on August 29, 2015
Well it was kinda sad watching this season knowing it was the last. This show was really great and it was a fun ride watching the series. In this season you have allot of the same continued stories from last season. Mcnulty is back and you also get to see the world of the newspaper and its involvement with the rest of the plot points in this season. I don't want to spoil anything but McNulty goes to some unique methods to get what he wants this season. I'd say its a pretty good ending to the series. There are a few characters that I would have like to see a different outcome but mostly this season wrapped it up well.
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on August 10, 2016
And this series doesnt. Ever.

Is this review even necessary? I suppose so, since everyones tastes are different. That said, in MY opinion(which is my own), The Wires the best tv show ever produced. Several others have come close, but this is, for me, as good as it gets. That said, season 5 to me is the 'weakest' of the 5 seasons and I'm giving it 5 stars. That's saying something. This show not just excellent, its CONSISTENTLY excellent. I did not watch this when it first came out. Hell I hadnt even HEARD of it when it first came out (probably because I didnt have HBO at the time).

When I found it? My entire extended weekend was spent watching. And I'm not a binge watcher by nature. I just could not get enough.That said, if you're looking at season 5, you've seen the other 4, and there's about 0% chance you will NOT pick up the last season even if I gave it 0 stars. I'd challenge anyone to watch the first 4 seasons and have no interest in seeing how the series ends. Not possible in my opinion.

So, in short(sort of)- get it, watch it, love it, rinse, repeat. Thats not sarcasm- I've watched this entire series probably seven times through and STILL would not be able to pass it up if I saw it on my channel lineup.
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on December 29, 2016
2004-2008 the David Simon, and Ed Burns returned to Baltimore, and produced this show to speak to the dysfunction in our cities. The Wire depicts the complex interaction of heroin, broken families, street survival, lazy-ass police, money laundering, and the tribal politics that feeds-on and protects all of the above. At the bottom, the street is a perpetual war, kids are soldiers, death comes quick, almost as a favor. Look hard Humanists - human beings are fallen creatures, everybody, we'd rather screw, get high and kill than improve ourselves or our lot. Only God has the answer to this. America was built on His principles, it never worked entirely, mankind is incapable of following His plan, but the attempt was better than this. Don't lie, respect your neighbor's property, respect life, respect your spouse, respect authority, let love into your heart, love God, and know there is only one God, and he is not that pile of cash, power, or the sex-object or substance that gets you off.
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on October 4, 2016
I'm sure I watched at least some of the series when it originally aired as I could remember bits and pieces of different episodes. My wife and I watched all 5 seasons during the last two months. We'd try and catch one or two episodes each night when we were free for TV watching. The first couple of seasons were outstanding. A cop friend from that area said the episodes were as close as you can get to the real thing. The street culture of the ghetto (if it is politically correct to use the term) was rather shocking to those of us who have led a sheltered life. Its easy to see why very few young people escape to a better life. The last 3 seasons were good. It was interesting to follow the various characters. Now too many of the residents made it alive to the end of the series. The value of life to these gangsters is shocking. It is easy to see why the carnage in Chicago is at the level it is this year. And in the end at the close of season 5 life on the street was the same as when the show started on season 1. Only the characters changed.
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