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The Wire: Season 2
Format: DVD|Change
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on March 10, 2015
I give This season a 3 stars because it seems to be disconnected from the entirety of the show as a whole. I have watched this show 2 times and I actually have gained a new perspective on organized crime in its entirety due to this season. Yes It does somewhat connect to the season prior but it is very slow to get to that connection. Although race is not specifically confined to one culture, the spirit of the type of drug/gang violence portrayed by one culture is not always necessarily conveyed to all and I felt as though this season was stretching to make that connection. If I looked at all the seasons in their entirety after the fact I would have more context, however even with these inconsistencies the season was good and I gained more of an appreciation for the suttle albeit spanned out efforts by law enforcement as a whole in the war/initiative on drugs and "clique" violence no matter the culture or race involved in areas that are comprised of more than one type of organized crime.
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on October 14, 2016
Season 1 set the bar pretty high. I like season 2 and if it were the first season, I'd be a cheerleader. It does pale somewhat in comparison. On a stand alone basis, it's great. Good story lines, great acting-- a compelling drama. I almost feel bad not giving it 5 stars but season 1 is nagging at me. Watch this series, you'll enjoy it if this genre appeals to you.
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on March 18, 2016
The Wire (not just Season 2) is simply the best TV Drama made to date (I know, it's not TV, it's HBO). I've watched the entire series through four times and still find it compelling (I'm on iteration 5--Colvin just gave the paper bag speech). I've argued with a friend at work about which is better The Wire or Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is certainly more of a page turner in that the ending of one episode makes you want to start the next, but The Wire makes me reflect more and is more relatable. The season-long story arcs are fantastic and bleed through to subsequent seasons in natural ways. The single complaint I've had is that the fifth season begins to jump the shark, so it was probably time to stop when they did. But, I think that Simon missed the boat when he said the only other topic they could think of was immigration for Season 6; there was a perfect setup to make it about the legal system.

Incidentally, my favorite episode is S1:E4 where we learn Lester is "natural police".
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on January 13, 2017
All 5 seasons are terrific. Season 5 got a tad out of hand and what McNulty was doing was goofy. But Seasons 1 thru 4 are some of the best shows you will ever see in your lifetime. Gritty-authentic-terrific writing and excellent acting. It was like you were part of the show. It draws you in and just won't let you go.
"Justified" was a great show and took place in rural area while this was urban to the max. But don't think it is a Justified show. The Wire has everything and the stories are so well written and acted it takes your breath away. All of the characters are so realistic. Bunk--Kima -McNulty -Carver and Haupt --The ADA was great and so were Rawls and Daniels.are not soon forgotten. Watch it -don't miss this season or any of the shows
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on March 6, 2015
I just watched The Wire for the first time, and, for my opinion, I'd like to combine seasons 1 and 2. Yes, I see the intelligence and complexity in the drama that centers around a culture of people "down in the hole" of a big city, but I want to bring out that some of "us" have worked all our lives trying to overcome this very depiction. That's because much of what society knows comes from what they see on TV. They only have their original thoughts confirmed by this depiction. (Where have The Huxtables" gone?) I, and a whole lot of people like me, know nobody who converses in that language, or kills people, or even sells drugs.

Yet, I give this drama 5 stars. That's because the story of the street life in season 1 is so well- written, it just pulls you right in like a Grisham novel. Can't put it down. It's something you've never seen, like life on another planet (Star Trek). And you can't forget it...you are influenced by it. I noticed I began to see some of that language beginning to creep into my own speech as I talked with my sister. Scary! Simon's "Homicide: Life on the Street" was nothing like this. I was around then and saw it first hand. Of course, both shows were "real" and the characters were memorable, but they were so different.

I've viewed both seasons 3 and 4 also, and noticed that things that were happening in season 1 were still developing in the ensuing seasons. Main characters I really liked (no spoiler alert) In season1 keep appearing, almost disappearing, REALLY disappearing, etc. I love the compassion in D'Angelo, as well as the style of Detective McNulty. And who was smarter and cagier than Stringer? I loved him. I also believe Greggs was a
powerful image for women.
I gave seasons 1 and 2 five stars even though season 2 was less interesting to me. It was cool as we moved from the streets to the water. Yet we still had the murders, but on a much larger scale (14 girls discovered dead "in a can"). No, no more young black kids standing on street corners pushing drugs, but ships coming in from all over the world carrying contraband...some human. Whites work on a much larger scale,it seems, but they're hunted down like the blacks here in season 2.

Putting 1 and 2 together, the drug trade" in the hole" and the dock workers on the water, were just as political...immoral, corrupt, and money- driven as the political spectrum above ground. We really see that in seasons 3 and 4. And did I say, I preferred the intro music to season 1?
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on June 10, 2015
What an awesome series!! I can't believe I didn't know about this series until a few weeks ago. I love the way the way season 2 picks things from the first series and blends them into season 2, much like life there are decisions and events that have long ranging consequences. Even though this season 2 does stand alone having seen season 1 makes watching S2 more enjoyable. The real sad and ironic thing about the series is that much of what is depicted about Baltimore is still an issue even 10+ years later.
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on January 26, 2017
This is a compelling show. The acting is phenomenal. The way that the plot weaves into the characters is compelling. The characters are shown with a good and bad side, which is rare. For example, I am almost sad that D'Angelo died. The guys at the pier such as Frank Sabotka are harder to find likable. They are just awful people. It made me see how much crime is potentially committed without anyone noticing. It leads to the question of how many potential murders might have happened as the result of smuggling and abusing woman immigrants. It also makes one think about the grand theft of crates of items that are portrayed and deeper issues of smuggling drugs into ports. I don't know if this could be happening, but it makes you think.
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on June 15, 2016
"The Wire" is amazing art. For example, when Burrell is getting canned, in the background the PA system lady is saying, "Any unauthorized cars parked in the police parking lot will be towed." The character development is amazing. One would normally find such art only in a 2 hour movie, "The Wire" goes on for something like 60 or more episodes. I end up identifying with people I would usually hate. Bubbles is one of my favorites, although there are a lot. Lester is great. Greggs is great. The show is a little grim, and perhaps a little exaggerated. But it is GREAT. Too bad there aren't more stars to click on. I can't say enough about this show. It's like reading Charles Dickens, who happens to be mentioned indirectly in the show. Only everything is in moving pictures and color and such.
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on December 2, 2015
Really enjoying the series. The juxtaposition of technology in the early 2000's compared to the post-NSA age we live in now is especially interesting and the series is worth watching for that alone.

Season 2 is a great addition because it focuses on the import trade and doesn't stick to the projects. It helps to really flesh out the characters as well as life in the city rather than just recycling the same story/characters/environment (here's looking at you, Walking Dead).

My only criticism is that the series has that network television "panache" before shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men broke the mold. What I mean is take out the swearing and nudity and it would feel like a show that follows after CSI.

It can also be hard to follow who's who just because there are so many characters and some get a lot of attention but very little screen time.

But yes, definitely worth watching.
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on October 22, 2015
I am about 5 episodes in, but already deeply immersed in the show. The characters from the first season feel like old friends, even when they are not quite noble-minded ones, and the new characters are the complex mix of emotions and motives that I have come to expect from the show. This season, like the last one has new characters starting off completely unfamiliar with their environs, and slowly learning the ropes, which allows us to learn the milieu they are in, which is the seaport economy of Baltimore. This season also feels darker and bloodier than the first one, and some of the new characters do stuff that makes me doubtful they will have happy endings. As with the first season, I watch with the subtitles on, which lets me follow the lingo, but I fear I may be missing the little nuances in expression and tone that convey so much meaning in this show. Can't believe I am just getting to watch a show this good, but I am glad I did when I did.
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