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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 4, 2017
“The Wire” is a gritty and gripping detective drama, which is widely considered to be one of the all-time best shows in this genre, as well as being one of the greatest television programs ever made. It was created and primarily written by David Simon, the renowned author and former crime reporter, who, because of his background, was able to impart an uncanny sense of realism to the series. “The Wire” was set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland, and its story line centers around the organization and function of the criminal drug trade in Baltimore, and the tragic way in which it has ravaged the city, and its beleaguered residents. “The Wire” consists of a total of sixty episodes, spanning five seasons, with a different emphasis for each season. Although the multifaceted drug trade represents the overarching focus of this series, each individual season assesses the manner in which this criminal enterprise impacts a specific operational area of the city of Baltimore. The first season of “The Wire” examines the drug trade itself, the second season deals with the dysfunctional seaport system, the third season analyzes the corrupt city government and bureaucracy, the fourth season addresses the deteriorating school system, and the fifth and final season evaluates the unethical print news media. It brutally and realistically depicts the devastating effects that the criminal narcotic trade has had on the residents of inner city Baltimore, whose lives have been destroyed by the pervasive drug-related misery, despair, and hopelessness, which have now become endemic in this population. “The Wire” is characterized by insightful and brilliant writing, superb plot and character development, and absolutely spectacular acting performances, by its exceedingly talented ensemble cast. It definitely deserves the numerous awards and accolades which it has received over its five-year run. “The Wire” is a truly outstanding television series, which is riveting, moving, and emotional, and it merits an unequivocal five-star rating, along with a very strong recommendation.
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on May 14, 2016
Though not the best season of the series (my opinion), the series overall is one of the few police shows I watched which I felt strongly resembled the politics of real policing. The street cops know what must be done and what leads must be followed to solve a case. But getting from A to Z in a case is plagued by mostly internal politics and self-interest by those all the way up the line. I suppose it resembles life all too often, in that self-serving actions derail duty and nobility of purpose. Any cop has likely seen this, and this show has so many snippets of reality, even in a small agency, such as the line Carver says when he watches some gang-bangers beat up on each other, "You see. This is why we will never win. When they screw up they get beat. When we screw up, we get a pension."

Seeing many unethical things get swept under the carpet, one must learn the reality, "Never let progress get in the way of your politics." Much good work has been stifled and many noble principles ignored to protect the name of the agency or someone standing high in it's ranks. It never seems to be about real accomplishments, just the perception -read "spin"- of accomplishments.
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on August 15, 2015
Boy I'm glad I discovered the Wire. This might be my favorite season yet. I certainly enjoyed the first two seasons. Although season 2 kinda strayed a way from season 1 a bit. I love that in season 3 we get back to Stringer and Avon. In the past we've seen, I'd say the politics of police work, but this season you get to see the big picture of politics. We get to see really the chain of command from the mayor down to the chief of police and the majors etc. I don't want to spoil anything but this pressure causes an interesting take on the drug problem.

If you're a fan of the past two seasons of the Wire, I certainly think you'd enjoy this one.
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on March 19, 2015
The most realistic cops and robbers street show I have ever seen. A friend recommended it to me and I started streaming it and couldn't stop until the end of the series. The Wire Season 3 is just another chapter in this raw, in-your-face nightmare of life on the mean streets in the ghettos of Baltimore, the corruption behind business, politics and police doors and the dedicated people on all fronts trying to save the city. There is nothing like "The Wire". It is truly unique!
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on June 24, 2016
All three seasons are absolutely riveting! Some of the best acting I've ever seen . . . and from unknowns, back when the show was produced. Some of the best writing and execution I've ever encountered--characters, plot lines, realistic details, on-the-spot-perfect language and diction for the locations, violent and sexual realism that was necessary for the story, rather than for gratuitous shock value. The series assumes that the audience is intelligent and doesn't need any coddling, recaps, blatant "spoon-feeding": the audience needs to pay attention to every single little snippet within an episode: a 10-second section of the story line is just as important as a five-minute focus . . . if you miss it or can't process it, you lose a key part of a future section. The music is also a "character" and is not used to tweak or manipulate the audience's emotions. In the end, you feel like you have been right there in the hood or police station, or bar, or house--not observing, but a silent participant. I recommend the series to somebody almost every day!
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on July 15, 2015
Season 1 was about the pagers and the "Towers". Season 2 was about the docks and the dead girls in the box. Season 3 is about Stringer Bell's attempts to go legit (or become and even bigger gangster by playing in the big leagues, perhaps?). It's also about Hamsterdam, Major Colvin's program to clean up his street corners by declaring an abandoned (mostly) neighborhood an arrest-free zone for drug dealers. There is a scene in one of the episodes where the Major says that if they don't cooperate there will be 'Old Testament treatment before they even get to the station'. A chilling example of life imitates art. On the whole, I haven't found this season, after several episodes, to be quite as compelling as the first two, but, I understand from friends who have viewed the whole series that it's setting the viewer up for bigger dramatic rewards later on.
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on January 2, 2017
THE WIRE is STILL one of the best HBO series ever made, and that's saying something, since HBO has produced so much good TV. What is remarkable is the depth and breadth of the series. At the center is a small group of cops concentrated on drug gangs in Baltimore. As the series goes on you see gang members as human beings, corruption leading into the city and state governments, unions, and even the department of justice. You also see the venality of police enmeshed in politcs. Senior cops trying to show good statistics for their command as the city continues to deteriorate. And yes, there are plenty of characters to like. Men and women trying to do their work with integrity against the odds. If you've never seen it, watch it. If it's been a long time, watch it again.
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on November 9, 2016
Definitely a highlight season with all of what makes this series a great piece of television history. The ongoing Jimmy McNulty, Bunk, Kima stories continue with quite a few shifts as the impressive Bunny suffers difficulties, Prez endures a true shocker and the second to last show of the season develops out a character in such a shocking way that I can't say anything about it here without being a plot wrecker. But suffice it say, I was really disappointed in that I had no idea how much the character had meant to me over the season. Anyway, hard to discuss without giving it all away, but the typically entertwined series of side plots done so skillfully, make for great viewing and the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5, is that there were a couple of cliches that didn't need to be.
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on June 13, 2016
They say this is President Obama's favorite show - or one of them. It is my belief that the better tv series are both a commentary on and pleading to society. One way they do this by capturing something elemental in all of human nature in each of the characters so that we identify with all of them to some degree, and eventually see that each of us is part of the whole, all of us are one. In today's reality, I think tv has a role in how we decide determine (or act out) our future. This season left me wondering about the role of hope and whether we are entering into a new dark/middle ages. I thought the way the role of institutional racism was overly dealt with was honest and potentially helpful to society. That conversation is spreading today, and I hope that someday we will have enough comfort and language to speak about it at a wide enough range that we can reform.
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on December 8, 2016
Viewing Season One thru Three. Story line is pretty good if you can handle the gang banging, dope pushing and gay and heterosexual scenes which were way overplayed. Obvious are the writers points that seem to be made. The awareness of the political connection and interaction with the crime world is interesting. The insight in the law enforcement life was interesting when revealing their challenges in racial, diverse characters, personal lives and their frustrations in doing their duties. Urban life in the raw...nothing much here that our youth can obtain from the positive interactions. But it was not geared to them but for the Mature audience. I plan on finishing the series. Great selection of actors to tell this tale.
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