Customer Reviews: The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
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Cellular biologist and author Dr. Bruce H. Lipton is a master teacher who is excited about his discoveries in the area of biology and belief. He has a way of teaching that not only increases your knowledge of biology; it explains why we can control our health with our thoughts. Can Doctors stay well by thinking thoughts of health? What is really happening when a miracle occurs?

This CD set addresses the areas of:

Cellular Biology

Natural theology and Natural Science

Genetic Determinism

The Human Genome Project

What Controls Cells?

Cell Membranes

Newtonian Physics

Good and Bad Vibes

Invisible Energy Universe

Magnetic Fields

The Secret of Life

The Root Cause of Disease

Polar and Non-Polar Molecules

The Role of Receptor and Effector Proteins

The Function of Genes

The Dangers of Genetic Engineering

Stress and The Immune System

Learning and Brain States


Placebo Effect

Beliefs and Biology

How our Subconscious Controls our Lives - can this be changed or is it more like a tape player. Can repetition reprogram the mind and how does this relate to mindfulness?

Fractal Geometry

Hereditary Traits

Evolution beyond survival - instead it is driven by consciousness and cooperation

Dr. Bruce h. Lipton's teachings explain why people seem more radiant when in love or why spontaneous healing can occur. The section on energy explains why healing can occur with the spiritual idea of "laying on of hands - energy transfer" or through "prayer - thoughts can also be a form of energy medicine."

His creative explanation of the cell wall brings a new understanding to how our cells function. He explores the similarities between computer chips and cells and explains why our thoughts may control our destiny more than our genes. The section on pregnancy is very interesting in regards to the chemicals of emotion and how stress hormones affect the baby. An interesting section on evolution in regards to evolving consciousness takes the topics full circle and explores the understanding of cells in regards to where we are headed next. This is all fascinating information for consideration and I haven't heard many people discussing life from this angle.

This 8-CD Set is a fascinating journey into Biology and Belief. This explains how our cells actually work and why we are not at the mercy of our own DNA. I listened to each CD numerous times (especially Disc 4) before moving on to the next CD. You can then listen to the entire set again for even more insight into this subject. Each time I listen to this set new information seems to appear and I understand this subject on a higher level.

Highly Recommended!

~The Rebecca Review
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on November 26, 2006
The more science looks into how the world really works the more we find that we really don't understand. Dr. Lipton is one of the pioneers in the field of epigenetics, the study of heritable changes in gene function that occur without a change in the DNA sequence. This completely alters the way we hve been taught that genetics works.

In this 8-hour recording he gives a layman's introduction to the subject. It is a revolutionary vision of life science that illuminates the hidden connections between (according to Dr. Lipton) biology, psychology and spirituality. Even at the cellular level, Dr. Lipton explains, we possess an innate intelligence that is far more critical to shaping our lives than even our genes.

For decades, our view of heredity has been written in the language of DNA -- and genetic mutations and recombinations have driven most descriptions of how phenotypic traits are handed down from one generation to another. Epigenetic research has blurred that neat picture, and are changing the way researchers think about heredity.
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on August 12, 2008
I thought the author presented the science pretty well... Stem cells/DNA are programmed externally via the membrane, non-random evolution suggesting deliberate genetic mutations, EEGs that pick-up brain signals outside of the body , the placebo pill effect, etc.

In short, he makes good arguments how environmental factors, both at the cellular level and by extension on the body as a whole, can indeed be responsible for one's present condition.

Where I felt cheated, was the ending. It seems the whole book is leading to the climax that will explain what exactly one can do armed with this information. Unfortunately, it comes up short. Basically, he says positive affirmation and/or willpower aren't effective since they involve the conscious mind.. instead what is needed is to reprogram the unconscious. How do you do that? The book doesn't have any specifics.
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on January 3, 2007
This series by Dr. Bruce Lipton shaked me to the core. I've read "The Biology of Belief" (also by Lipton) and was left thirsting for more. His simple yet concise approach to this heavy topic matter is utterly amazing. If you pay attention, digest the content and have an open mind...this course Will change your world view. The series is long (over 8 hours) and fills in many gaps left from The Biology of Belief.
If you're a fan of Quantum Mechanics, Biology or you're enticed by your spiritual side (Buddhism in particular), then you will not be disappointed.
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on July 14, 2007
"I am listening to the CDs you sent me... they are fantastic... totally changing my understanding of life itself !

Thank you SOOO MUCH !"

That's the note I received from my son, a pretty brilliant guy himself, after sending him Bruce Lipton's The Wisdom of Your Cells CDs. My husband, a professor at UCLA, and I just sat enthralled by what we were hearing. We'd already read the book and I had also ordered all the DVDs available by Lipton. Listening to the CDs are totally expanding my consciousness. They wonderfully complement my other studies of quantum physics, consciousness, and health.

The information is enlightening and exciting. This is no small potatoes stuff. This is information people need to have. No matter who you are, you will get a lot from these CDs.
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on May 30, 2007
First off- this is a great complement to all those books out there talking about the law of attraction. lipton actually gets into the science behind it (though not to complete satisfaction), not just the feel-good rhetoric. He explains how genes are just blueprints and that cells utilize the proteins the accompany the genes to react to stimulus (like chemicals or "vibes". The connection between electromagnetic vibes and cell reaction is not well-defined and leaves questions as is the connection between Quantum Physics and human-sized physics. the quantum level is so different than our everyday level that he's leaving out a big missing link of how Quantum Physics applies to the everyday. Einstein worked the last half of his life trying to merge the two, but couldn't, so it's no surprise that Lipton didn't do it. i just wish Lipton wouldn't have simply implied the connection and left it at that. but he implies a lot of connections, some of which should be carrefully scrutinized such as the dinosaur/human connection. i thought that was an awful way to end the work because it was so far-fetched and almost laughable (dinosaurs were machines because people have labeled them "killing machines" and corporations are like dinosaurs cause they live on the oil that was dinosaurs- see the connection? Come on). Still, Lipton brings up some interesting points about perception and how we are shaping our own lives. Nature Via Nurture gets into this more too.
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on May 4, 2007
And so are my cells. I found his insights absolute fascinating, but this is not an easy listen. You really have to pay attention and review a lot. Dr. Lipton gives us in depth information, some of which was totally over my head, but I still learned from him. These CDs are so opposite of what we have believed for long that I am still assimilating the information. Once again, if you can listen long enough you will arrive at some amazing insights into how your beliefs affect your body!
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on January 19, 2014
As the lectures began, I was enthralled by the findings of biology and I had high hopes for the connections Lipton would make between biology and quantum physics. Then, he began talking about the physics. He perfectly described the wave interference experiment. And then he perfectly overstated and misrepresented the interpretation. He makes all of the same mystical claims as any new-age lay-science-reader does. I received a Ph.D. in physics, worked in a laser research laboratory for 6 years, and have been attempting to teach quantum mechanics to undergraduates for the past 4 years. In my first year of graduate school, textbooks in quantum mechanics said "if you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you really don't." That didn't make sense to me at the time; now it does. There is no consensus regarding the meaning. Experimental results are strange, even mind bending. Incredibly exciting and I truly expect the nature of consciousness and interconnectedness to be rooted in this "new physics." BUT...we are far from that level of understanding. Lipton's claims sound, sadly, like those made from a newbie who has read a few books in the pop-science section of the bookstore. His claims and interpretations do not hold up to the mathematical and experimental findings that take decades to truly understand (I claim no expertise, despite over ten years of study).

Unfortunately, this makes me doubt his biological claims. Biology is not my field, so it is impossible for me to know. Some of the reviews suggest that he makes some accurate claims, although that they are not as heretical or unaccepted as he states. Other reviewers suggest that he misrepresents the backbone of evolution. I'm currently in the middle of the third disc; I think I will continue to listen. I like his energy and at the very least, he is making me excited to study further into the biology. But please do not latch onto his words as truth.

If guidance for a spiritual life is what you seek, do not look to science for the answers. Science has no answers yet (it may never). Turn, instead, to the true teachers and gurus, new and old: Adyashanti, Mooji, Rudi, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Anthony de Mello, Hafiz, Lao-Tsu, Kahlil Gibran, even Jon Kabat-Zinn. They are not trying to sell you a system or belief; instead, they just want you to wake up. Be well read, investigate everything, and hold no idea as truth, for Truth cannot be encapsulated in any human idea. Good luck.
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on December 27, 2010
These are a fantastic series of lectures as others have elaborated on. However the audio download from does not offer any Table of Contents for the numerous sections. It is a single 8 hour track with only an indication of what Chapter you are in. No Chapter names, no section names. This is pretty useless for the reader who wants to know what subject is being handled and how to return to that subject later on. They were kind enough to refund my money when I complained about this and I ordered the actual CD's afterwards.
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on March 8, 2007
He goes way beyond the teachings that he covers in Biology of Belief. This was great to listen to on a long car ride.
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