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on July 2, 2014
I got both this game and The witcher both at the same time. I spent a bit of time iinstalling them and downloading and installing the patches without problems. (I like the automated patch downloads and installs from the Witcher Launcher menu. It make getting the updates much easier.) Anyway, since I run Win 7 32-bit on a P4 3.0 gig CPU, 4 gigs RAM, HIS HD-4670 I gig video memory, I wondered if I'd have any problems running this game. I shouldn't have worried. The game ran right off the bat after being completely updated.
The first thing I noted was the ease of use of the my X360 gamepad. You have to change the controls to the gamepad as it's set up for KB/Mouse as a default but this was not a problem. After getting that set up, I played thru the tutorial and the only place where I really had trouble was when you have to go deep into the menus to select an item. Must of this depends on selecting the RT button and then moving the L stick to select what you want. This proved to be a bit hard at times as the selections of items to get are controlled by the Left stick and it can take a bit to get it to stay on an item. These things could really give you a problem in combat and you want to use a potion, etc. I got somewhat adjusted to get after a bit. Graphic are great, even on my system, and they seem smooth with not stuttering. Sound was good too. I like the way the story was told and how you can easily move around. I found myself liking the game even as I struggled with the menu items on the gamepad. I was well able to get into the action and story without having to many things get in my way. I didn't realize I have spent 2 hours in the game till I happened to glance up at the clock! This game is well worth getting. I really good buy!
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on August 27, 2017
The prequel to Wticher 3. Definitely worth playing if you like the Witcher series. This game gives a good lead into the final game of the series and explains a lot of the political history that Witcher 3 assumes you just know. There's a part near the end of chapter 1 where you pick between men (Roche) and Scoia'tel (Iorveth), and the choices lead to two completely different quest lines. It's worth making a save prior to this choice and coming back after beating the game to play the other path.

The combat, alchemy, etc. are similar to Witcher 3 but less refined. When in doubt, use quen. Have fun!
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on July 2, 2015
-Good Graphics
-Good Combat System
-Good Sound Effects
-Good Story Overall (I didn't think I'd care for the story for a fantasy RPG, but the Witcher 2 was pretty convincing, though sort of overly dense with excess dialogue at times, but usually you are not required to go through all dialogues with each character to get somewhere useful)
-Exploring is fun, though the world isn't humongous. You won't get lost too often.
-Easy to download- straight off the CD, no making any accounts required.
-Little to no noticeable bugs

-Level of Difficulty is unbalanced, first half of game is pretty challenging (good), second half is a bit too easy due to gear and levels you gain
-Potion System is kind of silly - there are too many ingredients and most potions aren't even that useful
-Other than lighting torches for fun or extinguishing, you don't really interact with the environment or do anything but combat and talking to NPCs in this game
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on October 23, 2013
I played and loved the first Witcher. Outside of the game I like that it has no DRM whatsoever. Installed and autoupdated seamlessly. The combat is largely the same as the first just the skills are allocated differently and you can unlock special abilities by choices and actions throughout the game. I like the improvements very much. The graphics have improved and the musical score is fitting to the game. Sound effects are what you'd expect and sound very crisp. The voice acting seems a tad better than the first game. I caution the game contains nudity and graphic sex scenes (as far as pixels show) but if that doesn't bother you then you can't go wrong with this game as long as you can get a hang of the combat which is overall more difficult than the first game.
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on February 26, 2013
The screenshots on this amazon page do NOT do it justice. Go to google images and look up this game, it's gorgeous. The graphics and gameplay of this game have become legendary. Witcher 1 was fabulous, but this sequel, which can be played freestanding, is simply incredible. You will need a very good graphics card, good monitor, generous graphics RAM and CPU RAM, respectable CPU, and good cooling to play this on a win7 machine... not a zillion bucks, but a good current machine - - and it's SO worth it. VERY INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED GAME. Textures and colors, artwork are amazing. Story is adult and not dumb neither. Just wandering around is great. You can get this game in xbox 360 as well as PC. Reviews and comments say that the pc version has more sharply defined graphics, compared to xbox 360... either the handheld interface and larger screen display of the 360, or keyboard controls and a sharper picture. Either way everyone loves it. And it's totally amazing eye candy artwork graphically. The extras that come with the extended edition are well worth it - they extend the story. There is at least one website where programmer fans have written extra story sections that can be downloaded and played... This should become a collector's item. It comes with choice of languages including english, plus subtitles on or off in choice of languages, and many customization settings as well for operation. Be sure to go to the project webpage for downloads of fan-written additional story segments to play, and also other extras. Check out the fantasy books that motivated the software team to craft this great work... not too light, not too dark, gritty yet not macabre, and plenty of interesting characters. It's a single-role RPG, not a MMO or pick your character like, for example, Oblivion. But this is one very interesting character and you develop his abilities as you play. It's not a mindless slash-hack, there's a lot of thoughtful development to the storylines here. Oh, and did I say how great the graphics are? American games should be this quality!
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on January 19, 2016
interesting, I'm normally a Fallout/skyrim player but I picked this up because the price was right and I'd heard good things about it. It is a good play but I'm just more into the openness of the Fallout/Skyrim world, while not as structured as Games like Assassin Creed it is a lot more structured than what I'm use to playing.
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on July 4, 2012
As my title says I am loving this game soo far. I just finished the 1st witcher recently and just picked this up on amazon and soo far this game hasn't disappointed me. It was great being able to bring my save from the 1st game over to the 2nd and having it have some sort of influence on some of the conversations in this game. I romanced and picked triss in witcher 1 so it was nice to see her at the start lying next to me lol. I have to say I did like the combat of witcher 1 a bit better just because it was so much easier to change weapons and fighting styles at a moments notice. The combat of witcher 2 is a bit annoying at first but once I got the hang of it things were somewhat better. The visuals on my pc make this game look really good and the game looks way more better than it did in the 1st one. The storyline so far is really good and with the nudes scenes (which some of them made my jaw drop) is definitely a mature game. All in all so far this is a great game to pick up just make sure you play the first one but be warned that the combat for this second one can be frustrating at times.
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on October 3, 2016
Ive lost count of how many times i have played the witcher 3. I figured id go backwards and try the second one to get some insight on the story. This felt very linear in comparison to the third installment. I do not recommend going backwards in the series. This game was somewhat disappointing for me. The good news is that because it is older, most pcs with modest graphics cards can run this in ultra no problem, so the graphics felt similar to witcher 3 on console. Play this as a game to get background knowledge, and invest your time and effort in the witcher 3 instead.
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on August 10, 2015
If like me you enjoy spending some time playing pc games and want to play a game that is really fun and entertaining I do recommend The Witcher series. I enjoy the option to play the game from differing points of view. The game mechanics are a bit different here than from the first installment of this series. BEST OF ALL THIS COMPANY IS OFFERING A VALUE FOR THEIR PRODUCTS VIA NOT USING THE MICO-TRANSACTION DLC business model. I want to apologize for the capital letters but it needed to be said and in that way.
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on March 25, 2016
Like the game. But there are only like 3 chapters. Witcher 1 had like 6 chapters so I felt like I need something more. Improved graphics but supports over-the-shoulder view, which made me little dizzy while I played this.

Overall, nice game.
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