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on December 10, 2017
Seriously horrible. I love James Bond but this is completely childish. Looking for a cervix!? A operative who wants to bed Bond and is named Goodnight? Ignorant sheriff is back from the bayou throwing every insult possible at the Chinese. I like a good play on words or other movies ie On Her Majesty Secret Service George Lazenby states „This never happened to the other guy“. That was great. Only watched it as I am going back and watching all of them.
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on September 23, 2008
This is a weird film. A reviewer once said of TMWTGG it was as if it were made by someone who had never actually seen a Bond film but had had one described to him by a very excited person. This was the last one with Broccoli & Saltzman on the credits. (Their relationship had deteoriated to the point where they rotated principal producing responsibilities -- Saltzman primarily responsible for LIVE AND LET DIE, as well as the selection of Roger Moore to succeed Sean Connery and Broccoli on GOLDEN GUN. Sean Connery once described Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman as "Two guys seating across a desk from each other and each one thinking, 'That bugger's got half of what should all be mine.'") This film represents another attempt to put Moore in the Connery mold -- smacking Maude Adams and twisting her arm. Of course at a crucial moment in a boat chase through the klongs of Bangkok who should appear on vacation? But of course, Sheriff J.W. Pepper (New York actor Clifton James) from LIVE AND LET DIE. "I know you! You're that agent, that English secret agent from England!" They don't write dialog like that anymore. There's Herve ("the plane!") Villechese as Nick Nack, Britt Ecklund as the lovely but incompetent Mary Goodnight. On the positive front an extremely effective performance by Christopher Lee as Francisco "Pistols" Scaramanga. *** On BD, it looks GREAT! All the available 007's do. Watch closely in the scene where Bond is fighting in the belly dancer's dressing room. When the mirror is shaken you can see the film crew!
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on November 27, 2017
FANTASTIC movie;....clean no scratches and SUPER fast shipping thanks for the GREAT Service
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on February 21, 2016
Christopher Lee is the best part of this movie, hands down. Roger Moore (while being a nicer person than Sean Connery) is more slapstick and cheese than other Bonds. But, I'm watching them in chronological order and the show must go on.

The closed captioning is useful to figure out what they're all saying, because some of it goes so quickly.
The final showdown, between Bond and a master assassin on a remote tropical island fortress, is classic and worth the watch.
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on November 16, 2010
Let's face it, you don't watch James Bond movies to be moved to cinematic awe. James Bond movies are Saturday Morning cartoons...........for adults. This is one of the better all around entertaining ones. There are laughs, beautiful women, an interesting villan, who, for once, is not after world domination, pretty decent stunts, fun gagets and gorgeous locations. For as improbable some of the escapes are and absurd some of the scenarios are, the movie is just plain good escapism. Knick-Knack is the most clever side-kick since Odd-Job and GoodNight supplies both eye-candy and brainless stunts to fill incredible holes in reality, sprinkled liberally throughout the movie. None-the-less, it's a fun escape for a couple of hours.
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on May 30, 2016
Roger Moore is cheesy. Gotta love a movies with midgets and a third nipple. Next to Jane Seymour, Maud Adams is a really hot Bond girl. Reminds me of one of my ex girlfriends.
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on February 17, 2017
A weak plot made worse by weak acting, and the character played quite differently than I expected. This Cdr. James Bond is just plain mean, any playfulness, good humor and nobility is entirely missing; he slaps women and pushes a child into the river. I'm sorry, but by the end I was actually hoping that the bad guy would kill him.
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on August 28, 2011
A lot of viewers love to pan this movie for being an oddball among Bond movies. But they miss the point. Virtually every Bond movie that was introduced has had to distinguish itself from its predecessors. "The Man With The Golden Gun" really succeeded in this respect. Whether you find the screenplay or the locales weird is irrelevant. Being a product of '74, you really need to make a few allowances for the dated music and humor. Notice that I didn't mention screenplay. With so many cheesy Hollywood remakes these days, "The Man With The Golden Gun" appears even more attractive now. Most of Hollywood's movies today make this movie seem like an epic masterpiece. Steve Axmaker, the critic who wrote the description of this film and discredited the script desperately needs to get a reality check. I'll take Lulu's wacky theme song for this movie over most of the 5-minute compositions available over the raw sewage (Clear Channel junk) from current terrestrial radio any day. The corkscrew car jumping stunt is also much more believable than a Bond car that becomes invisible in one of Pierce Brosnan's Bond movies, to say nothing of the CGI special effects used as crutches today in nearly all of Hollywood's action movies. Anyway, I've made my point.

Is it worth your BluRay purchase??? Well, anyone using a decent display to view this BluRay release of "The Man With The Golden Gun" will not be disappointed. The picture is crisp, solid and punchy with excellent contrast and color accuracy. The slightly visible film grain doesn't hurt the BluRay version's visual impact either. If you're a home theater buff, you should be absolutely amazed at the job the recording engineers did to restore the soundtrack. The original soundtrack for this movie was actually monaural. But the sound quality underwent such a complete and skillful makeover that you'd be hardpressed to know this if you are watching this movie for the first time. Unlike some movies where the audio restoration only involves including a surround version of the music soundtrack (leaving dialog and sound effects anchored at the center channel under your display), this movie went through every conceivable enhancement while avoiding audible side effects. Sound effects are effectively panned across different channels and, when appropriate, isolated within discrete channels. Unlike previous video releases and the original theatrical release, the much wider dynamic range (difference between the softest and loudest passages) of the original master tapes has also been preserved for the BluRay version. This is most noticeable when comparing the volume of the dialog during normal conversation to music and sound effects during action sequences. The updated sound quality also applies to bass extension where the low frequency effects (bass) channel produces deep bass in scenes that warrant it (most noticeable when the private home of Christopher Lee's character, Francisco Scaramanga, self-destructs). All in all, a great use of the video and DTS Master soundtrack capability of the BluRay format. Well done.
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on November 21, 2016
My order of Bond actors is: Connery > Brosnan > >Dalton > Craig > Moore > Lazenby. While I'm not a big fan of Moore's goofy Bond movies, I do love Christopher Lee's villain here. He's a charming villain makes this movie better than it is.
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on June 2, 2012
Like someone mentioned in a January 2012 review, I also received a bad burn copy. The pixels all over the 2nd half of the movie. Very frustrating.
Reading that review made me feel somewhat better knowing that I wasn't the only one out there who got the *one* bad copy. There must be countless bad ones floating around & MGM or whoever makes/distributes the dvds should really look into the problem.

I'd like to buy it again, but I'm avoiding the "Special Edition" version. So should you. Gonna try the "Ultimate" version next.
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