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on June 3, 2016
I normally enjoy books written by this author. Not so much with this one.

Spoiler Alert: You have three sisters, you invested in all three of them and their lives. The author kills one of them-at 70% into the book. I almost put down the book and didn't finish it. I was hoping it was just a ploy to bring out the killer, but no-she killed off a main character, after we (as readers) have invested in them.

Will I continue to read her books-not sure after this one.
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on October 18, 2014
l chose the rafting because kept me wanting to read more
and faster.but only only two people fell in love.and I was sad
when Tracey died and they was taking to long to to fall in love.
they knew it but would never commit to saying.It was amazing
how Amy moved around so much with no never saying how
she got clothes.Getting the money would not have upset me

l have never had a lot of money. and I would have liked for
you say what Luke looked lack. I hope Amy and Luke get
married. And connor and Marie too. maybe Caroline and
Daneil can meet and fall in love too. I don't understand where
Daniel don't believe in God he seem to be very intelligent.
This probable not the information you are asking for In your book review.

l am not connected to the internet and kindle just shut off a lot and I have to wait and try to get back
to where I want to be.
l love your book's,a lot.I am 74yr. old, but I still like read. But I have to Waite until my daughter
download them for me. I will enjoy the next time I get to read one of your book's.

Thank you very much
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on December 8, 2016
Good story, held my interest throughout. I purchased the audible so I listened as I walked or worked out. I thought the ending was a little weak. I wish it didn't just disappear into nothingness. Left me wanting more. Is there a sequel?
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on March 11, 2012
The faith themes didn't have much of anything to do with the book, which made them easy to skim over. They did absolutely nothing to forward the plot, and seemed kind of crammed in there. I don't mind faith themes at all when they have something to do with the story. This just seemed forced.
A lot of the police work didn't seem realistic, either. I highly doubt police officers so close to the victims would be so involved in investigations. It's like writing about a surgeon operating on their own family. It just isn't done.
The ending was just kind of... meh. It's like she got tired of writing so just ended it. It was free, though, so no big worry. It was disappointing because there was a lot that could have been done that just never happened. I deleted it after I read it.
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on January 4, 2012
I'm surprised at the reviews for this book. I didn't think it was well done at all, and am glad I got it while it was free for Kindle. It was good enough to keep me reading until the end, but that is about all I can say for it. I think the author couldn't decide if she was writing suspense, romance or a Christian lit story. The Christian references don't bother me, but they seemed contrived. I like to know the characters are Christian by the way they act, more than by italicized thoughts that are imposed in the text. There were areas where description went on for pages with no reason for it~of rooms for example, and then areas where characters were dropped in with little to no introduction or background.Other times characters acted "out of character" or scenes were recorded that were not explained or had no bearing on the story. Reality had to be suspended multiple times. On the plus side: it was clean, no bad language or sex and the characters were likable. I won't be reading any more by this author.
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on January 22, 2012
The book was good for the most part, until the last few chapters, then the entire book was ruined. The characters were okay, but there were a few annoying things I began to notice.
#1: The word "promise" was used so much when characters were communicating. It became silly at one point.
#2: There was a lot of talk about God. I am not sure if this was a christian book, or rather just a side note of the characters, but the characters faith was brought up, with no real reason.
#3: The end of the book (I read Kindle version) the last 9% was wrapped up so quickly, that it made the main characters point of running... pointless. There was no explanation on some of the characters actions. It was just wrapped in a pretty little bow and given to you right away. It was as if the book only was allowed a certain amount of pages and the ending had to be cropped to get it to fit. The first pasrt of the book was good, it is just a shame that the ending ruined the entire book.
I don't expect all books to have a tidy ending, but this was left with so much "???" that it made me angry.
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on January 23, 2012
I was really drawn into the story, and really enjoyed about the first 10 chapters. The character development started off well, but just kind of fizzled, to where it was mostly dialogue. After reading some of the other reviews, happy to see I'm not the only one that was bogged down by those points. But it wasn't just dialogue, there were constant descriptions of the most mundane things. Like drinking coffee:

"The coffee really was awful. Marsh dumped his out in the sink and risked pulling out the basket in the coffeemaker. He couldn't remember when he'd dumped those grounds in there. He made a fresh pot of coffee......"

But, I did want to finish. I was happy with the ending. Although it was dragged out and abrupt all at the same time...I know it makes no sense, but that is about all I can do to explain. The romance aspect of it, was pretty much about big strong men taking care of the little women. Even the one woman who could probably out think and out run any of them was pretty much treated this way.

It was a free read on Kindle, and if you like mystery and off beat romance....with frequent disjointed conversations about God then you may like this book. I would try to read some of the authors other books. From the reviews I gathered the good parts of this book are consistent with her other books. And this one isn't as good as the others. So since I sorta liked this, I may just like her other ones.
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on February 8, 2012
This book had so much promise....

The concept of the story is wonderful and could have been epic in a better author's hands. I read the entire novel only because the story was intriguing enough to make me want to know what would happen. But as Publisher Weekly describes above, the resolution and ending were a huge letdown.... shallow, badly paced, and lacking of much believable substance in the characters. The characters, well developed throughout, were left hanging with us wondering what each of them thought and felt toward the end (very Harry Potter-esque).

**SPOILER** Calling it a "romantic suspense" novel is an inaccurate nomenclature. There was no romance in this novel. A few moments of attraction were present, but there was virtually no exploration of any romantic progress among the three couples. And again, there was SO MUCH POTENTIAL!! Three very different relationships among six very different people, and the whole novel produced merely a single lackluster kiss, an engagement that we as the reader didn't even witness, and some vague descriptions of one officer's feelings when his fiance was shot and died in his arms. Very dissatisfying...

And finally, I wish I had noticed the Christian undertones in the initial reviews so I could have had some idea of the author's literary history before I bought the book. There is more dialogue between the characters and God than between the characters and each other. Some of the scenes in which the characters actually discuss their faith with each other ramble on for too long - I found myself skimming these sections.

I definitely don't recommend this book or this author unless you enjoy pedantic reading, under realized plots, and less than active story lines.
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on February 17, 2012
I dont write reviews, but I had to on this book.
I got it for free on kindle store, but still, this is a book that is sold for normal price. it felt like a story that got zero thinking into making it:
not enough details on many occasions, makintg the story confusing and just doenst go into any level of detail many times, I felt like I cant get attached to any character.
The relationships were insane, non believable and made me feel like its a joke, yeah right 3 detectives on one case all dating 3 ladies from that case.. even thier chats and private moments felt fake.
the action or thriller in the root of the story didnt catch on to me, I didnt feel like it was planned well in the story and it was an afterthought, no suspense, not enough detail on the final stages..
even the ending felt empty, I felt happy that I finished reading this one and am ready for something else, but when a good book is done, you think about it a while.. i didnt.
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on January 23, 2012
The beginning started out interesting; then character development just didn't really happen as the focus became more on the romance; and the story line dragged and the dialog became repetitive. I will read it through to the end as I'm already 70% committed. This was not what I expected in light of the ratings it received. I was expecting sympathetic characters in line with Girl w/Dragon Tattoo, Hunger Games, even Twilight and The Hostess. I could not buy into the characters--they are all too nice and unreal--kinda made me want to gag. People really don't think/speak in full dialog as this writer depicts. I would summarize that this is a Reader's Digest read: a Harlequin romance trying to be a detective story. I seriously doubt I would read anything by Dee Henderson again after this flop.
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