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on July 30, 2017
Awesome game and awesome service from the people I got it used from. It came faster than expected, beat the game in about four days, since I played nonstop when I could, and now doing the extra missions.
Pretty good if you like puzzles and fighting games. Downside, it is very hard to get use to fighting well with Neku on the bottom screen and whoever is your partner on the top screen during fights. Shiki is the easiest while Joshua, along with annoying, is the toughest partner.
Overall, love the game
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on May 14, 2017
This game has aged gracefully. It makes excellent use of the touchscreen, and the story is both interesting and engaging. I may have waited way too long to pick up and play it, but I'm very pleased with my purchase. It has been money well spent. The music is catchy and atmospheric. I am intrigued enough with the storyline to see where it goes next.
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on March 22, 2012
This game is really cool. I like the fact that it plays different music in every setting, even during fights. It is a bit of a challenge to play as two characters during fights on the top and bottom screen. However I do like that fact that if one character defeats the enemies both characters win the battles.
I really like the main character of this game. He's like the anti-hero. He's stoic, a bit of a loner, and he keeps his thoughts internal instead of complaining to anyone who'll listen.
The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because instead of voice actors the dialogue moves like a comic book on the to screen. It gets annoying when there are long conversations going on. The talk bubbles cover each other and some of the characters.
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on March 7, 2017
It took me a bit to finally got into the game, I know it's dated as a game, it being a DS game and the current portable console market being the New 3DS XL, but it's actually a really good game, not as good as the many fans hype it out to be, but if you ignore that, you'll find a very entertaining game with good music and great characters.
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on December 2, 2014
Power through the learning curve and you will enjoy hours of gameplay with one of the top DS games of all times.

You get to use the stylus because you HAVE to use the stylus (majority of DS games can be played with only the keys, so that's a neat thing); TWEWY is one of the few games that fully utilized the DS gameplay capacity. The learning curve for me was in using all the buttons simultaneously with the stylus, and actually having to keep an eye out on both bottom and top screens. Once you get a hang of it, it's really fun. You could probably power through the game with button mashing and screen scratching if you needed to...

Unique art style but with a noticeable Square Enix/Kingdom Hearts feel, earworm soundtrack, gripping story, character development (glory to that), lovable characters, many hours of gameplay, clothes, pins, food to collect, and an extra chapter after you finish the game that is hilarious when you compare it to the main story
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on July 1, 2013
With the market becoming filled with unoriginal games such as dull fps games, it's nice to have a good fresh of air with this amazing game The World Ends With You.

The story takes place in an alternate dimension of the Shibuya district of Japan, where anti-social 14 year old, Neku find him self on a street filled with people that cannot see him. Monsters called noise take a few of these people and erase them from existence. When he is attacked by these noise, a girl named Shiki forces him to make a packed with her and are able to fight off the noise with Neku's physic powers channeled through pins. Neku learns he is in a game called The Reapers Game, to win, survive for the 7 days. Neku has forgotten all of his memories, and wishes not to play this game, but he soon learns the dark tones and importance of surviving the game. There is not much more that can be said about the story that wouldn't ruin much, but it gets faaaaaaaaaar better, and deeper. The story consist much character development from Neku and the rest of the main cast, as they learn things the hard way, that they wouldn't have known if it wasn't for The Reapers Game. There is some death for no reasons, and the story can get dark, but has a light tone, and all the text is enjoyable and fun to read. The story alone is enough to buy this game.
The characters are interesting, the plot is interesting, and there is much character development.

Game Play:
The game is an action JRPG, with an enjoyable battle system like no other. On the bottom touch screen you control Neku using pins to do such things as create fire or through things like cars at noise until they are defeated with the, while dodging things trying to not take damage, both with the stylus. At the same, on the top screen you control your partner by using the d-pad to make symbols to do such things as upper cut the noise on the top screen. Each noise is on both screens, and share the same heath, so if you defeat one on the top screen, it's also down on the bottom screen, and the other way around. You and your partner share a health bar vertically on the left of the screen. When you get hit the damage bar loses up, and when your partner is hit, the damage bar goes down, so you can tell who is taking more damage. The battle system takes a while to get a hold of, but is very fun.
Instead of armor and weapons, this game has trendy close, and pins. Your close and pins are effected by where you are. If you are in an area where a brand is popular, the stat increase raises, and pins of that brand are more powerful. But if you are wearing the an unpopular brand, the stat increase becomes lower, and the pins attack is weaker than normal. As a counter to this, if you wear a brand and use it enough, it will manipulate what the people of Shibuya like, that brand will become a trend. As stated, the more trendy the brand, the stronger you close and pins are in battle. You can buy close and pins at stores with yen received by putting pins in the trash can to the top right of the screen.

While some might not like it's J-pop style of music for many of its tracks, I really do. If you do not, many other styles of music are in this game such as metal, rock, and rap. Plus, the J-pop music makes it fell more like a big Japan city. You can buy in game, virtual CDs of very track in the game that can be played at the pause menu, and saved as the main pause menu theme to be replaced with the original pause menu theme, making the already good music more important. The IOS remake of this game also redid most of the music for the original DS game, but that port is quite different from the DS game in too many ways, and would require a far different review.

The graphics in this game resemble much of a shonen manga, must are still really good. The game is mostly sprites, other than cut scenes. There is not much to be said about the graphics other than they are very cool looking, and the art design is enjoyable.

Over all:
The World Ends With You is an under rated modern JRPG that any TRUE gamer that plays more than dull fps games should play. But to enjoy it to it's fullest, requires a bit of text to be read, but the text is very enjoyable, is often funny, and doesn't fell like a chore or anything because the story is so good. The battle system is unique and fun, and the music is also enjoyable. The graphics and design are good, even if you are not into anime, it the art style grows onto if you let it. Or to summarize this summary, this game is "SO ZETTA ENJOYABLE!!!"
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on May 21, 2013
Being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan I followed all the news on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance I could get my hands on while waiting for the game's release. When I heard that characters from The World Ends With You were going to be in the game I wanted to get to know the story and the characters better before I actually played KH 3D. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed with my decision.

Before actually purchasing the game I read up on it since I had never heard about the game before. I read everything I could find on the game, including spoilers, just to try and get a feel for the game. Intrigued by what I had read I decided I would purchase the game. I hunted around for a while before discovering that the game had turned into a fairly rare trade in item at game stores. Finally I found it on the internet and my husband bought it for me for my birthday.

First of all, I must say that even though I read a summary of the plot it did not do this game justice. It went above and beyond everything I was expecting. I laughed with the characters and I cried with them. I got angry and I got excited. The twists in the story, I wish I had discovered them first hand without having read spoilers because the impact of what happened in the game would have hit harder if I hadn't. However, it still hit pretty hard. I had so much fun going on Neku's journey with him. Learning about him and the other characters and watching him grow as a person. I was just like him a few years ago. Closed off from the world, hiding behind my head phones and in my stories, until the right people came along and pulled me out of my shell. So Neku and his story really hold a special place in my heart.

One of the things that hit me the hardest was toward the end of Shiki's week when she runs into her best friend and starts finding out things she never knew after confessing all of her feelings and insecurities to Neku previously. I cried so hard during all of that because it reminded me of my best friend who was killed in a car accident when she was 16. So this is another reason why the game is so endearing to me. The entire concept of the game and the Reaper's Game, the idea of this other world we can't see going on around us just really sucked me in.

The game play takes some getting used to. The battle system is pretty fast paced, but it is very easy to customize it to the player's needs and abilities. The player can adjust the level of battle with a number of settings and how the top screen is handled until the player is comfortable enough to control both screens. But once I got the hang of the battle system I was kicking Noise butt all over the place and was having fun while doing it.

The graphics and the character designs are great! I loved them and I loved the music. I loved the overall feel the setting and designs gave to the game. I especially loved that the game takes place in Shibuya and left in Japanese cultural references. It was a real treat for me! It all came together quite nicely.

I am so glad I refused to play KH 3D before I played through TWEWY. It was so much fun getting to know the characters and their story before meeting their Kingdom Hearts counter parts. I didn't think I would enjoy this game as much as I did and I have to say that it is in my top 3 favorite games ever. I highly recommended this to anyone who enjoys this style of game.
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on May 20, 2013
The World Ends With You is a Japanese Role Playing Game released on the Nintendo DS, and created by the very same team that created the well know Kingdom Hearts series. So, just how is the KH team's first original title? Can it compare to Kingdom Hearts, or is it just another one of them JRPGs that will get lost in the sea. Well...

You have 7 days:

Neku Sakuraba is your standard anti social 15 year old, who flat out just doesn't "give a crap" about anyone but himself. He walks around with head phones to block out the rest of the world, he doesn't care about anyone's values except his own, and as far as he's concerned, everyone else can just vanish and never come back. Neku truly doesn't care about anyone else, and all he wants is to be left alone. "Out of my face! You're blocking my view... Shut up!!! Stop talking... All the world needs is me... I got my values, so you can keep yours, all right?"

After going off on his little "all the world needs is me" speech, Neku soon finds himself laying in the middle of the Shibuya crossings with a strange black pin in his hand. How did he get there? What is this black pin? Neku has no idea, but after tossing the black pin in the air, the thoughts of the world rush into his mind, and everything changes. A countdown timer appears Neku's hand, frogs appear out of thin air, people around Neku scream as they vanish, and before he knows it, Neku himself is under attack!

Not knowing what else to do, Neku decides to run for his life, and hopefully escape the crazy frog monsters that are chasing him; however, he soon finds out that it is useless. At least, until Shiki came along! After being told by a strange girl to make a pact with her, Neku finds that all of the frogs have vanished, and he is once again "safe." Even so, Neku still has no idea what is going on, and to make matters worse, he now has this "annoying" Shiki girl yelling at him, telling him what to do.

Although Neku doesn't want to believe it, he is dead, and he is being forced to play what is known as the Reaper's Game. With his "entry fee" to play the game being his memory, Neku truly has no idea what is going on around him, and all he knows is that he must do whatever he can to survive. He has 7 days to survive, and each day he must complete a mission with the help of his partner, or else he will be erased.

Soon, what starts out as a "simple game" of fighting to survive evolves into much more, and Neku finds himself at the center of it all. Just who is in charge of this game? How did he die? What about the other players? Just what is the deal with this Shiki girl? Neku will work his way to getting to the bottom of all of these questions, while uncovering the true nature of the Reaper's Game in the process. It's going to be a long 7 days.

F (for fabulous) everything:

The World Ends With You is not your standard JRPG, and on top of that, it has a very "pop" culture type setting. The game takes place in the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, and because of that, fads are EVERYTHING! Every single area in Shibuya has a fad chart, which actually plays a major role in the game.

Every piece of clothing, and every pin (which will be touched on a bit later in this review) has a brand name, and different brand names are popular in different areas of the city. By wearing different brands in popular areas of the city, your stats will actually be boosted, and Neku will preform much better in battle; however, if you wear hated brands in different sections of the city, Neku's stats will take a major blow. By wearing different brands of pins, and by battling with them in different areas, you can actually influence which brands are popular, but sometimes it may just be easier to change your clothing.

Clothing -

Like armor in other JRPGs, the clothing system in TWEWY is basically your standard equipment set up; however, there is still a bit more too it than that. Besides the whole style system, each piece of clothing has different effects depending on who wears them, and there's a "bravery" system as well.

As you buy clothing from different shops, you can actually become friends with the workers, and in return, unlock clothing abilities. Sometimes these abilities are unlocked just by looking at a piece of clothing in the actual shop, but other times shop owners will actually like the clothing you have on, and that will unlock it's ability. Like I said before, there are quite a lot of different abilities out there, but not all of them actually work for every character. Some may work only for Neku, some may only work for Shiki, and others may only work for other partners. Although all pieces of clothing add stats, it's sometimes best to just stick with what works best for each character.

The bravery system is another major feature when it comes to clothing, and it is also a system that can really limit you for quite awhile. Depending on what a piece of clothing looks like, just like in real life, each character has to have at least some brave part in their body to even try it on. While simple/standard clothing like a T shirt is something everyone is willing to wear, a samurai outfit just is not. As you go through the game, and level up, characters will become a bit more braver, which will allow them to put on these different types of clothing, but until then, you're stuck with playing it safe.

Food -

Another unique feature TWEWY brings is the whole food system. Once again, TWEWY is one of them games that tries to bring in the real world, and food is just another part of that. By eating different types of food, you can actually easily increase your characters stats, but there is a catch. Each piece of food takes so many bytes to eat, and the more bytes you take of something, the longer it takes for it to digest. Yep, you heard me, digest.

Every single time you enter a battle, Neku or his partner will digest a piece of the food they ate. Normally it'll only take 8 or so battles to digest each piece of food, but larger "full" meals will actually take much more time, and this can be quite the problem. Like in real life, characters get full, and there's only so many times you can eat a day. Although you can in fact eat food over and over again until you reach the map, you are normally limited to eating only about 3 times a day, and that's what keeps you from boosting your stats non stop. The game does in fact keep track of what time it is in real life, and the food system is just one of the ways it is put into use.

Shibuya Pop -

Like I said earlier, Shibuya has the whole "cultural pop" deal going on, and it is clear around every corner. People walk through the streets talking about the latest fad, everyone has a great sense of style, street art can be seen drawn on walls, and to top it all off, the game has an amazing soundtrack!

Although near the start of the game you'll only be hearing the same tracks, as time goes on many more open up, and before you know it, you'll be singing along. The soundtrack is mixed with Jpop (both in English and Japanese), and rap, and it just flat out sounds great. Even if you're not a fan of the Jpop or rap genre, I myself actually hate rap, you'll be shocked to find yourself actually enjoying the game's soundtrack.

Everything about Shibuya really does pop, and because of that, TWEWY has a truly unique style, and one of the best video game settings you'll ever see; especially in a JRPG!

Around Shibuya and fighting the Noise:

The gameplay in TWEWY is also another one of it's very unique features, that really helps set it apart from other JRPGs.

Shibuya -

At the start of each day you'll find that Neku and his partner is at a different section of Shibuya, and each day they will receive a different mission on their cell phones from the Reapers. Although each mission will state you are on a time limit, time in game actually only passes as you see different story cutscenes. In other words, you can never run out of time during a mission, and you are in fact free to explore Shibuya and do whatever you want; however, once again, there is a catch.

Each day different sections of Shibuya will be locked by invisible walls, and the only way to open these walls is to talk to the Reapers guarding them, and complete their missions. These missions can range from "bring me food" to "clear out of all the noise in the area," but either way, they normally end up being something simple. For the most part you will be required to open these walls to gain access to different areas to complete the mission, but from time to time you will come across extra walls as well. While actually in the city, you can move Neku around the map by either using the touch screen, D-Pad, or the face buttons, but in battle Neku's movements are completely controlled by the touch screen.

Besides actual navigation, the touch screen is also used for a number of other things in the city as well. By tapping on the little "player in" icon at the bottom right of the touch screen Neku can read the thoughts of the people around him, and also battle the Noise which build up in the area. Depending on how strong each noise cluster is, their icon will larger or smaller, with special pig noises for side quests, and special blue noises for extra bosses. The game never pulls you into random battles, that are not story related at least, so by using Neku's scan ability, you can freely pick when you fight, and when you don't. It really is a nice system, and it really does help speed up the game.

From time to time you'll also be able to talk to NPCs in Shibuya, but most of the "standard talking" will actually come from reading peoples thoughts. Since Neku is dead, and in what they call the "Underground," he can't actually interact with the people around him. The only characters he can actually talk to are Reapers, and players, with the people in the real world mostly only interacting with each other.

Fighting Noise -

The Battle System in The World Ends With you is one of them battle systems you will either love or hate, and it takes multitasking to the extreme! As I said before, you will actually control Neku on the bottom screen with touch controls, but that is actually only half of the battle system. Since both Neku and his partner battle in different dimensions against the same enemies, both characters must be controlled at the same time, both characters share the shame health, and both characters will be attacking the same enemies at the same time. So just how does this work? Well, with the top screen of course!

Neku's partner is actually controlled with either the D-pad or face buttons (depending if you're right or left handed), and all of their combat will take place on the top screen, while you're also playing as Neku on the bottom. By pressing left/right, as well as up and down, you can navigate through different combo trees to preform different attacks with your partner, but at the same time there's a "puck" and special attack system you need to worry about as well.

At the end of each combo tree there is an icon which has different effects based on who your partner is. For example, while Shiki's combo trees lead to icons which you need to match with the panels shown at the top of the screen, another character's icons are actually cards that play out in a poker like style. Either way, it doesn't matter which character you use, by playing your combo trees right, you can unlock a special limit break attack, which will freeze time, and cause both Neku and his partner to go full out. It's a pretty deep system, but keep in mind that your partner is only half of the battle system.

While you're going through combo trees on the top screen as your partner, a puck will actually be passed from your partner to Neku, and in return, it will power up Neku's attacks. Every single time either Neku, or his partner, pulls off a combo, this puck will be shot from screen to screen, and if you keep up a nice rhythm, it's power will keep growing and growing. In the end, if you can pull it off, both Neku and his partner will be fighting together while keeping a set beat, and getting stronger and stronger with each puck pass. Still, this is only a minor part of the larger battle system. Still, if you're not a fan of the multitasking aspect of the game, you can turn it off and let the computer take over for your partner.

The final aspect of the battle system is Neku himself, but Neku's battle system really isn't that simple...

Neku and the Pins -

Pins are objects that play a major role in The World Ends With You, and without them, Neku wouldn't even be able to attack! There are actually HUNDREDS of pins in this game, and every single pin has its very own use, and it's up to you to decide which type of pins you want to use.

Although you can only hold six pins in your deck at a time, the pin system never really seems limiting, and it is easily a system you will spend a LOT of time with. Each pin has its own type of attack/ability attached to it, and they also have a limited amount of uses in battle before they must be recharged, but what makes these tins fun is how they are actually used! Each pin requires a different input on the touch screen to pull off, and because of that, battles can become quite hectic!

From slashing across enemies to, well, slash them, to flicking them up in the air to create ice spikes, to taping on the screen to warp to that spot, to tapping on an enemy to shock them with electricity, to dragging the stylus to create a path of fire, to drawing a circle around Neku to bring up a shield, and so on; there are a lot of different types of commands to go along with the hundreds of pins, and there are MANY different combos you can pull off! Still, that isn't all!

There are in fact many different types of pins, but these very same pins can level up to become stronger, and even evolve into other pins by doing different things! After each battle, Neku's pins will actually gain some EXP of their own, and once that EXP hits max, they will level up; however there's also different types of EXP, and different pins will evolve from gaining different types of EXP. For example, while one pin may actually evolve from battling with it, another pin may evolve by not even playing the game at all! Yep, by using the real time clock, TWEWY actually tracks how long you've kept your game offline, up to 7 days, and reward your pins with PP based on that time. In other words, the game actually rewards you for not playing as well!

Pins really are a deep and advance system, and they can take quite a lot of time to manage. Although you really don't start out with too many pins, as you unlock more later on in the game the battle system evolves, and it becomes one of the most addicting gameplay experiences out there! The World Ends With You doesn't require grinding or anything, but with this combat system, you might just want to fight.

EXP and Drop Rate -

The final aspect of the battle system is actually the level up system and drop rate. Just like in most JRPGs, Neku will level up as he fights enemies and gains EXP, but leveling up isn't really used in the way you might expect.

With each level up Neku's health actually grows, but that's really it! Yep, you might as well just stick to eating food that increases your health and not even worry about leveling, that is if you don't care about getting drop rates! Unlike in most games, you can actually change your level at any time in the game, and by doing so you can increase the drop rate of rare items. For example, if your max level is 49, but you have your level set to 1, you'll actually gain a times 49 drop rate making it easier to get them rare items!

Every single enemy in the game has four different drops, one for each difficulty (which also means you'll want to play on both easy and harder settings), and thanks to the whole level up system and drop rate system, it's actually much easier to get them rare drops. Sure you could play through the entire game at max level, but you really aren't doing anything but making the game easier.

You can also chain battles together to increase the drop rate as well, but that option doesn't become unlocked until later on in the game.

Tin Pin Slammer:

Tin Pin Slammer is another gameplay mode which can be accessed pretty early on into the game, and it basically just serves as an extra mini game as well as an extra way to get EXP for your pins. Basically every single pin in the game has "Tin Pin Stats" to go along with them, which actually tell you how well they will preform in the game.

To play Tin Pin Slammer, the rules are simple. Your pin is put in a battle arena with other pins, you click and line up your pin with others, and then release to launch them into the others, to hopefully knock them out of the arena! Yep, that's all there is too it! Think of it as this games version of one of them "battle top" games which were pretty popular in the 90s and early 2000s.

Although there are power ups that your pins can use, such as a spike ball and hammer, to try and win, the main aspect of Tin Pin Slammer is in fact slamming your pins into other pins, and hopefully knocking them off of the arena before time runs out. It really is a pretty fun, and addicting, mini game, but it's also a mini game that can be completely passed up. Outside of a few story events, the only time you'll actually play Tin Pin Slammer is if you actually go to the Tin Pin arena during your free time.

The Day Ends With You:

Normally I wouldn't bring this up in a video game review, but The World Ends With You is, like always, special. Although you can actually beat the game in about 15-20 hours, the game actually opens up much more once you complete it! Besides an extra mini story mode being unlocked, alternate missions/quests become open during the main game, and you can freely replay any of the older chapters!

Although the extra stories, and extra missions aren't actually required to complete the game, they do greatly expand the game's length, and it gives you a reason to actually replay it. Once you complete the game, it basically doubles in size, new items and clothing are unlocked, you can still play Tin Pin Slammer, and to top it all off, there's also the hundreds of pins to collect and level up. Heck if you want to spend even more time with this game, there's a lot of secret reports to unlock as well to help expand/improve the game's story!

In short, if you truly wanted to beat this game, you're looking at at least one hundred plus hours of gameplay.

The Good and the Bad:

The World Ends With You is unique (I'm pretty sure I've got that point across by now), but because of that, there is a LOT of good and a LOT of bad.

TWEWY is an amazing game, it has hundreds of hours worth of content, the battle system is amazing, pin collecting and leveling is crazy addictive, Tin Pin Slammer is a pretty nice mini game, the game's unique pop style is VERY refreshing, the music is outstanding, the story is great and filled with a lot of twists and turns, and the game does a lot of other things most JRPGs are scared to even try. The World Ends With You does its own thing, and because of that it easily stands out above ALL of the other JRPGs out there. Still, this isn't always a good thing.

If you are looking for a standard JRPG with a standard level up system, a standard battle system, a standard world map, with a generic story, and all of them other standard features you've come to know and love, then you'll be disappointed. The World Ends With You is NOTHING like the others, and that may be it's down fall. If you're looking for something new and unique, go for it, but if you're looking for the same old same old, this isn't where you'll find it.

So in the end, like a long dream, TWEWY is a satisfying game that will be calling you to play it! It is a non stop rush hour that will have you imprinting people with memories, slashing and slashing your way through enemies, getting together with friends, and fighting for your freedom as you also try to recover from amnesia! Sure at times you'll find Neku in despair, but the underground is a unique fashionable world, and fighting them noisy noise monsters will never get old! The game truly is unique with it's fad and economical shopping system, and although it can be quite challenging at times, you'll never be sad, or get that empty feeling, when you get a game over.

In short, The World Ends With You is a master piece of a game that will have you dancing in the streets, and maybe someday, everyone will give this game all the love it deserves. Sure not everyone will enjoy it, but it's still up to you to decide if this game makes it or breaks it.

The World Ends With You gets a perfect 10/10!

It's so wonderful, a Wonderful world!
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on February 17, 2015
After awhile, any game can get boring with constant grinding. Yet this one does it just right by allowing you to constantly use different fighting styles and earning new pins (fighting styles with the stylus) and gear. Swipe the stylus for cutting attacks, drag for fire, tap to fire bullets, etc.
All the while you can choose to control your partner with the D Pad (or ABXY if you're left handed like me and need to hold the stylus in the left hand).
You'll get the hang of using the partner fairly quickly even tho it seems complicated at first because there's so much happening on screen.
Although, if you choose to ignore your partner they will auto attack.
It's a fantastic on the go game. Pick up and get straight to action. If you're planning a trip, do yourself a favor and buy this game. All time favorite handheld game without a doubt
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on November 29, 2017
Interesting story and gameplay! Using dual screen tactics to approach each battle. Music gets annoying after awhile but it's catchy. A must play for all DS users!
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