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on September 30, 2016
I feel this game is sightly overhyped, but it definitely deserves it's title as one of the greats on the original DS. The characters are interesting and the gameplay is fun. The gameplay can be repetitive, but that's why the battles being optional is such a great thing. You can either just get straight to the main missions, or spend hours cutting down noise. I like that.

I won't spoil the ending, but I felt the ending was a bit empty. It left a LOT of questions from the main story unanswered. Then it tells you that in order to get that missing information, you gotta play it again post-game. This bugs me a LOT because it feels like it's just refusing to give me the whole story unless I want a second playthrough. The replay ability is fairly high, but I didn't like the post-game so much. You have to find specific items to meet the requirements to get those answers, and they can be difficult to track down. It should be easy with a walkthrough, but I don't know. I just didn't love it enough to wanna play the post-game, especially since said post-game is just the same damn story all over again but with key differences. Who knows, maybe I just got the "bad" ending. That is why I gave the game 4 stars, but I'd still recommend it. It's probably a nitpick. Completionists might have fun with it, but I usually buy games for gameplay and story, not to get every item and unlock every little thing.

The combat is done with the touch screen, so I really DON'T recommend playing this unless you've got a screen protector on it. By the end of your first playthrough, the screen will be so scratched up you can't see what's being displayed. This is seriously bad because game stores won't buy a handheld with a scratched up touch screen.

This game is great, but it's probably a specific taste. So I would definitely suggest that you look up reviews and let's plays of the game on Youtube before buying it yourself. But I do think most people will enjoy it. Maybe it's slightly overhyped, but the respect it gets is well-deserved.

As for the physical product... Yeah, it's CIB and even has the plastic wrap on it. So if you're gonna buy this game to sell it later when it game's more expensive... do it. This was literally unopened and never used when I got it, which is great if you're collecting. And considering that this is widely considered a classic, the price WILL go up over time.

It's a good game that's fun to play and has an interesting story, even if the end isn't the best in my opinion. But don't let that stop you; GET THIS GAME. Just be sure to research the gameplay before you do, as it's play style isn't for everyone.
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on April 19, 2015
Not a bad game. I only just learned about the game after seeing the main character, Neku, in Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance and decided that this game is going to part of my bucket list, which hopefully I have a long time to finish. I would have bought this on my phone, but for the cost, I said that "I might as well buy the DS version and play it on my 3DS." First of all, this is one of those games on DS that requires you to learn a "different" control scheme than other gamers maybe used to. Looking back, I wasn't really surprised about it, since a lot of developers had some strange way of controlling the playable characters, but here, you control two characters on different screens. You control Neku by the means of the touch screen, and you control the other character by using the d-pad, or the Circle Pad if you're playing on the 3DS. I didn't find the battle system hard to learn, but sometimes, some actions don't register, such as the power of the Pyrokinesis pin you get early in the game. I also think that, story-wise, it's interesting, but I haven't got far into the game to talk about specifics. Graphics-wise, the animation looks great, even on the 3DS, and I like the presentation of the game overall. Other than that, I think that this is a good game to have in a DS collection, and it's surprising that I never heard about it until Neku's appearance in Kingdom Hearts.
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on December 27, 2012
This game is a very different experience. If you are thinking about this game because you're a fan of other Square Enix RPG's, you need to be aware that this game is a very different animal. The setting being a real place, trendy clothes instead of armor, delayed effect single-use items, and "random" encounters completely under your control make this a unique game. Character personalities are fairly typical, but they each have an interesting back-story to them.

The actual gameplay is as different as the backdrop. The map is big enough that it doesn't feel small, but not so big that you won't have a vague sense of how to get where you want to be. Armor and weapons are replaced by clothes and pins (think flair) and their relative effectiveness is dictated by their brands. Certain sections of town like certain brands, depending on what shops are in and around there and how much you use certain brands in that area. There are a ton of items, plenty to do after you beat the game, and it has decent replay value.

On the subject of uniqueness, the combat is bizarre. In combat, you control the main character and his partner simultaneously, but they appear to be fighting in different spaces on different screens. The main character is controlled by the stylus on the lower screen, and the partner character is controlled on the top screen with the directional pad. The main character uses the pins. Each one does a slightly different thing and is controlled in a slightly different way. Again, you control both simultaneously. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as a key combat mechanic is to complete a combo with one character and then complete a combo with the other character.

In summation, this is a very fun game an you won't play anything else like it. This is the best use of the two screen system I've ever seen. The combat is odd, but sounds much harder than it actually is.
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on June 13, 2016
There are few games that qualify as amazing, and even fewer 3rd party DS games. Believe everything you are told about this game. Its really that amazing. From the soundtrack that sounds more like an eng/jap rock mix tape to the unique art style to the amazing story and even the game's odd and unique but amazing gameplay, theres really nothing bad to say about this game. Even if you don't have a ds you can still enjoy this game on your phone/tablet. The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is just about everything thats great about the first game plus even more. Don't bother reading a ton of reviews, or waiting for a price drop. Take it from everyone who has ever played this title; just buy it, play it, and treasure it. Few games achieve this level of greatness and are remembered so fondly this many years after release. This is one of those gems.

To summarize, I own 3 copies of this game (ds, iphone, and ipad) and I regret nothing
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on December 27, 2012
This is, hands down, one of my favorite games ever. There's just so much to love!

First of all, the gameplay is unique, exciting, and easily tailored to your play style. It takes a while to get used to playing on two screens, but the game gives you the option of having the AI take over your partner (on the top screen, controlled by the D-pad) after a specified length of inactivity, leaving you free to focus on Neku (on the bottom screen, controlled with the stylus). There are hundreds of pins for you to choose from while building Neku's deck, allowing for almost endless strategies. Attack from afar with bullets, flames, lightning, telekinesis, boulders raining from the sky, or boomerangs (among others), or get up close with various slash or slam attacks. If you play your partner well, you can also collect Fusion Stars and unleash a Fusion Attack, which does massive amounts of damage and looks cool besides.

The difficulty is also completely up to you, making this game accessible to newer gamers, but also appealing to gaming veterans. With four difficulty settings, a slider that lets you adjust your level at any time (your level determines your HP), and the ability to chain battles, you don't have to search far to find a challenge.

Food and clothing are available to boost your stats: the standard attack, defense, and HP, along with some not-so-typical stats. Bravery determines which clothes you can wear, and sync rate makes it easier to get combo bonuses in battle. Clothing will also give you special abilities, if you can find a shopkeeper who will give it to you. These abilities can give you extra stat boosts, Fusion Stars at the start of battle, abilities to drop enemy stats, and more.

The story itself is also amazing. The characters are likeable and memorable, and there are some great twists scattered throughout the game. Although the main story isn't terribly long (perhaps 10-12 hours), there is a huge amount of re-playability. I've put in well over 100 hours into this game since I first got it.

After beating the game once, you get the option to replay any day, with added objectives. Complete every objective for a day and you get a secret report, which gives more information about the game world. There is also a bonus level called "Another Day," which takes place in an alternate Shibuya. The "story" for this day revolves around the Tin-Pin Slammer minigame (something like marbles or bumper cars, but with special attacks), which admittedly isn't as much fun as real battles, but if you take the time to do all the Tin Pin battles, you'll be rewarded with some of the funniest dialogue in the game.

And, of course, for the collection-minded gamers, there is plenty of collecting to be done. Over three hundred pins exist in the game, some of which are very difficult to obtain. There are also items to collect from stores, some of which are quest items and require the rare Orichalcum and Dark Matter pins. The game tracks various achievements - Pin Mastery, Item Collection, Noise Report (bestiary), ESP'er Points (which tracks, among other things, number of battles won) and ESP'er Rank (determined by ESP'er Points), and Final Time Attack score (FTA is a post-game challenge where you fight 11 bosses back-to-back).

The art style of the game is also unique, and it fits wonderfully with the setting of the game. The music is amazing, particularly for a DS game, and you'll probably find yourself singing along by the end of the game.

The bottom line is that this game is amazing, challenging, and just plain fun.
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on March 13, 2015
First off, the one writing this review is Dr Shenoy's daughter (ie, myself). I received this game as a birthday present from my parents, and I have to say, this game is one of the best I've ever played, and it's an absolute tragedy (yes, a TRAGEDY) that this game has not gotten a sequel. Despite being a few years old, TWEWY still manages to hit every bullseye in not just what makes a good video game, but what makes a good story. The gameplay, though a bit tricky and complicated, especially for new players, is tons of fun and honestly, quite addicting. I find myself going back to it often! I also have to applaud Square Enix for managing to make every feature of the DS useful, as well as accommodating left-handers like myself. The combat aspect never gets stale, as you can use several different kinds of pins to activate special psyches (powers). In terms of design, the style of the game is quite appealing to the eye, making use of colourful anime-oriented character designs against the backdrop of a bustling city. One thing that makes the game stand out is its use of real life locations in the city Shibuya, such as the Hachiko Statue, 109 (known as 104 in-game) and Tower Records (Towa Records in-game). The soundtrack is also quite a treat, if you're into J-Pop/J-rock and other such genres.
Now, for the story. Without giving too much away, the game follows an antisocial amnesiac teenager with a penchant for sarcasm, Neku Sakuraba, who is thrown into a life-or-death competition called "The Reaper's Game". Due to the rules of the game, he finds himself partnered with the kind and seemingly bubbly seamstress, Shiki Misaki, against his will, and is forced to fight monsterous creatures called "Noise", who feed off of negativity and cause distress, Along with the brash but caring punk Beat, Rhyme (who is sweet yet wise beyond her years), and the sly boy genius Joshua, (as well as a host of other interesting characters), Neku ends up fighting for his right to exist, as he learns to trust others, opens up his world, and discovers both the amazing and cruel sides of life. This is a game that teaches that though life is hard, it is so very worth living, and that every person in this world has value. I really can't do this game justice with words alone - it has to be played to be understood. This is one story that I will remember for years to come, and always appreciate for its engaging plot, memorable characters, thrilling gameplay and wonderful depth. If you haven't played this game yet, I sincerely recommend it - it's a real gem, and worth every penny.
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on July 1, 2013
With the market becoming filled with unoriginal games such as dull fps games, it's nice to have a good fresh of air with this amazing game The World Ends With You.

The story takes place in an alternate dimension of the Shibuya district of Japan, where anti-social 14 year old, Neku find him self on a street filled with people that cannot see him. Monsters called noise take a few of these people and erase them from existence. When he is attacked by these noise, a girl named Shiki forces him to make a packed with her and are able to fight off the noise with Neku's physic powers channeled through pins. Neku learns he is in a game called The Reapers Game, to win, survive for the 7 days. Neku has forgotten all of his memories, and wishes not to play this game, but he soon learns the dark tones and importance of surviving the game. There is not much more that can be said about the story that wouldn't ruin much, but it gets faaaaaaaaaar better, and deeper. The story consist much character development from Neku and the rest of the main cast, as they learn things the hard way, that they wouldn't have known if it wasn't for The Reapers Game. There is some death for no reasons, and the story can get dark, but has a light tone, and all the text is enjoyable and fun to read. The story alone is enough to buy this game.
The characters are interesting, the plot is interesting, and there is much character development.

Game Play:
The game is an action JRPG, with an enjoyable battle system like no other. On the bottom touch screen you control Neku using pins to do such things as create fire or through things like cars at noise until they are defeated with the, while dodging things trying to not take damage, both with the stylus. At the same, on the top screen you control your partner by using the d-pad to make symbols to do such things as upper cut the noise on the top screen. Each noise is on both screens, and share the same heath, so if you defeat one on the top screen, it's also down on the bottom screen, and the other way around. You and your partner share a health bar vertically on the left of the screen. When you get hit the damage bar loses up, and when your partner is hit, the damage bar goes down, so you can tell who is taking more damage. The battle system takes a while to get a hold of, but is very fun.
Instead of armor and weapons, this game has trendy close, and pins. Your close and pins are effected by where you are. If you are in an area where a brand is popular, the stat increase raises, and pins of that brand are more powerful. But if you are wearing the an unpopular brand, the stat increase becomes lower, and the pins attack is weaker than normal. As a counter to this, if you wear a brand and use it enough, it will manipulate what the people of Shibuya like, that brand will become a trend. As stated, the more trendy the brand, the stronger you close and pins are in battle. You can buy close and pins at stores with yen received by putting pins in the trash can to the top right of the screen.

While some might not like it's J-pop style of music for many of its tracks, I really do. If you do not, many other styles of music are in this game such as metal, rock, and rap. Plus, the J-pop music makes it fell more like a big Japan city. You can buy in game, virtual CDs of very track in the game that can be played at the pause menu, and saved as the main pause menu theme to be replaced with the original pause menu theme, making the already good music more important. The IOS remake of this game also redid most of the music for the original DS game, but that port is quite different from the DS game in too many ways, and would require a far different review.

The graphics in this game resemble much of a shonen manga, must are still really good. The game is mostly sprites, other than cut scenes. There is not much to be said about the graphics other than they are very cool looking, and the art design is enjoyable.

Over all:
The World Ends With You is an under rated modern JRPG that any TRUE gamer that plays more than dull fps games should play. But to enjoy it to it's fullest, requires a bit of text to be read, but the text is very enjoyable, is often funny, and doesn't fell like a chore or anything because the story is so good. The battle system is unique and fun, and the music is also enjoyable. The graphics and design are good, even if you are not into anime, it the art style grows onto if you let it. Or to summarize this summary, this game is "SO ZETTA ENJOYABLE!!!"
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on July 30, 2017
Awesome game and awesome service from the people I got it used from. It came faster than expected, beat the game in about four days, since I played nonstop when I could, and now doing the extra missions.
Pretty good if you like puzzles and fighting games. Downside, it is very hard to get use to fighting well with Neku on the bottom screen and whoever is your partner on the top screen during fights. Shiki is the easiest while Joshua, along with annoying, is the toughest partner.
Overall, love the game
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on March 7, 2017
It took me a bit to finally got into the game, I know it's dated as a game, it being a DS game and the current portable console market being the New 3DS XL, but it's actually a really good game, not as good as the many fans hype it out to be, but if you ignore that, you'll find a very entertaining game with good music and great characters.
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on May 28, 2009
Square-Enix has created a truly novel game with this title for the Nintendo DS. The core of a game is an action RPG, where you fight monsters using both the stylus and keypad, while improving your characters' statistics. However, there are so many innovative new features in this game that make it unlike any other game I've played.

The combat system is incredibly unique. You control two characters, one on each screen, and fight simultaneously with them, using the stylus to control the action on the bottom screen and the keypad to control the action on the top screen. While this sounds complicated (it is, especially when you start out), the game features fully adjustable difficulty, which lets you fine-tune the difficulty to a level you find enjoyable. On the easiest setting, the game is quite easy, even for novice DS players, but is very challenging at the highest difficulty settings. The touch-screen lets you attack by using the stylus in various ways on the screen. Some attacks require you to tap monsters, while others have you draw rudimentary figures on screen. Some attacks even make use of the DS microphone!

The art style is reminiscent of Square-Enix's popular series Kingdom Hearts, although the characters and story is completely new. If you're not into anime, the art might turn you off, though I don't particularly care for anime and I thought the art style was fine. The music is a rather strange mix of jpop and techno, but is actually quite enjoyable. The story is really odd but compelling, and kept me guessing right until the end. Interestingly enough, the game takes place in a slightly modified version of the Shibuya district of Tokyo, with many prominent real-life landmarks only slightly modified in the game.

The RPG aspects of the game are really well handled. There is a good degree of customization with respect to your combat abilities as well as your characters, and for people who enjoy maxing our their character's statistics, there's plenty of that in this game as well. Even though the main story of the game is rather short (most people will probably finish in about 20 or so hours), there is a substantial amount of bonus material that can keep you playing for dozens more hours.

Since this game is really different than any other RPG on the market, there will undoubtedly be some people who find this game off-putting. In lesser hands, all the strange features could have made this game a disaster, but the design is so strong that everything works well. If you're interested in a novel experience for the Nintendo DS, look no further than this game. If you really are unsure about whether or not you want this game, even after reading reviews online, looking at screenshots, and watching videos, see if you can find a friend who has it and test it out. I know that I had a blast playing this game, and a lot of admiration for the team that created it.
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