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on July 30, 2017
Awesome game and awesome service from the people I got it used from. It came faster than expected, beat the game in about four days, since I played nonstop when I could, and now doing the extra missions.
Pretty good if you like puzzles and fighting games. Downside, it is very hard to get use to fighting well with Neku on the bottom screen and whoever is your partner on the top screen during fights. Shiki is the easiest while Joshua, along with annoying, is the toughest partner.
Overall, love the game
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on May 14, 2017
This game has aged gracefully. It makes excellent use of the touchscreen, and the story is both interesting and engaging. I may have waited way too long to pick up and play it, but I'm very pleased with my purchase. It has been money well spent. The music is catchy and atmospheric. I am intrigued enough with the storyline to see where it goes next.
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on December 27, 2012
This game is a very different experience. If you are thinking about this game because you're a fan of other Square Enix RPG's, you need to be aware that this game is a very different animal. The setting being a real place, trendy clothes instead of armor, delayed effect single-use items, and "random" encounters completely under your control make this a unique game. Character personalities are fairly typical, but they each have an interesting back-story to them.

The actual gameplay is as different as the backdrop. The map is big enough that it doesn't feel small, but not so big that you won't have a vague sense of how to get where you want to be. Armor and weapons are replaced by clothes and pins (think flair) and their relative effectiveness is dictated by their brands. Certain sections of town like certain brands, depending on what shops are in and around there and how much you use certain brands in that area. There are a ton of items, plenty to do after you beat the game, and it has decent replay value.

On the subject of uniqueness, the combat is bizarre. In combat, you control the main character and his partner simultaneously, but they appear to be fighting in different spaces on different screens. The main character is controlled by the stylus on the lower screen, and the partner character is controlled on the top screen with the directional pad. The main character uses the pins. Each one does a slightly different thing and is controlled in a slightly different way. Again, you control both simultaneously. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as a key combat mechanic is to complete a combo with one character and then complete a combo with the other character.

In summation, this is a very fun game an you won't play anything else like it. This is the best use of the two screen system I've ever seen. The combat is odd, but sounds much harder than it actually is.
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on November 20, 2009
I used to play a lot of RPG but quit for a long time because most RPG games are just repetitive. Most RPG games you just proceed through a linear storyline and a lot of battles are turned base. There's really no fun in most of the gameplay because of the lack of action, but they're cool with special effects from battles. The World Ends With You however is ENTIRELY UNIQUE; there is no close substitute to this game.

- Really fluid motion and great colors to the game.
- The cutscene with the anime characters look smooth and fit into the mood of the game.

- Really catchy with the mood of the storyline.
- Some are in English and some are in Japanese ;)

- It's a hack and slash with REALLY REALLY good concept. It doesn't get repetitive at all.
- Each slash you do is automatically determined by how you slashed the DS stick and depending on the pin you have, your attacks and the effects will be different. Ex. if you slash across a Noise (the monsters) you do a physical slash on the Noise, but if you gently hold down to DS stick and move it across the screen, your character will create a wall of fire.
- Pins give you different attacks & there are so many pins you can customize (plus they level up)
- Clothing is really nice because you can customize 4 for each character.
- Food enables you to gain permanent stats (don't worry about messing up the stats because there's a fixed maximum for all the stats anyways).
- The ability for you to change the difficulty to gain more experience and better drop rate deserves a noble prize.
- The dual screen lets your partner character help you fight the Noise (they are the same enemy you fight just on different screen).
- You can choose to control your partner by using the arrow pad while you control the main character with the DS stick. If you choose not to, you can set in the option to have the computer play your partner's character 100%. If you control your partner and go inactive for a few seconds, they will automatically take over for you.
- The accuracy and smoothness of the DS stick is VERY VERY sharp.

- Wow it has a really nice twist.
- Things are NOT as what they appear.
- The story is one of the better ones out there - entirely unique and new plot not seen before in other RPG.

- Even though the first thing you might notice about this game are the fantastic graphics and music. The REAL revolutionizing factor is the gameplay. That's what you're looking for in the game.
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on October 11, 2011
As much as I like Kingdom Hearts, I think Nomura'd do well in making a sequel to this game, rather than milk the rapidly drying teats of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games.

This game is marvelous. I bought it back in '09, and have since beat, and re-beaten this game till the cows came home. Since there have been like 200 people who've reviewed this product before me, there isn't too much to say; Neku a depressing, angsty, teen-

Goddamn, why're you still reading this? If you've already sold your soul to Squeenix for 50 gil, you're doing it a disservice by only buying KH and FF games. Buy this game now.
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on March 22, 2012
This game is really cool. I like the fact that it plays different music in every setting, even during fights. It is a bit of a challenge to play as two characters during fights on the top and bottom screen. However I do like that fact that if one character defeats the enemies both characters win the battles.
I really like the main character of this game. He's like the anti-hero. He's stoic, a bit of a loner, and he keeps his thoughts internal instead of complaining to anyone who'll listen.
The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because instead of voice actors the dialogue moves like a comic book on the to screen. It gets annoying when there are long conversations going on. The talk bubbles cover each other and some of the characters.
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on March 7, 2017
It took me a bit to finally got into the game, I know it's dated as a game, it being a DS game and the current portable console market being the New 3DS XL, but it's actually a really good game, not as good as the many fans hype it out to be, but if you ignore that, you'll find a very entertaining game with good music and great characters.
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on December 2, 2014
Power through the learning curve and you will enjoy hours of gameplay with one of the top DS games of all times.

You get to use the stylus because you HAVE to use the stylus (majority of DS games can be played with only the keys, so that's a neat thing); TWEWY is one of the few games that fully utilized the DS gameplay capacity. The learning curve for me was in using all the buttons simultaneously with the stylus, and actually having to keep an eye out on both bottom and top screens. Once you get a hang of it, it's really fun. You could probably power through the game with button mashing and screen scratching if you needed to...

Unique art style but with a noticeable Square Enix/Kingdom Hearts feel, earworm soundtrack, gripping story, character development (glory to that), lovable characters, many hours of gameplay, clothes, pins, food to collect, and an extra chapter after you finish the game that is hilarious when you compare it to the main story
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on July 1, 2013
With the market becoming filled with unoriginal games such as dull fps games, it's nice to have a good fresh of air with this amazing game The World Ends With You.

The story takes place in an alternate dimension of the Shibuya district of Japan, where anti-social 14 year old, Neku find him self on a street filled with people that cannot see him. Monsters called noise take a few of these people and erase them from existence. When he is attacked by these noise, a girl named Shiki forces him to make a packed with her and are able to fight off the noise with Neku's physic powers channeled through pins. Neku learns he is in a game called The Reapers Game, to win, survive for the 7 days. Neku has forgotten all of his memories, and wishes not to play this game, but he soon learns the dark tones and importance of surviving the game. There is not much more that can be said about the story that wouldn't ruin much, but it gets faaaaaaaaaar better, and deeper. The story consist much character development from Neku and the rest of the main cast, as they learn things the hard way, that they wouldn't have known if it wasn't for The Reapers Game. There is some death for no reasons, and the story can get dark, but has a light tone, and all the text is enjoyable and fun to read. The story alone is enough to buy this game.
The characters are interesting, the plot is interesting, and there is much character development.

Game Play:
The game is an action JRPG, with an enjoyable battle system like no other. On the bottom touch screen you control Neku using pins to do such things as create fire or through things like cars at noise until they are defeated with the, while dodging things trying to not take damage, both with the stylus. At the same, on the top screen you control your partner by using the d-pad to make symbols to do such things as upper cut the noise on the top screen. Each noise is on both screens, and share the same heath, so if you defeat one on the top screen, it's also down on the bottom screen, and the other way around. You and your partner share a health bar vertically on the left of the screen. When you get hit the damage bar loses up, and when your partner is hit, the damage bar goes down, so you can tell who is taking more damage. The battle system takes a while to get a hold of, but is very fun.
Instead of armor and weapons, this game has trendy close, and pins. Your close and pins are effected by where you are. If you are in an area where a brand is popular, the stat increase raises, and pins of that brand are more powerful. But if you are wearing the an unpopular brand, the stat increase becomes lower, and the pins attack is weaker than normal. As a counter to this, if you wear a brand and use it enough, it will manipulate what the people of Shibuya like, that brand will become a trend. As stated, the more trendy the brand, the stronger you close and pins are in battle. You can buy close and pins at stores with yen received by putting pins in the trash can to the top right of the screen.

While some might not like it's J-pop style of music for many of its tracks, I really do. If you do not, many other styles of music are in this game such as metal, rock, and rap. Plus, the J-pop music makes it fell more like a big Japan city. You can buy in game, virtual CDs of very track in the game that can be played at the pause menu, and saved as the main pause menu theme to be replaced with the original pause menu theme, making the already good music more important. The IOS remake of this game also redid most of the music for the original DS game, but that port is quite different from the DS game in too many ways, and would require a far different review.

The graphics in this game resemble much of a shonen manga, must are still really good. The game is mostly sprites, other than cut scenes. There is not much to be said about the graphics other than they are very cool looking, and the art design is enjoyable.

Over all:
The World Ends With You is an under rated modern JRPG that any TRUE gamer that plays more than dull fps games should play. But to enjoy it to it's fullest, requires a bit of text to be read, but the text is very enjoyable, is often funny, and doesn't fell like a chore or anything because the story is so good. The battle system is unique and fun, and the music is also enjoyable. The graphics and design are good, even if you are not into anime, it the art style grows onto if you let it. Or to summarize this summary, this game is "SO ZETTA ENJOYABLE!!!"
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on May 21, 2013
Being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan I followed all the news on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance I could get my hands on while waiting for the game's release. When I heard that characters from The World Ends With You were going to be in the game I wanted to get to know the story and the characters better before I actually played KH 3D. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed with my decision.

Before actually purchasing the game I read up on it since I had never heard about the game before. I read everything I could find on the game, including spoilers, just to try and get a feel for the game. Intrigued by what I had read I decided I would purchase the game. I hunted around for a while before discovering that the game had turned into a fairly rare trade in item at game stores. Finally I found it on the internet and my husband bought it for me for my birthday.

First of all, I must say that even though I read a summary of the plot it did not do this game justice. It went above and beyond everything I was expecting. I laughed with the characters and I cried with them. I got angry and I got excited. The twists in the story, I wish I had discovered them first hand without having read spoilers because the impact of what happened in the game would have hit harder if I hadn't. However, it still hit pretty hard. I had so much fun going on Neku's journey with him. Learning about him and the other characters and watching him grow as a person. I was just like him a few years ago. Closed off from the world, hiding behind my head phones and in my stories, until the right people came along and pulled me out of my shell. So Neku and his story really hold a special place in my heart.

One of the things that hit me the hardest was toward the end of Shiki's week when she runs into her best friend and starts finding out things she never knew after confessing all of her feelings and insecurities to Neku previously. I cried so hard during all of that because it reminded me of my best friend who was killed in a car accident when she was 16. So this is another reason why the game is so endearing to me. The entire concept of the game and the Reaper's Game, the idea of this other world we can't see going on around us just really sucked me in.

The game play takes some getting used to. The battle system is pretty fast paced, but it is very easy to customize it to the player's needs and abilities. The player can adjust the level of battle with a number of settings and how the top screen is handled until the player is comfortable enough to control both screens. But once I got the hang of the battle system I was kicking Noise butt all over the place and was having fun while doing it.

The graphics and the character designs are great! I loved them and I loved the music. I loved the overall feel the setting and designs gave to the game. I especially loved that the game takes place in Shibuya and left in Japanese cultural references. It was a real treat for me! It all came together quite nicely.

I am so glad I refused to play KH 3D before I played through TWEWY. It was so much fun getting to know the characters and their story before meeting their Kingdom Hearts counter parts. I didn't think I would enjoy this game as much as I did and I have to say that it is in my top 3 favorite games ever. I highly recommended this to anyone who enjoys this style of game.
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