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on July 26, 2016
Can't go wrong with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. This is the 3rd movie in their so called cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End). I like this movie because it mixes a pub crawl with aliens! Great movie, great lines, and incredible plot. Non stop laughs and action will await you. Don't be a robot, watch this movie!
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on May 10, 2017
Very entertaining. The setup in particular is very funny. I was expecting one thing from the setup, but the movie goes off into left field part way through; way, way into left field. But don't let this deter you, there is plenty fun still to be had, and lessons to be learned.

Simon Pegg plays a guy looking to relive the good old days. He peaked in high school, and his life hasn't progressed since then. He wants to go to the well tonight, and do some talking about Glory Days, to quote The Boss. He gets his old school friends back together to complete an epic pub crawl in their hometown.

The plot is crazy and it isn't as good as the other Nick Frost/Simon Pegg offerings (especially Hot Fuzz). However, this is a rollicking good time. Simon Pegg plays his 40 year old arrested development character perfectly. It suits him so well, you wonder what his life might have been had he not become a movie star. Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) plays the love interest, and the other supporting characters are all well played. But it is Nick Frost, playing the seemly trodden-down friend from high school that really shines. During the climax, he rises to the occasion spectacularly. Playing the hero suits him better than I would have guessed from his other movies.

I am off now to watch it again. I was laughing so much that I missed a lot of the jokes.
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on October 15, 2017
What a fantastic film, I loved it! As a Simon Pegg fan, I was expecting to see a quality film. This film lives up to his other great titles, this a home run for any Shawn of the Dead fans in particular! A great cast supports an interesting story in this action packed comedy, each adding a unique flavor to their characters. You will be surprised what familiar faces you come across along the way. Overall, I thought that the choice to keep the introduction of the film brief was the right call, as it sets up the story while allowing it to progress quickly. Unexpected turns will have you raising eyebrows, dropping jaws and slapping your knees with laughter! A must see film for any Simon Pegg fan, the World's End is a true hit! I expected it to be good, it turned out to be AMAZING! 5/5 stars! This is a rather flawless film with one of the most creative and appropriate endings that I have ever seen! Cheers, I'll raise a cup to this film, for it truly went the golden mile!
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on September 30, 2017
Such a great movie. Simon Pegg is one of my favorite actors and this film is one of his best. This time period was my "heyday" as well so I can relate to it. The soundtrack is superb. It's laugh out loud funny and still very insightful on society. It's a good mix of comedy, sci-fi, horror, and road trip buddy film with a dash of social satire. Intelligent and enjoyable.
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on January 12, 2014
SEMI SPOILER ALERT WARNING- I am not going to get into any plot specifics but I am generalising about the plot all the way through to the ending without saying exactly what happens.
At first I was greatly disappointed with the denouement of this film. I went to bed after watching this film thinking the denouement was really stupid. Upon further reflection I thought it was a nightmare ending befitting a true horror story. But the TRUE horror story was not about anything otherworldly per se. It was about a true sociopath.

This sociopath is interested in connections with humans only in so far as they serve his pursuit of his own hedonistic goals. This sociopath has no problems lieing to people who were his lifelong friends (all friendships he ruined with his actions), manipulating them or stealing their resources, including their identities. The friend who is painted as the wisest actually says this right out to the sociopath fairly early on in the film. The sociopath's belief in his own agenda is so ego driven that he thinks everything he does is right. He never thinks any of his actions are wrong even when they endanger others. He takes one action in the film that could be seen as truly altruistic, and he is quick to call it such. But it is not altruistic at all. It completely fits with his agenda and that is the only reason he takes it.

This sociopath feels he is the "victim" of a world that is not as fun or hip or smart as he is and his victimhood entitles him to engage in behavior that puts others in harm's way. He is so married to the idea that his way is the best way that when he is offered true enlightement, not just for himself but for the entire human race, he refuses it. His friends refuse it too right along with him but only because they are drunk off their asses. When the world of humans is turned totally upside down into a place where the human population is less civilized, less comfortable and less enlightened than it ever has been in the modern era, this sociopath finally gets to play the hero in his own story. And only then but befriending non-humans and using them to terrorize other humans (which is the last shot of the film). A true nightmare horror story indeed.
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on February 5, 2015
If you're coming into this off of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," be prepared because it's the least funny of the three films. That's not really a bad thing, because it's got the most on its mind. There's more of a message and some deeper thoughts going on beneath the surface in this case. It makes it a bit less of a thrilling ride, but I think it leads leaves a longer lasting impression in the end.

It doesn't hurt that Pegg gives what is probably his best and most nuanced performance in any film. Frost is also in top form, playing somewhat against type in this one. The rest of the cast is top notch as well, and keeping things focused on the pub crawl and characters keep things anchored even as the overall tone changes as the film goes on.
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on November 10, 2014
This British comedy [from the creators of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz} is not as funny as either of the former. It is a spoof on science fiction, specifically on "alien invasion" films, as Shaun of the Dead was a well-done spoof on classic zombie films and Hot Fuzz, their comedic version of the classic cop-team film. Basically a group of friends, notorious boozers and fighters in their youth, reunite for a classic tour of 12 bars on the main street of their home town—the last pub aptly named “World’s End”. During the course of their carousing, they begin to notice the people aren’t quite the same. No, it's not just that the friends they knew have been replaced by younger people they don’t recognize—they’ve been replaced by ALIENS…not that anyone is supposed to take this seriously of course, but the ageing friends decide they simply MUST complete the Worlds End classic, even if the world might really be coming to an end! In a sense, it's loosely a counterpart to the brilliant and probably under-appreciated "The Watch" with Ben Stiller. The movie ends with a confrontation with our rowdy crew and the aliens bent on taking over our species. I suppose to give away the outcome would be to spoil the plot for anyone who hasn't watched it. In any case, it's rather the opposite of the American stereotype of British (based, I guess, on the upper class and those aspiring to it) as more reserved; this crowd is blue collar and about as rowdy as they get. In this case, I'll take the more reserved "The Watch", but fans of Pegg and Write, I'm sure, will want to see it.
I give this a C-.
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on August 31, 2017
I simply love this movie, more so than the previous 2 in the trilogy. The plot is just the vehicle for the hilarious dialogue which is quick and witty. LOVE IT! Best movie ever? No, but pretty damn entertaining if you're into character development. I've probably have watched it a dozen or more times. Honestly, one of my top 20 to 30? It's that fun.
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on February 18, 2016
We wound up watching all 3 films in the Cornetto trilogy, with this being the last one. It wasn't my favorite of the group, but it was entertaining. Pegg's character wasn't really totally likeable but still entertaining. You probably know that the town is occupied by non-humans, and so while the violence is frequent it's not the same as watching humans get dismembered. The characters make some odd choices during the movie, leaving you thinking "why?", but honestly it's not a big deal. The fighting skills of the main characters were also pretty impressive, adding to the thrill factor.
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on September 8, 2017
Drinking game!!!

Drink a pint, of your choice, every time they do! (must finish before they drink the next one)

Do a shot, of your choice, every time they do! (must finish before they drink the next one)

After 109min you will be ready to party!.... or go to sleep!

The movie is a fun buddy comedy as well!

Have fun!!
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