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on October 4, 2016
Content: FIVE STARS, Disc Case/Menus: FOUR STARS.
I'm a huge X Files fan and the first season is my go-to whenever I'm bored. Season two is great and still has that eerie feeling that the later seasons (and the revival) lacked. Season 2 starts out a little odd because Gillian Anderson was pregnant; directors were trying to hide her from the chest down which means that most of the scenes with her in it, she's standing behind a filing cabinet or poking her head around a corner. Episode 9 marked the first time she was back after having her daughter and her scenes go back to normal. I'm not a big fan of the early episodes in this season mostly because it lacked a lot of Scully's presence, but it's still completely worth watching. The later episodes are better, with "Død Kalm" ranking the best.

They touch on a lot of heavy topics during season two: sex, rape, assault and abduction, cults, and the death of a young child. It's typical subjects for the X Files--but it's something viewers may want to know ahead of time.

I'm not sure what some of the negative reviewers mean when they said their discs didn't include the final episode, "Anasazi." My disc set has all the episodes in the order they should they watched. I dislike two things about the blu-ray set: Season two is thicker than all the other seasons, so if you're displaying them on a shelf, it looks odd and out of place. And the disc menu is horribly set up; the screen and text are dark and it's difficult knowing what feature is selected. Then, when you click on the episode you want to watch, you then have to scroll down and hit "play episode only" or it plays all four episodes even through you've selected one specific episode. The DVD menus were much better laid out and easier to navigate.
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on February 20, 2016
I agree with most that's been said here. A great sound and picture in wide screen no less. The show starting to hit it's stride. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is it has the same "ghost in the machine" glitch that my Season 1 had. It cant' play one single episode alone - or just select one episode from the menu. How do you get these things to play a single episode? I put on in - hit the play by episode menu and it jumps to "play all episodes" - always. Can't select a single episode by itself. I can't even see the last 2 episodes of Season 1 on these new blue-rays because the menu is all weird. Maybe Mulder would know what's wrong? Still it is "The X-files" in blue-ray and the price is right.
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I choose this rating because the TV show is good. What I like about the TV show is that as the second season begins, the X-Files have been shut down and Mulder and Scully are separated. Scully finds herself teaching classes at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia, while Mulder is assigned to surveillance duty. With agent Alex Krycek as his new partner, and the mysterious "X" as his new source of information, Mulder struggles to keep his search for the truth alive. But ironically, it is Scully who experiences the close encounter Mulder has longed for. This journey will create a bond between the two agents that's greater than anything they've ever known. What I dislike about the TV show is that I wanted to see more of it. I would recommend this TV show to other people.
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on January 2, 2016
If Your reading this then you have been hooked on this series for over two decades. From season TWO there are two episodes that always stand out in my mind.
Fearful Symmetry
I liked this episode because there is a smashed Gremlin AMC compact car. You can even see it in the thumbnail on Amazon. I just imagine two guys like Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World comming out and being devistated that thier Gremlin has been trashed by a circus animal accident. The choice of the car in the scene is a subliminal of the X-Files. Only agents Skully and Moulder would be investigating the circus freaks with a real serious notion of solving the murders.

The very next Episode that is totally awesome is Dod Kalm. A ship is stranded in an arctic bermuta triangle. It turns out that a meteor has turned that section of the sea in to a giant ION Battery that causes you to age rapidly and die. The premise is on a solid theory of radical ion batteries. The condition causes the ship to corrode rapidly as if time is accelerating. Moulder and Skully transform before your eyes and they make up is quite good. When Skully looks for life saving fluids she finds a snow globe and sardine juice. You can see real disgust on Moulders face when she offers it to him as the life giving soultion. Great acting in this episode.

One of the solutions that I thought of while watching this episode was to suspend yourself in a cargo net using a bungee cord. This would isolate you from the electron ionic forces that cause the concentration of salts in the aging body. I also like it when the captain of the boat locks himself in the grey water room to hog the life saving watre for himself. The hull corrodes and he can not get out because the door is rusted shut. Karma then drowns him in the room. This is a one of the best episodes.

FYI: DARPA has experimented with such ion batteries. It can cause things to age faster and in reveres form can stop aging process. You can find more about it at DARPA.gov if you do a deep search.
The DON #moviestarweb
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on July 2, 2017
My wife and I still watch through this series form time to time. These early seasons contain some of the essential creepy monsters of the week, and fantastic story arc episodes.
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on August 21, 2015
The X-Files was always something of a hit or miss kind of show, but even then, in the first several seasons, it had few episodes that were truly bad and enough episodes that were very good that it kept the series fresh and interesting. It has aged surprisingly well given its emphasis on things like current culture and technology, meaning that my second watch has been more enjoyable than I expected. The X-Files remains one of the best sci-fi shows ever shown on television and will rank among the all-time greats of 90s television.
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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2001
The second season of the X-Files was when the show really began to find its feet (and its audience). David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were beginning to realise the show was taking on a life of its own and so were beginning to really put their heart into each performance. If not the best, then certainly the most intriguing and consistent season, it had some of the greatest episodes ever.
If you've never seen the X-Files and you want to find out what all the fuss is about then you would do better to start with season one and follow it all the way through - you would certainly get a lot more out of it that way. And if you are an x-phile, then you NEED this set. Any x-phile worth his/her salt will buy this set.
First, a note about the packaging for those who complained about the season one set being to flimsy and easy to ruin; this set has significantly improved packaging and is much sturdier. The artwork is great, and when you fold out the packaging to reveal seven glorious DVDs you can't help but drool. The price tag may seem steep to some people but remember there are 25 episodes over seven DVDs.
Like the S1 DVDs, the picture quality is not perfect; you have to remember, however, that this was filmed way back in 1994/95 on a modest budget so you can't expect crystal clarity.
Watching these episodes will bring a tear to the eye of any x-phile as it reminds us just how good the show once was before it slid into mediocrity somewhere around season 5/6. In my honest opinion it is still the best show on TV, but the episodes on this set are the cream of the crop. Episodes like "Humbug", the first comedy episode which was a true success and broadened the show's palette considerably, paving the way for brilliant episodes in later seasons; "Anasazi", which blew the show's 'mythology' wide open and was a masterfully created hour of television; "Duane Barry" and "Ascension", the two parter that rocked the X-Files' world and which has major significance 6 years later in the show's ongoing storyline; "One Breath", believed by many to be the show's greatest hour; the list goes on. The extras are interesting to die-hard x-philes, but more casual viewers will probably not find anything of interest here. We will forgive Fox for this since DVDs were not around when this season was made so they wouldn't have known to keep any behind the scenes things for use on a DVD. Let's hope later seasons will come with better extras.
So, I cannot think of any reason why this DVD set should not receive a 5 star rating. Beautifully packaged, very reasonably priced (buying the same amount of episodes on VHS would cost you over $250 at full retail price!), good menus, and 25 of the greatest hours of TV ever made. There's no doubt in my mind that nothing will ever come close to revolutionising TV the way the X-Files did in the mid 90's. There's really no excuse to not own this set. You won't regret it.
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on February 23, 2015
If you are just now getting involved in this great TV series, Season 2 is captivating in many episodes, especially the bookends. In fact, Anasazi and the two leading episodes of Season 3 are some of the best episodes in this long-running series. If you pay attention to Anasazi and everything mentioned in it and then the first episode of Season 3, you will discover some semblance of truth in the series and how they handle the Navajo heritage and a (possible) link to the main mytharc of the X-Files.

This series is captivating and I have seen it many times. It never gets old or boring. I have come to enjoy certain episodes over others and Anasazi is one of those.

While the "monster of the week" is always handled very well by Chris Carter and his wonderful production teams in both Vancouver and LA, the main story line of aliens and Mulder's quest (with Scully joining in) of searching for the truth is what fans of this seminal series look for in each episode. In fact, there is usually a hint of the main story line in each episode and with some that information is important to the quest of the characters and the audience as we join them on their search. So, watch each episode carefully and enjoy your journey.
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on June 10, 2017
For the most part, the show looks great on bluray. There are just a few scenes where the image looks blurry or grainy, but that is to be expected when converting to high-def.

What I dislike about the disks are the menu options. You can go to a specific episode, but the play option is to play the first episode, not the one selected unless you navigate one more time? Makes no sense. And I don't like that the disc case is twice the size of season one. I don't need that much plastic. And can't we get a paper episode guide insert?
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on February 22, 2016
I had as all of the episodes that where released on VHS at the time and all of the seasons on DVD. Besides being the best picture and sound quality the packaging itself is much better on these than the DVDs. One case that opens and you can flip through the discs like pages. No more slip case packaging.
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