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on March 14, 2017
A beautiful album....
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on August 16, 2017
Very good album.
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on August 6, 2017
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on April 25, 2013
The long version of LOST is wonderful. It is great to hear these songs and remember some of the characters while they played. Love all the music!
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on January 14, 2015
It was good!
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on October 13, 2016
Very nice cd I like very much, thanks
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on November 11, 2009
I was impressed on how the CD I purchased was sent out to me in the mail so fast and it arrived, well packaged and with out any problems. I was also notified via email the steps from purchase to recieved.

Thank You.
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on December 20, 2014
UPDATED 12-20-2015... My quick review of this more recent 1990's Y&R soundtrack is that it's very hit and miss, lacking much of the character and charm of the earlier 1970's - early '80s music cues that helped establish Y&R as a soap opera that was a cut above all of the others.

Now, I'm going to give all of you disappointed early Y&R music fans a little history lesson on the EARLY music cues, as I have spent many years researching the early Y&R music cues (off and on)... There are many reasons why we will probably never get an all-encompassing soundtrack for the early years of Y&R, though it would be nice to at least see some sort of compilation that is more inclusive than the old vinyl LP that you can purchase as "used" every now and then. The primary reason is that many early cues were borrowed from other productions and other composers.

The original 1970's Y&R music cue composers (the ones actually hired to create new music for the series) to the best of my knowledge at least, were Don McGinnis, Jerry Winn, and Bob Todd. The main theme however (Nadia's Theme) was done by Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin Jr. Per Wikipedia: "The melody, originally titled "Cotton's Dream," was composed, and lyrics were written for it, by De Vorzon and Botkin Jr. as incidental music for the 1971 theatrical film "Bless the Beasts and Children". The instrumental version was commercially released on that film's soundtrack album on A&M Records. The soundtrack also included "Lost", a song set to the same melody but with different lyrics, performed by Renee Armand. Botkin Jr. later composed a rearranged version of the instrumental theme for the U.S. TV soap opera The Young and the Restless".

A number of used LP records of the "Bless the Beasts & Children" soundtracks can be found on . A small number of early Y&R cues from that soundtrack were borrowed from it and used on Y&R through the 1970's and '80s, including (but not limited to) these particular cues: Do a YouTube search for the following...

Bless the Beasts and Children Movie Soundtrack - Main Title - Karen Carpenter
(~ typically used during a sad scene).

Bless the beasts and the children - soundtrack - 02 Cottons Dream

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack - 03 Down the Line

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack - 04 Bless the Beasts and Children (Instrumental)

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack - 06 Bless the Beasts and Children (instrumental)

Bless the beasts and children - 07 Down the Line (instrumental)

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack - 08 Journeys end

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack - 09 Stampede

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack -10 Free
(~ very sad cue used during death scenes).

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack -11 Requiem
(~ another very sad cue used during death scenes).

...and while I don't recall the following cue ever being used, though it may have been, it features a nice rendition of the Y&R theme with lyrics...

Bless the beasts and children - soundtrack - 05 Lost

A number of original Y&R music cues are on the Y&R 1970's soundtrack LP record (by composers Don McGinnins, Jerry Winn, Bob Todd, and Barry De Vorzon (and perhaps Perry Botkin Jr.)), available on . A few of the 16 tracks on the record are on YouTube (below). Since I don't believe that I can do any direct links here, do a YouTube search for the following:

Liz Foster's Theme

Leslie's Theme

Blue Images

One of the early themes on the record is a playful rendition of "Sally's Theme", which would be later known as the Katherine Chancellor theme, of which there were more serious renditions of it as well, which were played many a time through the years for Katherine.

Now here is something I recently found... A foreign website which lists many of the cues that were made by the EARLY composers, including the years they were made. You can even HEAR all of the cues that were issued for the 1970's vinyl LP in their entirety on this page! NUMEROUS other tracks (such as "Brock's Theme" for instance, further down the list) as well as many beautiful variations of the above are unreleased, perhaps lost forever. A crime if they will never be released, IMHO !!! Add a "http://www." to the beginning of the following line to get to the page...

Several early cues and variations of them are not listed in that list, sadly. For instance, the more serious rendition of "Sally's Theme" which later became the theme for Katherine is simply not there. Neither are many other cue variations, and neither are the "borrowed" cues that came from other productions, of which there were many. I am very impressed with the list, though, as it shows many late '70s cues that I never knew the names to, and many hundreds more from the '80s through 2008.

Another website which has a lot of technical details about these cues can be found at the website below. Not every one in the list is a Y&R cue, however most are. Again, add a "www." to the beginning of the following line to get to the page...

Other old music cues that were used in the 1970's to early '80's, but not exactly original to Y&R or the Y&R composers (in other words, BORROWED) include AT LEAST the following that I have been able to track down thus far...

A music cue from the movie "Robin and Marion" was often used for sad scenes, as performed by JOHN BARRY, not by any of the original composers. The original cue (actually re-created by Nic Raine, but identical to the original) can be bought on a CD soundtrack of same movie. The name of the cue is "Second Love Theme". A slight variation of the theme can be heard on YouTube (though this one is called "Third Love Theme"), starting at about 39 seconds in. Do a YouTube search for...

John Barry - Third Love Theme

If you have "Spotify", you can hear the correct cue (Second Love Theme), since the entire "Robin and Marion" soundtrack can be found / heard on Spotify.

Some (or all??) of the early GOTHIC / CREEPY MUSIC on Y&R is not authentic to Y&R. You can hear several of these cues playing in the background of the following clips (and used many a time in the early years of Y&R through the '70s and at least parts of the '80s for hair-raising scenes and climaxes). These were actually borrowed from an old TV show called "Ghost Story" (aka "Circle of Fear), a prime time horror anthology show which lasted for only one season back in 1972-73. SOME of Y&R's dramatic music was also borrowed from this series.

I ran across a number of borrowed music cues, found on the following "Circle of Fear" episode at the 6:50 mark and 39:40 mark. Do a YouTube search for...

Circle Of Fear (TV 1973) :01x20 - Spare Parts

The 6:50 cue from above was especially common on Y&R. It was used almost daily for years, to build tension. It was very effective.

Also check out this episode (below) at the 1:37 mark, 3:33 mark, 35:54 mark, and the 45:41 mark. Do a YouTube search for...

Circle Of Fear (TV 1973) :01x17 - Doorway To Death

There are likely many others I've yet to hear from a number of "Circle of Fear" episodes that were borrowed and used on Y&R throughout the 1970's and '80s. Several of these cues are repeated throughout the series many times. Note that the series "Circle of Fear" was formerly known as "Ghost Story", but the show was re-named half-way through it's one and only season.

End credits at the end of the GS / COF episodes say the music was performed by Billy Goldenberg and Robert Prince. How very, very odd that Billy Goldenberg is also listed as composer of this more recent Y&R soundtrack (see top of this Amazon listing, right under the title). That might be in error though, as his IMDB page states that his Y&R contribution as composer came about in 1973, well before this more modern soundtrack was released...

There is one very, very creepy and menacing music cue Y&R would drag out when the evil stuff was really hitting the fan, a very low-pitched, low-octave piano piece, utilizing only two piano keys back and forth, back and forth. I was hoping to locate that one in the GS / COF episodes, but could not. It could still be a Billy Goldenberg and / or Robert Prince cue though, as it sounds very similar in style to their other material.

Compare the "Circle of Fear" cues above with the following Y&R audio recording, and the video below it. Do YouTube searches for...

Vintage Y&R Katherine Chancellor stabs Suzanne Lynch

One cue was borrowed from "The Partridge Family", in an episode (composed by Hugo Montenegro) by the name of, "Diary of a Mad Millionaire" at the 19:36 mark. It was often used for slow dancing background music in the Y&R "Colonnade Room".. Do a YouTube search for...

The Partridge Family S3x24 Diary of a Mad Millionaire

I could have sworn that I have heard a number of Y&R cues being played as background music to a circa-1960's-early '70s western movie that I saw on TV many years ago, but I have no idea what the title of it would be. I remember thinking to myself, "Why are Y&R music cues playing on this western?". I never did get the name of it, sadly. Some of the old Y&R cues must have been lifted / borrowed from that old movie as well, whatever it was...

Anyone have anything else to add that I may not know concerning the early Y&R music? Please let me know.
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on October 25, 2000
I was also disapointed by the new soundtrack to Y&R. I too loved the music from the much earlier years. I have watched the show since the debut in 1973 and by far the music on the show was better then as well. I was so hoping to hear that music also. They had some beautiful cues and themes that are still wonderful that they don't even bother to play anymore and that is such a waste. They should consider marketing a box set for release in 2003 upon their 30th anniversary and a video collection as well would be welcomed from some vetran fans like myself.
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on September 3, 2008
When I first heard the portioned tracks,yeah like others I was dissappointed that the old 70's - early eighties music from Y & R wasn't on it.I've since come across the earlier Young and Restless L.P. that came out in the 70's with the original vintage music.It's good but still some of my favourites are missing.As far as I've searched I've learned this L.P. has never been converted to c.d. but can still be gotten on L.P.
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