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on December 30, 2015
While the correct style was shipped the first time, it was much too small. After reviewing the item page & the shopping cart, we found the item page listed a medium as being a size 38 chest, but the item description changed when it dropped into the cart & medium was there listed as a 36 chest. Returned that one & reordered the large-same deal. Item page listed large as a 40 chest but dropped into the cart as a 38 (which is what we wanted).

A week after placing the original order, the second jacket came in, but it was the wrong one completely! Different designer, full cut, nothing like the item we ordered. Sending this one back now too, ordered yet ANOTHER large of this same item, will see what we get on Saturday when it arrives. If you don't have this size, then TELL me. DO NOT send an alternate that is obviously not what we ordered. I can get a black slim cut jacket anywhere for $30 on sale, I certainly don't want this piece of junk for $70.

If you're looking for a heavy coat with this strange, contemporary, somewhat sci-fi feel to it, this isn't the one to order. If your young person is looking for a jacket that is more like a suit coat with that sci-fi/futuristic vibe, this would be the thing to order, it is very light material. The hood is a strange feature, but something my son thought would be different. The high collar insert isn't really all that awesome like it appears in the photo, but maybe it would look better & stay up better after all of the wrinkles are steamed out of it.

Be careful when opening the BAG it ships in though, you can cut the jacket if you aren't careful. Yes, this suit jackets ships in a simple plastic BAG, all crumpled & rolled up in a ball, perfect for you to pull it out & run right to the dry cleaner for a professional steam before you wear it in public! That is, IF you get the item you actually ordered in the first place. Don't count on that though, leave a few weeks lead time for this item if you really wanted it for a specific event, & figure on returning it a couple of times before they get it right.

I would never pay $70 for a jacket like this if my son didn't want it so much for it's "unique" look. It is just not a great quality, & with all of the problems we have encountered with this purchase, the price feels more ridiculous with each return. If this company gets my order right this third time, I'll be surprised. They really should give me a discount for the aggravation I have gone through, & they should thank me for pointing out their sizing errors.

Look for my update this weekend, I'll let you know if they get it right this time or not!
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on April 10, 2013
I LOVE this jacket. I saw the unique design and bought it for my boyfriend as a gift. Overall, this jacket is very well worth the money, it can be worn open, closed, and buttoned up halfway and still look good all three ways. Plus, it is a nice departure from the many blazers I see that all look plain and the same. This jacket looks very expensive, but the price is great. The fit is very slim and flattering. If you have very broad shoulders, be wary that it might be a bit snug, and if that is a pet peeve, I would recommend a size higher. He is normally a Medium in U.S.Men's but I bought the X-Large and it fit well. He has a very muscular build though, so if your size is thinner, the Large might be better. Also, the service was great!
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on March 6, 2014
Overall, a pretty neat jacket! I didn't really care much for the price of this thing, but I'm not upset that I purchased it. I've only had this for about two or three months, and I've worn it a handful or so times. It really is a unique jacket, and I appreciate the fact that you're most likely not going to ever see someone wearing the same thing out in public.

The color of the jacket is a flat black. I'm not sure how to describe the color all the best, but I wanted to include that in here just so no one thinks it's going to gleam in the light or anything spectacular. I don't think it would be too difficult to find matching dress pants with this color.

In regards to the size, I'm not sure if increasing it to a US Large would have been smarter for me or not. It fits, and it fits great with the length of it all, but my broad shoulders make me feel like I might tear through it. I'm a pretty thin male, and have a slightly awkward shape, but it does a pretty good job with fitting my body.

My one serious complaint about this would be the two buttons. They just look about as poor as buttons come. For the price of the jacket, I would have expected them to look like it was a pricey purchase all the way around. Maybe I'll end up going out and buying some new ones to place on there.

Other than the really poor buttons, and slightly steep price, I would buy it again. It seems like it's a fairly durable jacket, and will last me just about as long as I'm the same size. (Aside from the buttons, they could potentially snap in half in my sleep while the jacket is hanging up in my closet.) (If it's not apparent, I'm highly disappointed with the buttons.)
I feel like I should be a movie or food critic after such a detailed review, but hopefully my time spent typing this up will help someone else decide if it's worth their hard earned money, or not.
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on December 31, 2014
This jacket was poorly designed. I did not expect it to be very high quality because of the great price but I did expect it to be wearable. The extra lapel shown does not sit properly when the jacket is buttoned and you cannot wear the jacket without buttoning it or it just flaps around. I was going to return it but the cheapest way to mail it back from the US to Germany costs $30 so be very sure you want to try this item before ordering. I donated the jacket to the salvation army in hopes that someone with a sewing machine and some talent can make it wearable and use it.
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on February 28, 2016
Was not really to sure about the sizing except to order and try it. XS mark M. The order came in the mail very quick, the design and material was great. Something out of the ordinary. I did return it and placed an order for XXS mark M, with different design. The unbalance 2 button was not available for the next smaller size, finally and exact fit. Will be checking for other designs, I use this outfit for stage performance with my band and it gives a striking look of class, and can be use in any occassion. Thank you very much, hope to see more XXS in the future. 5 Star it is. Amazon also refunded some percentage for the return postage (super service).
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on February 3, 2015
Very disappointed with this company and product. I first ordered this jacket in the XL (L-us size) for my husband. He is an average build and typically wears a L. A few months later he opened it as a gift and LOVED it but it was way too small. So I started the process of returning it. Well it had passed the return window and I was told that I was responsible for the shipping ($28 international priority) to Korea and on top of it I would be docked for a 20% restocking fee....then given my return. No way- I paid $60 and would be getting $20 back as a refund?! So we reordered it, assuming the XL US size would fit just fine....well we were wrong. AGAIN. The jacket is too small-- it's not made for men with any muscle at all. Poorly designed and very bad return policies. We took our business elsewhere and won't be recommending this jacket or company at all.
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on July 23, 2017
Overall this was a good purchase and definitely the style I like. It came well wrapped, clean, and looked exactly as advertised. The fit is good for the chest, shoulders, and arms; the only issue I have is with the waist. It just fits, but I still feel like it bulges a bit. On the plus side, it's encouraging me to keep my new diet, so it'll probably fit fine this fall. If not, I can have it looked at for modifying another inch or so to the waist 😊
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on September 6, 2015
I read all the measurements several times before buying, I made sure I was measuring myself correctly too... when the item arrived it was not only smaller because sometimes cuts are slightly different, it's was way smaller than the measurements provided in the description. With huge irregular variation on height and width. The trouble for returning this item made me just have this stored in some corner instead.
I'm only giving 3 stars instead of 1 for the wrong description, because the design of this is really awesome... I'm sure if I could wear it I would look good.. .but unfortunately I will have to find someone with really odd irregular measurements to give this.
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on December 14, 2015
Ordered one size larger than needed and sleeve length was still too small. Last time I ordered they has a receiving facility in Beverly Hills, Ca. Now if you return it, has to go to China and is very expensive/slow to return. Ended up donating it to Goodwill instead! Don't waste your $.
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on February 3, 2017
I didn't have time to return the product is just extremely small I was expecting a small product so I asked for a larger one but they made it a lot smaller than I was "prepared" for, now I don't know what to do with it :( it is just hanging on my closet.
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