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on February 6, 2012
I don't want to bore any reader with a lot of commentary; others here have praised this book and sufficiently wet the appetite, I hope, of potential buyers. Let me add only that this is probably among the best five books I have ever read in my 66 years on earth. I read a lot, usually between six and eight books a month since I was in my early teens. Sheen was a post-Vatican II layman before his time. He wrote Theology and Sanity in 1946, back when many thought that only the clergy were sufficiently instructed to write intelligently about theology. If you are Catholic, this book will strengthen your faith and inform you concerning many things you don't yet know(unless, of course, you are already a theologian). If you are Protestant, it will make you want to explore those aspects of Christ's teachings subtracted from the whole by 16th century revolutionists. If you are a non-believer, the book will make you decidedly uncomfortable, but you of all people should read it for that very reason.
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on May 14, 2008
This was a wonderful book; one that I needed to read given my questions concerning God and His role in our lives. I also needed to read this book to determine how it is that the Church continues to spread the word of God given that the Church is organized and run by man. Man, inherently, because of the fall of Adam, is prone to sin. So how is it that the Church, run by man, who is prone to sin, can be the one organization to espouse the "truth" of God and His Son, Jesus?

The first aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was that Father Sheed takes some very complicated topics and puts them into plain English so that the lay person can understand them. Father Sheed's explanation of the trinity, one of the most complicated aspects of the Catholic Religion (in my opinion), was explained in a most wonderful way. It was explained so that I could understand it and without all the "religious" terminology that usually accompanies such explanations.

The second aspect of the book that I enjoyed was the organization. He takes these issues from step one and then logically continues with the book up to the end. He takes the prior steps and incorporates them into later steps and wonderfully demonstrates how they all fit together.

The third aspect of this book I loved was the explanation of why Jesus "lowered" himself to human form. Father Sheed had a wonderful way of explaining why is it was that Jesus came to do what he did. He ties this in with the fall of Adam and how the fall of Adam severed our relationship with God. Father Sheed also explains what "original sin" is and why we have it. It is not that the person born has sinned but has the sin of Adam just because we are human. Because of the fall, man was severed with God but Jesus came to "bridge" that gap and that is what he did.

Do not get the idea that the "sanity" part of the book title means that if you don't live the Catholic Way perfectly that one is insane. This is not what that term means in the context of the book. Sanity means seeing the world as it really is; not deceiving ourselves that the world is differnt that it really is. If we can do that, then we are seeing things correctly and have "sanity". However, not seeing the world and God as they truly are does not mean you are insane, in the mental aspect of the word. Father Sheed gives us a good idea what it means to not see things as they really are and how to change that in our lives.

This is a wonderful book. However, this did take me a long time to read. Father Sheed has much to say and it is all something that you must think about to fully understand what he is saying. You cannot read this book like a fiction novel; you can't or you will miss much of what Fr. Sheed is saying. It will take time but the time is well worth it.

I have already purchased two more of Fr. Sheed's books and I look forward to reading them.

If you have an interest in learning more about the Catholic, or even just the Christian faith in plain English, then I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It certainly has helped me along in my own search on God and the role He plays in our lives.

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on February 19, 2011
This book is intended for those who are practicing or non practicing Catholics. Sheed does a great job showing how the world's perspective has invaded our minds willingly or unwillingly and if we desire to grow in our faith we must not only have a Catholic will but also a Catholic intellect. The "both and" theme that is a common theme in theology is implied and put to practical use in this book. Most Catholics in the pews and unfortunately even in the pulpits are not always expressing an authentic Catholic perspective on the Church's teachings because of a combination of ignorance,sloth and weak faith. I am one of these slothful catholics that can attest to this reality that we need to hunger and thirst to truly know and love our Holy Mother Church as she reveals to us the infinite love of God. Although God has given us all of these lights and "graces to know Him and love Him we have not sought Him or meditated on the realities He reveals to us through His beloved Bride. Reading this book has deepened my love and knowledge of God as I try to meditate on trying to see the world through the eyes of Holy Mother Church. God created me and keeps me in existence even as I live only that I might seek,know,love and serve Him. I am currently in the seminary studying to be a catholic priest and give thanks and praise to God for helping me to mature in my faith that I may become another Christ through Mary.May God give me light that I may understand,love and accept the tenets of my Catholic faith that He reveals to me through Holy Mother Church.

"At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

Matthew 11:25
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on April 2, 2013
Not only for a Catholic, but for anyone who is interested in learning more about God, the Trinity, and their place in God's plan of salvation, this is the book. Clearly written, and with tremendous common sense, Sheed presents an illuminating explanation for how the Trinity works, why we must rely on reason rather than our imagination to understand God, and how Christ healed the breech between man and God through his Incarnation, Passion, and death. Although I had to read it for my class on Dogmatics at the Augustine Institute, I have found myself going back to it again and again in order to plumb the depths of Sheed's beautifully laid-out theology which is so faithful to the Church's Magesterial teachings. It's a book to treasure.
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on July 8, 2014
Theology and Sanity is a classic and a must read for anyone with less than a degree in Theology. Following the method of the scholastic school and St. Thomas Aquinas who using logic and deduction have shown what further truth can be ascertained from the scriptures. Alot can be learned and appreciated by readings from people like the author Frank Sheed. Another book, Light of Faith,the compendium of theology, by St Thomas for the layman at the request of some who found the Summa too difficult.
Vic. Van Walleghem
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on September 23, 2013
My only regret is that it was so engrossing that I read through it a bit too quickly. Half way through, I was already thinking about reading it again and collecting a mass of quotes. It's one of those books that screams for you to share this sentence with a friend and that paragraph with all your friends. And then by the end of the chapter you realize that you might as well just buy them a copy for their birthday and save yourself the writer's cramp.
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on July 28, 2015
A must read. A can't live without especially in this day and age when the average person does not know how to think/construct a logical argument about the most basic stuff, let alone the more important things. Gleaned from 40 years of interacting with the general public, Sheed's book is honest, clear and profound.
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on August 19, 2014
The very nature of the topic requires that one engage his brain and think deeply. Sheed masterfully explains very complicated ideas in concise language using accessible analogies where possible. The writing is not dry and brings matters essential to self-understanding to light. Requires time to think but this is not a detractor in our modern age dominated by sound bites and snippets.
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on August 27, 2015
One of the best books on Catholic theology. It elucidates the most complex of Christian beliefs, such as the mystery of the Trinity, in language that we all can understand. It is a must for all Christians, or anyone interested in learning what Catholics really believe
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on July 7, 2016
Good information, but at times a little hard to comprehend.
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